They do say I refuse to address the main issues because it would have painted me in popular light to have done so. I refuse to see it that way as the main issue is mostly concerned with the fact that Politicians want it possible a Christian is persecuted and abused by their idiots so they can take advantage of him to extricate personality for their careers but the problem now is the issue of the violent threats they get off on Parliament to throw at me without fail endlessly each time they are frustrated about what they are supposed to do thinking I will lean towards the notion of racism as a means of making sense of it when in actual fact I have no wish to tolerate the insults which ever form they might take anyway. The reality is that I am never really concerned about it not because I shouldn’t but rather because the story of my cowardice carries no weight whatsoever – what is actually happening is that I am such a good person that I am prepared to deal with the matter in terms of the fact that having seen signs they will want me to do nothing about the savaging of my finances with public office that belongs to the public due to pleasures they wish to get from persecuting a Christian on account they hate religion and so on and therefore made preparations, it is now the preparations that are coming into play i.e. if they wreck the finances they always say it is a matter of how I must trust my Politicians by not doing everything for myself but when they wreck my life they rob it in my face for the rest of my life claiming power but in my case because I am a Christian and they want to make a case against those who believe in God, it has moved right onto the targeting and attacking me routine so make it work because they know that with me they can always go as far as they want in their view, then that part will be the indeed I am impressed and it is very funny routine part, if they get to issue threats at me, then that part will be the your girls will never recover the neighbourhoods from me either no matter how obsessed they become with that corner of my personal life they think belongs to them to do with as they please along with quango managers and civil service cronies and other abusive scum that get around in their parliament, which does nothing but ensure every single thing I do and every single  move I make is followed with violent abuse designed to make me lay off it because they are trying to be famous and rich and important etc but the part where they will stand above me and get punitive and abusive and make me find financially difficult conditions to get by in order to off load their burden and point fingers and crush the faith in my personal life and bed room is the point where they start to pay for all the process starting from where and when they began it – I mean I have been with these fools for 14 years so far and have never experienced a single gesture that is respectful so the most important question whenever I see them is that of who the hell they are anyway and that is the way it is. As for the media and black people, they want to play these games of course and the girls are the ones that you get into trouble with all the time over the neighbourhoods but now that I talk about everything and anything they don’t want to play it so much anymore as it were and being good looking has not paid off as a means of getting away with anything either, it was all so simple as staying away from me and off my book sales from the very beginning but such things are never enough. When I say I have been with them 14 years and not once has there ever been a gesture of respect that is when I speak of the issues but when I speak of the issues I should be speaking of, then I speak of the part where they will attack me violently because of my faith and the fact they are unable to chose self improvements from it and yes they do say I have gotten up the social ladder really fast and am hated for it but it is the same story we see concerning their black friends and international appointments, where it is as though we were kids again and those things you do when dad gave the toy you liked to somebody else until he reversed his decision and changed toys so you can be at peace is the way they roll and it is not clear why anybody would want public office like that but it is not how I see the social ladder; besides which I was only picked out by HM for a role and if they didn’t damage my academic work to insert their stupid faces and pretend they matter to its application and implementation there would be no social ladders to climb over it. Their very popular story these days is mostly concerned with how I am the weedy guy trying to lead the Great and the Good  about which in actual fact their opinions are not required around the Royal Estate or my books but when it does come to the facts, apart from when I want them to do anything I would take steps to see that they do it, the reality remains the bafflement of how media salvations idiots that have come thus far consider themselves the great and good when they are actually at a level of such academic stupidity that it is possible for them to get involved with peoples lives and come off better off and improved while they had completely wrecked it for the owners and the Politicians have refused to accept these are people who are so stupid that aside what they do because they do not know better their very nature becomes incredibly destructive, what they prefer to call it is equality, equality that leaves peoples lives and possessions completely destroyed while their involvement had only improved them at the end; it is a level of stupidity that beats the imagination and these days they wear suits for it too: when it does come to my Policies however it is worth taking into account their stupid girls and in view the stories of not being able to do anymore for example, reality being that they might fight me over neighbourhoods they will never recover from me, in a days work at the Royal Estate as it were but it gets even better because we have become so unable to tolerate fascists as we have become unable to tolerate them – so the downsides of these suits they wear and the money they make is that an idiot will become an entertainer and use them to make millions then start chasing women and corrupting them and nobody fine little girl will ever be safe, so my women are generally of the type they cannot resist because I made it so and our problem with them is that of how they complain of their role in the first and second world war which they were told was about fighting bad guys but they now know they were defrauded by the powers which in view of current events is an occasion that is very likely to repeat itself too i.e. this is their lives, they do this and wreck people careers and set it up for the fascists to take over as it were, so we want them to keep their problems and the fascists to keep theirs too – hence these women are the type they want all the time, exist to make them over excited like the hands they can keep to themselves and will soon have had them spend money to make songs that enforce this message on a global stage to a point where they are powerless to prevent them from extricating the efficiency then start talking nonsense all over the place but see them and go again because I make it so – the great and the good as it were who have not dressed well in this Country for sometime until I came along the Christian they can bully and I do not consider it an unusual eventuality in anyway whatsoever for my part after all, until now the male ones especially the media goons have continued to be the Men who rule over the Women that rule e.g. HM and regularly pointing top the powers of their insolent homosexual culture and what it gets up to, to that effect along with corruptions of involvement that can mess up anything scared with support from the Americans as well, so that must have become a phase at this point if they want my personal life for security as we all know they are rather hard of hearing.