It is said One used to have a thriving relationship with Celebrities and Pop stars but nobody really can tell where it went wrong and there is no such thing - what there is however is a condition where people spend their money to enjoy their popularity and make entire music albums on what I have clearly told them they should not do with my Public work and the reason for that is the outcome we have now i.e. a combination of responsibilities left behind for me by the same people who help these celebrities to fame on my public work because they are not doing so with their own lives and what people know about them of course and with that comes a certain impudence that is sourced from the fact that what they get from it is a process of being able to Hoover up all the provisions I have been given to carry out my Public duties and leave me with nothing but the responsibilities associated with the problems concerning the fame of their celebrities and then pretend it is nothing at all: so we have this toxic combination of sucking up my provisions, Celebrities who have a difficult relationship with me because they are more involved with the business aspects of the company but can never be seen buying the books, which is taken further to the point where we see they claim doing so would be absurd (which is enough to drive anybody mad who has his public work taken up by those who cannot do the job and need to rip up his finances to look good in public never mind the Company equities they know nothing about and cannot handle unless they are extracting an income from my purse) even when the problems I have dealt with in those books are killing them in order to chose their own self improvement, then followed by a process of spending their money made at my expense by the way on those who would take up the context of my books and write it in a way they will like to buy it no matter how many social problems will come from doing so whether or not I was incompetent and hence the stifling of my Company and finances in the process, the stifling of my basic right to a job, damaging of my Office, Public and academic work and various other things that criminals can get behind and run with - so it is very toxic indeed. 

It is not true either way that I think this is a difficult matter, it’s just the reality that while they bother and attack the politicians make up reasons for it when we know it’s about girls that want to be known for devouring men setting me out as a target on whom to build their stupid reputation and it does get to a point as well, I for my part have made myself clear enough i.e. when it comes to their civil rights they are their own worst enemies - especially so via the men that are certain to work their corruptions of involvement to a point where they are able to intrude so far deep into people’s personal lives to develop habits that will ensure such persons cannot deny them anything they want from possessions that are not their own, which again I do not think is something I have to lose sleep for anyway, the worst it can get is a process where grappling with them getting on International media to change what I have made people think about my work and given a bit of time means they are powerful leading to a process where they get those toy gang armies that protect women that cannot exist without stealing and then there will be a civil rights reckoning: in the end I am not in hiding and the simple fact is that when you want to get yourself into trouble you can get hold of your meagre income and seek high class girls to have sex with in a club, they don't come into your home or your business or your finances and talk nonsense about their rights and sexual perversions - I mean at this point every fool that has ever  been a fan of Mr Obama thinks they rule the world so you do not want to drag yourself into a problem with them that you know you will lose but they don't come into my life and talk rubbish on media and even use my own skin colour that is the same as their own as a contact point for it as stubbornly as only they can then issue stupid threats and expect me to have difficulty sleeping as well as I should: the story of what I have done with their culture and history of which actually started off from something as simple as the need to move into my personal life and feel good about life they want to enjoy which is not an unusual way to handle a Christian as violently as possible giving way to further provocation of them deciding what my fans and customers read if I did write the books and mentioned them in it anyway - so people cannot just declare themselves enemies of mine like it was a game thus and have a normal life - my enemies either have to worry about what I will do next all the time or leave me well alone - Mr Obama is not the only one that rules the world as well know that but considering they are always invincible until it blows up what I think is for the purpose of these facts irrelevant.

I don’t think I have said anything out of the ordinary, it’s a simple reality that if I was a block head with a character that stinks and had 100,000 and wanted it to become a million I would find a media fool and somebody’s property that I can pillage and tell lies and manipulate until that was the case, the question now is that we are 15 years into these nonsense and the number of these idiots continue to rise and rise with the media fools curetting it and issuing threats and now they are stifling my income to make a powerful name for themselves as well, so am I a human being or an item? I don’t care if it makes sense to their civil rights everybody knows they lie all the time whenever they have needs and that is why there are always civil rights problems with them – I mean only madness drives others to think they have rights in another man’s earnings for example. Nor do I think I am stuck somewhere solving the problems of men, since until men buy the books and sort out the finances to rectify the stupidities of aesthetical competitions over who the best man is as a sign of disrespect that can lead to self improvements and later dominance I will ever be content living the rest of my life among the female folk and if I see their problems they will have it many times as worse and we are not talking about their girls either; for those since it started fifteen years ago it’s been a matter of how all involvement with them means endless anger for days so their idiots can ensure they have a powerful man they can manipulate into doing things for them with that stupid media by making sure I have no rest which will then feel like being a member of a powerful secret society and then somebody else will take it up and do it; so it’s always been a matter of noticing nothing has happened when I spend time with my Court but being uncontrollably angry for days when I get involved with them – they say it’s a water and milk thing and their Politicians have conducted all sorts of violent integration in my name and at my expense with it and made claims of somebody teaching people positive discrimination but the reality is still the same that if I took everybody out and lined them up and cleaned them up and made them half decent people in their minds and souls, these idiots will travel overseas and bring in more because it would have been derogatory and hence a means of dominating me, so these are not things I consider speaking about to be of a novelty, we hear the noise we hear from them all the time because they are convinced that they control me and because there is a superior race somewhere while I am a member of the inferior one and they are better than me, I am their leader but because of alliances they have made always at their disposal which means they will always have anything they want and make up their own provocation and threats when asked to handle people and people’s property with a sense of accountability and it is getting to a point of reckoning as well never mind that culture they will never see again; it is the Politicians that do both sides for them i.e. if you cannot beat them join them and sort out your finances as it is the only muscle you will ever have, stop bothering me mantra tends to mean that Politicians can do both sides well – I cannot, people don’t just declare themselves my enemies, get their hands on my finances, have royalty they can fuck around with if they wanted, live out their civil and criminal disobedience to which the means of stopping in an end to my entire literary empire and a process where I am locked away to avoid trouble which is much the same as I am prepared to take their culture with me thereof and own them in the process and then get off to have a normal life  - my enemies have to worry about what I will do next and leave me well alone. It’s nothing out of the ordinary – a simple case of the fact you cannot run an administrative office unless it is done bloodying the noses of the fathers all the time and I have said I don’t want to see their stupid girls around my books and finances while they have decided they are inventively provocative - I do enjoy when they have to roll it back: hence the time I give them for it, they say I have no respect for rich and famous people but we are not at a point where the need to prevent me from consolidating my finances so they can challenge my royal authority and play games of power has led to this point, so they are now more important and maybe there is progress in them still to be had as well: this is entirely normal, it always leads to that stage where they complain they are prevented from being themselves and that they are themselves when they are the bosses of everybody, while I have ended up in a place where I do not want any more rubbish from their stupidities and leadership of insolence: its never difficult to bloody the noses of the men and fathers in order to look after an office its a habits clashing with habits issue but first there have to be habits and they are doing their best so far - I mean we hear I cannot look after my fans and people as we hear all the time but so do we also know I will tolerate no rubbish from them right up to the corridors of International Communities as well - I hear they say I have brought these things on myself by giving away information about me in places I should not which are full of black thieving idiots with media and a habit etc but the reality now is that people really feel like being complicit with their activities too as it were currently, for them however it will always remain a simple case of whether I am British or African and if I were African, lessons of life imposed by insolent and abusive politicians on a 21 year old is something being done a child by those that are bigger than him which is also fun but since I am British nobody has to worry about how I get by and whatever sadism they wish to extricate from a Christian will occur only with a big mouth and so it has been 15 years of this so far not lacking in threats and looking for extreme forms of trouble (by the ones that had it all worked out and people they can use derogatorily I mean its the same old fight between good and evil as it were i.e. they have a problem with my faith and get after my finances and I exist in a bubble where anything can happen to me and my possessions and the law would be delayed while women chose self improvements because I am being persecuted and so when a bad thing happens as a result the end product will be that my faith will be banned by the powers that be, which is a carefully worked out plan of evil from their master the devil until I decide I want to own that stupid society and culture as well so I can take it with me when the faith is banned and we have a problem on media endlessly - now they can stop being complicit and mind their own fucking business - in the world of the living this interprets as a simple case of how I play around and use other peoples wives to run a business whereas the reality is that man controls woman, then controls girls, then set both up to make fame on my public work because if he did it with his reputation he would have social and cultural responsibilities to attend to, pillage everything in the process, ensure his thick celebrities can do and undo with me while he increases their numbers and changes them everyday, goes home to control his wife, gets his hands on black women who want to be complicit with anything that helps them abuse good men to seek self improvements and gives them fame on media for it and then waits for me to have friends so he can tell me which friends I should be having and which one is my size and league and it all kicks off). I hear of a complexity that accompanies all I do but there is none i.e. if I have taken a group of twisted evil things and peddled their society and culture for them so they can do businesses with it and others can catch their anus and penis all the time when they have needs, then the issue now is that I have taken them out of their hell holes and shown them paradise where if I don't give them anything they want from me I will always get into trouble - now I have to become an enemy of their freedoms and this is just the beginning - just like 15 years life lesson for a 21 year old that needs to find a job asap to support a roof over his head being applied from the highest levels of government because of self improvements they want and so on means that whenever I make things complicated the purpose is to ensure that the very means of having those civil rights constitutes a process of working, a process of toil, a process of legitimised employment on some occasions - just like civil rights on other peoples earnings meaning they have raised the bar here: hence the media is not enough anymore because it does not produce that process where they go their way and I go mine anymore, so with the problem of setting up celebrities to have attitudes and get rich and famous on my income and company as well as Royal Office equities which is something they do because they are trying to avoid using their own lest they have to deal with social and cultural issues going on, we do have a problem - nobody gets committed to violence and lays down any laws around here thereof.