The story of feeling I am all that but getting into a lot of trouble recently is absolute rubbish; first concerning the media, I would not give up the power I have to manipulate them at will for anything in the world, so they can be proper bullies and their popular culture idiots can show up and push around their stupid mouths where it really matters to see what will happen with that too - in terms of what they mean, the reality is that of their fame and fortune idiots spending my property on themselves and that always involves the process of turning up to barricade my livelihood making out they know what I need and how it is to be done when they know nothing about it and even so if I create a social network profile and follow them it leads to trouble as well and I need to declotter but it is getting more and more impossible because they cannot see that the fact they are unable to do anything without involving me right up to their need for liberalist perverts doing religion on account they need to save their energy for money and through to their girls that cannot make advertisement without making sure they are addressing me in the process - they know nothing about it and the blacks especially need to leave me alone, otherwise I will keep using their lives for very difficult social and political matters so they can tell the difference when their nepotism reaches high places at my expense the next time. So it is not as much fun as it used to be anymore obviously, not as much fun as when it started and they were the bullies that needed to see if they have enough power to keep some 21 year old that currently has no savings to his name but has a temperament people can abuse to get rich out of employment and in a perpetual cash flow crisis to make him into an object of abuse; the Industry ones are a special case alright, I hear the nonsense they say about my handling peoples millions as their intolerance of those whose personal space is the answer to everything for them has reached a whole new level with that stupid media but all I have to say is that when they are given products to sell and advertise, its the products not the manufacturers or indeed me, they will leave alone my equities where they find it or they will continue to complain. I have reached a point where any involvement from them here since they have not got a clue what it is all about and I am fed up with these things I have no time for all the time turning up here to get done, must be punished and everybody can see it will be a big task with their fashion girls and self harming advertisement idiots.

They devise these things all the time and none is amazing; the reasons they will take the criminal risk of handling my books without permission is of course for instance to provoke me and then find a way of claiming I am a threat to them on media and then doing something about a threat or getting others to because I have a personal life they wish t deploy to ensure they do not deal with their bad experiences while having to carry out their great and almighty celebrity activities, I am only saying the facts surrounding the story they tell about me getting into trouble regularly could not have been further from the truth which a little bit has been set out above anyway; it is simply not something I appreciate that they should turn up to take up my time and that of my friends and allies to do things for me they have not got a foggiest clue how to or what it is about, then get about feeling they have become so important my involvement with them causes them distress as well with a big mouth when I could not want them to disappear any earlier. It is not a matter about which there needs to be much over-thinking; I do not have black women in my Court for example and they might waste 12 years of my time having somebody to pick on to feel like they are ugly lovers who can show both sides of their stupidity and a celebrity culture to show for their hard work too but they do not know anything about anything about what anything is about around here and will have to stop following me around my way or their own - there is no such thing as getting into trouble around here. So clearly if their stupid bad history and stupid bad memories does not work with being a celebrity and does not work with turning up on a catwalk run way, they will hunt me down and have my Christian personal life as in what personal life they have made out for me by wrecking my finances and taking problems out on me and then telling everybody around the world about it, then finished off with making sure I am subjected to respecting it with a girly big mouth – so I really have no idea which trouble they suppose I am getting into anyway. I don’t think it is an issue as I said – I have a Court and I do things with them and every fool wants to do those things with me as well and know nothing about it but cannot stop hurting me if they have made their way into doing everything with my personal space basically and therefore is some form of self esteem fix for them and so it is getting to that stage about which this story of me getting into trouble is the beginning where every involvement with me will be punished because all it does is damage, damage, more damage and then lots of laughs and I bet it will start with that great old issue of the reputation they think they should be having and the one they believe is befitting for me and my size with that big mouth. So I am the one manipulating the media not the other way round and they are definitely looking for more trouble. Obviously thy were stupid and now they are evil too and it is the sort of thing conflicts are made of and nobody is fighting one over me either for my part. I mean they are supposed to do everything they want to do using my personal space and I am supposed to pillage their own as well to sell my books; it is a big world and there is ample opportunity for them to live out their silly existence as if I never existed instead of turn up here all the time to find where I may be vulnerable and get on local and International media for it - we have heard them carry on the yapping but currently it is in their interest to ensure I cannot get a job lest a great injustice will have been done them that could drive huge numbers of people into mental illness but while they state that case they are still here creating problems for me and passing around the insults, wrecking finances and building me a poor mans publicity especially the blacks, those know where my anus and penis is as well for good measure: some do ask if there is a particular reason for it too and yes there is - they are Children and relatives of tyrants that can afford trips to the UK for them by oppressing people and being corrupt with government funds and so on, so when they get here they become a different animal and the whole matter of those who do things for peoples civil rights or health and safety and well being becomes a weapon with which to get rid of peoples best sons and so on, so getting after my anus and penis thing will remain the provocation but this is the beginning of the punishing of involvement with me, right up to stupid popular culture American idiots who cannot keep their hands off my possessions and lips away from my reputation as well, especially those that have day time television to play with as well, this is the beginning of a process of plugging them in so they can know what their class is - I am not getting into any trouble for having enough of them, they talk too much and the best form of defence is offence when they could always leave me alone instead; they claim I impose myself on them religiously but I know that my temperaments are a form of entrapment for those who commit crimes against me and my possessions they know they have damaged the liquidity to ensure is not addressed in a law Court – they are not going anywhere and I hear them say all the time that they will simply gut me for enough money to put them above it and that is why I update it regularly too, we shall test how much money is enough money around here as well but for me and where I stand, this is the beginning of a processes of punishing their involvement. Of course we hear the prospects of me getting away with what I have done but there is nothing to get away with, I was always going to collect my equities and put them together to run a business regardless of how ungrateful people got; it has never been an issue in anyway – in terms of what I am said to be getting away with what happens is that they can do anything so when I broker equities and products are created they are happy to do racism and racists can be the superior versions of me and replace me because life works that brutally for others in their favour all the time as far as they are concerned with a big mouth and it was all worth it all these years they had their fun but in terms of what I have done to their culture and society however the reality behind that is as simple as the fact when they wanted fun with the 21 year old that had no saving to his name but had the temperaments of a millionaire already, it was a fun they were willing to extricate to a point of peddling me to people so their city can feel like an evil place where nobody is interested in morals, handling me like that with big mouth for no reason at all and they do it to a point of affecting aptitudes concerned with personal and family life naturally and feel they have reached a point of no return as well and I will be waiting for them at their retirement too for my part to do the same things when they are in the same condition, so as to put to the test that story they tell about how all I have done to ensure others don’t endure it as well as I have to is futility as I am in their view just a number and in terms of career their abuses has now reached a point where everything I think about creates an atmosphere they can share and I too have confiscated their National sense of fame and international co-operation and they can turn up here and get it back as well if they want while I will wait and see how they intend to do my career before I get there too, such fun and that big mouth alongside all over Europe all the time. The black and African ones do it because not everybody is home and the reasons every part of my body hurts is because they are keeping me hysterial on account when I am people get something good and they will not be caught dead explaining it that way either because it is clearly the truth – so they can turn up here and make noise about how not everybody is home if they wanted anytime they wanted as far as I am concerned.

These things are not acceptable behaviour and I am not just a number when it comes to making sure others do not suffer it too and I am quite certain of that I reckon i.e. the thing about religious people is that they feel it is okay to put up with bad things happening to them if others are spared, so we will do bad things to him and to cause all the necessary suffering make sure he does not get such satisfaction and it will be the last manner in which they explain why they have to complain about my activities as well whereas it is actually the truth. I mean homosexuality is a sin the Bible says, they say its how people want to live, so you accept it, until they always put you on plan B and plan C every single day pretending it is all random and the way society works and then the community croons start to chase your anus and penis and they start to say it is punishment to working with God to ruin their power when they feel they have crushed your spirit and then it gets real – for me this is what I mean, the part where I impose myself of them religiously while they want to live their stupid decadence out on my personal space as a person telling tales of how I can do nothing about it and people need enjoy themselves – so I am not a number I reckon. In terms of the Politicians, I will never know exactly what they see in these evils that causes them to give money and trappings of power and public statement in favour of those who bring their evils into your life and damage your finances and academic work over a decade only to complain that you have worked with God to damage it and need to be punished for that too - I have no idea what Politicians see in these things but I do know that for these fools, all else have failed save friendship that is forced on me through integration and civil rights and then violence after that and they need to stop threatening me lest I fire the first shot myself and if they feel they have the guts can turn up here and not everybody is home me like they feel they are able to do with every black person on the planet with that big mouth. I do not believe it is a matter about which people should over think anything - they especially hate my guts because I have set out a process of making sure that while I know they want to live in decadence and sin and evil and greed and so on the one way of life that takes over is religious piety and now they can really get themselves into my personal space -I am rather comfortable with this, its just that I have warned them endlessly about threatening me and they had again with a case for how I get into trouble again as it were and I will never stop punishing it no matter how tiresome, so this is the start of involvement with me leading to trouble as it were (I gather these twerps say I involve myself with other Statesmen and women as well of course but its a matter such as the fact people are fans of Russia meaning I must have soggy bottom and people being fans of the US meaning they need my personal life because they are trying to be celebrities - so for the Russians, they have never listened to anybody before and for the Americans land of the free has always lived up to its reputation as far back as we can remember the complicated foreign Policies and so on - I mean they are keeping me hysterical and every little low life can have a go as well, its really lucky apparently; I mean they do say its about taking liberties and its about a better future for everybody which I do not mind, after all you can always decide to look into it over a period and then you are stuck already and the number of years you have left in the work force is air tight no space of adventures of any kind whatsoever while they complain of civil rights and rob you to become millionaires and I am not done yet, I will be waiting for their insults and abuses at their retirement too with that stupid media: its that old matter of how you save your health from a Television bully that likes to target you because he is pressing flesh and tells all sorts of lies to a point where people cannot question or tell him off anymore while your chest feels like exploding because he sits there and does it all day and then gets away with it 100%, then build an atmosphere with it and trade it with industries to climb social ladders and get connected, knowing people think that is how to be a news reader, people do not have time for such things, you have to create it - it is really difficult to locate what motivates them, I mean they could settle on an a reality that says I am worse off getting involved with them and do not want them to with me but turn the story around into one about how the number of trouble I am getting into is increasing and they will have something to gloat on really soon and those stupid boys and girls of theirs at celebrity are really getting used to some incredible abuses and will soon shoot some off where it really matters as were).

This is what I am talking about; the bad and nasty habits thrown at me because when I am hysterical I share the good stuff and they need to keep that going, it is just one example of how they mess me up and get off being famous and this is where trouble for it starts too; they do say the ladies have left me nothing to fight with of course which is still the same issue all over anyway i.e. how much trouble you are in is a matter of what those you have an affair with have been doing - they are about to tell me if all that popular culture and celebrity vandalism that happens for various reasons including the case of having the same skin colour does because I have had an affair with them as it were and they are about to tell me soon indeed - they always think they know and know nothing.

Like the story of how I am not a forward thinking and or forward looking person which is not really true as this is a matter of women and the trouble with the men who have a problem with women from whom I will take no nonsense because they are just as sexist and never listen to anything they are told and so from media to politics to Industry the Policy is the same as it is for the women i.e. I know they want to live their lives in decadence and excess but no matter what they spend or do, my big church programme and religious piety takes over every single day making them terribly frustrated; as a word of advice, the reality is that I only want to deal with one problem at a time. We hear they get the better of me but I continue to boast of course which has no basis on reality since it is the Politicians that wreck the finances and place me on benefits so help them rebuild their hate figure success and confidence; so when I find my way out of it the story is going to change dramatically too and I do suppose the self harming fools in parliament really have a problem with where their jobs actually are (they do say I have questions to answer about my involvement with celebrities too but I am not the one getting involved with celebrities, they are the ones getting involved with me and if I do not reciprocate then they end up with problems and then I can be blamed, so I have to; the rest of what happens when people use that to harm me in some way is largely a matter of ego that is one extra I could clearly do without because nobody asks anybody to make slight comments about other peoples scared work, nor was I published on Television or radio - I do not think it a problem, the fact people are celebrities cannot just swallow up my life, its the physical damage they take steps to inflict that causes problems and friction, I mean the ego is an extra I could do without and nobody forces anybody to make slight comments about books written by a Half Priest Royalty, so they can complain about their anus and penis and create publicity for it until it affects me and start to think they are more important when and if I talk about it - they do say nobody asks me to write these excruciating books of course but it is hard to make out as such since it means that one moment they are fighting tooth and nail to enjoy their lifestyle and the next they are fighting tooth and nail to ask me why I enjoy mine).