They claim I have built the structures by which people now have to show they are victims of racism and get into arguments involving a process where others denied that they are but it is utter nonsense – people are not saying these goons and their Celebrities are not victims of racism, what people are saying is that they have made a contribution to it and that is not a bad opinion. Mine where I say it’s a constant business of fear, panic, loss of personal and family life while being groomed for societal experimentations and evil that brings about narcissism for success at the Market place, conditioning people while blaming racists and the worst of all is that the idiots are completely convinced none had an ability to get past the lies, really is I suppose, a bad opinion. It’s the same as the constant story that I am a coward which contains three main items i.e. the fools who response to the activities of people that are actually severely impaired mentally is violence, knowing that the mental illness is such that they will be the only thing that such victims bear in mind all day long, have nothing else to spend their time on save telling me how to exist and shoving me to make me smell whenever I am being bullied – the other item is that the idiots need my leadership thereof but the only thing I will be getting from their stupidities is the insults for as long as it may last that is and the third item is that they spend their time on their Media exposure doing nothing all day, save beating me down while I chase my own daily concerns and winnow everything that adds up to a sense I have the right to feel safe and secure, then find they cannot keep their big mouth shut on knowing I can winnow their own as well, so developed a relationship with me that is controlled by a crowd and tends to decide whether or not they wanted to have a go at the guy that can handle issues of bullying that makes people smell. It goes without saying this might be the last time I talk about this coward issue for my part – the next time I will be deploying their stupid ass covering prick existences to be rid of anything that adds up to a reputation of it.

They say my position on racism is rich coming from a character that does not do any of the fighting and I can understand that as well, so has everything I need to say about that been cleared up above. They have had the racism issue set out such that, it is now being used as part of a prime tool by those who are building companies to provide us lesser mortals with employment, as a tool for social control and how do we regulate and manage such nonsense anyway, who appointed their stupidities to do it? This is usually the stage where it becomes very clear they plan to waste all my property assets and business Empire acumen on securing themselves structures and monuments that provide them the security I should have been fighting for and if I got the slightest whiff of it, got the slightest whiff their stupidities had built even a variation of my property to make it happen, I too will see what I can do to take that corporate nonsense where those who have and those who don’t is taken to such an extent those who have may take what they like from those who don’t on account their property was used to get things done, to a whole new level of my own too – no idea why I am not getting some when they feel this way about what belongs to me anyway. There is a reason they do it naturally and I am at fault but the Politicians who join in on such nonsense have causes apparently, causes which are associated with their careers, causes which are very good causes but if they chased it would leave them worse off, the same which these idiots spend time on all day and issue threats whenever they believe the victims are about to come through with a response – so how much of their Celebrity stupidities have I been handling in the same way bearing in mind the carnage wrought here over the years yet, thus how on earth it is that this is all my fault then as it were. We all know the destruction of my Books is based on a business of securing more decadence for their stupid selves and fundamentally involves the wicked pleasure of what kind of character I would have become if my career was abused to such an extent I could not work it without criticising those responsible and then build publicity to entitle themselves to any criticisms that I had made. It does need to stop threatening me, its only cowardly sociopath, obsessed with my Royal order to do it’s stupid fighting with the property of the guy that can handle bullying which churns the tummy, will not raise a finger to help itself if there is no incentive while being attacked and will invent a million and one reasons to attack those who have not offended its fucking famous and stupid famous idiocy if there is an incentive. It follows on from those claims I don’t think that they are important or matter or have achieved anything which I don’t as it never stop making fame on my Public image by entitling the Public that will buy its show business stupidities to aspects of my Public work and therefore isn’t famous in anyway whatsoever – besides which it has spent some years competing with me over things I have done for decades and everyday I do something new and it has to catch up with decades of history, now ended up with a personality disorder and is about to get violent, so I need to review this silly idea that direct action is not always necessary. If they believe its all my fault, they can shut down the comments and the insults on which their sense of being important or upstanding members of society is based doing my stuff thing all the time and then it will cease to be. We have already done all the routines that make it clear they are not a threat to me, including the insulting nepotism where their kids can do what I can each time I go on an outing concerning the best work I have done for my career, talking nonsense about what I used to think of when I was a teenager but did not voice because I thought peoples would laugh, even though I knew it was a good idea and a good cause to follow.

We are here wholly because of the disrespect, it is such a good substitute for a everything which suggests the popularity and Celebrity fools needed to stop inviting themselves into the management of other peoples lives and then spend time being a handful of inconsiderate pricks, simply because their victims had done a good job with respect to a career and their stupidities were thought by popularity to be better at making money. Then there are some other issues that arise such as sexual and social corruption which they claim I handle in a way which suggests money was less important, while the whole process of making money itself does not allow you the time to indulge sexual and social corruption all together – the entire time we know the fools have not read my Books and for those who have, it is not what my Books do. Besides which their women fundamentally appoint themselves owners of aspects of peoples lives concerned with finances and processes of engagement with the general public – they invite themselves in through media and social media, in my case, the part where I built a structure to facilitate involvement with popularity on the part of younger people who followed the public work and needed to support others at school, through which process they helped to look after the income margins and market margins of products I put out through the Hermitage, to hijack everything, pass around those insults without which they are unable to be important and get the money out of it by making stupid people rich, it is quite the standard for how people should live. They claim its talk from a character that is determined to avoid every aspect of fighting that there is and yes it is; they are never seen listening to anything they are told until their own personal safety and security is a mortal threat to those who are providing them with it - this does not allow me to build up my savings and live in idyllic neighbourhoods in which my Children would pass exams at school all the time too naturally. It therefore becomes a nagging question that never ceases i.e. when do I start and I fight them all over my Bookshop, taking me back to that stage where I am all about clearing out the existing matters concerning their personal safety and security being a mortal threat to me, everyday and every time - so they do say that I am not vulnerable to it and yes I am not if I have a Court system where people are given equities associated with my Public image, to engage with Industry property owners and popular culture by, as it helps to look after my earning margins and Hermitage but since the last time I ended up running this Hermitage, especially its financial concerns according to their schedule and not mine, it did, hence time out. In terms of the duties I have neglected, we all know they spend their time on nothing else these days, save find a way to make the worst social issues we have into a tool for Corporate control - sending out this stupid message all the time, that a recession happens because puny consumers had stopped buying and really needed to be shown what matters even to them, nobody knows as I mentioned, why they have done it or who asked them to or how they think we will either govern or regulate such stupidities; it then starts to get serious when business after business shows up here to express something of my assets being needed because a situation was desperate, moving their concerns from any level at all to the point of acquisition instantly, leaving me to drown in ethics while the idiots told lies, got connected to control me, passed about insults and spent my time selling Homosexuality.

They claim they will never stop stories of me being a coward and I do not think it would have harmed them to stop it either - what will come forth will be a case where I set out exactly what my relationship with Celebrities the world over was going to be, then the process of making sure I am no longer vulnerable to their stupidities coming out from the blue to wreck the academic work and finances, set about squandering Royal Public image and Office on claims that I annoy them and put them in danger by pretending to be what I am not will be none existent. They are not as much of a challenge for me like they believe they are, this whole thing started all over again around 2011, everything I had done to ensure involvement with me came with loss of what they already had while the gain was very little, improving my prospects of standing my ground in a violent situation was completely wrecked by a bunch of goons at Buckingham Palace who then took them there to spend time churning my tummy while they got to practice all sorts of nonsense involving a process of stealing things and telling lies that facilitated their media exposure claiming I am the one stealing things - so likewise the Celebrity bits the men are soon going to have to stop addressing me using those stupid insults that are supposed to make them feel important or I will stop it my way and the women are going to stop claiming I am now a woman in order to steal everything about me that is left because I have spent so much time keeping them off making money at my expense each time their stupidities got to threaten me over their money issues, making out their foolish civil rights looks like that, or I am going to stop it my way as well - its an old story where these tales they tell about being correct while I am wrong has never once been proven and the money they have to show they are right is secured at my expense to ensure their insanity works out most of its stupidities here and their position was vindicated as such, a question of should you start to handle peoples family because they are stupid and their activities affects your health, finances and career in these ways, what next? Even so, everything that adds up to an incentive that can facilitate blame, blame, blame and stab it because you are selfish, evil and want somebody to blame for your problems is very small and will not be able to go the mile if I responded, so that just leaves me the business of the Celebrity and Media idiots who believe that even when I have said it like this, my predicament and the need to beat me down and rip up everything that keeps me from bullying which causes the smell thing continued. Its as they say I have allowed the Celebrities get the better of me which I have not, they have spent everything associated with the trust which exists in their own part of society to facilitate Celebrity culture and the need to grab mine is what is about to end very differently from how they thought it would on account of that stupid money I obviously can account for better than they can.