So there is this question of whether I support the fact its respect that causes all violence but I do; it’s an old story that getting all dressed up to visit your uncle is usually an occasion for you, except that guy that loves to toss mud on your clothes ensures that you get to your Uncles place to take off your clothes and have a bath every time you go there – so it gets to a stage where community action is needed in order to determine why he does it and what can be done about him but if such a character is a Political party of city centre idiots that are always right, there isn’t much you can do about it because they tell lies on media all the time. I do not mean that there isn’t much you can do about it in terms of hopelessness; we all know it becomes a case of detaching yourself from personal blindness caused by sensibilities which exist when you spend time talking about with friends and family and start to think of it in terms of an egoistic, disobedient self-absorbed idiots who thinks your whole life revolves around him and is 100% confident of it, so he is always making a mess for you to the tune of a hope that somebody will beat you up to make him feel even more important than he already is, usually because he is eldest of his siblings and his dad spoils him all the time and then you can start to approach him with a reality that he knows exactly what he is doing and that you have stopped making excuses for his madness, thus given the right tools and correct measures queer violence idiot can be made to behave and stop pushing goons on the right who kill fellow countrymen because there is too much senselessness in the Country and idiots on the left that will do anything for money into people’s lives. I do think about stopping those Music CDs being made and the reality where I can only stop music CDs if they have not already been made but the insults and abuses mean I have to deploy more stringent and drastic measures to do that, whereas usually I say what I say without talking to them but on this occasion, I am talking to them to find out what it is exactly they can do. I hear all the time of a case where the guys want me to be financially successful in order to tag long but I am lost as per how you go from being forced to get into a fight in order to be counted among to existing in a condition where being financially successful will bring you up to scratch – so they hate my guts at the moment because I did win that man among men competition where the one that is such a manly man that he has to spend time with women lest his existence is counterproductive and I think that not only is it possible to secure your thinking space in this Country if you deploy the right tools and proper measures, they should also only get involved if they want to buy a Book from me. History is on my side on this matter; we know Ford Autos used to have a large Company in the UK but that they do not any more, we know that a car company was big enough to make an Industry of National importance in this Country when we had British Leyland, so are we aware that vanished without a trace like there is evil in this Country that does not sleep. I do get told I cannot stop myself as well which is not true, the problem is the Politicians; they always need Royalty to make a show of itself so that something can be copied to make peoples careers but these other Celebrity idiots appoint themselves and give themselves a right to do it as well especially the Americans. Usually when I had pointed it out we will hear even more blabbing associated with how scared I am and is meant to ensure that the evil of pushing me into a corner to build fame and fortune with my Public image is operable, which I do not in any way think will amount to some new joys of naivety associated with freedom that I can cut to pieces as well (again). So, do not do it, should mean do not do it and it’s a really bad time for them to respond with that nonsense I tolerate all the time i.e. that when they say Royalty should stop governing them, it really should mean that Royalty ought to stop governing them, which will get on my nerves in a big way i.e. we all know the world is split between Royalty and Politicians and their insanity and if I responded to that by saying they need to fuck their parents then, it would have sense, otherwise without exploring vulgarity, its important they did mind their own business as it were; what this insult means mostly is that they will be waiting when you no longer have a Royal Office and decided to deploy personal property and experience to do something else with your life, to take that from you and make themselves important with as well, that stupid big mouth that thinks it deserves peoples tolerance at all times; so it really is something they cannot do as it were and yes they do blab about me responding to those who talk but need watch out for those who act which is utter rubbish; the most action they can perform around here will be one where they enrolled in the Military so when they meet the enemy they can avoid death and return home to a war that is over for them while the onus will be on me to finish the Job and so have I made it clear that I would fancy direct protection if it were given by Women; mostly I have heard of this insult before but this is a really bad time, Royalty can be Royalty whenever it wants and these goons especially do not have the ability to stop it. I am quite aware it is said that people would fancy my work was more refined but I do not think it needs to be; I am an Arch Prince and Church is more important than everybody else save the State – so anything I find here blabbing about the mind of a murderer will end up being convicted for it, so that before we find out what it can do, it will understand that other people are convicted for how we see lives being lived – the rest are scum that need to keep that culture where it is, considering its unpredictable nature is capable of causing people to lose jobs which creates a vicious cycle of financial difficulties and more exposure to unpredictability of culture and yes they complain I do not wish to adhere to this rule myself as well, which is only partly true but the true bits exist so that the path they have chosen might pay its full dividend considering it is in the interest of the general Public that it did, if a recession and an economic crisis were both a form of trend, it would have been the path they would chose to success and wealth and fame as it were. The other side of this story of course is that case of an existing Marxist Universe we hear I cannot put down, of which we all know that you can make up your confusions when they take up your time because they want you to share what you know, right up to the point where your grades are bad at school and then you show up to share it and what you get paid for it has to be denied because its rejection but you cannot actually change or deny what they are actually doing when you check your business takings for the day – so apparently there is a Marxist Universe because they are still having fun: the assets at this disposal is of course a certain kind of Popular culture that is not usually made to pay tribute to me but is made looking similar to the one that is made to pay tribute to me, the others are neighbourhoods of people who are financially well off after years of preaching wealth distribution while working hard at their own problems, which is not worth tackling because doing so is not civil but still stands as the main point at which they will decide on splitting up my Empire to keep a share for themselves without regard for my human rights as well and it’s been 14 years of this nonsense so far. The first time I had to deal with Marxist Universe was about threats associated with backing up Girlfriend that likes to rip up my finances because I am not sharing considering she has problems and her needs have to be prioritised whenever I work for my income or own an apparatus that can make me some after he had spent time selecting her like he is preserving his DNA, all garnished with a sense of insulting seniority that acts as a short circuit for what people consider to be an upstanding citizen as usual, to ensure that it is the very act of writing Books that hurt me because they have needs and I am not responding to those and so on, cannot stop performing queer violence on media to undercut me at the top of my career or stop showing up on my Public image, then blab about problems I must fix because I am not co-operating as well. It has always been between Marxist Universe and Celebrities absorbing everything I do with my Office to maintain a phenomenon that is my Books in order to invite a purchase from the public and it has always been true that controlling what the effects of the actions of these two have on my earnings is the key to my success. – so, I guess they are still having fun and will not stop breaching my copyright. I mean it’s always been the status quo that they can do whatever they do which is usually done on account they are being hateful but that tackling my Books are usually done because they are simply narcissistic enough to do it and therefore if there is no response from me, will develop from impunity into insidiousness in a very short period of time too – I mean it’s never been a problem, the celebrity ones are sort of a case where it will make an advertisement that breaches your copyright because it has spoken confidentially to the producer and is a Celebrity, obviously really full of itself but when it remakes that advert after it had appeared in public for a couple of times, in order to insert new facts associated with changes which have happened in my work and my business, it is indicative of ownership that it does not have legal right to that chasing up will only waste a whole lot of my time in Court as it runs away with the money, thus always obvious that stopping Celebrities and Marxist Universe from absorbing phenomenon that is my Books which set the first stage in the plan to court attention and custom for it is the road to success and that their old problem of being so twisted and evil that their whole lives are about having things others do not and money in the bank while campaigning wealth distribution on other people’s property has never been news to me; it is the reason they hate my guts so much for sacking their own as well all the way to South American states. So I am sure they can persuade anybody to do anything but I am not interested either; messing with the part whereby people buy my Books because they were interested in me or buy my Books because my life affected theirs will always amount to having a conversation about the importance of being British all the time which is no road to success, I don’t care what they are worth and what they are offering, it needs to stop; so far the consequence is a process of dragging media and celebrity careers back to where it began so they can undo the damage before I set them free i.e. the problems they created when he early stages of my career was beset by Industrial espionage which added up to the need to get on media and build publicity about me every day, which can be handed to somebody else – this is a period that has lasted 8 years and brought about results such as bad grades at School and then the vicious cycle I am made to pay attention to everyday; goes back to the other stuff about Royalty not being Royalty when people do not want it; we all know the lower classes are neighbourhoods where the Men do not fancy celebrities and the women fancy celebrities and it’s the overpowering feeling of being at home and working at home which you must be aware of and only ever hurts because of other people’s bullying attributed to what is actually personal finances and is fucking personal for a reason as it were, the middle classes of whom have polished themselves a little as it were, so in some areas you find exclusive neighbourhoods which are so on account they are looking after the connections which give them easy access to fame and fortune like we see them give to the frugal – thus Royalty can be Royalty whenever it wants as it were. I mean I am regularly questioned as per whether the main issue here is that I am hateful of people, which is not really so in anyway: walk into a hair saloon and the things that make people happy will not appeal to you at all but it will make them happy to a stage where a community exists and so it makes sense that the way they approach business is not the way you do and their customers understand them but if you tried to copy it and sell Books to the customers, it may never work i.e. my main view is one of constantly being attacked by two groups of people; A grade student with a 6 figure salary and A grade student with not such a highly pay job – so what I have to deal with is millionaires pillaging my Public image and property equity by lining it up in massive arrangements that support a recent project by eliminating all possible risks, as though that is how I handle their businesses, done like we see them give to the frugal, done no matter what they have, while on the other hand are the other A grade students who think all that comes out of me belongs to somebody else and have always had such an attitude which propels them to round me up like an animal because they need to consume me like an item. The third factor in this of course being the people who never made their grades whom we now realise are children of wealthy but illiterate parents. So, I do not respond very well with culture and society being thrown around to make a mess in an academic environment because I know what to do with it and thus end up caught up in alternative activities like when millionaire idiots pillage my equity to support recent projects and eliminate risks, like a job that takes over my life but does not hold anybody accountable for paying me – hence what happens when one ends up in a classroom full of A grade jerks. In the end the reality is what their need to tackle my personal finances like we see them intrude into my concerns to do expresses i.e. they think they can have anything on account they are famous, even when that stupid fame was acquired through my Public image and now that they are not the ones being asked why they have a go at those they claim prevent others from having lovers and procreating like we used to see them do at school because they have become the very things they hated, we have come full circle but all I can say is that there was ample risk that standing on my sensibilities to develop convenience that helps kiss boyfriend better was always present, they always had to go ahead and do it anyway leaving only the hope that things can only get better if I did their own as well.