I have not got a clue where people make their deductions from where they come to the conclusion that it is creditors and not tax payers that must foot the expenses of banking crises whenever they happen.

Tax payers money was deployed during the financial crisis to ensure that tax payers money was circulating in the economy and banks were trying to recover from the crash. Thus the money was given to them in the form of a loan which they will pay back as their finances get better which they are doing currently by the way.

So how does the process of giving tax payers money to banks when creditors should be doing that apply? I personally do not know, except I am to imagine that they are talking about the fact they failed to work out and settle what the system on which basis the banks pay dividends to their shareholders is, the case of which does not actually get to mean the keep the governments loan.

The difference between this particular loan and any other loan is that the tax payer will be getting little or no interest at all therefore it is just an unproftiable venture not a gift box.

It does seem however that something has to be done about what the process of intrusion by media freaks into the affairs of others has led to today; which is a process where they bad mouth the economy of the UK all the time on international and public stages and watch the demographices go into the negative for fun and just like those their stupid insolent community women who think of nothing but the power to ruin the lives of men, which people largely think is some kind of self defence but then they can issuse accusations at just about anybody and use it againt them for no reason, these fools are completely crazy about the power.


I do not work with any media idiots here; the fact with respect to that is that I had a working relationship with my Court where they gather property from me and share it with the job of financiers in the city, then gather the effects and report them on the news back to me and the structure I set up was and still is such that only I can understand those specific set of fact that apply to me, besides which my Court also got into a process of teaching me the trade as well because it was conceived that there is a National security problem when the one that was raised to support the one that was anointed Prophet, Priest and Sovereign goes around sitting in class rooms getting taught by people all he knows, which then means they can get up to all sorts when and after he gets his degree. 

 Now the two reasons there has been a problem with my working relationship with my own court is that they have been successful and foolish men want to take it over and the other is that financiers started giving them gifts because what they were doing was working. So now there has been a lesson of a financial crisis and the bullying does not get better because it wishes to get worse and my question is so what if my Court is successful when they use my property to work and teach me any trade I need to know, while getting gifts from financiers in the City because what they are doing is working for their business? 


I am simply doing my job here; trying to ensure banks are confident enough to lend to people and to do this must gather facts and solicit for them and prove to the banks that they are running legitimate businesses, with legitimate markets and do this at a National Economy scale, which I will never do for nonsense that the fathers and the mothers get up to in order to get tax payers money to prop up their rubbish an d name it business, except people show they are running legitimate businesses by which they can ask the banks for lending on the left and if Banks want a bit more leverage, I can deploy my securities at a global stage to allay their fears. 

 If people feel they can do a better job they ought to remember that it involves closing down the link to Africa where money can vanish and no body would ever account for it and counterfeit goods circulate with impunity which will also require them to close down the link to fascist societies here in the UK. If they can do that then they are good to take it over and do it so I can do something else with my time (not believe they can use my equities for the purpose of messing up other peoples businesses, through the process of scandalising their intellectual property looking for powers of vandalism and wealth grabbing, so they might be forced into a campaign of expansion which the consumer can only sustain for no more than 2 economic cycles and hence doomed to failure but still find a way to prop it up with my earning using my property to give peoples shares at the stock market a daily boost through the media. After the burst of which they can then claim when I dub the time when the UK was the 4th richest economy in the world my 4th richest economy in the world it is self assuming, while their insolence continues unchecked and unabated with huge government positions that are really doing nothing for anybody). 

 So they can tell me the problem is that I rule their hearts with their stupid arrogance which everybody knows is an old fascist trick; send out girls to insult the real heart for the purpose of breaking it and move into their right and name it the Nations own then move into it and make themselves the hearts. I am not saying I do not know this is what is happening, I am saying the problem here is that everybody wants to be opportunistic, so they can get around blaming other people for their problems, which is why I rule them in the same way as well. 
 The full Album is that the rest of the world does not yet see the UK as the reason for the crash and economic crisis we have just come out of and more so not yet, so maybe I should tell them so idiots can shut it.