I hear that I am now stuck in an environment where my Books will never get off the shelves and it does not make any sense to me whatsoever ; what really happens here is that the Celebrities have such a big ego that when they do not like my Books because I have made it unappealing to them and the need to get me serving them which their big brother stupidities have, they come up with a plan to get rid of it, like people getting rid of jobs others do for living which is not necessarily to the taste of celebrity – the Men have labelled me the sweet thing they cannot get enough of pillaging my career but do not like it when my Books have labelled them a sweet thing I cannot have enough of as well, so they want to get rid of it too while the daily insults and abuses persist still – the Industry ones really like to chase my bum the way they got me dropping out of University because I had sorted out sociological matters around my career and tend to forget their place because they do not think that the history they have built up here as though we were mates could be vented along the lines of something they do not know or persistently do incompetently as well.

My point is that they are not a threat to me and as we can see, when there is no reaction, nasty liberals and socialist talking nonsense about beating me up will never stop and so I believe it will only stop when I had started hurting them as well. They do claim I ought to accept responsibility for some of the problems which I do, as I have created the money issues about which they are complaining of hurting bottoms as well bearing in mind I cannot have a moments peace because they have civil rights and need to be rich – I mean not only are they planning to get rich by insulting people, it was always a question of why it is when two pencils are worth a pen, you cannot buy two pencils with a pen instead of legal tender and the only thing that makes you confident that you have paid for your pen usually being what those who decided what the value of two pencils which is also the value of one pen will be and these are the Government and Industry people, the only two reasons for which money exists. We hear them boast about getting the better of me each time they set about ripping up lives and businesses and giving a few millions to some celebrities or socialites, it can only continue until my fear of the National treasury being worse off which is a crisis of Nations becomes my main pursuit wholly on their account. The rest of the time its just lots of insults and abuses and an ego that can decide to get rid of jobs that it does not like even when those who own it were making a living by it all together and we see them blab their big brother insults when I wear it as a mask too considering it is what their community croons spend the sexualised insults at me for i.e. to make me different and get society chasing my bum.

In the end criminals are always experimenting with crime by selecting scapegoats and so it builds up into a business where the older ones who have decided they are too old for it become the main headache of top Police Officers who bury their head in paper work most of the time, while the badly raised children are the main problem of front line Officers, so they need to find people who are involved with law enforcement at a lower level to make scapegoats out of and want to get one out of me all the time as well even when I am not involved with law enforcement. Then we hear them claim it is the way that we sensationalise conservatism that gets liberals behaving the way they do, while the truth is just an issue about their ego and the fact they have no respect for others; an ego that can get on media to rip up your life with a smile, buy a nice home and pretend these two disposition work together to change what the truth actually is, especially so as they claim that what I saw and do is low brow and very basic which is utter nonsense – it is the building blocks of law making, the stuff about which the siblings will complain, then the parents and then the teacher at school and then work colleagues just before the judge at a law Court. So, what we are looking at here is another education from these idiots on how the big crimes such as murder and manslaughter are created since one would want to know why his whole life has been wrecked by people because they had an ego, could tell lies and smile about it and a media to play it out on. For my part I have not really done much about them since 2013 when I had simply stopped confiscating the frontiers of their Media and Celebrity jobs to clean up the mess their insults make for me here, since which the case of me tagging along with important people while I have nothing had been developed from the abuse that was facilitated by the fact they wanted to extract money from my Estate the way I did so as to create equality – bearing in mind also it is the very same process about which we find them claim I am an Arch Prince with financial complications on my hands while they are responsible for creating the financial complications all together. in the end claiming its all problems I bring upon myself for getting along with women while women have the career vandalised for being seen getting along with me – what they then usually think is that a fight would involve me making a deal with big bad tough guys from the world of tough men but the way it usually works is me forming an alliance with those badly behaved women and sugar babies and adopting a disposition that means I am determined to hurt somebody, on account they have no respect for other things that women do. They are not a threat to me as the same way the fact my academic work is deployed is their answer for everything is the way that what they are not good at can be the answer for me and I believe I have only ended up here with a history they build with me like we were mates which I do not have space here for – I would really like every single comment they make about my Books and Public image to cease completely; in the end it really does look like pornography and they are complaining about what problems I encounter because I get along with women; signs the women especially those whose careers they have damaged simply because they were colleagues are handling their big brother insults as well as such.

They do speak of this case where they want to get me fighting for them but its an old story about those processes where we see them pretend that damage to peoples property is competition and that they were real men the whole time, changing nothing about the fact their version of wickedness which is what this is was all about was largely concerned with getting moral people involved with violence, which is a stupidity we see Fashion models follow all the time, while the Celebrities are more interested in the blabbing of Politicians which is about killing somebody or exposing people to rape by making them smell like their loo and then you can see that for each time you have supported or helped them, the business of their liberal and socialites insulting big brother stupidities refusing to integrate means that they turn another meaning out of whatever you had done and where they come from people who help others usually get attacked to make them help more. It’s the plain old business of good an evil not me fighting for anybody that concerns them and me over this matter and every time they drag my whole life to a stop because criminals are experimenting on scapegoats, I will serve their famous stupidities with it and laugh too when they complain about bottom hurting for it, especially now that what becomes of me at the Monarchy will be decided by the neighbourhood I have decided to take up residence in for some reason of my own. And of course there is no such thing as reacting to their insanity; it is an old story of the bad people who are big like them and work these big brother insults and abuses ending up at the Armed forces to get attacked by the enemy the way they destroy people and use obscurity as a means of getting ahead, so that when they are done, we find them get around with Celebrities who want my Public image to make fame and fortune with, coupled with criminals experimenting on scapegoats to improve their career crimes, showing up on the Media jobs as well just to show they are not famous every time they will not let me breathe the free air. Like their community croons are the ones complaining about the sex these days all together, it is still my objective to hold out on them until they are past the fame and fortune civil rights money loving madness as well – they do like to say something about me is simply annoying and this is because they are not past it yet, when they are, they will really have to live up to that big mouth about beating me up they blab all the time as well.

They do speak of me thinking that violence is okay while reality is that I cannot marry up what they want me to do for them the way I do for others with a process whereby they bought and read my Books, so the business of just showing up all over my earnings to take over and decide how I will serve them has now gone beyond Obama the genius getting them to discuss their worlds problems on my public image and personal life all together and is heading off to a really splendid ending too. Its as they say I have a problem with women while the whole gimmick is about male Christian who has promised not to do violence and has lots of things that can be taken off him to make women comfortable; so we find I have seen a thousand and one version of them show up here to insult and abuse and grab public image and tell lies on media while extracting money from property to buy good homes and keep up a big smile that shows what they are doing is correct, trouble is when I end up too old to be single and cash strapped and they had started to hear from me as well all together. I have seen a thousand and one blab about teaching me lessons, show up perfectly normal human being who shut off the Public image picking a fight with a boy like the boyfriends will not have me beaten up then decide the career brings trouble to the family all together as it were; wondering what lessons they will teach me besides getting me off on an angle over their stupidities and a need to have them clear my space. My so called confusing position on women of which was never an emotive issue as it is clear nobody really can make sense of the reasons people decide their female colleagues behave the way they do at work as they do at home so they might insert themselves into the Husbands position for years and years on Media, knowing their big brother insults only has one other thing which is similar to it i.e. pornography – hence when the women run it off on them the career tends to look up and a lot of the times they are right in what they are doing so if they women had done it to protect me as well, we find them unleash their female idiots who ask people for public image to get famous with and attack those who do not give it to them while community croons run off the whiles that are possible via their busy body insults keeping an eye on people at Industry for employers and clients as abusively as possible, run off the abusive women whiles until the tummy buckles. I do know however that what happens when women had run off pornography at them is that they tend to try and ask me even when they know I do not have the answers. Same as claims they make that I hate my own race while nobody needs a tutorial if they work with companies that leave them some publicity to sell Books by and another person is playing big brother money madness problems on it for years and years causing great personal distress and financial complications which becomes a look they had begun to get used to after doing it for over 13 years everyday. It is supposed to be as it is; an endless tale of toxicity where I can walk down the streets and hit an open secret brick wall concerning those who are my daddies and depend on my whole life to make their future and one has done very well in expecting the unexpected at all times.