Of course there is the story of how much work I put into making sure people have to sit back and just take what other throw at them- I don’t mind the story for my part either as the reality remains that these actions and words I do to ensure people sit back and take what others throw at them has ‘work without reason or purpose’ written all over it. It is nothing new about what the outcome becomes when I am insulted a Politician by achieving something that he should have and he therefore cannot keep his hands to himself the transferred aggression and distant violence which is why they do play a part in the games of all idiots who feel they wish to wreck your life and justify it on grounds of pitching you against them to see if your strength match your big mouth on account you achieved what they should have.

I do not think this matter is a major crisis; their mothers never seldom use their own homes and family life and personal life to please Politicians and do society and culture, what they do is use other peoples own and save their own for when they get rich and famous; so yes any normal person would see the fact that if I am not supporting the idea people should simply sit back and take what others throw at them, then I am supporting racism as a warning. They think they know me and are rather very far off from such things and their Politicians I should have beaten up seriously by now since it is not clear exactly when they replaced respect I get as an author with all these nonsense they can play around with and tell tall tales. I am not of the opinion it is unusual in any case either, the reality of it is much the same and the list is that; these are the kinds of people that will be responsible for a knife sticking out of your chest because you worked hard and got a job that they envy and of course you normally want nothing to do with them except that if they have a say in the matter the choice will not have been your own at all in the first place and so the general thought is that one plans to get on top of it and carry on his life except the results come through and you cannot find a job but more telling is the fact you cannot find a wife. I mean I don’t like them in anyway and they know it since we all know the fact somebody has dreadlocks for example means he can tell you or any female journalist for that matter to make her life available to people who want to be rich and famous with it. It is not half about attacking peoples freedom and self advancement as it is about the fact that I am not of the opinion self advancement lies with insulting and abusing me like they do – all these little varying excuses come through because it hides the real truth and they expect to profit from that fact as well, the truth that these are things they do because they are bullies and fundamentally set up a state of affairs to that effect regardless of whom they set it up with or against. Like that tale of how I steal these things I say from well off middle classes for the most part but we all know that is not true and the truth is that in my view the middle classes do those abuses they do because they have an obligation to protect the areas where they live and exist and that is the violent responsibility they think should form a reason for abusing others but when it really comes down to it for them all the reality is that this is my life and not their own and I tolerate them down to a process where their Politicians wreck my life to find out if I am as tough as I talk on account I have a personality that they should have had for example and they it turns out played a part in it to make it so thinking it is a small insolence and abuse that can be forgotten; they do have to live with me as well to ensure it does not blow up not talk nonsense all over the place. After all if I did tell peoples children to get off the streets at night I would have been a bad person unless that is their incessant insults mean that all powers their women have is stripped away and the teenagers are obliged to look after their mums and can talk gang at me as well if they want to find out what will occur as a result – then I will be persecuted for not having sex right down to unemployment with a big mouth.

The Point is that I have no wish to know about anything that troubles them and have no plans to change my own state of affairs and they can build one of their own here so that they might get rich and famous if they want, these are how I support racism and set off events which mean people should just sit back and suffer what others throw at them, the outcome now is that they can take it to the next level as it well. My plan is to wrap them up and hide them from the rest of the world any which way that I can and it will start off from their definition of self advancement being a process where I did something and got attention and then never got the attention anymore because they took it over and the insults and abuses will supply me with enough ammunition for that. It is a same old case of their thirst of power that they like to claim is a plan to better themselves; so that if you have trouble finding a wife and finding a job presently what you will then do is allow them have the bloody power. Some speak of these things I do like it is easy to cope with them but of course without thinking about how your involvement with them means you cannot find a job and a wife no matter how hard you may work at it or indeed the part where the things I do to ensure people sit back and suffer what others throw at them has ‘work without purpose meaning or reason written all over it’, it is easy to see that if I change nothing about myself then this is all that is left, you know when I do say what they seek from me they will most certainly find and they believe I am bluffing or something like that. Much in the same par with how I get off to handle women who use my person to advance themselves but it is never a new story that the reasons my very existence annoys some women is not just that they wish to deploy my personal life to do society and culture and Politics it is also the fact I am a Christian and Christians do not get involved with the evil side of culture which is why all that happens to them are entirely deserved; but then they had immediately decided that there are things I do not know which makes them the correct and rightful owners of what I own and rightful leaders instead of me and it especially applies to their Politicians at the end that this, where we are now, is the sort of results you get when a Christian is clearly not a complete individual because he is one. It was ever always easy for any normal person to foresee that if I can prevent men from turning out in public or even global dispositions to chase fame and importance that I am meant to work for, then making sure women deploy nothing of my personal or family life to do culture and society and politics does not occur will not be a difficult task – they should have been able to foresee I can do those things not talk nonsense of how I support racism or find ways of making sure people sit back and suffer what others throw at them; that nonsense turns up way too often and I thought it had gone too far today.

I hear the talk of me trying to rule those that are cleverer than I am of course but regardless of the fact they are bullies; all we have here is me and all I own and all I am and the fact I went to university to further my studies and they got there to wreck it for me as well and I decided it will never happen again. As I continue to warn, their Politicians make out it is all little insults here and there but I will never forget them or let them go without vengeance because I have had enough – they always behave with it like I will most certainly forget. So now they can take it up to the next level if they want let us find out what they can be famous for as well. 


Now of course it is said I am the lowest of the lower class idiots that will do anything for the Monarchy but of course that is largely very rich coming from individuals who think the only form of activity there is that we have to deal with which is about people seeking to profit from their problems is the one they do about the need for their problems to have become my priority and that it is the damage they have done me to that effect that is the major topic for conversation. The reality is that I have a cash flow crisis because I have thrown up tantrums to rival any stomper anywhere on this planet whenever anyone wants to aid or help me but if people feel they wish to be the reason for my financial problems then they can blow their top. I mean I don’t necessarily think it ridiculous but on a perspective consideration of the facts it’s got to be that way.

I am not of the opinion the Police have no right to defend my state of affairs with deadly force people just think that they will bandy the idea of the fact I myself am not safe from these things as a means of stirring the nest set of social problems they wish to create; in the end if it is to be justified the reality is that a row of houses where people are doing business agreeing to work with the Police and more so on equities brokered with my Office would only have been attacked by those who think nobody knows the reasons they hate me so much is that they sell drugs, buy drugs and use drugs. They like to make out I am in serious trouble all the time and in every turn in never works out well for them anyway; for of course as long as I am an integral part of peoples addiction there will always be that problem, so that if they do not take cocaine if something is done to ensure my heart is in it then they will not take it for example is a reason for my actions and none to be regretted. I mean they claim it happens as a result of my attitude and it is my attitude they want to talk about not their own where they make out my Royal estate is something their children deploy during play time in order that play time might be rewarding enough to prevent them from feeling inferior to other people’s children. They said they are fine with this stuff anyway since I myself do know what I do not have and what a rewarding play time for me can be as well, so I have no idea what their case with drugs is anyway.