I am said to be of the opinion I am looking at problems I face in a way that suggests I can wade them while I cannot and it is utter nonsense as the crucial matter around this is still the idea that keeping up some insulting and abusive activity in my direction, which people are moving to progress unto a level of prejudice which allows them plan their lives on my financial margins through violent means, is still the main cause for concern. Its all about working out a process of making money without either running a livelihood properly or getting an employment and I have asked enough times that those who engage with it shut it down. Much the same as the ethnic minorities, especially those who are as black as I am and started this business of letting the whites so that I may not have an excuse to push them back if I had to defend myself, theirs is a business of getting involved with me in a way that wrecks my Bookshop trading margins and it is the only thing they are stupidly interested in all of the time, making out that it’s a matter of civil rights, while it was far from one naturally. Its not as difficult as supposed, to round these people up like sheep the way I did to earn their hate in the first place; in the Middle East, Asia and Europe, over a need to work these nonsense at me and each time I took a look as whole buildings, it was as though my Assets were used to make the atmosphere inside of it for those who lived in it to enjoy which if I let slide takes my Bookshop along too and I can only tolerate the cash flow crisis for so long – the result being that the very process of getting outdoors to enjoy the outside environment is taken from me by idiots who have always wanted to make money from it. They have done another one as disobediently as possible with my social media, another one which performs better at showing how important money is with respect to how people want to handle me and what I think is the unacceptable way to do so; where it has hung up somewhere stalking me because I have been seen trying to get involved on social Media with Companies I brokered Asset equities with, since it was clear the process of making sure they were able to secure whatever they wanted at any time and they always deployed Asset equity to build products and show them off in Public, in a way that leaves me with some Publicity for my career as well, it was the best way to progress on the matter, never mind the other part where I had built a trust with the general Population and although they were deploying my writings without buying the Books, it did not mean that they would not in future as we were working on a recession together. So what it has done with its very convincing and prioritised disobedience against the wishes of those who would lose property to make it operable, is acquire some social Media platform business by which it sets out a state of affairs that suggest the Companies I think I know only got involved with me through their arrangements – so we are now three parts in the operation of the Bookshop, where one is the Companies complaining about the bottom hurting that they really hate, they are boasting, making stupid people rich and my whole life toxic, while I am at the other end thinking about the best way to make them listen when I think they ought to shut it down – it therefore creates a sense that unless it is a right tools and proper measures scenario over their disobedience and a business of following me around with it to churn my tummy and wreck everything they see, like their Celebrities and Fashion idiots do, it will never stop.

The part where they have made me squirm is utter nonsense naturally as it were; what has really happened is that I needed to tidy up and get the academic pursuits back on line again which is what I have achieved so far, besides the business of this nonsense wrecking my academic work the first time round, to ensure that culture and society trouble makers had access to my thinking patterns, work and person while they got off securing fame and money through civil disobedience, about which I also got off shutting down their popular culture and the access they had to it, so that they got to experience exactly the same thing. This business of making me squirm then fitting into an arena where the next time I got about it, I should do my best to ensure that it was the finale as well – for the time being they may cause as much smell as they want but challenging me over it will brew up a whole new type of results as well.

They also claim I set out this sense that the activities of Monarchy should not be challenged by Parliament which is utter rubbish, what really happens being that Family business and Public Office is kept well apart at the Monarchy, such that those who get off challenging it at Parliamentary business do tend to end up with a sense they are challenging a Political crisis that does not exist. Some MPs are usually determined to do anyway and this is why we have characters that look like a something getting on people’s nerves at Government buildings all the time because they then have to pair this up with a process of their greed propelling them to tell Local Businesses they were the right persons to select for government work during elections. Much the same as the other goons who continue to claim they have been fighting my battles while I built a Court for my concerns in 2002, which implies that the business of setting out a stage of sex and anal sex while we did not have any of it, so it built up into an atmosphere for them to have their fill with, has been running for the best part of a decade and a half, so on the contrary, rather pretty well covered - the main point for me is still how hard these goons find the idea that I am not keen to see Social and Sexual corruption make my personal and financial decisions for me and its like an education over their disobedience on the reasons the big crimes are committed.

They now say they want feel sensations which suggest that the world is a place they can make sense of and that my activities prevent that from happening and its utter nonsense – what really prevents this from happening for them is the fact that they are such a handful of insulting and abusive fools, that they spend all their time thinking of how to secure a share or an even bigger share than I have of the benefits of my Public image because they deserved it more and were more good looking. So, it does go without saying this needs to come to a dead stop if they want the world to make sense to them again as it were. The white ones are good with their lies, abuses and insults naturally but so are we aware that they appear to be in constant need of leadership where people told them what to do and where to go and without media to fool around with would be happy to accept that I am not afraid of them in anyway. What has emerged on the ground is that they are no longer claiming I am working collusion with racists to make my life easier, wrecking everything right down to my temperaments around here, they are now in agreement with those who think that if every ethnic minority were busy doing something in public to show they were trying to be financially successful, the Government would not have been able to control racism but if their abuses and insults now wish the world to be a place they can make sense of, then it does need to accept the abuses and insults are their prerogative but the part where they build communities on it and turn up to run me down, then get imagination up my bum and teach their equally stupid children to do the same is distracting enough to get a response and for it I will always crush what exists of their Celebrity and Popular culture to ensure culture and society trouble makers gained enough access to them to look like what they have done with mine. I have not done much about it because of the Politicians who have now completely failed to supply evidence these are not incredibly evil scum but nice people who only need money, but since last we were done with that, I had warned them I am done tolerating it too as it were.

The women do say that there is nothing I can do and everything I have said may simply just go down the drain and it’s very rich coming from gits who are in love with me to say the least because there are no more men out there that are overtly willing to attack me on their behalf because they must keep up their stupid decadence and plan their lives on other peoples wallets. The same applies i.e. the insults and abuses and the access to media that ensures it ran endlessly is their prerogative, if it continues to build communities that help them run me down and show up here to get imagination up my bum, there is likelihood I might go back to the reasons it is said I hate black people, all the way to 2001, when the first week of return to the UK was the beginning of stories on plans they have made with respect to how the life of a Man they can handle should be used, the same stupidities that have continued to show up around parts of my career where I have done my best work to ensure their insults get worse at my expense the more successful I get that is, now does not wish to stop building up a sense I should be getting into a fight to make them comfortable because I am a Man and will soon progress to the part where the threats especially in order to keep up the abuses that help them get imagination up my bum, were the main reasons I wanted to research the fact they have done this to men in the past and work out exactly how I would go about making myself the last of the lot.

In retrospect they are not a problem for me in a larger sense, I simply allow their case to run because when those who have jobs on Media find it impossible to stop making a mess of peoples lives like so, it does eventually develop into something of wanting to see a condition arise where it is said that what I do is very easy. Apart from this, mostly it is not a problem that is alien to government Office, just concerning that it does not trouble Politicians who do not have a history of stopping them when they start, that they are a problem and not nice people who only just need money, hence those who had what they want needed to co-operate. It’s the same tale where it will not stop blabbing nonsense at me, being associated with defunct claims I am in league with racists to make my life easier, developing into an agreement with those who think if ethnic minorities were overtly trying to be successful, the Government would not have been able to control racism, to a being more deserving of my Public life and the starting point itself was the idea those who hold government Office had enough power to act in a way which covers their arse allowing them to become famous and rich any time they wanted, while distracting me from instance because they are making use of my temperaments and public image with the knock on wood insults relentlessly, usually it does build up to a sense there are three parties in the matter and I am one of them, they are the other while the armed forces for the third, as if they actually mattered but for them it matters if they have worked out a publicity for me that suggest Police brutality had more to do with me that it had to do with them and now need further help to assist with the world being a place their stupidities can make sense of. Its much the same with the Celebrities who believe they have worked out a Publicity for me which means that whatever I do about problems they create for me is something that they and or their children have the opportunity to gain privileges and invest their show business money in, which is not actually rooted in reality, as though we lived in the 1980s; it never stops being seen damaging my property to make sense of publicity it builds for me which suggests I should be getting into a fight while some idiot somewhere grabbed my public image and if this does not stop, I will stop it the way I want to stop it as it were, if they are complaining about not being able to make sense of the world.

The part where they say they abuse and violate me is an old story, they never say it that way when blowing off their big mouth in public but we know what happens is the insults being built up into an atmosphere that is used to put pressure on my tummy every time I step outside of my door and there is no law that says I am prevented from handling their culture and society with intent on gaining the same effect on them as well. The main problem is still that once done building these stupid communities, they don’t like it anymore and want my life and so each rejection on my part comes with consequences and for each damage of career and finances is a process where I pillage their Celebrity and Popular culture as well, so the society trouble makers gained as much access to their stupidities as it was made available in my case – no such thing as fighting my battles, what happens in that respect is a need to bother The Queen which leads to a process where they get into a fight. It has not stopped since 2002, even though they have now complained that I actually hate my own race, that I am a man they can handle and have planned their lives on it, being fully confident that I will co-operate. So this is the reason the world has changed for them so much that they are no longer able to make sense of it, since they are so stupid I must lead them if they liked it or not, while I write Books and made a living that involved equity broker with Multinational Companies.The Politicians say I have always boasted about being able to handle it but I do not know about boasting anyway, the same way we hear them claim I am protected by powerful people and it will likely end with them getting their wish of that protection being removed, leaving me free range to research their stupidities and come up with an answer to it as well - I have never boasted about it, the reality is still that if the Politicians had not spent tax payer funds wrecking the academic work and finances for me and my career was running the way it should while my prime extra curricular activity involved handling their culture and society to run them down and chase their bum as well, I am completely lost as per what it indeed the idiots would have done about me - at this stage there is no reason to attack me at all, save the way I responded when I was bullied, being that stupidities begets more stupidities and I am going to get my hands on that foolish wealth inequality problem of theirs and then it will be my turn. I do get asked if I candidly believed they had the right to behave the way we see them do and I do not - but they usually find relevance and rehabilitation at Industry where people spend time treating them like Kings and Queens each time they had money to spend which range and time I don't have for my part and so unlikely to get down that route where they don't get to damage my property if they do not want them own damaged as well but likely to respond by making sure they were my responsibility while I looked after my concerns - so it is playing out like it usually does, where the insults and abuse never stop modifying peoples behaviour and they will bottom feed and get imagination up my bum all the time and hang around at the Factories and Warehouses with republican sentiments and terrible behaviour that allows them to be destructive of peoples lives and property to feed an evil nature, which means that they needed to destroy something that will not draw the attention of their authorities, meaning that it has to be good enough and big enough to handle the amount of destruction that they want to feel good by, setting them apart from the rest of us as a handful of idiots whose entire lives are built to destroy everything that is good in the land - it goes way back to the earliest pictures we saw at current affairs about the remarkable characters that are people who fool around with republican sentiments. I am told that these matters are not being handled such that it is likely to be done in my lifetime but it is; I am a writer and its usually as simple as write and sell whatever you have written, everything else has now added up to idiots I need to handle in a way that shows people who get involved that I am in control but the fact are still that the people who really push it down the road at the Muslims - the blacks would start stories and build me a Public image that says I am a man they can handle on whose life they should build whatever it is they want t please market and sell products by, running right through to statements that help them get linked at Student Union and various other quasi power organisations by making out there were better people to attend University from the black communities than a low life probably mentally ill person whose bum they get their imagination into all the time, adding up to their own stupid quasi sense of being important, putting labels on me. But it is the Muslim lecturers that have a habit of running it down the road by actually wrecking the academic work and we have seen over years that this is the Community that has made the most out of the destruction of my academic pursuits as well, setting it out as one of their biggest social achievements, the most recent being this business of stealing my work and public image to tell lies all the time and issue this society directive as a publicly applied sensibility, that I am supposed to spend some time working out how to deal with the problems my own race create for everybody, while their other ethnic minority counterparts claimed they owned me - so I have issued the warning I done tolerating it, next stage is to show everybody I am in control and if this does not move them on, I will get my hands on their wealth inequality problems and make my own contributions to it and this will be the beginning of the worst that is to come. Its like the other story about cyber stalking as well, where people say I must know something about it operating mostly on social media from my position and yes I do - its mainly about a bunch of characters who are doing everything daily to make people understand that their own financial well being is more important than the other peoples health and will likely hang around somewhere handling property as disobediently as possible very relentlessly, until the victims had developed a corresponding sense of us versus them with correct tools and proper measures in hand.