The story of the difficulty in working out what I am really after is clearly one that they people really used to but I am after nothing only the reality around their greed and wickedness and the need to target me with it bearing fruit – the way of enmity stuff; they are certain they can declare themselves peoples enemies and get off to a normal life after that as well. I don’t think it is unusual we all know they have become really keen on moving into my right hand so they can live there and have anything want and if not they can stalk me and make the whole process and effect up on media where they enforce it anyway but it is the part where I am offended that is the prime topic for conversation when that was clearly both as predictable as it was inevitable and we never hear them tell people they are bullies if they can talk about it being a matter of freedom instead, as such of which their evil means I am facing office rivalry. Like the reasons they think questions around why I would want to write books is important because they are professional culture figures, never mind their version of what I do with HM and what she does with me which they control and how thereof most of what I do to them as well is magical; we know there are insults and then there are insults and they are very fond of the enmity stuff about good parts of other people’s lives they travel long distances to attack.

I hear it is said what I get up to is a matter of what I have dug them up until I recently found out about them; the reality has always been that when they live in the UK they want the government to create certain exceptions that allow them feel like they live in slums or market squares and that the feeling of an ownership of those conditions and villages exist, reason being they want to be able to do certain really destructive and stupid things that others will have to tolerate more so if done to them and that is why they understand I have trouble tolerating it as a whole and like to target me all the time because it means that other plans they make around it cannot take off as well and I intend to take it further by making sure their lives will soon have to depend on a process where I behave as well because they are really hard of hearing too. It’s like that story of the question of what I do with sexual impropriety all over the place whereas there is really no such thing; the reality of what I do with pop stars and their sexual impropriety is as simple a matter as the fact that people need to buy those products if they are made by abusing them otherwise I will make them buy enough of it for a life time for my part as well and when it really comes down to it, it’s a matter of several issues, one of them being the nature of those kinds of industries i.e. pornography for example can be done easily by parents whose children have killed another person or can easily be done by the siblings of criminals, especially the girls and so it is a troubled family issues that lead people to feel that is the industry for me – I for my part am a Christian and really don’t think people should be doing such things, however which their reasons can be very compelling and all I can do as a person is share their pain period. So that when some of them turn up and do popular culture celebrities, these idiots who are really good at making enemies target me as well because they need money and think it will simply go away on account they are un touchable with that big mouth that do and do again with and think they will beat up anybody they want thereof as well; so they are not dealing with the problems yet – it’s like the old story of the difference between street art and graffiti and few people know graffiti is about peoples disputes that have prevented them from making progress with their lives being shares with others that have made their lives better, so when they put it where they do it can be because it is a threat and an ultimatum to somebody they have spotted or because they simply want their problems to fester on the targeted person until they chose a self improvement of another parasitic existence and this is how these popular culture celebrities live, they are like living breathing version that are really, really, really mobile as well and so when I give some support to those that do not do it when they have to do these raunchy videos just to survive I understand perfectly what they outcome will be i.e. these fools will follow suit and then if people want they will chose between buying these problems or not and I will get a break because I have had enough of them talking enmity at me while they do not know what it means and pretend they hate me and need my possessions and that it is all about freedom – I have had enough of them, they should buy it when they are being abused to make it. I understand they say I still do support some celebrities never the less which is largely a family thing and they can get their own as well if they wanted – nobody is stopping them after all the last time we checked I normally get out there and fleece their money off them for the celebrities like they think they should be handling my earnings for looking for trouble and it is the same old case of asking me what I am doing with raunchy celebrity videos when we all know that they beat up wives and send them out to work with the injuries never the less on account the bills need to be paid, while the celebrities do these evils to make money they have not worked for, buy organised crime products and generally wreck the country to a point where people cannot tell their left from their right anymore and we do not see any of these men who patronise these celebrities beating any up either as it were – so when I am done with the raunchy videos they will find out what it was all about too – after all a woman cannot smile and wave at me on the streets without them feeling they can touch me for it anyway, we need to tell each other’s level because it gets to a point as well. In any case it does appear the reasons these women stick with those kinds of men is their potential to be the better people that is seen in them anyway, hence I do deem the whole problem to be a matter of what I know and they don’t and therefore those who claim it is a lower class problem I am messing myself up with are as such not necessarily correct on this occasion – let’s see if when they know what I know certain things about celebrities getting out of hand will change and then we can tell.

I hear it is said I am reckless around my career matters, which is not actually true; I mean the reality is that when it comes to my books for example, people merchandising it is not my business but if they do need information the websites are there for them to get it from and I have expressly made it clear that the three issues around the book that is currently being sold is complicity of young people with social evils, the succession of HRH Prince of Wales and one other thing etc – it is to show that it is the Royal family only that has the right to handle anything that is an effect of me and yes black people have particular difficulty with that fact above all else and I have to simplify it for them further i.e. think about black people hate Royal family and Royal family have a black person they exclusively get to make use of and that is his National service and that is an end to it, so people can stop pretending threatening other peoples head of state cannot possibly lead to any problems – as for the part about my Royal Office not being recognised, that is a matter of what insults they wish to bandy around and will not be discussed if we have what is happening to draw a dialogue from instead anyway. The other side of the story is the celebrities and so we will start off with the basic stuff of that life they live like walking graffiti and so on i.e. they can turn up and abuse me over decades to make riches and fame and now that they know I am deciding if I want to make their money important so as to prevent myself from making mine since I will have had no time left for that anyway if I did or ignoring their money and going after mine, they have since decided on specific thing they want to do every single day to target me physically in a financial way and so it has come to a head and they need to know we are not mates as it were. It is not a problem, it’s just the start of my fight with media goons and their thing that they do and do again and will therefore handle anybody they like and I want to see them take steps to ensure they are not seen performing this process of targeting me financially in a physical way anymore otherwise they will wish very soon enough that I behaved so that they might have an existence as well. I know they do say it is largely a matter of people trying to understand what makes me work the way I do and it has always been a simple case of a part time writing career at home through my legal studies, which helps me mop up the abuses of me and my wife targeting you and making excuses for it as we go along black idiots – hence a condition where the women do what they do because they want to add to the various argumentative dispositions that their celebrity idiots and involvement with me thereof offers the legal side of my activities, while the men do what they do following the activities of their wives because they are here to lap up my house that their stupid insulting wives cannot have enough of making excuses to pry open as it were. The other is my job that takes care of me by paying me directly and so that is the way it works; hence if I end up on benefits and people pillage the writing career there is no point complaining about the celebrities getting out of hand and the black idiots and so on, they are only looking for things I don’t get to give them and never will. In the end it becomes something as serious as the need to prevent facts from getting out about the fact I am a Christian and that means I don’t want to look tough and look like I can handle myself because it makes no sense as I cannot tell which will be a fast day and which may be a fight day and even claim in that mad love and hate game they play that it happens because they are nursing the chance of having sex with me which means it gets even better and better and better for them too as it were; so we have only come to the point where it is a matter of what I make them lose when I want to make them stop and it means they now need to back up on the need to cover their tracks with a Political argument for each and every single time that they do it and that means I too have my religious entrapment that allows me to secure a condition where I will not get into any trouble whatsoever when I preach the gospel to them – build it up like a state of affairs for the entire Nation earn the hatred of their Politicians for it and hear them cry freedom all the time, hoping for a behaviour change from me so they can have the life they want while they plan to keep my finances on hold and copy my entire life because it is something human beings do and when they do regularly feel they should to other things that are actually other human beings as it were which therefore means that a humane sensibility is my perspective of their existence too as it were.  

I hear the Tories are planning to drive me really hard and find out all that needs to be known about me so they can copy it and live in that way but I don’t see how they will make that happen by getting on media either – I mean I have warned about how I cannot invent equities for the environment and therefore need come conservative villainy to set the issues to I can collect them but people still feel that targeting people is fun as it were, so the part where they say it and build it up on media is meant to be fantasy, the part where they turn up here and drive me reality and that is what I am saying here; it is not unusual for people to behave in that way, people are selfish, people are evil, people want somebody to blame for their problems and when it comes down to it these behaviour right down to somebody getting me off work to rush off to the civil service to clear something up because they find it amusing and another are targeting me and making up excuses for it as they go along while their Politicians claim I am an example of how people take up their aspirations and keep it for themselves is a function of evil and Political power and as a Christian we talk about the evils endlessly and we take away the Political power from those who clearly don’t know what it is for; in terms of Labour, those are still issuing threats on one hand however while on the other hand I have taken away the society and culture and am now beginning to take away bits of the Political power because the successes of the Tories yet again is another thing that is my fault so their case has now come to a head and they will leave me alone my way or their own. The Tories however are speaking of driving me and they are a fair example of the nature of the lower classes i.e. they are pure evil and in each and every occasion the reality about their activities is that it is wickedness designed to ensure others give them what they desire and the outcome is less work and more money for them and you can explore it if you want to find out whether or not you can reach its end, I personally do it because I am an adventurous lifestyle that can make it possible for me to do it comfortably, however I know this evils of the lower classes and their greed is inexhaustible. A typical example is when they claim sad people like me ruin their lives when I am actually sad with my own mind and not with theirs, should I be diplomatic but when I am not being diplomatic then what I am supposed to say is that they are twisted and evil and have spent a great deal of their time chipping away at what little morals they have because they know if they destroy it they will be predisposed to chasing another person’s own with financial dividends attached and because most people do not respond to other forms of pressure the pressure is surely going to be violent; just like all these internet trolls for example and in their case it is a matter of the Country most of the time – it takes years to make them into what they become but they always spend that time and pull it off no matter what anyway i.e. if you don’t see them drinking alcohol all night at the local pub then they are at home alongside very loud music and it will go on like that accompanied by days when they drive cars very loudly and do some damage and destruction to the neighbourhood for years and years everyday steadily, when they had reached a point where their minds have been dislodged from everything they are, then they begin to seek other peoples own but this is how they are made, while the racists have simply reached another level all together. I always think when they threaten my female friends what could happen is the bigger problem of us having the piece of the village that we were not born with and so that state of affairs is what makes them fester all the time into what we see them do as a result of some of my activities. My point is that the Christians point of view is that it is a matter of evil and Political power and what we do with evil is discuss it since this is the strength that God has given us but others like myself are spiritually well armed enough to take away political power from those who mean to abuse it and then forget completely where we have left it because it has been taken away from us by God hence them mysteries rest thereof at the feet of the almighty. The natural reality remains as it ever was i.e. that I neither hate the Tories or think they are doing the wrong thing as no Political party ever sets out to do the wrong thing anyway – what happens is that when Tories do good things they imagine it and do it and likewise when they do bad things, but for Parties like Labour their balance depends on others entirely and they are the party of equality; when it really comes down to it of which they are pure evil i.e. most of the spiritual battles that occur between me and their local idiots is never a matter solely of their wickedness and need for political dominance which is a function of their greed playing itself out as the need to be seen getting around seeking peoples things they can take up and do, so that even when they are homosexuals targeting a Christian with it still make so much sense they are getting the attention the Christian was getting anyway – it is as deep as the fact that what they fundamentally hate about you which can cause them to attack you violently or groom you with distant abuse for an evil thing is that you have just gone into your room and spent three hours praying and they want to destroy every effect of that claiming it is light that gets in their eyes and you will be shocked at how enthusiastic their Politicians are to represent them in parliament and enforce it for them there – hence it does not mean I am unaware of what the Tories are trying to do. We are not talking about the pop stars yet – those just want to vindictively help them decide who ends up in the sex industry with as much money as they can spend and as much media time as they can spend and as much energy as they can spend doing so along with the pretence that those they target in such ways will not be offended and that if they were it would never have mattered with that big mouth.

Now I understand Politicians are on my case and it is getting worse and worse but I find it impossible to locate exactly what is getting worse about it when we all know the Labour party being that they have access to my parents who can be called in to make me live the way they want so they can do what they like with me on one hand and on the other expect to take up anything I own with such realities as the Duke of York confiscating them because it would make him a better UK trade envoy. IK am simply looking to locate on the other hand exactly what the Tories are going to get up to as well – I mean they have started with the idea it makes sense to tell me that when I inform them of a week’s employment offered by my agency they stop my support and ask me to fleece more work off of them but this is not the system talking, it is another person’s Political party of which I am not a member seeking a piece of me because they really do think these kind of activities are amusing too. I don’t think that it is a problem on the whole I have this sense going on that any compromises I make to the point where are at present which means they have to make some money through difficult conditions and share it among themselves to create bluff profit and fake it until they make it some more at my expense remaining stagnant as it is on a global scale will lead to a condition where I lose something really important; so as far as I am concerned, they have taken an economic recovery and turned it into a preparation for a battle and it is the same old case of CEO not working for his money because of goons at the backyard of the company he works for alongside the ones in sales communities loyal to him or her with eyes firmly fixed on my book sales – the books of which sting all the time and yet when they want to be around it all the time as well they like to pretend the author does not know why that is the case until he has to tell them to stop talking so much nonsense as all his books are likely to take the same form for the rest of his career life anyway; this literary empire is not worth benefits and yes they like to speak of what they recognise and it leads back down to the same issue of the kind of problems I create when everybody knows that fleecing more work from your agency because you look the part and the government wants to take a compliment and shut down your support is not the system but other people’s Political party talking and looking for trouble, everybody knows that it is a matter of older men with enough incomes for three lifetimes over without work, turning up in public places to stifle my work and income and make statements about not just how I am an example of how people steal their aspirations from them but that my entire literary empire was something they were planning to do all along; so I do feel like making a case facts and history about those stupid insulting mature businesses of theirs as well. I mean money is good and you must have a certain attitude towards earning your own but they can never be seen working for theirs in anyway; so that one moment they are employing celebrities of which I have made myself clear as well are going to get into trouble too because they cannot leave alone my book sales – those think themselves walking graffiti most of the time and sign one up on every new job I do while we hear them put up spikes to prevent their vicinities becoming places that homeless people can perch but for the celebrities it is a matter of killing dead the story of stupid women’s big boys like to bully you and how they already have that mode of existence as their very lives to live but now have reached a point where they want to profit from it as well like women and celebrities. So unless I had missed anything my main concern at present were these celebrities and a story of insults and familiarities and property vandalism from black people that will see my IP admin business square up against US and African creativity so that when I make them fear me it will stop as it were. Nobody cares what they recognise in anyway FYI I am quite happy to talk about what is happening whether or not they recognise anything hence when you have  your property it exists if they recognise it and then we hear the Politicians say I don’t co-operate with government issues when in reality they have no official government issues I should co-operate with, so that when we consider links with my parents to make me behave how they want as a matter of their aspirations followed by the Duke of York confiscating all else I own, I mean they can get lost and I wouldn’t mind and when they have official government matters let me know and we hear them all say I am a complicate case whereas everybody knows that I can step out of my home and face a battle all day long because what happens to be I deserve due to how I build up that atmosphere that was actually their own around me, last time I checked between my legs of which I had a penis dangling too and am therefore equally a man as they are. I am a complicated person but that is not to say my issues are complicated, they are as simple as these idiots leaving me alone as we are not mates and staying off my book sales lest the books they are already complaining about become their nightmares instead of books people buy and read – I mean I am happiest when I am alone for example wouldn’t make sense to others but it does to me because I have no enemies and this is what they like to explore with their celebrities and their fame and fortune and their communities and their Politics and their stupid culture and society – all about their enmities, all about them being a graffiti on my life, all about those kinds of nonsense and no favours being done me because they are selfish and they are evil and want somebody to blame for their problems and like to talk about enmity all the time when they know nothing about it pretending they are creating me scenarios where hero knows villain very well as it were and it has always been the same old case – the celebrities, the city life, the freedom and all that nonsense; the company books and the markets for it is not their own, they keep talking like it is their own and it comes back down to the fact they need to leave me alone as we are not mates as it were. The Politicians say it is normal for a party to have a means of enforcing its own Policies when it seems each time I tell them to get lost unless they have official government business and take their insults and mature businesses with them does not seem to get through but clearly of which this is exactly how people therefore get to ensure others respect that - the 13 years of my time and I have simply reached a point where nothing works unless I do not compromise any part of my hatred for their celebrity nonsense and mature and insulting Industries and the insulting Politics so it is the piece of advice at hand that they need to leave me alone and stay off my book sales: we know they do say my claim I have no enemies is false because they are evil and want a different reputation for it so they can have power and wealth with media of which nobody asks them to make the choices they do in the first place anyway but they act in such ways because they fancy themselves tyrants as well - its always so until I write the books and the story changes on media endlessly - I for my part do feel that I need to ensure they need me to behave in order to them to make money and they know perfectly that it will not end there with those stupid mature Industries as well.