Now we do hear of matters I try to avoid dealing with of course and how people take decisions that oppress others on the basis of what I write and what I say: there is nothing new about any of those either; everybody knows these republican fools tempt people all the time – you tolerate the part where the girls insults and haul insults at you publicly while their men bully you in ways you soon find out are to make your tummy available for them to hit at will, everybody is aware that their men cannot keep off my Court on Media and it is important I put them and their girls out of work as well which they think they need to tackle by controlling my book sales and popular culture living off my income, everybody knows I have rewritten the rule book on how to create wealth inequality when they love to attack you and have finished it off with structures designed to ensure when black people have a hold of my income and blatantly inform me they are not going anywhere which I don't pay attention to because it does nothing to harm me, it will only result in the destruction of popular culture and equities of finance resulting from it for film industries owned and run by white allies and friends, everybody knows they talk nonsense about those they will beat up all the time but handle them a bit due to how much you don't want their popular culture empires sucking the life out of your income, while they simply think that they have finished provoking actors with Politics and can do as they please with both the popular culture and acting Industry, it only leads to a process where they have something on the right they are shutting down, to realise that all your acclaimed actions have been to lead people off your main target – the protection of white society for whites and black for blacks and all that has been because your main target is that stupid capitalism and freedom that means they cannot stop wrecking your finances to control and educate you about how the world is an evil place and only those who love wickedness and money can survive or exist in it. Everybody knows what happens is that they are evil and want people to think neither God nor the devil exist because they think it will isolate a certain Christian they want to teach a lesson, about which they have never won any such fights around here and everything I feel like punishing these activities what comes through is the sense that I am punishing my own and that they serve a purpose and that people will laugh at and take advantage of them for it. We have come to the end of that; first because we don't see them run their media offices in a manner where anything that comes in is spent right away being told what to do, secondly because it is Intellectual Property Administration here and their subversion of my work has far reaching consequences and it is not only the sexual defiling that they think is a follow on of their derogatory activity in my direction or the perversion of my books which have nothing to do with them as are written from my Household and therefore appeals to a specific taste which is clearly not fame and fortune popular culture than their foolish minds allow: so the deal will have to be that one more subverting of my work will set the stage for a process where we find out what they are made of as a planet as well and then I can make noise while they are bigger than I am and will rip me apart after that. Otherwise it is fair to assume that even as stupid as they are, they do not get to make decisions about what happens to others on the basis of what I say: which is not to say all they do is not about sex and the answer to all their problems is not religion rather than civil rights and sex: so that what happens around tyrants having children that travel to the UK to pretend that if we co-operate with their needs they will get to let us trade in their Country might stay at the Office in peace along side what the republican intrusion gets up to.