Today it has been suggested that there is a connection between the way I talk and the way people have been using their free speech to hurt others, in the wake of the Boris Johnson speech about Muslim women wear thing but I do not believe that there is when it is rather obvious that in the past 12 years alone, the Labour Party has spent tax payer funds on society and culture trouble makers to ensure others do not claim the prize for the economic success that they profess to have brought to the UK, which means these goons now have money to buy cars and drive them around making trouble for anything that is get getting on with daily concerns and what happens on the roads most of the time is the gang of car owners who are richer people versus those who walk or ride bicycles all day long – the outcome is that these people are now working towards voting for the Conservatives, which they hope will allow them make a case out of where people live and target some people they hope to abuse and get smelling like the loo while they build shopping malls; hence if a Politician who operates at the heart of it makes Comments about Muslim women wear it really has nothing to do with my position that says its okay for people to pass insults at me until there is only one public image which then belongs to them all together as well.

They do say I cannot keep it up but that is what they said when they decided they knew with their celebrity madness that what they are doing to me by making everything I do toxic in order to make lewd and badly behaved women feel comfortable and financially well off was a bad thing but that if push came to shove I would end up in a difficult situation; this time I have begun to nurse a habit that says when Liberals make my life toxic again I am really going to begin a process of hurting their stupidities just to ensure these facts can be explained to the rest of the public as well. Its nothing new, just the same case of people making arrangements with bad and violent people while showing up to tell me they want to be comfortable with my finances and they do love to boast, the racist liberals who want to be the ones telling you to fight the racist gangs on account they are convinced they can play both sides – which then becomes a case where I suggest racism is a matter of size when it isn’t. They do speak of their push comes to shove threats being real but I am sure when I spoke of starting a habit of hurting their liberal stupidities as well, I was referring to the Private security Industry goons too – I mean they might as well just show up at University to follow me around and wreck the studies because they want some foolish women to wee on me while they hold me down, otherwise they are really not that stupid and yes it is said I am all talk and no action but it would be nice if people talk career when I talked career as fighting is different from talking and fools like these get beaten up all the time.

I am sometimes asked why I suppose they put up these behaviour but it’s the old case of their corruption, where we even see the Politicians approve of that thing where they make me smell like my loo because they hate my morality and it will end with LGBT Communities getting a new lifestyle off it, once I am stopped – it is always that way when they had forgotten all about their so called consenting adults stories all together; so we find that there is no link between what they want from me and the Books I have written to solve the problem, especially the part concerning when people make them smell like their loo as well and it really does not work that way – a whole people wanting me to provide them security that means they do not smell like their loo because they saw that my Books provided it and do not wish to buy and read the Books on account they take an issue with me earning money from it. It is not an unusual stupidity from the Liberals as we all know it does most of the time come to a lifestyle choice of either getting along with them or getting on with it, trying both makes people smell like their loo, wrecks the academics and keeps people off the jobs, especially when they are busy getting on Media to keep an eye on those that are just getting on with the day job for the Clients and Employers, such that if the business of wrecking peoples academic work years earlier is assessed again in light of current facts, it turns out the purpose of such abuse and bullying and intense destruction of a persons life was built up to this stage. Hence in terms of their corruption, their story is usually that I cannot take them on as first they have got something going at the Armed forces and have a lot of money and usually get what they want; so have I made it quite clear for my part as well that when I am too lazy to read my sociology and criminology texts, I tend to have a look at Pornography which tells me all about it too. The point is that the way I talk does not decide what comments people especially in Government and Political Offices make about ethnic minorities or majority populations in anyway whatsoever and I am starting to think about my own custom habits for hurting liberals each time they make my work toxic as well; there are two disposition here and one of them is being concerned with my social morality issues and getting my Books sold with a Public image attached and the other is this behaviour creating an outcome where I am involved with their game to beat them at it before they start to think about keeping off my finances as it has always been clear whoever told them they were famous and or important was just as insane.

So eventually is the story of the claim I have a love and hate relationship with Celebrities which I do not; the Celebrities that get involved with me at the end of the day always show up at a disposition where it is impossible for these idiots to just let be what people do when me when I step outside of my door and people had stepped outside of theirs because men want to control wives, all the while which their society and culture fools obsess about what is happening in my bedroom and create public disposition for it that gets them blabbing insults later because they are fed up with the sex that is about to ensure they were stuck with me and past it at the career and fame aspects. So it is all bed blocking and apparently the business of making use of it as well simply because it has existed is what they have devised as their version of what they do with themselves when they step outside of their door with their big mouth blabbing at me as if I am completely unaware of the risks of courting Celebrities – it is of uttermost important they had stopped making use of it as well, not blab nonsense at me about how I talk tough but have no control of my tummy. In the end the demand here when it comes to the tummy issues is an old tale of the fact Celebrities like to make belief and to play and its all adult play, their interest with me being that they want something off me which is akin to a Cult and my interest in them is that they kept Equity alive and I am working a Private Equity Intellectual Property Administration business to sell my Books, so I have only just completed the part where people have gotten on media to make out that this should be mixed up with my academics and Public Office which needed to be stopped as it is the best excuses of many when they wish to follow me around at University and jobs market for it, this is what I mean one more occasion of stupid Liberals making things toxic around here and I will develop a habit of hurting them as well, such that it will allow these facts to be explained easily and they will lay off the inability to respect the gap which exists between what people do at work and what people do at home, which is not linked to their job description, they have never lost an income for stopping and most of the time their own families are unaware other people have to tolerate all day long.

The same is pretty much applicable with the Media story too; people on the media want to work with me on some issues but all I want from the media is to help me establish a people and their jobs connection in public affairs since we have already witnessed the evidence of trendy economic crisis that ripped up peoples lives on account these fools were having fun and the trendy recovery that the government has gone on about for so long it now has its own market giving them license of confiscate peoples property in order to expand the businesses that most of the time they deploy for the purpose of hurting other people on account the Government they claim has demanded it; in the past those stupid minions of theirs blabbing about how I cannot take them on would have been stuck in a cycle of job, family runs and shopping but we have improved public standards since then.