So the great all story shifts to that matter of a problem I seem to have with peoples wives on one hand and a case of building myself up into a state that gets in the face of certain violent men especially Americans who want me to calm down as there is nothing I can do about anything. I wouldn’t know; in terms of the problem with peoples wives a simple case of praying for five hours can be ruined by the first woman you come across because she is into your temperaments getting feelings that no woman should be denied in her life time, which I don’t have a problem with because I can easily dispose of it i.e. some people are rude, some people are beyond rude however which is where these American fools fit in and in their case the matter is an simple as the fact I am not giving them any of mine and I don’t want them peddling my royal renaissance or peddling my faith or peddling my temperaments for any reason right down to anything that affects the fact I am arguably one of the few men in the world to make his wealth in the cleanest way known to man so that they might avoid rules and talk nonsense about their superiority all at the same because they have no discretion and their insults know no limits and as for the part where I build myself up into a state however, the reality is that of making sure I am well informed about them so whenever I am about to come to harm get to fire the first shot towards people that are practically invincible and find out what will become of fat boys when I do. So in terms of prepubescent celebrity insults, I don’t mind very much but children should be raised that way and I will soon channel my attention on those stupid seasonal celebrity award shows to ensure what I will do with it will lead to such an ending as they can tell me what to do when they appear on my media equipment to host their stupid shows and then pretend I can get beaten up by them if they wanted as well. So the bottom line is that some people are rude and some people are beyond rude which is the part about the anus and penis insults and some people are just older than me and therefore feel they need to build a controversy around absolutely every single thing I do but at the end the fact I am able to dispose of it is not actually enough since I do have to assess reality that these activities are done to cause me the most amount of harm, including that of those who think they can goad me into a fight for my own good – there is clearly no channel for evil that they will not explore and I want to know why I am always being targeted save the fact they will never see that stupid culture and society again save the day it starts to operate somewhere away from my personal life and my possessions – so these things were fun when they were and now it has wrecked my academic work and finances so they can dig me and become something serious because even when they cannot dig anything they will make up their own version of having done so which soon becomes a problem but that problem fails when I am financially successful so that it is in their interest that I shouldn’t be. People put up with them as well and One has to wake up to some things that need to be done to those who must act in ways that harms me with every single thing they are seen doing, to ensure the celebrity ones know their places as social tramps and I stop looking like an abused statesman: an example is this great idea that everything that harms me is done by the Royals which has no basis on reality but I suffer for every single second that they have jobs on media because they are trying to make such a point.

They do say it is all my fault and everything that happens is all my fault of course but then again there are flimsy little facts not the big ones at Global Government and International Communities such as the reason they get on media to experiment and find out if they have power to keep me cash strapped and out of work being that they have been fighting for my civil rights before I was born and deserve to get something back from me – until I do them as well and now they are off experimenting on the many things that will finish them with a warriors skill and spirit, fighting wars they will never win and complicating wars for those who have to fight them all over the world – so that when we get to put to the test as well as it were with that stupid violent neo-liberalist bullying nonsense. It’s like they say I never stop sharing my wisdom which most of the time winds them up and it is an example of how they have twisted my job into a contorted and abusive form so they can handle my earnings and deploy violence on me which their Politicians will feel pleased about too but of course I don’t share any wisdom, it’s the reality about equity brokerage with Industries; they need to create products and those products need to be built on fundamentalisms that are free of the problems of society, so that market might decide what happens and not persons and individuals might feel they own what they buy and being served with it is a right and then there are security and design issues I must cater for around that too and the big deal of course is that even if I do not do these things for the Industries, they will still continue to follow me around and play hide and seek which these evil scum that have a thing against my spiritual domination of them as wickedness does not actually profit anything and my faith will not be shared too either way in hell will copy them, the other side of the big deal being that Industries are prepared to give me more and more work every day, so I am in a beneficial position. It’s not a new story; it’s the same old God is weak and the devil is powerful matter; which means people can leave Downing Street if Prime Minister and chase me around the streets of Britain to ruin my life claiming I stole a beauty and their low lives can attack me and pretend it is civil rights, so when I kick them as well it becomes a global problem as to whether the devil is powerful or not and they need to keep off my books and stop following me around while their Politicians need to stop being confused about what the Christian who owns a literary empire in which the money ends up somewhere else due to their co-operation with these nonsense need to stop living in dream world. It’s not a complicated matter its God is weak devil is powerful and when I handle them and establish normalcy they set out to destroy it and obligate me in a fight that will have gambles stakes in which they will lose much lesser than I will and so they don’t see me do Gods work for him with my own hands, when they are keen to do the devils own for him with theirs they need to keep the Politicians out of the story and turn up or accept the Politicians should find their position and involvement inescapable for their part too. Saying these things do not expose me in any way to idiots who must create problems for me until I expose myself in irreversible for and pay prices in order to them to be good people at great cost and dominant insolence that ensures they are above me imposing their will in some way; the reality is a simple case of the fact if they feel that they must arrange for me to be attacked and bullied by their twisted culture goons and community idiots and that this will have made them famous then they are simply people that love to go round in circles because whatever the idiots do here will be paid for by that stupid fame which they will always turn up in public to show off; unless they have a way of making sure I don’t may them clean any mess that such things had created up then their boasts and abuses and supposed subjection will have a place in the real world. It’s not emotive at all; besides their need to see me come to harm taking every form from involvement with religious activities to forcing themselves on me in terms of friendship – when people had set out a company that belongs to you as something that involves a guy that turns up to share his wisdom when it is not needed all the time you understand their need to practice violence on you has reached s point, so I do not believe it is a complicated matter in any way I will always make their community idiots and society goons famous on their notoriety and celebrity lifestyle and in that way it does not have to cost me anything – all they have to do is show their controversial fame faces in public.

I really thus don’t know what it is expected I am supposed to say about Ukraine anyway; we all know the reality is that both Russia and the US allow their trouble makers to get out of hand because they can afford it, we Europeans however save the vanities of the French and Germans largely have to sit on both our trouble makers and that which comes from these two Countries and it is our ability to sit on that which tests our leadership; the problem here is not how much trade Ukraine has going on with Russia for instance but the fact these guys discuss these things are though it is normalcy of which if it was we would not have been facing war in Ukraine either way; so that reality is when separatists and Government forces are fighting and not civilians on either side which is a fact that needs to be made very clear and a negotiating table arranged to that effect that has nothing to do with either Russia or the US – where we continue to face a condition whereby Mr Obama says his trouble makers have good reasons for their actions but that of Mr Putin needs to be sidelined which makes no sense whatsoever. I understand it would be construed that this explains most of my actions which of course is not true – most of my actions can be explained by what I want to do about the menace of freedom and democracy goons and their neo liberalist idiots that have a big mouth operable only through chasing people s penis and anus and securing fame and fortune at the same time for example; it always starts with the part where your life and possessions has been perforated by their Politicians and therefore open to all and when you had secured that bit, it turns to hate for those who either try to determine how much they lose to such activities thereby being hated for showing them how to spend their own acumen or like in my case it develops around the guy who takes up their acumen and spends all of it for them all together because I have enough to keep them out completely, so that putting them in the same position would have courted the accusation of cowardice like it always does and the need to teach them a lesson because they talk too much has now been made obvious: - the people that have suffered the most as a result of my actions however is the socialists, concerning whom the question of wealth inequality is and was to be answered through industrial personality competition with them as curators having a personal and very violent problem with those who look like sitting ducks because the authorities are preventing them from having a way with those while Politicians and rich people give them money for their part – so their problem is the question for instance of how many times I have to tell them the peace and quiet I have built around my life and this office is for the writing career and not their stupidities and the consequences that come with that as well as many others; then of course we have to acknowledge the sidekicks that are the Muslim ones for instance – they say the problem with what I write and say is what people say about it and what people gossip and whisper about it and when combined with the provocation of how it cracks them up which it does because it’s a matter of my station and office and influence that they can stay away from if they have no respect for as it were, then we have to address the part where the reality about the fact they could never leave people alone in the first place was responsible for their brush with me, not that the Muslim misogynistic need to persecute people has improved either way.

As for the whole case of me being overwhelmed, there is nothing new about that part save the need these fools have especially their Politicians to convince people religion is rubbish; it does not make any sense as such when they are trying to explain to people that the reason they need to attack me and ruin my life and keep an eye on me and do it for as long as I lived is because there will be power on one hand and the other is that people keep saying I have done stuff and you will never know what it means anyway save the part where you put into perspective their need to show religion is imaginary – which is the bit about when you eventually get to a point where you are resolved you don’t want to be touched by them ever again as it were. For now the reality is that they know this is usually the outcome when Political authorities cannot force you to pervade or give up your faith on their account but they have this need to drag you in there by attacking you with their culture until you react and attack it as well; so it’s all plans they have, a means to an end, right down to the games and lies they tell in order to squeeze my flesh on account it makes them feel good and then the biggest of them all that is concerned with getting everybody to go along with accepting their means to an end and rejecting mine. Now they say they are supported by Industry people and Businesses which is an imagination they have of course because what those do is spend money on them and their pop stars and tell them to squander mine as well if what they have gotten is not enough which always leads to trouble and the problem with these their business idiots is that they cannot be caught dead buying my books, only using me like so as if I am a piece of meat because it exists and they have seen a preview. Otherwise for most of the time what Industry people do is decide I broker equities and they need to give me more and more to ensure I have a job and the assets that they help develop is put into use and so on and for that its always what the next line of support for my activities is which to an onlooker can appear I am being overwhelmed but that is not actually the truth. So it is still mystery exactly what seems to be the problem with my own plans and my own means to an end as well – hence it builds up to their disobedience over staying away from my book sales.