So today yet again it is said that I am stuck and it does appear that people do not know why such statements annoy me so much but I am a loss as per what their case with the insults really are anyway – we understand that there are reasons for it all the time but so can we see that although Monarchy has nothing to do with Politics since it causes instability, they always tend to ensure that I am caught up with it in one way or the other and then their media fools and celebrities will run my life and make what they like of it from there, leaving me with a need to remind them they are nothing and do not actually matter for my part of insults as well. It's nothing unusual from where I am, only the way that each time they pass insults my way it is to do with my whole life being stuck, to do with my body type, to do with me getting beaten up even when their tummy is as much in a bad place as mine is while they engage in such stupid activities everyday. So we are in such a position obviously this time because my case is such that I do not know anything about anything I am doing and each time a new thing is done and something is found out about how Politicians can take advantage of me, it reinforces why I need to listen to what others who are more intelligent people are saying; so it has always been the insults and the abuses of tyrannical Politicians, Media, Celebrities but we are here because of the needs of idiots who have been made sexually frustrated by local community croons and have therefore decided that picking on me restores their Mojo – nobody really knows how stupid a person has to be to create Publicity that helps them do such things with other people's lives and livelihood. So what we hear instead is a case of the main issues, main issues that I avoid because they think I am stupid, regretful or scared of tying them down somewhere until they are past it; the main issues they were warned about from the very beginning of the economic crisis  - concerning which their pathological fear of work persists and they will never stop showing me that what they do using popular culture around here happens to be the only form of work that they will ever do for money, the main issues concerning the fact that they were quite clear with casino self employment and its need to organise a sales army by which to go to Companies to extract their own millions on the open market that what they want to do with themselves is wait for an Arch Prince to come up with a faith and personal life and public image which they can peddle, about which they are now stuck with companies they have not worked on for the last 10 years leaving them with a stale market, about which I do believe it is not a bad thing if they had decided to hang up the hate and retire, so that others can breathe the free air for a change, about which their arrogance was good at informing me during the earlier days, that the money will never run out if indeed I had started a fight. They always like to claim that it is my fault and that I am the one that does not communicate in a clear or refined way but we all know that even if I did the reality will still be that how building an Equity broker business where I develop the equity and build the market, to broker with companies that want to broker with me and sell products we have worked on to ensure Consumers can maximise their income thereby creating wealth for everybody a macro economics, hence I only sell Books with it and broker the rest means that I have not got a business empire, therefore all their fault and I am not obliged to be nice when the consequences of replacing respect for an author or getting involved with his concerns when you want to buy his Books includes a process where there is such confusion, he is not backing down and you cannot make him while the whole time your market becomes stale in the process. In any case of which the wider picture is that I have a small amount of savings and what happens with small savings is that those who have it need to pick and chose – the opportunities to wait for 15 years screwing around with monetary Policy such that interest rates will rise and fall several times and the housing market will heat up and cool several times while at the bottom line you had made profit on your savings anyway, does not exist, so you need to ensure that you are helping the government with any oversights and the sad, sad reality of these stupidities is that there are oversights everywhere first of all and also that it is the wider economy that suffers for it. It then fits into this case where my behaviour of not being afraid to hold them down until they are past it could lead to conflict which is utter nonsense; what I am doing is proper recession based economic leadership, if I do not do it, they will take money out of the economy and place it where taxes are cheaper in the world then show up to make me deals, which is why they need me staying firmly in the local, so they can jet set and gain such an advantage but the problem is that it is not their property to handle; leaving us in the area that becomes physically important i.e. the Public image of Ferrari is their job like we see them do a lot of the times but do they know what sacrifices they need to make or contributions they need to make when economic times have changed and Ferrari needs to undergo some restructuring that allows a process where it operates without being forced to tell the consumers what to do with products i.e. when you do so, you are using consumers to build your business and they usually can tell but it become unavoidable when there is a recession because the product is entirely new and comes into an entirely new setting – so there needs to be an atmosphere, there needs to be a state of affairs, there needs to be a condition social. And it's not the only effect of their insanity either, the other is the one where people find out how Ferraris work without attending the Car shows and conventions, without joining owners club, without buying a Ferrari because the Public image of Ferrari is their job and every time there is a question of what they can do or contribute in their position, we find that they get after my Books which I had written as an alternative to putting down sales armies and killing off proverbial goose that lays golden egg, it gets after the Books that it knows help to streamline what people are doing because it does not want the trickeries with which it gets rich quick to be operable only when economic times are good and so when economic times are not and people are watching wallets closely, it gets after my Books rather than do things the proper way. So I have this label of putting out too much information or giving it all away which I never do – the too much information is supposed to ensure that since they claim work is a problem they have some reason to attend it anyway and pay their taxes thereof, lest the process of using people's business empire to recover their mojo when community croons have taken it from them does not become far more serious than their stupidities are able to foresee. What happens here is that I put information to culture and society to run a Bookshop by and never did imagine that the information itself will become one of my main daily going concerns instead of selling Books, so what needs to happen to rectify this problem is that within that need to steal things without getting into trouble with the law which lets them target Royalty all the time has to be an outcome where they take it and take all of it a social issues business, given the right tools and proper measures.