We see the glee with which the need to discuss my so called ever worsening attitude all the time of which I am very well aware of what my attitude is like for my part as well anyway; I know of the difference between what I see of myself on the mirror and how people handle me and I know that there is nothing whatsoever that is wrong with my attitude to that effect. These fools do nothing else with their time save sit around discussing how they can take me on and that is what we see them exhibit in public – the part of this stupidities that is leading to serious matters being what their women do with it – it was one thing to deal with the damaging effects of the fact these their women are always whispering to each other on the phone so that word gets around in their world very quickly, now it heads become an obsession with getting me into trouble with big husbands and boyfriends and  I will soon find myself in a place where I do things to them that lead to outcomes where that is no longer a threat like my Books which they hate so much at present at it were. It’s a great old game they play of getting their stupidities stuck somewhere and then finding ways to spend my exist which is what their obsession with popular culture is about and there is no way they will keep doing that with that stupid attitude for eternity.

It’s never really a problem for me, these are idiots that are sent out by Politicians to bothers others and you are meant to ignore them and kick the Politicians instead to make it go away and since I have not done that my academic work and my finances is in a state but if I did my academic work and finances would have looked good but my history would have been completely rewritten by them on that foolish media, so all together we have seen what we set out to see on both sides and for my part they can come round here to get that stupid society if they have the guts for it too. I

I mean what would anybody in my position do? Between 2001 and 1004 I had to settle up on what the Monarchy wanted me to do and between 2004 to 2008 I dropped out of University because of them and from then to this date they are still fucking around. On one hand they say it is because I trifle with the Politicians need to be able to oust a Monarchy but the reality being that government has rules and nobody stays in a job if they had a job for life when they make too many mistakes – so I am not actually prepared to take any more crap from them and their media scum than I already have i.e. if they want the society they can come and fucking get it too, otherwise the plan is as simple as staying off my Books and clearing themselves off my public life as there isn’t a thing in the whole world they can do, Political persons next to psychopath nonsense and a story about those they hate due to authority and those they want to rule with a big mouth. Yes I know it is said there is nothing I can do to them but there isn’t anything really I can do to some cowardly scumbags that need to deploy an entire government and treasury to wreck my finances and top up their savings and salaries and make it secure before they come round for an ageist insolent fight that they invented but that said I can still ensure they had a retirement from hell if my bank account read zero. We see them do it all the time with their insults and their greed and that stupid popular culture spending other peoples exist after their useless lives get them stuck somewhere according to how they have lived it, so I have no idea if they are still completely unaware what I am doing to them is freedom too especially for the Americans.

It’s never been a problem for me my attitude; it’s the two issues that exist at the forefront of it i.e. looking after a Royal Estate and my academic work and making sure I pay my way in the world, plus a process where Political moppets have a habit of turning up to abuse me and set off to sip drinks with the upper classes at the Ascots in order to pretend they were one of them; each time I assess that their number has suddenly shot up and take steps, what they do is go there again and start a new campaign concerning how I get involved with Monarchy to make things worse, then make up their tale that I am directing what I say and do to people at the Monarchy and Royal Family to brew this story about my Habit and start an attack using my State provided security to win first before they fight. It’s the same story all round; their uselessness says Religion is the reason for the problems of the world and when immoral democracy wants them to kill people they want the conditions to be right first of all and then there is that Christian in the form of me that like love to bully for it and nobody knows why they would expect that as a Christian I would know about it and fold my arms and sit back to let somebody get hurt by it anyway – so obviously there is something seriously wrong with me and a certain need to go out there and lift people out which means they can never do anything to be free of immoral democracy for their part and all my exists from public life to religious faith are on lock down as far as access where they involved is concerned – so it’s the same old case of making sure savings and pensions are safe and salary has been settled and mine wrecked first with the use of the state and its treasury before they turn up for an ageist fight that they invented otherwise talk rubbish on media for me every blessed day.

5th August 2015 Anniversary of the Hiroshima Bombings

I understand it is reported some people argue that Japan was already in decline is a good reason that the use of Atom Bombs by Americans was wholly and entirely wrong but that is putting 1940 to 1950 facts in the 21st century where it does not fit at all; all as we well know there were going to be only three outcomes as a result of scientific race to discover the Atom Bomb and one of those was that the Americans were going to be the ones deploying Atom Bombs, the other was that it were going to be Americans deploying Atom Bombs on behalf of everybody, the third was that Germany was going to be the one deploying the Atom Bomb. The outcome we had perhaps because we earned pity from the powers that be due to the fact so many died was the best of the three which was that of Americans deploying the Atom Bomb on behalf of everybody. It is therefore entirely delusional to say Americans were wrong because Japan was in decline when we all know that by 1911 after a war that was almost as equally costly, Germany was in decline as well; it is said I suggested the same argument which is absolute nonsense – what I said was that the US has become used to making itself out as the Nation of Peace so it can invade any Country it likes whereas even during the Second world war, although Japan had been provoking the US Countless times, it was American move to cut them off from their Supplies to soften the effect they had on China which caused the attack on Pearl Harbour all together not an innocent Nation of Peace story – so it was a time in which wars were fashionable and  people could behave anyhow they wanted as a matter of freedom waiting for a time when it will build up and get proven in the Battle field which was mainly done with Canons and Horses and Machine Guns, until the while process of Industrialised war, where you build factories in the neighbourhoods, employ people in it and build death concentration camps for an ethnic minority which you name a final solution was discovered by a Nation that is still doing the same behaviour of deciding its perspective at the expense of other Countries around it to this day with no lessons learned – the Business and Industries there have continued to work so hard to take stock of the world around them when they do their business and have become the top most successful in the world but it still appears that controlling the bad things in German society seems to be held in a general sense as the wrong thing for anybody to try and do and the name they gave to this new style of Industrialised war that dislodged human thinking from the use of heavy machines to build sewers and farming tools to building bullets and large tanks was Blitz screen.  

Now it turns out that I need to be told by the media that I am a Royal Prince surrounded by stupid women who know what they want from life and big men that will beat me up and get it for them for stealing a woman’s beauty. The reality of course is that these idiots really enjoy using their media to work out how irresponsible they wish to get as a society at a direct financial expense of mine and everybody can easily see how annoying this stupid idea that I need to be told by them as a Media that it is happening before I know it is. Not that any of it is unusual anyway, they do say they are tired of Monarchy and I accept people have the right to be tired of something if they want to be – the reality however is that they are not tired of very wealthy Monarchs from Southern Africa who now hate my guts but before then really loved to select an Arch prince of their choice to engage in anus and penis horse play with considering they make their Countries a haven for fools that want to steal government funds, sleep with girls and eat snacks- it is obviously the British Monarchy that these idiots hate but above all the question now is whether they are my little Kings and Queens then themselves, with that stupid media and celebrity culture that means we see them all the time with these men that will beat me up and nobody knows if they are rich pretending to be poor or poor pretending to be rich anyway but we do know they think that compared to me they might be rich with that big mouth. So I am aware people enjoy pillaging my property because they have a media where they can make out it is amusing and take turns but what I detest is the idea that I need to be informed by them before I know it is happening. The two main issues still stand as the bone of contention here i.e. male journalists and television personalities who have an obsession that their stupid girls equally share, with going off to spend every social moral situation around them in order to turn up on media to call a crowd and demand the one from my personal life as a mark of their freedom and that has never changed right from the days when it happened simply because I am a Christian – the other is that they have a desire and need to see me get hurt and are not complaining enough as well and do need to go to hell and stop getting up on that stupid media to pretend they are talking through to me. I understand they say my language and behaviour encourages these things but I know what I am doing perfectly well – if the stage is not clear and crisp that they need to stay away from me and I want nothing to do with them, it will get worse when I have a family – I don’t need them vandalising my property and getting on that stupid media to tell me it is happening as well that is insolence and abuse beyond human understanding and the person who told them they were famous must have been an insane as they are; I don’t want them around the diplomacy side of the Office pretending to be tough or the Company side pretending they have some Royal Privileges going for them which they can share with others and do customer service or State Office where they report my public life instead of the news; everybody knows it’s impossible to make them listen and if I said they shouldn’t mess with the Books  because it will offer organised criminals a statement there will be two outcomes – first will be that they will on account they are free and when you tell them not to do something it becomes their main preoccupation and the second one will take the case where I am moral and grab all the attention to a whole new level culminating in a need to ensure I don’t sell my Books until they see me have enemies and see me get into a fight considering it is their own that gets used in that way with an assumption people cannot have enough of them already as it were. They all seem to have devised this way of hurting me to make me react to their stupid problems and trained their bone headed children on it too and for those I will wait at the market yet again to see how clever they really are as it were – match it with stories crafted in news papers where think tanks claim men need more sex, a think tank that does not mention names of men that need more sex specifically if he can then tell us all the answer to the matter is the legalisation of prostitution; so apart from men needing more sex showing how stupid women really are, they still are not listening so I suppose organising public protest about how much sex men need is just an example of the ways to make sure it is women and these kinds of think tanks that need the sex a lot more. It’s never true those foolish claims that I am afraid of people being like me; the truth is that these are twisted civil rights moppets who spend all their time wrecking people’s lives in order to get them stuck in a civil rights movement to a point where they think it might be okay perhaps to try and make a living from what has taken up their lives and that is when they are prevented from doing so by those who actually own it and decades will have passed and people’s lives will have been over; they speak of reasons but we all know there is only one of those i.e. they are pure evil and are looking for somebody against whom their crime of passion would yield considerable satisfaction and particularly enjoy Government Operatives being picked out especially when they are handling a government operative whose office they have access to and can mess with if they wanted; at the moment I only want them to get off my Books and clear my space, if I want them to buy those Books I will write it and read it to them and then make them buy it anyway.  There is nothing unusual about any of it, it’s just reality that I will never be nice to them – a matter of getting out of bed to look after my trade which means I want nothing to do with Male Journalists and Television personalities, civil rights idiots who know more than I do and can do more because they are tougher and far more stupid, popular culture idiots who need money and have their blame culture to play with, Industry goons with ideas about the things I can do for them or share with them in order to feel filthy and shamed which means they start to chase my private parts and cannot keep off a Christians business, Politicians with an insults and an attitude spending my exist on themselves and encouraging their media and popularity idiots to do the same as well – so that part is normal and the claim I love to complain about my problems is all false regardless of whether their stupidities relates to me only by violence; it’s the bit about how I need to be nice and Polite and all that riles me, yesterday they claimed it was a reasonable way of starting the day as we all know it’s a routine to kiss their families good bye and turn up on their media to do it in the first place. So its Media and Politicians and Popular culture and Industry when I go off to watch my trade and they say they are asking for help but everybody knows they are squandering my exist to ensure I am stuck with whatever is bugging them slugging it out with that so it’s really difficult to locate how they imagined a way of telling me to be nice and polite and what it is exactly they can do if I don’t do that. It’s been the same old simple matter i.e. they need clear my space unless they can enforce it and I will watch how they intend to get out of such a mess while keeping their ego at the same time – the rest are culture and society goons they day I am scared of but are only idiots who like to finger my bum because they think they can do more of everything I do on account they consider themselves to be tougher than I am and we all know I have told them it’s a sub culture now and they need to piss somewhere else but unless I make that stupid culture and society famous for them again to see how well they fare considering they are really good looking their version of happy bully violence will not know its place yet. Of course I am not in any way a victim of extreme prejudice, there is no prejudice from me or one that affects me from them – what happens concerns the distant violence and the transferred aggression that is a factor in their great plan that involves me i.e. I have so far written a Book on academic environment, so they must have the best academic environment that it produces and get on media thereof to ensure everybody else has one that is inferior to that protected by American Politicians and they have not bought their own copy to that effect either, so it  is their own version and they have not told us what they are going to do about me over those stupid threats and big mouths yet, we all know I am looking to see how the Politicians will clear my space while keeping their ego at the same time. So all together I do not in anyway practice a prejudice that others want to copy - it is the same tale about how I do not want the people who will not buy a copy of my Books and are determined to ensure their friends do not as well, extricate the best academic environment that it offers and manage it for themselves and their type on media for the rest of human existence with a big mouth; so as usual having been that had failed if they are reporting stories of people speaking of mine being an extreme prejudice that should be copied then that is completely credible but I suppose they understand me when I say they need to listen to what I am saying to them as it were: they do speak of their disposable cash that can ensure all they do gets ahead of me but I do not see how it matters since the only thing they can damage is what they get involved with and their Politicians and Media and Industry now understand me perfectly while they continue to think people cannot have enough of them and all that new black racist and extreme prejudice practitioner so to speak whose actions need to be copied nonsense is not going to go on for eternity (an example can easily be that the Egyptian Government widens the Suez Canal and a British Government operative worked in the Area, connected or not - so because he shooed away an idiot, somebody will get on media to set off a case of how often I release facts that are valuable from a Royal Estate and make them to public I am unable to protect the valued effects and the story will end with picking up on the marco economic side of my activities to speak of what the Egyptian Government should do to ensure people see economic benefits where they live and it is the kind of assumption and abuse that these guys love to indulge themselves in - I mean we are talking about a Monarch that has set up Office on the parameters of the operation of Law which means a lot of her Aides rely on my activities since my Office is set up on the Operation of Religion and Morality - so it is pretty important stuff, I mention it because it is often said I lose my temper at random but if I said they can come round and get the culture and society too if they have the guts for it when done, at this stage most people would understand). They do say I never listen to anything I am told but I am listening and the outcome is still much the same as the case of my problems affecting everybody while they have no plans to stay out of problems associated with my Books which were written for academic environment - so its the old tale of making them listen to me as well the aides of Politicians getting involved with me in a perverse way to ensure I am opened up for their children as well, all kinds of abuses that will make me stupid so they can make progress with their foolish lives, spending my exists of course; I am listening to them and they can always chase my private parts because I have high profile friends and patrons if they wanted (they do say there are areas of town where I wouldn't utter the things I say and write and it is in those areas of town I want them to get off my Books and clear my space as well: they are to stop when they see I am about to drop out, when I am homeless, when I am on benefits, not when they have satisfaction - they are to stop my stop not their stop, this is not where they live: my case is that people are only safe when they have no exit, most of what I write is to share what is happening but the main issue is that each time I shut down that stupid exit a media idiot will open it up and tell me of things I am meant to fight for - they wrecked the finances and academic work by the way and are now telling me I think I like the Monarchy but cannot stand the poor people it leads which does not make any sense - so its always easier when they leave me alone and keep off: this is an apt point to mention the part where they reason with me as per if everybody behaved in that way media would have no revenue but we all know they live their fat cat stupidities out with an audacity that can take a persons life, so if they work for BSKYB they cannot tell the difference between its brand and brand image and my Royal Estate until both are the same thing and the guy with the most money wins and it is completely out of their own initiative with a big mouth.).