We do hear people like me for instance complain about racism but have no plans to comply with socialist position on wealth inequality; I wouldn’t never know anyway since the only two people on the list of wealth inequality offenders as far as socialists are concerned are people who have the talent to work for their own wealth and people they had given an unfair advantage over others at some point. So I am okay with talk about complains concerning racism but if their Nazi history is liability for me financially again I will clip them again a second time and we may just end up doing it for an earnings as well so it might become permanent feature of our professional lives to do so. I don’t actually know how people expect me to go from being the guy whose company right down to personal life was sacrificed so as to create this new evolved socialist we have today that had long decided that going into government office to fleece money off people through taxation is not enough anymore if making people share Intellectual property and whole companies becomes the most likely path for wealth distribution, so the guy who either gives them money or allows himself to be taken advantage of so socialists can get rich – it seems they cannot see I have had enough of them. Their MPs understand my intolerance of such nonsense about complains of racism when I refuse to comply with people’s needs over wealth inequality, considering when they have to explain what they mean right down to the religious and spiritual bits, so it’s never a matter of a fight I have won or lost, it’s a matter of challenges they put forward and this is the response to the Media one. There is this claimed timidity that surrounds me when it comes to my Possessions at the International Markets and all over the world but I really actually have no such timidity, it pleases the media to get around Industry villages and build up such notions which is supported by get away unscathed insults that makes them feel powerful. It’s a problem that does not need resolving; only goons talking about feelings they have about my Literary Empire and how they will build their lives on it, started off big spending of my possessions with problems girls and young men have and think they have finished it off with these get away free insults and of course all I am saying is that it is an example of the basis for regrets and anger that is the foundations of their racism and various other socialist Policies which invariably means they will do nothing with their lives now they have the time but that so I think they are building wrong as it were. It’s an old story of patents meaning nothing to them especially the black and or African ones by proportion of population that is, patents mean nothing and they want to do what they want with your income and get you to the law courts where you can speak with them about what they knew or did not know after laying your life to ruins to deal with social problems that follow their involvement with you, social problems that come from their deviance and laziness of course - hence talk of complain about racism but refusal to comply with socialism over wealth inequality will eventually mean I get to finish them off all together, speaking of fights I have lost.

It’s all very well to bring up the issue but they are the ones who know how to support parents that betray their own Christian children to the Political system and celebrity culture because the Christianity is there to betray for attention and get on media and Parliament to enforce their will with it all the time – so speaking of things I can do and cannot bearing in mind my parents would not support me either if I became a criminal it is important they put their money where their mouth is.

We do hear the reasons for all my problem to be that I am homosexual in actual fact but I have no idea why people feel it is good enough a risk to take against a Christian that an entire US Government is chasing about with public life on claims he leads from behind and it is a threat to democracy and freedom – he could always do worse and turn his guns on them as it were; my advice however remains same as ever i.e. they need to get their Politicians to upgrade their gay pride and homosexual communities before they start since we all know it is pretty much how it will end as it were. This matter of homosexuality is not up to me – these guys need to go to their Community croons and tell them to stop keeping an eye on and attacking the adornments of Heaven that only I and them due to their evil can see as such and making the explanations they think will give them power over it while trying to shut me up around accusations I turn up at lowest levels of society to grab attention that stupid old croons get, knowing it is a defence against access that the devil needs into my personal life as a result of damage their culture and society suffers when they bring it close to me and then they can have peace by keeping from running the effects of the abuses on media each time it happens; I have no idea where they got the sense it is up to me anyway as it were. It is an advice, they don’t have to take it; they like the story of what happens and what doesn’t to prove what is what all the time.

They do say they want to see me fight terrorists of course but what I do is write books for my part and if they are not here to buy any then they are here because they want to sit out a process where others are; its basic admin stuff i.e. they turn up here because they want me to make them prioritise my success over their needs, hence when they start tales of homosexuality, I am sure they know I have a history. I do not believe it is a problem in any case neither do I need any support from anybody that does not involve whether or not they want my products, it’s only come to light because I have not been paying attention to my finances for years and only began in the last three months. They do say I screw around because the politicians let me but these are people you get involved with if your wish to wreck your life and I am involved without taking a step out of my home in that direction, so it is attrition they are looking for I can only imagine; now they know I can use that their stupid lives and that of their stupid girlfriends to get things done. I don’t think it is a mystical issue that needs to be broken down; it’s just reality, government helps them and spend tax payer funds to wreck my finances for them and holds me down with threats and  racism and all kinds of none white discriminative abuses so that they might get rich and famous first before I am allowed to make a move and I get help from a Court of female journalist to gain access to their societies and communities to sell their homes and families too – I have not made my millions yet but at least they know that I will do it and besides which that I can too; either way being hated for being Royalty I am a person and these things cannot happen without consequences, there is a lot of confusion therefore as such –I am religious and they are deviant, the fact they are not winning is not something people should turn into complicity, complacency or sympathy – you have no idea until you see it – I mean I for instance am sick with blackmail because people know where my books are, this is an example of their fame and fortune fun with money they clearly worked for as it were. They do say I glorify myself for what I have done to the poor and down trodden but of course I am not somebody who avoid hurting poor and down trodden, I am a writer and must make a living with the books, in any case of which there is no room for complains after 15 years of a history with civil service over benefits, while they savage my work and realise the part I had worked for because it’s in you to plod on no matter what if you are an adult as there are no parents to support you and you simply feel everything is up to you at all times which is actually the truth for most of the time, can be deployed for fame and fortune leaving me with health problems because of the violence met out to ensure I am weak and unable to pursue every single time they handle possessions they have no right to or I have expressly told them I don’t want handled, so there are so many facets to this evil none of which leaves me better off and as for getting rich and famous, that is a function of the fact they have found out they cannot ruin me so the best way to make their mark is take it over and make it their own – it is intended to cause the most harm even though it has failed to and continues still never the less and I treat it in that light as well, whether or not I take revenge is a matter of my faith and religious believes, none of it is up to them and none do they have a power to do anything about; this is people whose ego are more important than paying their way in the world, so they realise they can ensure you are cash strapped for a decade and a half and your health is nothing to write home about due to distant violence for every occasion they handle your possessions to ensure you do not pursue and to put you down so they can deploy it with impunity only to find they are unable to ruin you, so becoming you is how to destroy you, not the activities of the down trodden – what I have done about it or not is measured by my faith and religion and has never really been in their hands.

They always say there is nothing I really can do of course because of an access to media and Politics but it has never really been an issue; I simply do not need their help, I do not need their support, I need the books sold and if they are not here to buy, customer is not King; it has always been the way it works and then their complain about how much they hate women and those that have shimmering lives, for now they are on a roll and we are not hearing much of it because they are pretty much satisfied customers of their destruction, so those who have no wish to comply with the books must see that the question of deviant people around them being a problem will have to take centre stage, since I am aware I can tell them I don’t owe them money before I go to bed and then I will sleep soundly but it does not matter what they say because they are the same thing and it’s no wonder they think their antics especially for the Politicians constitutes social equality but does not apply to those whose personal lives they can confiscate with a big mouth. They do say my big problem I refuse to realise is that The Prince of Wales and the Duke of York are not fans of mine which I find difficult to understand – since even when The Prince of Wales had no reason to hate my guts he was scouting his Mothers realm to find persons like me whose personal life he can destroy by messing his own up with deviance and funding it with the princes trust only to confiscate another person’s own while he keeps getting worse with these kinds of things; so for me it has always been an acquired taste since he has had his royal friends and allies for the best part of 30 years, I always see it as freshly designed to harm me and treat it in that respect as such, so I don’t want him to have any of it and I will not tolerate any that has been created turning up here too – on the contrary these kinds of questions are not counted among the difficult ones, I simply don’t see myself as powerful baron doing all he can to attack the authority of the Monarchy, I don’t see it as the way to proceed but the books will hurt badly enough alright because I could always tolerate it and carry on except there are threats, threats to cause bad grades and financial failures with. In the case of the Politicians I would have mentioned the damaging nature of the way politicians seek social equality with me except that they are superior to me so it wouldn’t make sense and then it carries on like that until they complain too. I don’t believe it is a problem; I was there when this specially crafted social devices for harming me were invented and so I would have been insane to have allowed it grow or let them have it – it’s not a matter of fear and chicken, it’s a matter of Political stability – I could ignore more of it to avoid putting myself in a place where I cause a constitutional crisis to occur but because of work I am required to do I have to deal with the problems and so I don’t think that is the way to proceed but I must ensure they don’t have it and it does not harm me and since it is so much all about me I must have 100% control too my way. In terms of how much of a problem they are, it’s a matter of how they surround themselves with deviance and debauchery and the betrayal for me is immense because I have a working Court of female journalists that help me kill of the homosexuality communities of these fools for exactly these kinds of vandalism and destruction and targeting of me in the first place – so I tend to visit Buckingham Palace to show them how debauchery and deviance should really be handled on seeing that these goons had begun to chase peoples anus and penis all over the place at the Monarchy to show off their civil and criminal disobedience based democratic menace and it is hard to see how the Duke of York who even has a paedophile friend would have become one of my main concerns.

They do say I sound and talk like a civil rights goon and should be joining them but I don’t know why civil rights goons interfere with my conversations anyway; it is not the activities of the down trodden to seek to get others into a war over their problems and needs and into a fight with the authorities because they have grievance – for me their case is always better expressed through my view of the jezebel characters and the love for money they have going for them; so their boys and girls are always abused and the only way the problem can be resolved is if they abuse somebody else and the more privileged the better so I have no idea who asked them a question around here anyway. I don’t think it is a problem it’s just that to ensure no racist is going around doing my stuff for me, whether or not they cover their tracks issuing accusations at me to clean their filth here, my hate for the fundraisers that funnel money into their popular culture and poverty problems all over the world can only but grow and grow and the more negative media nonsense I have to deal with instead of book sales as a result of their involvement meaning my circle of friends and business is a group others can ask to join and if excluded get to destroy in vengeance over rejection will not be diminished. So the point is that for every insult and abuse especially the anus and penis ones I must punish 60% of it lest a racist get around doing my stuff for me and then doing my stuff – of which I cannot work out who asked them a question about my conversations around here anyway; so it is rather obvious their whole lives will be reconstituted on homosexuality allowed because I am a Christian and a life where they can attack me and predict how I will react then do it first claiming they are covering their tracks – it’s impossible to locate who asked their opinion about my conversations anyway that I should be working for civil rights idiots.

All in the end comes together around what people want to talk about over the issue of immigration; the Labour Party is always happy to go off to some poor country to play international development where they sit around in clusters of communities doing culture and treating them like Kings and Queens but now have a problem concerning how they will end up with racism if white people were made to deal with the problem associated with when these poor people want to follow them home to the UK and then they make the mess and pass the buck and now other parties are getting the blame for it. By however the biggest source of destructive behaviour in terms of migration is wrought by celebrities and media – years ago it was as simple as when they ask the then US President a question that was tricky and stupid and his answer would mean they can screw with me as much as they liked and when I had complained enough the world will have enough of me and that will be the end but there was also approval given for any stupid girl that wanted to stand on media and use the issue of aid to extract sense of power from me but since then it has only gotten worse with the need to get famous on my income and these idiots who think because they are David Beckham maybe I want to fall flat on my face and offer homage they never worked for or indeed the great Simon Cowel who helps people to your earnings and becomes so rude that you are blinded by your fury which fuels the popular culture that his nasty behaviour rides on endlessly as well but the end product is always the decimation of any meaningful method for supporting poorer people in the world – they say it means that some anus and penis insults can stop while things are done in a way to ensure everybody is happy and content but soon enough that is deployed as power that implies they are doing me a service and deserve to be paid for it, corrupting my diplomacy equities and setting off to even more fame and fortune prioritising their stupidities over my book sales and trying to tell me what I should write as the excuse that made it all my fault as well and this is where everything starts to get into a state where something has to give and then subsequently a reversal of fortunes starting with the basics of how much money exists in the world exactly to make a celebrity feel more special than a Royal Prince, at the end of which when they are done I will be selling their homes and communities to make my own millions too so we might be even. So there is the other story about good migrants and bad migrant thereof, of which the reality in truth is that migrants are actually people who travel to the UK with a budget in mind and their aim most of them is usually to gain some experience of the UK or to study in the UK or to spend some money and see the UK, then make a profit and go home, except for the crisis migrants who run to somewhere safe if they are not safe in their Countries, so it does not make any sense exactly what people mean when they speak of good and bad migrants – yes of course the issue is largely the politicians creating problems for people in order to have jobs until people start killing other people as it were, knowing that no matter how hard parents try of the 50/50 distribution of peoples tendency to be good or bad, they can only shift it all by as little as 10% making it a 60/40 affair and that as a result Politicians will always have jobs and then there are the celebrities as well who like to boast the reason for their deviance to be the power to ruin people lives before they complain about civil rights after that of course usually, unless they locate somebody such as myself that is completely harmless and so far in the UK I have started collecting their social media profiles too, but it is the corruptions that the Labour party has instilled in the civil service with black men talking nonsense about those who turn up to supplant them when nobody has asked them a story about it that is the biggest cause of this good migrant bad migrant mentality – they can sit down and start to have a need to determine how much money I have in the bank and finish off with a need to inform my Landlord of the day I have gotten paid my housing benefits for instance and we all know that is where it ends as they do understand my feelings about bumping into things people did with me in which they were the boss and what the results of that can be and so just like the celebrities who like to think they have the left hand side and so if they want me to ruin my life and get stuck somewhere so they can have the perspective then that is what I must do especially if they are seen in public crying an evil cry of the devil for the Politicians all the time which is why they will never have it and can keep hanging around until I get out and build a public life on this too, these black goons know exactly what will happen if they are seen on the left hand side messing me up again for some form of self improvement or profit but I have no idea where the migrants good or bad were supposed to fit into this or how it determines what they turn up here to do anyway. So in the end all is well only if these fools do not mess with my equities at the Industries and at Government and keep their pop stars from corrupting my diplomacy equities much further; but we all know that for the celebrities especially their ego is the over arching thing in their lives and when they say others try to fit people into a box this is really what they mean and hence it must be seen that if they can have an occasion where they sit with friends and talk about harming me for two of three times somebody may dare them and then I will be in real danger – so this is something that has to be prevented and if they turn up here I will fire at them first as it were, so they can ego from there; I mean it’s a matter of which part people are most interested in, these guys like to find people who help others at the Industries and they particularly like those who help others make money to buy class A drugs and all kinds of organised crime products – so that if a Woman savages your business in order to make 2 million pounds she spends on cocaine, she still has no sense that she encourages sexual abuse as a form of justice as it were, so we hear this talk especially among football people I pretend I am the victim but wreck peoples chances of climbing the social ladder – since the last time we checked The Queen exists so people can climb her social ladder as it were, so when they wind me up and I wreck their own but for the blacks, they do get as they deserve here, get it as the new kid on the block that they can do whatever they like with gets to dish out – now they are all fundamentally terrified that somebody will steal their own social and political and economic functionality and are off doing things to pay taxes and pay off the deficit their party created and that is the genius part of this game – I am on benefits now and it really annoys me of course but it has its uses and this sense they are doing things to pay taxes as well for everybody should pay these taxes thereof, is beginning to wind me up too in its own right, while the celebrities find Swiss bank accounts and like to think those things I write on my websites are coincidental.

They do say it’s a matter of bullying me into getting off my bum to do things as a result of an atmosphere I have built up behind people pushing them all the time and it makes no sense whatsoever because they still have no plans to keep off my literary empire now that their media has created them a feeling about it and so the books never did them favours but now it is moving onto a conflict all together as well and yet it was always as simple as books written by a Christian around some things he does concerning Intellectual Property Administration not books written by a Popular culture goon that wants to be famous, so it might be a difficult read but I suggest they get some commitment going in their lives or stay the hell away from me and keep their destruction with them. It’s never really an issue they do these things because they think I will likely give up on my academic work as a result of their involvement again whereas what the confusion is now is that the websites and the books exist in a certain area and then the career in another and I give away as I am bullied and it is the same story about the sexual stupidities of their mothers as well and how it generally means you are in perpetual fear of a pride and joy being destroyed never mind I have a history as it stands at present; so it’s that old case of handling people to an extent where they end up in a Law Court and the Judge mentions it all over again.

So on one hand the ladies say I interfere whereas the men are the problem and these men largely will never stop wrecking the spars and the resorts and the B and B and the hotels and the tourist things and so on because they feel that somebody has lumbered them with an era of falling self confidence on account he has told them to keep off the patent margins of his company and products – so this is what the ladies are to worry about and not me. On the other hand the story of my anus and penis insults complain is said to be a matter of black women which leads to the reality they finally accept racism has a reason to be developed around the case of insulting peoples mothers and that the leading prognosis that it is a white only thing is wholly wrong. They do say I feel like I am really tough but these little things get the better of me all the time which has no basis on reality for the civil rights scum expect you to cast aside what you did at school what you did with civility and what you did with your life in order to become more concerned with Jezebel characters damaging people to force them into civil rights struggles and into wars because of her greed and corresponding stupidity to match it – so the work at government exposes you to the fact it is happening on the background but involvement with that zone only happens when somebody is wrecking the academic work, pillaging the finances and threatening you as well as early as 6 am in the morning and all day long thereafter to boast about controlling you – so if these idiots have found a Christian they have turned into a bum for their homosexual society, they can turn up here and claim him and the Politicians and celebrities can come along too if they want – it does not get the better of me it’s just reality about how it gets violent period. I am only asking why it is racism is built around insulting peoples mothers and the lies continue to hold it is a white only thing; as for my own social policy on the other hand, I have come to the deduction playfulness needs to be devised such as will cost black people jobs as well before it stops and I know they feel they have finally located somebody on whom to practice their wickedness and feel connected to the land of Britain but its utter nonsense for this is why The Queen likes me so much – the part about her rivals having to deal with a process where I get around collecting attention at the lowest levels of society so they can finger my bum with a sense of impunity and lack of tolerance each time they handle my possessions for it is always either that or a hatred for the presence of God around me all together giving way to a need to mess it up and tell the world it is something else such as gay atmosphere and then shutting me up as well – it does not get the better of me and I know what my problem is, certainly do not need any reminding; customer is King when they pay up and as long as I continue to deal with this nonsense about moving into my right hand and detaching me from God to talk nonsense about how HM is Queen of Buckingham Palace while they are the ones in the neighbourhood and one Queen should not be removed from her position as equally as the other and what I do meets disapproval from Politicians we will continue to have this problem.

I understand it is said I am so in tune with these things and people cannot understand the reasons which has always been as simple as having your finances pillaged as a result of playful idiots getting involved with you – now they want t you to get off what you did at school and what you do with your civility to get along with the needs of their community croons due to the fact they have built up their own ideas about who is more important on media and are looking for people to oppress and enough is enough – they need to get off my book sales when they start. So it is always asked concerning how much damage I have suffered which there isn’t much damage i.e. I still have the environment that was created for me to chase my academic work and perform any roles I am required to at Government and yes we see they cannot get by a day without disputing to their satisfaction I can be royalty only when they approve of me as it were and when it does the bad grades, we see them turn out to claim their foolish hate figure before school children have become more clever – I don’t need reminding what my problem is, I just wonder what the Politicians that bring it into all our lives will call it now that racism is all gone.