Of course it is a very popular problem that some people’s behaviour fundamentally destroys systems by which jobs get to exist for others and there is nothing new about it except the story of a part I was meant to play in the matter – concerning which the problem is what people want to be complicit with and the fact women think they can behave in any way that they bloody well wish – so what we have here are a collection of criminals that want to be able to steal within a condition that they are above the law which only works when they gain the consent of those they have stolen from or make it up on media successively if it were to apply temporarily until the owner changes it, in order to ensure they get a sustained and permanent effect. Hence the same old case of not letting people make use of my work or possessions to get rich in a condition where they were better off with it than I am resulting in what people want to be complicit with in terms of enjoying the trivia of them explaining away their activities with my work until it becomes financially beneficial way too much for their own good and of course the outcome that these fools then feel they have public support and get to attack me all the time so often thereof that they are having the kind of revenge which means if they don’t have my possessions even when they have damaged the finances and strewn it everywhere so they can pick it up later when I am no longer interested because I have been bullied into doing without it I will not have it either, claiming it is because it is a fundamental threat to freedom. So for me its always a case of how they have built up so much publicity around it that I have no choice but do what the people want being the wrong answer to their questions in life, the fact they are not sharing any of my possessions and need to get lost, the threats they issue claiming they are bigger than me and can do whatever they like, my response being they are bigger than me on media and I have nothing more to say to them and the result being made up favourable change at my expense that I never created due to sex based abuse and civil rights that will come forth from it – while for those who get involved it is not the problem of my social class as such of which even the very notion of having sex with those I meet while I am involved with it creates an inability to control what happens with my personal and private life, only that I want to write books about it, while they for their part can attack the books too if it helps to alleviate the problem.

So I understand the part where it is a problem associated with the ability of Americans and Africans to spy on me but that has always been an old and familiar issue i.e. liberalist idiots with a need to feel they control their Countries setting off to bully some royal prince from whom they think they will acquire secrets that will bring that about and of course the fact Media organisations full of media bosses talking nonsense about being insulted by me when I refuse to let them deploy my existence to become better off than I am with my own property giving support for that every day – so the answer is to shut down everything that means I am involved with the media which will shift it all to the background of living as a whole but they are the ones with the provocation and can do as they like with it every day as well. I do understand the story of how I am known to attack the conservatives that do something about it but it is a story I am very familiar with, the one about the fact that the Conservatives we are talking about will never put up their hands and make it clear the problem of violence and crime has overwhelmed them because of what they claim the liberalists will make of that never mind their insolence in the direction of those who know better and their ability to do one at a clear and newly finished job because they have society and can seek self improvements with violence so easily whenever they want and the result being they turn up here to handle my work and make rash snap judgements at me that they feel I think they are unaware of the effects of what their actions are all together, until I do them as well and we therefore hear the stories and that is beside their inability to stay off problems that overwhelm them as well because of their stupid big ego that they are certain they can make others pay the price for as well, along with the fact their women on either side cannot keep their cunts at home or that filthy mouth for that matter (I mean when you are in a good mood you ask them and that cunt swirling around talking nonsense if that is their area of society but when you have had it you can get this raw).

Its like that old story of whether I am aware my credit score is a mess and that it is a result of the actions of others of which I have always been aware that if you employ a black person in the British banking and financial system they are without fail certain to do something like that and yet we hear them complain and get confused about my actions all over the place as well, in terms of media truths being the ones everybody must live by in their view. I don’t think it a problem, I know what the value of my credit score is supposed to be and will look after it on the ground on the streets while they will have none except in that stupid bank where they work as well – yapping the power they have over me is talk that needs to be shut up since I know what they do at the civil service and when employed at the Banks and the things I do to them reflects that fact as well all over the world – they have none. I know they say my actions never take into account how much they have suffered in their stupid lives of course but we all know these things they do at the banks are happening to their fellow black people at the moment and soon enough they will be happening to people from other races too and then there will be a problem which is best expressed by those insults about power over me as well; they have not suffered enough in my view and are begging for more too: pillage my finances and get all over the civil service and the banks and everywhere, pillage my job and turn up to be the rock and pillar of insulting and villainous celebrity scum, issue insults at me all the time and talk nonsense about protecting them with my income because I am dealing with almighty black idiots and then when they feel they are done yap off power they have over me which is as far as tolerating it goes as well.