We do hear it all the time – trouble brewing trouble brewing in places where you are supposed to do something – they say it is about me and the fact they will like to give me a bloody nose and ignoring it tends to mean that others cannot get to their own business as it were: so here is the response i.e. there is no trouble brewing only questions arising from their actions as to whether or not their provocation is real and somebody else might end up giving them the bloody nose instead: it has come through the normal full cycle, the full cycle of insults from their girls and lots of abuses which means that when you get on with your own concerns you provoke people and when you try not to you provoke them even more and it continues to pile on like that as you continue to try and avoid it until the result is that they think they have reached a point where they must act upon you but what has happened instead is that the question arises as to whether their insolent provocation is real or just a fucking civil right, along the lines of the prognosis that you have begun to be forced by them to live in the way they live which is not who you are and therefore mocks and provokes them i.e. those who can fit in acting like those who cannot without regard for the problems that make them that way – you might think it a fitting revenge for a process where they love to put up stupidities that mimic the upper class and therefore creates problems around here all the time but it is even sweeter when trouble brews as it were, so it is by far the preferred trophy victory. I dont think I have a problem in anyway whatsoever – the reality is that I know where the Royal Property is and where the Office is and have set up a small shop to sell books I write at the backyard and it is the market for this they love to play pillaging from Industry on, cannot get off my Television and cannot seem to put their insults somewhere else. So they say Christian can exist in a liberal world but we see them think I suppose what is happening is a function of me a victim of wealth distribution and not the wickedness of their Politicians, complete with stupid girls that control whether or not I do something about it which means they are feeling like great warriors as the moment. To which end I know what women I get around with and if I have a Court it means they can claim to be a part of it especially the blacks, it helps to determine where my penis and my anus is for their abuses you see to such nonsense as brewing trouble concerning which they simply cannot shut up as it were. So any normal person especially their Politicians would see this whole matter of an inability to keep their insults to themselves and stay off my book sales leading to more serious matters around such prognosis as selling those stupid cultures and societies that are worth 60% destruction 20% Politics 15% robbery and 5% money to the highest bidder after I strip it bare of any nonsense that may serve as dead meat that will attract trouble where I sell it etc and of course we all know it can blow up in their faces as this progresses as well anyway.  

The story of being scared of my Mum is utter rubbish – she is scared of me and therefore needs these idiots in the Labour Party to play things up for her which they do because they want to be able to use my personality to do things and of course I am not that kind of Christian and he who stirs the demons knows something about them and is the same as they are – I dont answer to these idiots and they might want to keep their insults and filth and inadequacies away from my books and of course it is getting closer and closer to the point where seeing their stupid black girls around my books any one more time will really kick it off as well. Its the same old story – everybody can see my whole life in the UK has been all about bad women because you do not want to make it publicly obvious your mum is scared of you – they will have many explanations of course but we all know that relationships I have with anybody gets overhauled on account it works out a process where their insolence is linked with getting industry connections and being rich which is what it is all about: I dont want relationships with people in Europe who make covenants with me to be overhauled anymore, I dont want relationships with people who look up to me to be overhauled anymore, I dont want relationships I have with those who fight by my side to be overhauled anymore and I want them off my finances and off my company and the Politicians need to cease trying to stop me – this is not the 80s and it is not the 90s either and even if it were, they need to do it somewhere else and I cannot let them exist without a condition where they are afraid of me – I have not the respect and they are seen vandalising my public work and office all the time to get attention like a fix and talk nonsense about owning me, I will have the fear instead and that is how it is supposed to be: I am not scared of my Mum.

I dont think this is a difficult issue – they do not seem to have taken on board any of the realities about messing up my faith and religion in order to put their filth and inadequacies in me to make out and celebrate some villainy beauty as a result, they think it must be attached to some culture and we have gotten to the bottom of that before and will again as it were: the part where I handle their villages and handle this Country and those stupid societies and cultures and set a line the Politicians cannot cross so they dont get to hurt me anymore which is how we got where we are today – by the way of which I suppose I was writing the blogs and books very well already – pushing me will lead to perhaps an even better place than we are today already too as it were. They always say they dont believe in God but before long you have to tolerate their city Identity where an idiot comes from a family where being looked after means you can do whatever you like and so when they come through to the real world their idea of existence is largely concerned with the fact you might not want to be something who gets attention that a boy will want to stab in order to steal, or indeed the part where they dont believe in God but the latest change in your relationship with God forms the basis of the logo of the next upcoming rock band which they turn out on popular culture to enforce all the time it but that is precisely what they will make you into with that stupid media and the parents and Politicians had better dared made up a case where they deployed my faith to get things done again without repenting or going along with the rules first and we will find out if they will not get it done while I hold them down yet again as it were. I hear their girls say they do what they do because I would never go up against the gangs – I have no idea anyway but I can make a promise at any time considering people like to control the lives of those who have a history of threatening them, I can promise they will never get the fucking chance and implement that too as it were for the fucking pricks to live in reality like the rest of us in a heartbeat.

I dont think it is a fundamental issue anyway – it’s the same old case of the fact if they are not terrified of you then you will live in misery forever but it is a matter of where the Politicians stand i.e. is it okay for me to ward off a process where people love to have toy soldiers they like to attack me with on account they can put filth and inadequacies in my life and make me do something to make it dissipate so they can put in more and more and more until it becomes a thing they get out of bed to do to me just because of my faith or should I continue to play around with it until the bitch if the manager of my local job centre and my job centre adviser that loves to make sure I put a foot wrong while on benefits and lose my  feeding support for the fun of it and generally makes sure I never get a job claiming that my Christianity brings poverty on me and on others when her government is responsible for wrecking my academic work as though Christians do not do well in their exams and so on – we have all these bag long of nonsense that have nothing to do with reality around me from people who are complaining about me – so is it okay for me to stop it or will the politicians continue to stop me and make out what I do to protect myself should have ended up in the repertoire of their greatness, has it even crossed their mind that it is possible the reasons people have matured companies concerning which they have no plans to work out how to reconnect with consumers if they can grab other people’s business and livelihoods and strip it in order to add the equity to their own and establish a new market identity is largely a matter that is beyond simple greed and mostly concerned with the fact they think they are entitled to on grounds they see themselves as superior races? I had made myself clear about it in a general way i.e. if these shenanigans result in a condition where they have a settled economy that has recovered at my expense and operates on the basis of humiliating me, I will change the west as they know it - will rock their world. It is the distance between the Christian’s academic performance and these activities that answer the questions I am always being asked about these matters: I am supposed to attend my Church as much as I like and get to University to do my academic work as much as I like not have somebody else’s sense of the world dominate my Christian activities even when he realises that seems to glitter in his eyes in the Christian activities itself because he wants it to be all about money and wants me to stop being a stupid Christian and be a modern goon who would be inferior to him because he was there first and can as such cash into it at my expense among other things that are simply flippant nonsense. I am supposed to attend my Church as much as I want and do my academic work as much as I want so what if it may be asked is all these stuff?

We do hear they say I bring it upon myself – they never run out of that particular line but I am a perfect example of how much peoples stupid peeping women can bring things upon you as a result of your fault as it were: some of them were even victims of sexual abuse, some are protecting the fact you think they are ugly but their homes are castles and they are better than you, the blacks have it all worked out as per they were victims of racism, the fucking more-ons but the way you largely bring it upon yourself should be concerned with going to Church and returning to find a 12 foot poster of a famous pop star in the city centre, probably one that wakes up every day to find out she fucking loves you (damaged beyond repair and loves you like that - like she just realised or she always has) which is all about your public work and Company property full of picks at the back end pillaging all you own to get rich and famous, like it is a good thing to return from Church to see day after day after day but they have it all worked out like that endlessly and it is always your fault it happens whereas we all know if they are not scared of you, a process where there is always something that happened to them which you must take the blame for and suffer for will never come to an end, the list in which they write it down will never be exhausted.