Of course it isn’t true I am stuck somewhere with all freedoms taken away and not even the ability to give up when beaten do I have so I keep going and going and going and going – the reality is rather that the trouble maker big boys and older women they love to pick on for reasons I completely agree with by the way anyway do know how to move my affairs on anyway, it’s as though I dont even have to think about it anymore and detaching them from the Literary empire and company emporium tends to spell out my genius, so that it becomes clearer and clearer how wealthy I really am in real time and property terms not show I am stuck with no direction to turn: like consequences they cannot seem to get themselves out of because they are idiots of chasing me around with causes I am supposed to follow up and die for in order to leave them the kind of lives they want to have, I mean those who do not understand largely think I create the circumstances by which they do those things but they know what I mean when I say they handle peoples possessions and turn out to tell lies in public every blessed second and it is exhausting so nobody wants to be. Apparently one moment we are forced to listen to all sorts of vain nonsense about National identity involving foolish men controlling women which is not an identity that is of the UK in the first place anyway because it tends to rip up everything else that matters, right down to people being unable to function because of rudeness around them shutting down their minds and so on and then the next we hear another about a Literary Empire that I have not got: about which I am simply drawing a line under certain matters to shut off certain taps for an institution that the Entire world understands belongs to me and there is no other word thereof in the dictionary for such property whether or not I am selling the Books and Products.

Of course we hear their story about the special relationship with the US all the time when the real problem is that they have to put up with religion and good behaviour if everything about me for example is to change on the International scene to suit the way things work in their stupid countries – the idiots here in the UK who want it that way have no real foundation that supports their stupid demands and of course their ability to travel around has always been a problem but for me it has continued to be an intensely personal issue of course but it is all a game worth playing, the culture they cannot have and constantly being cracked up with the big Church and big religion issue to test how much distraction terrorism and death and war can cause while they handle my possessions and get around telling lies as far as I am concerned; hence there is always that fear of giving up who you are and what you really are which is to be honest an advantage because of these activities and when assessed properly the activities are a function of pettiness and stupidities and outright laziness supported only by show of violence with a big mouth and lots of popular culture. It is not exactly a novelty in anyway either – reality remains that British people are not lazy and these idiots need to come round on time so we call move on as a planet, apparently of which that was good to start but we need to see a horizon as well. I do find it uncontrollably infuriating for every one of those times that they love to turn out on media to send out a case of how my books are not needed into the air – these useless lower class idiots who live unproductive lives and regularly use it as a weapon that Politicians cash into as it were – I have written a book and they have turned out at the market place and that is it, I now need to be told that the books are not needed, they however have turned up there to ensure others cannot get through and will not buy any themselves and I always put it down first to the fact they want me to make them buy the books and secondly that their unproductive and worthless lives have it far too easy using fame and fortune popular culture to cash into my diplomatic work and it has resulted in this process where the actions of those who live overseas has created a condition where those who live in the UK think they want their country to be like the ones they see overseas with big boys controlling women and making government and economy operable by so doing, knowing they will come across incredible hurdles because it is not the way their society so, in order to facilitate a process where that stupid boys and girls fight over making a lot of money without work and picking on those who are not suffering like them can always get to pay off. So they have seen my books and the basis of their media and popular culture and fame and fortune is now a matter of whether or not they are feeling as good about themselves as I do about myself and their Politicians are happy for them to get all over the planet with it, its just that nobody asked them a question about my books and I have warned them before it will be the point at which this their party will blow up in their faces too. Yes of course it is said I am the one living a useless life as it were but it does bring to a head every time they do the case of shutting down their access to my diplomatic work and cashing into it with that immoral deviant popular culture nonsense, more so considering it is becoming more violent and more intrusive as well – however I am not necessarily happy with them finding the UK a comfortable place to live even though we all know they ought to stay out of the International circles and stop complicating things there for everybody by moving around and that is where we are today, insults and abuses that have resulted in a process where they are better people, has no basis on reality, it is my big church programme that made that happen and I do not care if they give that credit where it is due either; they know they hate my guts but are always seen around my books having a stupid opinion and while they are at it we hear very little about the lazy Brits whom people can profit from just by envying, it is when I look as though I am down because they always tend to turn up to take advantage of me all the time especially for the girls, that is when we hear the stories but I am not too concerned about it since either way they become better people and I kill off that worthless existence and unproductive nonsense they can get involved with me with so Politicians can feel powerful and reward them with money which will ensure nobody can deny it is a means to being successful – the book sales is just the point I will punish them for the vandalism of my office and diplomatic work, so it beats me that it is always their last resort when attacking me to make money by media and Popular culture is not paying off at the markets and it will end very well too like that story they tell about my need to antagonise vulnerable and poor people, when we all know I cannot ignore them and draw breath and carry on like everybody else because their Politicians have approved for them a condition where they stage a fight with me, so I have no idea who asked them about my books anyway, although I am aware I have mentioned it is time people stopped getting told by them what my books and my work are for anyway. We never hear of it – the Americans and the Japanese and the Germans and the French and the Spanish – all these fools with worthless living cleaning off their filth on me because I have turned up with my privilege to get noticed, cashing into my diplomatic work with popular culture and then talking nonsense about people not needing my books – what we hear is all about lazy Britons and each time you tolerate these things you stand a risk of losing your entire self all together when that is actually where you had all the advantage all along, testament to the intensity and the work the fools do put into it.