It’s like when they say I have an issue with everybody and I appear not to have an identity at all and it is utter rubbish; reality of it is rather that the women love to threaten me with neighbourhood boys because they think it is their civil right but the effect is that I feel as though there is a crowd on my door step and it has something to do with another person’s career crime, never mind absurdities about putting things in my head so I can speak them for everybody in the most insulting and debilitatingly abusive ways that they have agreed among themselves is okay setting out this stage that suggests I am an outcast, looking for more. The Men are no less as stupid; those rather enjoy pushing me down the right hand side and then down the left hand side and get themselves into the middle to issue threats at me and divide up my personality – so these are the sort of things I have to deal with me three Hours before I get into an exam room in the University and they have become convinced that I want to listen to the popularity music and the media self-gratification and various other stupid things that will teach me to show respect towards my mothers and fathers. So in the end they say they wanted to teach me a lesson using racism but what they call racism are a bunch of very stupid people; so because they are members of the majority population they have an issue in their lives and want to do stupid things with my job, because they are members of a majority population they have a thing going on and want to finger my bum and so on; so one stupid false blabbing and I will start to think they have got a new neighbourhood evil and that it is targeting me again. I mean I walked into Marble Arch the other time and got told I am nobody because I have no money and yet found it was impossible to locate anybody that had not been involved in tearing up my finances over the years, to self-glorify on media and get money off bad people with cash to spend, so that if I tease their case up as well to keep them off my Books and ensure they can stop doing those things that let them tell me I am nobody because I have no money, we will certainly find that blood shed was the result somewhere at some point in time because they are not moral people and just as stupid as ever, have got enemies everywhere – I want them to let alone my personal space or realise what we need in the Country is more practical jokes provided I am not the one complaining.

They do say I would make progress if I were more respectful but we can see that after 14 years of messing up everything I waste all I have doing here, they are now asking an Arch Prince for respect – the reasons my Books are not getting sold and I have to waste everything to keep allies and Royal support sources happy, while they continue to assume that their problem will magically vanish. Its never a big case as such, we see them all the time talking about racism and its importance but forgetting that what others see when their heads are sticking out in public transport is people that are beyond stupid, relying on those occasion where somebody never passed their exams in school and were likely to have come from families of wealthy business people who are illiterates and relying on people like me who have a religion to advocate, so that they can do a wickedness that works for them the whole time, while forgetting the government has to adopt a disposition that means people to not get to stereotype them, blabbing respect and clinging to my earnings with media as annoyingly as possible. I mean they complain all the time but my friendship with others is property they want to make use of for an end and to solve their stupid financial problems, so are my mean loves, so are my family friends; so I get to  stage where I am trying to understand what propels people to intrude into my life and concerns to a stage where they are making use of a relationship I have exclusively with my Court, a process where my family friends and mean loves are their property, meaning I am broke and have no girlfriend and that permissive genocide that involves student Union leadership character goons telling me how to exist, which was supposed to have operated without killing me has played out again after 15 years of complaining about the consequences of the first time that it did. The blacks were supposed to have been completely insane with a tendency to respect my person if I had money, so I was able to chose if I wanted anything to do with them by having money or not by having none, until the Politicians whose biggest assets because they own me is my evil mum and the likes showed up to fulfil their strange and stupid dreams, to stand at the other end of the tunnel blabbing people having enough of me and making plans to tackle me through racism after 15 years of absolute vandalism and destruction from their ruffian stupidities in the chambers of Parliament. Like when they tell me that the idea I tear up their popular culture as well is fantasy while I know that I can easily travel off to live in the US and whilst I am there, my whole life will be about going to Vegas and other points of decadence to see how I can ensure black people and freedom goons keep off my concerns and play their stupid abusive gimmicks somewhere else, as in all the way to corridors of International Communities; for now, they need a Parliament and a National Media and a Civil service to stop me after the need to find out if God will provide manna from heaven should the Christian have money problems has wrecked everything here like we see their stupidities do everything that they come into contact with; it’s the nagging question whenever it happens– why black people, why freedom goons? Which applies when people have not been aware that I have Books to sell but others want to deploy my life to feel as though they were real girls and real women instead for instance, then we find them issue threats and abuse me because they believe my attitude threatens a means to an end at this disposal. They always say that my thoughts about the celebrities are fantasies I made up which is utter nonsense; the part where they deployed my public image to get rich was the good bit, the part where they made contact with me to dominate me using their new found wealth was the bit that meant they wanted to ensure the fact they couldn’t work for their own and had to take money off evil people to look like they were all that became a serious problem – now what we know is that their only ambition is to shaft me with that stupid money while it takes over my life and public image to become an important person with, so if I hurt it seriously, I would have done so in the knowledge that these are scum that actually have nothing to do with me; not the celebrities or journalists I have at Court and that there probably could have been another way to get it done. They always say that I could do better and this whole business with Celebrities is a Fantasy of mine which it is not; what happens is that when a Celebrity knows me well and takes up a film role, she gets given a direction that does not work and protesting it not being true to the source usually gets her sexually abused - thus it is becoming a big problem and if I can ensure people ask me first before they deploy my equities for any reason, I might ensure they are the ones making the films themselves if they wanted to, so my my marriage with them does not get broken up violently like we currently see: I do get told that we will sell none of the films of course but as I mentioned before, if such persons got hurt so I can ensure they don't make me sore in my private parts and sore all over after a job well done, to build perversions that deny me the financial benefits, I would be hurting people I know nothing about, which will set a stage that suggests it was up to me and there was another way.