I am aware it is said my mental health is questionable but it is not; its all made up by a group of people who appear to be completely powerless if they are not able to dominate me and need to come up with an abusive practical joke that they play up endlessly because the air they breathe depended on it. The other part of my mental health being when people say I smell all the time and the above facts do not explain it properly either but we know that was a case of the fact we live in a Country of very disobedient idiots who love to get involved with people’s concerns and introduce themselves as characters that want to explore what other people put in the Toilet, such that by the time their Politicians claim you are in the wrong and they were just nice people who needed money, entire communities will plan their whole lives around making an expression about your tummy – so have I made it clear as well, much the same way the Highest Authority in the land has implored them to drop the act, that I will try beating them up seriously if they tried handling me physically for it too.

They always say there is little I can do but we know its not the case as I am better looking than they are and don’t have the same features as the Celebrities who are always worried about getting cracked, so tendency is that I will get my hands on those lies and abuses and make them famous for it and they will be ugly and famous for the lies and gossiping and lasciviousness which means that there will be an onus on them to be very filthy gay people – I have done it a couple of times and they have loved it so much the last time we checked but it has not yet informed them that since I am not susceptible to be calculated into condition where I tried to get by in a condition that meant idiots that are always talking fate at me had all the advantage the outcome of their stupidities should it lead to more serious matters will be a tit for tart that will never stop. This is usually where they say they have the better of me while we know there is nothing they can do about me, I am not their son as insultingly as possible and on the subject of insults which is all we do these days, their abuses and inability to keep their hands to themselves implies to me that it would be fair for us all to get to work smelling of what we ate – the threats will simply be the one where I express the fact I do think they have done it long enough too as it were.

The others who love to speak of the fact they have big Children are an old story – if I hurt the Children I would have attacked something that was so brave it was fighting battles I was too much of a coward to deal with and if I attacked them, I would have gone into a society and insultingly assessed everybody in it that were clearly out of my league and attacked one of them, thereby attacking things that are too big for me. This is usually the stage where my Books make more sense i.e. despite all I have said, the Books I had written still remain unremoved from the market with their big mouth but it is not their Book and they need to keep their distance from it irrespective of what they think of it i.e. I know where I am going and its all in my head, while their stupidities have become the top layer that laces all of my concerns in this world, so when it ends up in a Book that I put down through pen and paper, they want to do something about it with a big mouth, much the same way I have warned them the Books are ground zero and it will provoke me a lot if they continued to mess with it. Some people may have noticed it would not have meant I am on the same side as the Celebrities either and I am not; we all know these goons complain about seeing the world according to what they hear all the time and yet will show up in Public places to pass around insults that suggest I belong on the left, when they issue those stupid threats that are an indication of the fact they can never be seen just picking up their own that got to their heads and getting on with it without breaking mine, it is usually an indication they are putting up with a personality they have built here of somebody they provoke all the time and keep an eye on to ensure he cannot just sit in his backyard and let it all drip away, hence does not mean that I hear their stupidities every moment as well.

I do get asked about resolving these matters from the root causes and its as simple as the fact I am a normal person one moment and the next I am dealing with racism against me alone on a National scale, simply because I had become the son of an idiot on whom his stupid future depended and when I pushed back was ostracised from black society while I was unaware that I have been. Then we find their women passing around those insults that indicate they want to be in charge all of the time and we know very well that I am never seen passing around my one about their whole lives being all about dragging people out of school, building scandals around the personality which ferments social corruption that gets people sleeping around and being poor on account they want to make Celebrities culture out of the personalities that should have developed in school because they want to avoid working for money and nobody sees me call on the gangs that hate their guts for it as well, the way they have a higher power that will make me do what they want and run their incredibly stupid abusive advertisement on which their foolish lives depended everyday very disobediently – I have asked them to give me my space, stop following me around and keep away from my Books and I am rather certain it is no too much to ask for my part as well. Much the same, as I do get told that I never deal with matters until they get out of hand and we can see that if I did it on time, I would become a Celebrity and cease to work for The Queen – I used to be worried about Politicians wanting to confiscate my writing career and put it up as a tool that allows them win elections all the time, now, we know the Celebrities were the biggest nightmare because they are excused from work when it comes to earning money – it has to be done only after everything got completely out of hand and done remotely too.

The heart of this matter is still the business of these Daddy characters for some reason, working out that abusing me at home all day and getting me into a fight on the streets was how they got connected with people in the City and got linked to opportunities that will make them rich – I would have gone after the matter as it never stop, carries on constantly every second but there are these twerps, minions on the streets who want to play a part in the matter desperately as well. I am told what is happening to me is bullying and its what bullying looks like but it is bullying – the fact that I look like a cross between tall goons in the City getting dangerous with money and Society goons destroying people’s lives because the world revolves around them, such that whenever people have it sorted out on either side I had swooned on it just by existing but then somebody will have this great idea of getting off to seek out a business of winning their contracts in the City centre, using my Assets instead of showing up here to buy Book for the equities I had brokered with the Public. Originally my problem was a matter of people chasing money on my personality until I dropped out of University, then surround me with paparazzi that allow them get around Industry backyards where they meet their hoodlums on the right, while on the left another group of idiots were deciding what my public image will be, regularly making statements that suggested I sold sex for a living but then again a Celebrity will have ideas about how to get me responding to criminals and hoodlums in my neighbourhood to serve them via the problem I have which allows me to be controlled by idiots who want to make fame and fortune by avoiding work, meaning that they cannot mind their business whenever they have money, which is developing into something of the fact it is actually not difficult to get around winning contracts using their Assets and some unemployment benefit funds and until I completely shred the Celebrity culture they will never believe that there are people in this world who can achieve such a thing.

They have always said they are not afraid of me and I can understand that too but I have made it clear here that society daddies want to play games and they were free to bit the bullet and play the minion role in it, see what becomes of the outcome. The goons who keep giving these idiots money for venues and equipment to secure their shortcut to fame were warned of it and we know it was never my business when it began but have developed into something I am going to shred at this stage. It’s a matter of the damage they did to the academic work and when they suppose I will start getting it finished, a matter of the mess they have made of my Book sales and when I am going to start rectifying it in their stupid opinion. They claim I have been separated from all I had and its utter nonsense – what really happens here is that we have now reached that point where I needed to show I have had enough; it’s a business of the white race being the only one among the races that are having go, that can detach me from that Royal Hermitage and hand it to a more worthy person – so at University White Daddy wanted my personality and career and I dropped out, at the Job centre White Daddy wanted his Children to inherit his Civil service position and I could never get a job, now its just about abuses and how good the label of Bum looks on me for the stupidities that White Daddy’s girls will exhibit in order to be famous and it has come to a head.