Now they do say all I do is a cowardly lip service that does not do good for anybody – the reality is different i.e. these are idiots that are always violently trying to convince me that others are extremists because of their sexual needs especially but the second most important being their financial needs and the need to be feel important; so I am a Royal Prince and they are nobody and the fact they have these needs in the first place does not seem to have served the deterrent that approaching me is approaching somebody with considerable influence and that they will be affected – so technically they are making a very good job of showing me extremist groups are extremist. I don’t have a problem with the issues; it’s the Politicians you see who have this need to find a collection of privileged low lives that need to get what others who are the great and the good are paying for in order to get their own from those who have it under the guise of wealth distribution, putting them to work and so I am simply of the position that they will have nothing to complain about the day they tell their children and women and these fools of theirs are kept outside of the Arch Prince’s Royal Estate and House to that effect. Otherwise we all know such talk as lip service is an indication what I have done to them so far is not hurting badly enough yet – I mean the white man must be the most lazy creature in the entire world who is more interested in whether or not his villainy is as beautiful as it should be when he feels overwhelmed by the evils of his society, that he becomes more concerned with making sure others are overwhelmed by theirs than he is solving his own problems, hence showing they are making a really good job of convincing me extremist groups are extremist as it were. At the moment the people who are at the receiving end of that case of getting the pornography Industry to do their personal lives for them is the industries – the media ones like to think when I make a public life for myself out of such things their insults will never find its level and or their conditions will not get any worse but we all know that is not actually true; I mean here is a 25 year old, she is loyal to me, she works in a big company so because she comes from a community and is always trying to be a part of it despite working in a big company, the manager must want it, want to have sex with her, want to fuck everything she is loyal to and they all have that behaviour as men pretending they always come out on top when anything concerning the betterment of wider society is done playing around with peoples possessions and spurting insults they are convinced they should never be punished for. So we hear it is their Country which makes no sense whatsoever since the real issue here is that they are thieves especially the whites and it has consistently been the case that each time they want to do it as a community they set out a group from the minorities that will be the punching bag and the media cannot have enough; so naturally they hate my guts as it were since I am mad enough to turn their own upside down and find out what comes of it, after all its not as if they can beat me up anyway and if they approach I will rock their world, change it completely from what they know it to be and there will be violence involved as well. The most annoying thing about white people on media and their friends, especially when we hear them talk nonsense about things I don’t pay for when they damage my public life and I bend them over to fix it as well and they don’t even know that is what they are doing until it is done; is such realities for example as in my case the peace and quiet I build in this office not serving the books I am meant to write if ripper men need beauty sleep that stupid black women will collect for them if the white ones are unwilling and then the outcome is always such realities as the fact you are perpetually feeling eyes burning into your pocket and your market and your profit margin every single second, feeling hands tugging at your earnings from one angle while you pull at the other and time and again they have consistently shown their happiness is based on the need to make fun of it to sell things and get rich. So it’s the same old story around the lip service thing; its fine when the politicians like to think tax payer funds should be spent on them to create wealth and social equality and to damage mine to create arguments that allow them to forge a cover-up as well but in the end, we all know the worst case is that their wickedness has some money attached to it as well and I will have to join the military and then there will be an end to distant fascism especially on media.

I mean there is nothing I have said here that people can wriggle in and out of i.e. all I have said is that Politicians set them on these tasks people those they are asked to target are clever and successful and they are asked to do these bits to ensure they have things the great and the good pay for without paying for them which is quite infuriating. The cover-ups never seem to dwindle of course we know that and it is particularly infuriating for me because I can waste people time to build some of my own as well however which having said so, I am comfortable with setting out a global would you could you prognosis so when they do it and criminals and extremist groups and so on will see and copy thus they can tell me I am an extremist and then I will have to ask the same question all over again in a different setting. So the case is always why others do not have it the way I do but it has been largely a matter of the excuses they make for it – it’s always better to look privileged than to kick them as well; I mean I kick them and look privileged but having said so, most people think it is better to do civil rights than it is to handle them as well and so they always think for example if they want to steal your own everyday and make you breathless with media based civil and criminal disobedience they can always provoke you to a point where you compromise yourself and then that is a case they will raise on media each time public opinion tilts in your favour and that always creates enough time for them to get away with it every single time – this is why it is good to handle them as well i.e. what I have said is basically to put it in the mildest way imaginable that these are individuals that get out of bed to determine who is in pain because of them so they can make pranks from it on media; I am talking about it now because they have started me off with lip service cowardice story and we are not discussing their ever growing victims club local international and global that keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger and is other peoples fault that it is just yet. They do say I am the most promiscuous goon in the world who thinks of the Royal Estate as secondary but that is never true; what is true is that if you open the dictionary to find what the definition of pornography is, you will see its about the way people are having sex in society, so generally when you see them they are having sex with each other, when they are doing the cultural bits of their activities then they are expressing these facts and that is all I need to see happening in that Industry as well; what these fools do on the other hand is a case of he got a contract I didn’t so I report to my porn guys and they savage him, he has a Royal Estate and I don’t so I do the same and so on, of which they then reach a stage where they think I am too high and mighty to look into it because pornography is dirty; so the result is that we have done the bit where the pornographers complain about it and we have done the bit where they compromise and give in and join them and now we have done the bit where pornographers have been detached from it through my leadership and the next move they make in that direction as it appears they cannot do it by themselves as it were, will be a process of seeking a piece of mine as well. Of course it usually a big risk for them to say they want to walk into other peoples pornographic set up and do these things to attack others, the chances are that their victims club will be populated before it over in some way – so it is better still they establish their own and that is how we have ended up with this whole case of assumptions I make about what the pornography Industry is doing. So does not mean I have committed the great sacrilege of getting my Royal Commission involved with the sex industry? Of course not, nothing works the way they claim it does – these guys do what they do and for my part there is nothing I say if 19 year old boy and 18 year old girl have sex in public saying they are shutting down my house for me because when people open it, it harms them incredibly in terms of their future – or even the part where some of them are actually prudes and do it both to shut down and control my house and public life because their future depends on people not using it to harm them – or the ones where they are leaving the world and getting somewhere they bare their love for me for the rest of their lives and so on; when you see those things, do you leave them to the wolves and or call the Police? Of course not, so it does not mean I get involved with the Industry, it just needs to be saved from what is not its concern. They say I do not seem to show any signs of keeping from giving facts about my work and office to these trouble makers but of course I don’t see what it is about for my part anyway; if it’s not a matter of how every single act of bullying in my direction originates from a Politician with a vanity, then it is a matter of the fact that they are busy doing wealth distribution using tax payer funds to aid these tourism economy idiots nobody knows where they go to find as it were; so the part where my actions are supposed to help is where I am bemused all together – I mean we have gone from government support for every idiot wanting me to take my personal life somewhere it is needed for the same and fortune others can make and or indeed grab female journalist ones for them instead has developed to a point where they spend tax payers money on wealth and social inequality pretending they don’t know where these idiots who know where teachers penis and anus is for example and like to think their incredible insolence brings about their cleverness and success at the same time are heading – they don’t know where it is going – where it will end: the bloody idiots think I am supposed to help and it is when it leads to the part where they address me and I tell them I will get hold of them and they will wish they were never born that it will be clear this is all Politicians bullying and that it is actually a civil rights issue.

They on the other hand do say I bring it on myself getting around where I do not belong, be it high places they should occupy or low places where I may be free from them when I don’t have such a need regardless of if they have media to create their own sense of what happens when I punish them for harming me. What really happens is that when these insolent idiots who know where teaches anus and penis is and will never attend school if civil rights can do everything for them instead unless they have a hate figure to abuse and pick on in order to create development, do grow up, the people they love to chase and persecute is celebrities and that is why celebrities always have difficult personal lives; I have celebrity friends and allies I have to look after for my part as well, so it is difficult to work out what they mean and which one I am and which one I am not – it brings us back to the old pornography story; a massive guy and a massive girl have sex and they are loyal to me in some way, kids of mine, so what I am supposed to do is shut it down or call the Police because they have told me I need to be on top of my game otherwise I will not be able to keep secrets from them. Then the idiots that rob them of their social privacy can have the world while kids are trying to grow up in such conditions, maybe even better if they are blamed instead – at the heart of it is still the big old story of how it came about i.e. the power of women and how I will never get a job until I lose my virginity in a condition where they had it, enforced at government office and it continues like that right down to the part where they are forcing extra marital sex on me claiming it is civil rights and freedom and democracy – so that victims club has been populated on my account but not yet enough. We even hear that that they are now in control of my life and tend to use me to attack the republicans, I wouldn’t know anyway, maybe they are talking about the battle for states of affairs between parents and their children being racist which they like to talk nonsense claiming the solution is integration because they are insane: that said of which the reality is that now they are almighty democratic party idiots handling me like a weapon against republicans, we have not yet heard of it as it were; they do wish at the end of the day. The other side where I am some kind of drag queen being utter nonsense – If I sit on an office and ignore my lunch and dinner and mess up my tummy, I know that is what I am doing despite the existence of their insolent community croons and their stupid block head children; I am not like them whose strength is to squander all the good things in their lives trying to get rich then finish it off by having other people’s lives claiming it is democracy and civil rights and in this case their corruptions of involvement is mostly about an insult concerning wounded media freaks and their children who have become racist to avenge their abused parents looking for trouble with that big mouth; stay off the books is in order because these books will sting a lot more than that when I start to sell them as it were.

That I make people nervous is not a claim based on truth; it is the sense of superiority people have towards me which makes them nervous; I mean I am usually good with the insults when they had pillaged my work and public life to make fame for themselves but it is when it turns out that I am not a celebrity but have to deal with twisted evil deviance that want fame and fortune like they have it that we find the behaviour itself becomes a problem. What I do for my part is Private equity Intellectual Property Administration and that means I write books I sell in an outcome where I take my stand at organised crime and broker the equities with creative Industries meaning film makers and I broker with main stream industry and so this is how I get into a position where I cannot abandon celebrities who are obviously wealthy people from a means that is not considered or looked at as constituting work or employment and hence have this difficult personal life due to these violent deviance that follow them around. I don’t do it because I need to be nice it’s just reality around the kind of economy we end up with after the crisis and how if I am serious about young people I have to take seriously those who influence what they think and how they grow up and it is not for everybody as well anyway by the way, its friends and allies only and I don’t care how famous people are, if I have to deal with the evils that follow their fame and fortune around I will track them down and they will hate my guts and so this is what their sense of superiority to me achieves. I understand these are the kinds of things I need to say to make myself vulnerable of course but I do wonder if the part those who make me vulnerable are talking about is the one where Politicians find riffraff like them from Gods knows where and unleash them on us to degrade our human rights and when asked about it beyond the part where they are keen to ensure they are not part of any public problems we have just so they can discriminate against us violently when our problems affect them which has become something they engineer as a matter of conspiracy, they claim the problem is that we get in the way and that they want to lead and that means not just a matter of accountability or authority but a matter of being able to make people do what they want and when we ask what that has got to do with us they explain their actions away with the reasons Politicians and celebrities never get along which in any case does not make me one anyway. So am I miserable? Of course not, it’s a matter of sometimes being carried away when I know celebrities are actually people I am to take care of not the other way around and so this is what I get punished for often due to the fact they are fans and not the other way around and where the problem lies because it attracts financial difficulties, it does make me miserable yes I cannot deny that but I know what the reasons for it are, so such misery does not count. It’s like when I set out a temperament platform for people who entertain through circuses and travel around for that and to that effect if they are loyal to me and Politicians cannot understand why I am not interested in a black idiot with ideas about her safety and well being, whose insults know no limits and is likely to know where teaches penis and anus is for example and largely thinks it makes her mindful of her manners because she is clearly incredibly clever, so they find idiots like that and set them on me, then become confused about my reaction to those because I was supposed to have been taken in; the mutual relationship here is that I end up assisting Celebrities and they assist me at Government work as well in the course of their careers which has created a workable Court system - where matters that are painful should we serve ourselves with are resolved in other ways for the fans and it is not for all: friends and allies only lest the whole fame Industry and its twisted nature turns up here like it so vehemently wants to.