So they say it is nice to trap and make use of me like all insolent leadership global that Americans who show their face on Media can and love to provide and that it is because I have surrounded every aspect of what I do with some form of difficulty which makes it my fault as well for good measure. The reality of course is that the Arch Prince is capable of going from an enforcement of the Queens realm where migrants come in to live the way people live in the UK and their Europeans friends will not be able to help them, to making sure the Arch Prince becomes more interested than usual in a process where popular culture in his head will lead to priestly enforcement of morals on peoples own until their show business is dead and buried because it is the only obvious effective way to put an end to their insults and its involvement where his income and property is concerned especially for the Americans, where the rest say I go beyond my limits all the time considering they cannot even go to the US to be free and sit about blabbing at me from there. It’s much like the same fears people have here in the UK about how I expose myself excessively which I do not; it’s a three part case of those anus and penis insults and then that process of making sure people do not surround and ambush me and attack me into fighting my life away while they steal ideas and celebrities form races and contests for it over how rich they can get etc, while the third is that I am an Arch Prince and will never fight for anybody, however when The Queen does give permission for me to work with some people, what usually happens is that I find myself running a race against time to swing something back round endlessly considering they have got brains too.

It is an old story where it is not that some people are stupid but there are those who know a little bit and like to tell others what to do; so cracked up out of my league wants to get involved with me but because I am not the usual stuff he gets involved with, he is cracked up and even so does not wish to buy a Book to get involved – so we see the results on the other hand where they are more tenacious and some people are really stupid super models finding how what will be the result of their competition if they ripped up my property to sell clothes designed by equity broker with me anyway – the same issue with the popular culture ones where I had the girls take contracts from them and return to court at a later date as it were starting all over again but this time the advice is that I have had enough and they need to buy Books from me to get involved with me lest we find out what happens and what doesn’t, really digging those their fears of work place discipline that is also the reasons for all this nonsense because they are grooming me for it and trying to convince people it is not financially viable and that people make more money when they are not being disciplined. It really comes to a head when they say I have broken all the rules about which their main problem is still public media flattery with respect to the facts surrounding what they didn’t know I could do but I have pulled up to make them feel convenient making use of without buying books and so I never break any rules if I can leave that to people who cannot mind their own business due to their fame and all related nonsense and they are making a good job out of that all together too i.e. they want to break the small rules and get away with doing so, for the sake of it but the problem is that their corruption is fundamental in terms of what is publicly acceptable if it is not happening to the majority population and so the problem is that when finished handling the, one must then go off to prevent the social goons from seeking mobility and get off to go places as a result and I really do not know why I do it when saying such things will earn me insults relating to oppression from Politicians and then the day will end with them being sore all over anyway and making a statement about that too; it’s pretty much the same with the Unions, where people do not experiment with oppressing others because they have wealth but because it is what they have seen other people do. I do not think it’s a complicated matter, it’s just reality that when people behave in such ways, what they are really doing is making me work my life away while they steal it and their need to address me and or make comments about me and my work and find themselves amusing is what I need to put an end to here because more so it does tend to bottom out my finances.

What we have heard recently is that the Bank of England Governor has compromised the leadership position of the Bank; the reality being that he compromised the Culture of the Bank and not the Leadership position in order to allow it have a spear head leadership at the markets and they needed to do their jobs properly. It is an example of what I am talking about here, where the Culture of the National Bank is compromised to allow leadership in a world where there are financial sink holes everywhere and a certain group of idiots at the market must always make their sales targets happen. The one where it could not have been their grandmothers with £10,000 in a safe under the bed being sold a car which is what she really needs and therefore a fabulous decision on the part of the salesman as it were because they never ever listen; not withstanding which they know their jobs so well they can actually tell that what will happen is that sales man will spend £5,000 partying for making his greatest sales ever, the drinks Industry will employ people on his £5,000 and then it will run out and the drinks industry will go under, he will have no more sales and will be out of work, the grandmother will have a car she does not have money to look after – so it seems that we now have to explain the financial effects of a recession to these idiots in a practical way all together and more so make a sermon out of it too. I mean, I am a writer but I know that if Mr A behaves in a certain way, he is likely to handle his finances in a certain way which probably means he does not like seeing 50p and so when I set out the price of my Books because it is not in my interest for him to buy I always include 50p so that he is deterred; this sort of checks being something we should not be wanting for when it comes to the sale of financial products since they are products that end up being bought by people who have money and a lot of time of their hands and the only other people who have a lot of time of their hands save pensioners are babies who actually have no money at all – I am not the financial expert here, they are and I do not know if I have compromised myself talking about this anyway, when their own is not hurting badly enough yet all together as it were. They do say they are a difficult people to manage and they are not a difficult people to manage in anyway, what I have said so far amounts to a very Polite way of making them understand that the UK is open for business otherwise they are free to look elsewhere with their money and I understand the story they are here to damage something, I know they are here to hurt themselves anyway since it’s a matter of names given to systems through which a service is provided and that somebody needs to provide such a service to put a roof over their heads and so on and that I will find out what it takes to get them to respect peoples intellectual property too – for now they are just people who are so lazy they have no wish to work for their money and I am happy to distract them from changing their minds for this long a period of time so they can suffer the pain and depression of regrets they inflict on others and pretend is amusing too and this is what I mean ‘the UK is open for business they should know or they are free to look elsewhere with their money’.

I hear they like me a lot because I use my life to get things done and I wouldn’t know anyway, it is rather an example of the fact if they want my personality and my blood and body parts without which it is not possible to get rich, then the aspect of their behaviour we will see a lot of is the one where they cannot leave people alone and be by themselves. I personally however could not have been an Arch Prince if I never had power over such evil and wickedness and the journalists and feminist idiots manipulate me and make me fight my life away while they steal it only with a big mouth – I did mention there had to be  Book sale in order for them to save their insults with respect to me in the last 48 hours and there was none, so my chest hurts because peoples demons and evil cannot get through on account they work on Media for this was their lives and such things are their own decisions to make as it were. So they tend to claim I have Royal enemies which I am not aware that I have – it is Prince Harry for instance and he behaves in a certain way towards me but if it is not a good thing for me to keep getting a spare job to fill in financial gaps because of it, then it’s not a good thing and that can be publicly seen, only continues until The Queen intervenes and then I get hated a lot more. They however on the other hand are the ones who want to make themselves a real enemy of that their get rich quick evil that they think is the Bees knees for other people and it can be measured by the number of times I do not get out of bed to link a process of making money to a need for attacking violently and abusing immoral people who club and party and do decadent irritating things all the time and have a real need to lean on others to improve their feelings rather than change a behaviour which soon results in manipulation of people when those they want to lean on are not co-operating, I need them to work for their money or inherit from those who work for it before it turns out I get out of this condition and this rubbish is still ongoing on public media looking for a piece of me as well. This however is not my problem, just people who enjoy looking for trouble especially when they name me duke of poop after that as well; the problem is people making use of my Books without paying, Politicians ripping up my finances for their Political idiots who also know that the Politicians are likely to intervene on their behalf in such ways but set about winding me up for years to make it happen never the less, so I might drop out of University and take 6 years to recover while they make money through partying and then they point to my Court as well, which is all good except the way to understand their position is to image a 2 bedroom in which a single Mom lives and a garage based business she owns and the fact she is a fan of somebody who works on TV and that person is always being attacked by those who use people’s lives and bodies to make money and love to target moral people especially wherefore telling news and facts for a living is the nearest thing to that as well and how I get bothered about it all the time since they were the Arch Prince around here. The Books hurt them all the time but they are seen around it every day to blab about who is responsible for their pain and blow off big mouthed threats too – in the end my Court is not good they say but an idiot of theirs can be worth some 40 million pounds and yet the need to climb up my Public life and image to get things done has not at all diminished, in fact I still look like the Arch Prince who writes Fifty shades of Grey.

Of course they do say that it does not actually change anything about the war they are making on British communities, which is utter rubbish; the last time I checked what happened was that I turned the other side and fried it up properly so to speak and they said it’s a tough idea dealing with backward people like the scum who live in the UK in a modern world and I responded by making them understand they can get off and restart that thing about a need to peddle my faith and personality again if they modern have the fucking guts for it; so have that done that? If the answer is a negative then I suppose it is good but they know the Politicians are likely to intervene on their behalf and I will drop out of University and take years to recover and get back and yet will do it anyway since we were mates as it were. The excuse is usually that people are not terribly confident that I could take matters to heart and handle security issues if I had to but we all know what happens is that these fools always want to tackle me as a community with a sense where I get into a bad corner and throw my life away cheaply – this then gives rise to the need to handle them with a sense of making them understand what they have done as well, hence that talk of war and how war works which they claim to have learned from me all the time yapping we hear endlessly. I mean they needed the Politicians in order to hold me down for it and the Politicians needed the treasury to do that but we still see they cannot keep away either all together – the stage at which those who can take me wouldn’t stop lapping it and those who cannot wouldn’t stop hurting themselves is where it should have ended and they need to keep off me and my financial concerns to that effect as well. So they do say that people are becoming more immoral at the Monarchy as a result of my actions; its utterly untrue as well – what brings that about is the only form of communication people know when it comes to doing so in my direction i.e. I was the one that knew about it but it will fester until somebody else takes up my stuff and does it and when the society idiots cannot win they set about spying on what I eat to use violent lasciviousness to turn my tummy upside down and put me in pain every time I appear in Public places; so that the question becomes whether there isn’t a cure for that too as it were and that their big mouth starts blabbing all over again for it. When I say it like so they will make out I never say such things until one of their own who works in security services gets killed but then again so did they want to control the Country of which it has been handed to them as well and if they tell me what to do because of it that their problem will begin all over again; besides which they need to see how their insulting women stop me from saying anything anyway because of the encouragement they give for it too for good measure; so it’s like the City centre people concerning whom the Government did quantitative easing but it was not enough for them and the Bank of England Governor is bad because they have been making losses or not meeting the sales score they planned for themselves – I mean when I take myself too seriously I take  'selfie' or look at the Mirror to see if I am still cool, when they do Public figures ought to lose jobs and if I mention it like so I thus have encouraged Tyranny when I actually said nothing about skewering peoples personality in order to build trappings of power and transferred privileges where real girls can lower the respect of public figures to locate an exit for the way they have lived out their stupid lives, then thank the victims for it, in order to seek out leadership idiots who speak of the provision of an “impervious shelter under which things grow and develop thing.”