There are some matters around the US Elections and myself which need clarification apparently and one of them is that I wanted Donald Trump to win so that I might end up with something to occupy myself with but of course that is just something bandied around by Liberalists who largely believe that their own version of wickedness has been too well and secretly developed that it is beyond human understanding and comprehension and that they can therefore practice it and be famous at the same time, so we see them have a fundamental problem with any atmosphere in which they are not controlling the majority population because they are favourites of the Media. The other which follows this immediately after, being that I am playing Unity Card for the Trump Presidency which I am not; the reality is that they are popularity insane mostly and so when I spend time at Church and work hard on what I know and do, soon after a certain level of success, what we find when the lifestyle starts to come along naturally is that it is something I do not deserve to have and becomes an existence that the Democrats who will go to any lengths to achieve their aims notice all the time and want to fight for, unless I am keen to do up their own split personality human being issues just as much too. The others are the warnings I have given about their problem Publicity concerning my Books being lifted as such, they say the Media is my domain but I continue to reject it, whereas what we see especially in the fashion Industry is a very abusive way in which people use the access temperaments I have between me and my Court to look into my soul so to speak and make me sick all the time; so I have played out this whole matter in a way that people get to understand my business does not work if I am trying to trade and operate with any other group save the female journalists at Court that I started out with and by the way of which things have changed a bit since we started out and it’s no longer the general learning stuff or the security systems and the way they make use of it giving rise to the creation of clothing and fashion stuff but very specific ways of doing the same things with a process of getting very specific results in mind. So this is an example of an occasion where I may be told I had omitted the Status aspects as well, which is simply the part where nothing grows around here unless I am protecting it personally and all things from Industry to Fashion and even Media and the Court system are run in such ways as means they are all fundamentally attached to the Royal Office.

So the story of a hate for LGBT people on my part does continue as such, of which there is really no such hate – I do not hate LGBT people, I am a Christian and Christians do not do LGBT; I mean for want of reassurance, the Son of God really did walk this Earth and we know he did nothing in the form of harm to any LGBT people but having said so, it does not mean I care if LGBT people in general are reassured by this because the only behaviour quite a substantial part of LGBT community has towards me that they have, is one of insults and abuses and attacks and nothing else but never the less I believe it is the right thing to put out in public in the circumstances.

They do say I have LGBT people in my Court but hate LGBT people, which is not true in anyway whatsoever; it is a story that does not stack up. The reality about the violence stuff is that it happens in two forms and is always cowardice in practice; one of them is the one where people feel they can grab somebody else’s public image and reputation to live on easy street with and then kill or violently attack such a person to make it their own permanently and always organise it into a community based form of injustice orientated violence; the most unlikely ones being the Media that are completely convinced that nobody ever suspects them of doing such things and nobody tends to act on them even if they are suspected – about it I have made myself clear too i.e. they need to work for fame and fortune if they want to have any or go off and find those who normally work for it to inherit from so we can see how they do it as it were, otherwise easy life getting a job will be the least of their worries and all can see that I have the ability to ensure that their fame and public image is a problem for me that I solve all the time and that the Politicians will not be able to do anything about it either. The second part being the cowardice violence itself and the way it operates, they are always scared of successful people, especially of those who band together to look after themselves but there are some lose like myself that they can calculate and groom into characters that can be beaten up or killed to satisfy whole communities and then it will seem that each time they see my business they have some sort of right to handle it and wreck the finances and ensure I have to recover it in an environment where people are bigger than I am and violence is profitable unless it does lead to results like mine and I want their problem publicity off my Books before I am forced to get it off myself the way I know how as it were and they usually say I cannot make such a thing happen which is a yapping that can only continue until they find themselves shot by a Police Officer; I mean the general sensibility is that Politicians have become much less aware of the extent of intolerance people have for the violence stuff all together, especially the cowards violence one and it’s the one where there isn’t a certain kind of sex, drugs and rock and roll for this generation because of the way that I handle it.