I don’t have any problem with showing respect and regard for those who have done better than me in life as these idiots love to claim I do, the real issue is that they have not done better than me as their civil rights fraud had targeted me because I had a Royal Estate and so far I had it long before they became rich and famous with vandalising it, so I fail to see how that means they have done better than me. That said however the reality is that the story of stupid girls that have a need to do whatever they like with my person and possessions and thus do consider that they have enough gangs and muscle around them to pull that off needs to come to an end, it does not matter if they are famous with respect to which I have no idea if they do check the dictionary definition of fame or have seen it has nothing to do with the other side which is infamy and notoriousness –having said so of which I am done with this routine of showing it’s a matter of necessity and not of courage or cowardice i.e. when I have my book sales bottomed out, nobody will employ me because it is a prognosis by which their companies get damaged and I will not be able to earn a living because they are busy doing it to tease somebody powerful and feel good with doing so which will later become a means for revolution and the fun game of changing business as usual for others and we have come to a point where they need to stay off my book sales or stand their ground and stop talking nonsense about people I am supposed to respect. I didn’t say they were a problem for me, they are not a problem for me, their usual prognosis is all that fame and fortune and being a popular culture idiot and a celebrity is a front to mask something more sinister about their nature which runs along the lines of how most people really do not know what their wickedness actually looks like hence they can do it all day long and manipulate others in order to keep doing it of which nobody knows why they cannot do that without touching me or my possessions either being they are so clever; what they do is ensure they are as stupid as they possibly can be and are making a public and civil rights case with it, then develop a problem with those that are more important than they are, then get involved with the concerns of such people and damage it, then build up what they have found out through their involvement on media with the aid of some finances and have what the person used to and hence don’t like it when people like me ensure it can never work and always comes to a futility and I have done that because I don’t want them to explore whether or not I have the capacity to kill since we all know when they had done it and become Politically important at the end, just like this was about money as we all know they can never be celebrities because of their twisted nature and evil history but as soon as they got the money are back here to talk nonsense about people I am supposed to respect, they become tyrants and we all know what tyrants do and how they are removed as well. The choice here is a simple one; they can stay away from my books or they can stand their ground and I am not talking about their Politicians either, those always say they will cook up a storm but the reality of all they can do is the same as these their block heads – nobody knows what exactly their problems seems to be with a condition whereby people attack me for example and I defend myself – they could always have made laws to ensure that people do not attack others of course but prefer to have all their problems developed around what I do to defend myself; so typical consideration is that of what is not moral but is not evil either at Government office since their thick Political brains have not yet worked out this condition is actually criminal activity before they talk nonsense about those that get sacrificed during civil rights struggles or that they get to sacrifice during such things with a big mouth – hence for me it’s a matter of Pornography on one  hand, Popular culture and its industries on the other; both are immoral but it is pornography that constantly needs to be fighting for its social privacy and this has in turn developed an outcome where children cannot have a childhood while these idiots assume they are famous and something needs to be done about it and if their Politicians get in the line I will kick them as well. So the choices are simple; they can keep off my book sales and shut their filthy mouths or they can stand their ground. This is an example of what they are coming up against as it were and I have warned enough times it is around the books that their world turning up here will end up being blown up as well. The point they say is that they are connected with powerful people now; all I say to it is that it is news as it were. I am not being forced to go underground, that is incredibly feeble too although it is a sign they and their Politicians cannot leave others alone; the reality is that if they don’t do Politics it will perpetually appear there is something they need to see around you and will mean they will never ever work for their own money, so that part was meant to have been achieved – having said that, what they are doing now is simply the fall out of that subliminal message that if they are not helped to do their academic work they will achieve nothing and people like me will have everything at all cost – now they are in politics helping their other fools to it as well stifling my finances and then sorting out their stupid girls and women over fame and fortune with my possessions and the idiots they help out in such ways think they are famous and deserving of respect.

The case that people hate me and it is breathe taking because they don’t know what the reasons are is media nonsense, people do know what the reasons are or they will not get arrested in Egypt for example and imprisoned because they are journalists which is hardly credible. The truth and reality is the same as it has always been i.e. I am getting around my concerns and suddenly I started getting attacked by people who wanted to make an example of me and build up from there to set up alternatives to HM’s position, so she gave me a Royal Estate through which it turns out for my part that I have always had it in for them all my life. This was far back in 2002 till date, so the claim their hatred has no reason when I know their attacks will turn out more vicious around me is utterly untrue – I mean as it stands we hear them complain while they continue on the path of the guy who has got a big one and cannot protect it and we can take advantage of him to have what we have never had if we can share it with everybody story, which means even when I write a blog they must be seen getting on media to show there is an alternative to it that they have and it’s the same with my books being stifled with the use of alternatives and our fellow Yankee idiots in the UK never cease to support it before we hear them complain about terrorism as well – I for my part have been clear staying off my books is the only way they can avoid the whole matter turning into a nightmare and I believe I have shown them it is around the books that it will all blow up in their faces too especially for the Muslim ones; it beggars belief that this story has grown and grown and grown around how they got arrested and imprisoned in Egypt for being Journalists when they know and everybody else does that this is not true; they are a self appointed families that believe in terrorism being a tool of dominance for Muslims and cannot do anything along with their white and sometimes African Counterparts who must always be seen doing something to show there is an alternative to my livelihood every single day especially their celebrities, on account they are trying to get rich and they are hard of hearing and never ever listen to anything anybody says to them, unless that is they want to talk about their culture and society and so on of which they will never see again for my part too – you see the way it works is that they need to have access to something that is close to my heart every time they are trying to get rich in order to have it the way I do when they get rich and that means macros on my websites can disappear for a couple of days or entire pages or page introductions and so on for each time that they are at it and I don’t believe I can sell my books without access to something close to their hearts for every single time that I am in the process of doing so as well for my part, if they want that stupid culture and society that badly they can come and get it. It has always been that way i.e. do my private equity Intellectual Property Administration and have companies turn up in the UK to take advantage and so they turn up as well and are seen on their phones every single second pretending they are business men making important calls and talking nonsense about making me keep promises I made on knowing how to make people rich messing up the thinking space I built for my clients and fans and brokers and developers at the renaissance and Intellectual space literary empire every single day which they hope to maintain to create the sense I have lost it permanently and hence they are now the owners, stupid evil twisted scum with an incredible ability to provoke  people thereof talking nonsense about how nobody knows what their hatred is about. They do claim I am an extremist of course and it has no basis on reality, which is rather that they are evil and must serve the devil but that also means they can target me and find out if the devil will be happy with it and that simply would not do, hence the outcome has been that they have been separated from the devil who does not want them to mess up his power on account of their needs and now the question is why they must serve the devil now that they have the choice not to and hence the hatred for me - they like to say they have made peace with what they are and do not like it when people disrupt that but I would not know since the blackmail that allows them handle my property is about changing and disrupting normalcy every time I build it so people can listen to the gospel and be converted bearing in mind their plans to get rich involves driving the population of the entire world insane and at the heart of that a hatred for me as well and so the peace they have made with what they are will be allowed the day they do not do it here as well and stay the hell outside of my personal life and the presence of God around me no matter how much it may provoke them as this is not their own lives otherwise their choices are in jeopardy too and I do not care how powerful the devil their master might have been either for my part too - I am not an extremist - they will make peace with what they are the day they use their own to it and keep their insult insults of disobedience and a need to get powerful with it on my chest to themselves. They have seen terrorism obviously, a major preoccupation located, they cannot do anything unless it is done in such ways as means there is an alternative to my position and other Royals alike, maybe people getting together to do pop music can do the job even better, maybe people running systems of Monarchy instead of Monarchs can do the job more satisfactorily and it goes on and on and on all day long before we hear the complains and all kind of nonsense about arrest and imprisonment of Journalists in Egypt for being Journalists when we all know that is never true; we do hear about justice and crimes in high places as well of course but I cannot stop punishing a process where they turn up here to set out alternative ways I could have done my affairs so they might have what they want, which others will do to ensure monarchy does not exist so they can have power and they cannot stop turning up to be punished while their Politicians that want to make use of my books in a condition where its contents reach the highest levels of Government to bottom out the sales all together of which nobody knows what is wittedly wrong with them as well complain about the stupidities they support and the powerlessness that my activities cause them. It does not have to be an extended conversation: it’s a simple case of an end to streaking the social privacy of pornography all over the place on account of my half priest office with a faith that can clean it up because they are trying to get rich and famous and if their Politicians do not get involved they will have nothing to complain about as well, so people can talk nonsense about selling sex with my Global Book sales equity and plug in products to get rich by which they need to handle me for it to become a career somewhere else and as for the big businesses and their mature enterprises and their problem it seems with my book sales market - the rhetoric of its famous and rich now and certain issues will come to play and needs to be left alone will have to be replaced by the more famous and rich the better, so I can keep their insults out of my income - it does create question as to whether they got rich by being so stupid. We had to decide what kind of economy we wanted anyway because of course militant socialism has always been an evil civil rights fraud that means you realise you need a career when you are 18 but people turn up to vote for it because it will locate those that can work for it and ensure all are able to take advantage of one or two that have been specifically marked, so we have settled the reasons people turn up to vote for it again and again and again on me like I owe them money, so it is perfectly acceptable that we are now talking about how it is so that when they do not want things they fancy to belong to the owners anymore it is possible. The Politicians speak of real people and so on but they themselves understand very well it’s about realities of world conditions where terrorists are killing people to ensure their followers do not go elsewhere when they are not delivering while people have to deal with them here in the UK as well with their stupidities and media, they call it spin and it has stopped being funny too: I mean they can ask me for followers and they will ever get it in hell as it were - they do this all the time with the girls thinking they can mess with you if they have gangs to protect them and the men thinking they can throw your possessions into the corner where gangs they are in terms with exist so they can claim it later and those stupid insults continue like that asking for followers like it has not done enough damage and we hear I mess with the feelings of victims of conflict too of which the last time we checked it is this same neo-modern crap that got them into such a mess in the first place of which it will never be clear why they expect others to feel sorry about it too anyway or indeed what they can do if people don't.

They are not a serious problem for me, it’s an old story; yap yapping I want to control you, yap yapping I want to create problems that call for bloodshed, yap yapping I want to ensure you are the bloody that is being called for on behalf of me and everybody else, yap yapping I want to ensure the fight never ends for you while you do it to make me feel special, at this point the nastiness of the whites reaches a pinnacle but for the blacks it will go even further to yap yapping I want to ensure you are fighting all the time and that it costs you everything to do so every day while I enjoy privileges from it. So you end up deciding on what makes them feel happy like for example when others are treated badly because of them and take it away from them and then the part where it’s taken over all your life reacting to them simply leads to the outcome whereby we share the same personal life and I have the Lion share, the same air and I have the lion share and so on since this is their own lives as it were, so there is nothing new about it save the need to mark people out as inferior if hurting them can make you feel good enough to chase fame and fortune and then making sure you secure their fear even if it needs be fear of unemployment for example which can then be used is miscellaneous ways to make up all the others; nobody knows what their problem is with laws that mean these their idiots cannot hurt people and expect not to be hurt as well, nobody knows what their problems is with peoples defence of themselves when hurt by these their idiots but I do know their talk about touching me can only make sense if they turn up here so I can skewer their own too; they are not a problem, their Politicians simply need save the insults and get off the civil service. There is nothing to it but plain and simple greed – somebody wants to gain from my work but does not want to buy my books, what they want to do is put it up somewhere and turn out to deploy it to make money and run a complain as it is used and so is my life to clean up any mess that comes from such activity and since I am not a novice they now have to deploy National Property to break down defences to do that and it has failed so they must make it up as fantasy because they cannot leave people alone and this is why I do feel the touching bit should it lead to reality will have grave consequences attached to it; if they are a problem they need to get their Politicians stupidities off the civil service and their fools off the media to prove it. They always say I don’t have a small army with which to back up anything I say and yes I understand but they have not learnt anything yet either; the one where I detach them from those gangs on the right hand side and kick them to my satisfaction so they can really hate my guts and lean further and further towards them on the right in order to handle me as it were: I mean if you want to get involved with a writer you don’t insult him, you want to meet him, you buy his books and try, if you want to speak to a celebrity, you check your accent and suits 10 times on the mirror before you set out, that is reality and if their hands touches me after all they have done I will rock their world for them too. I don’t know how it works really but they are very stupid and superstitious idiots with a greed that is legendary and so they have this behaviour that plays out in terms of how their plans to get rich or successful will never be viable unless they have something that is close to my heart which will make me feel a sense of loss that will create space for them in the world and the only way they can feel it too when I am selling books that don’t do them any favours is to have that politics and culture and society as well and so the touching bit is their big mouth wagging, last I checked they normally touch like that as it were. It’s not that superstition is all bad and evil as such but it is what they want to use the disposition for when there is less and less of something similar in Politics – so when they are with people they are nice to it becomes nice with them but when they are around people they feel should help them out with their stupid problems is becomes the most violent nonsense there ever was and I don’t want to see any of it while they have no plans to understand if they have media and their insolent Politicians are interested in them too; I mean their superstition can mean that when you see women you cannot aid them i.e. when it is easy for those who are part of a population that controls the bulk of wealth to get power by experimenting leadership on those that are bigger than them and you feel they need no further help it is not possible is half the story, the other half is that they will build the sense of somebody bigger than you that will bend you to their will around it just because they can and talk nonsense about freedom and democracy with it to cover their tracks and undercut you thereby experimenting on you anyway. I don’t believe they are an issue as such in anyway; the Politicians do what they do because I am said to be sucking on the resources of poorer people and all they do as well is meant to convey that message but if business idiots want to confiscate the Business Empire trading equities and asset equities and property equities that belongs to a Royal Prince they can always count of militant socialism and they might complain so on one hand but look again and they are off with a story on media about Royal Estates that exist if they recognise it. What I am saying is that there are wealthy people in the world and I am one of them except that I am a gambler because it is not in the interest of black people for me to be rich without the necessary security on account they tell lies all the time and are too opportunistic for their own good, so I am a gambler and I like to gamble on the case of the hopelessness of the lives of poorer people and the fact they will turn it around which I always win most of the time and yes they say I cheat for them but that is whether or not in the four items of their money and themselves and others and abuses that cause disillusionment, they plus their money plus the abuses are the way the economy operates, so they can turn up here to own mine all the time with that stupid media – so when things that cause poor people to feel there is something worth fighting for as well like the feeling derived from a process where they are served by an Arch Prince for example, then we create some balance and their idiots who suck up to them all the time can do their worst after that; I don’t think it’s something people need to dwell on; they simply need to leave me alone and any attacks and abuses and violence will be avenged too – all they had to do was to sell a product. Of course we hear when I say it they do it and I lose but it’s the same story where they are always seen doing other people’s lives and careers as violently abusively as only they can but there is nothing new about it, only what becomes of that story of when you inquire about their reasons and find out it happens because where they come from they are more important than you are and so the lies and tales and abuses that their idiots develop to create such a condition on account of what you denied them and their evil and greed and the need to have a good person to pick on and suck up to rich people having failed and made you enemies tends to make sense. I hear they say its a matter of democratic participation in my work and I wouldn’t know anyway since if there was one the constitution will be more inclined to say that any activity that was done to promote abate or even support the abuse of others that ensure my personal feelings are entangled with the democratic participation automatically disqualifies those who have participated in that way – apparently they will only take the gamblers risk but will not shut their mouths still. They do say all I do serves them as long as they have all the money and all the media but they are business men and all they are supposed to do is sell products, let the market decide and not me or them or I will have the one that is not natural so I might end up having to enforce it. The need to lumber me with a sense of loss is understood but before then the need to do my academic work and finish my books and stay out of the wrong places to be which causes poor people to chase them around was where they were having their most fun of vandalism, so this outcome I have to say was entirely expected by me, at that point they were so wealthy I wouldn’t mind; it is not true that I have any respect for them, I don’t – I mean it is difficult to be respect of those who refuse to sell their products if they can chase you around over your personal life because they are so rich your wouldn’t mind and it has become some kind of global phenomenon as well, I am making mention of this reality as a matter of fact not a sign I hold traders and their stupidities, fools that want anything I do about them to cost me all I have especially the women who have their own view of their enmity that does nothing about what people decide to do to them as well and business idiots in any high regard. I mean they do complain I destroy peoples lives and cause them loss and complications but complain about being abused but of course even after they had savaged the Christians finances making him into the guy they harm to get good things in return which they find funny they are still after his personal life wealth distributing the property and trading and business equity as well with a big mouth – they even say it is power they have to make ill and eventually kill those who come up against them with organs based illness and we shall see how exactly they do have it as well, for of course it does seem they are confident that when they do it with a smile on their faces alongside a media appearance they must have done enough to preserve my human rights so as to ensure it is not a bad thing and this is what we will explore as well.