There is another problem and test for me for today quite naturally which does not make any sense, they say it’s a matter of the level of hate people have for me which is nothing unusual anyway but we can see this is not another test or a new one, it’s the same case of very stupid individuals whose civil rights you need to preserve by not mentioning they are incredibly stupid and that their abuses are very painful, none the less of which they do not make it easy by making sure all the pressure placed on their victims are about the tummy and then the outcome will be that they accuse me of stopping their fame, cling to my public image, start little provocations that make me smell like my loo and then I get beaten up for being irritating and then things will happen if I wanted my Public image again with a big mouth – so its never really taken into account what I will do to them if they live up to that yapping all together anyway; as we can see that it is quite impossible to stop or confiscate the fame of famous people like they are unable to stop mine while I am able to stop their own. So the bottom line has always been that they behave in such ways because they wish to get people acknowledging them as important people, so the part where the Politicians rip up my finances and academics, build up their own with tax payer funds to set up that stupid self-confidence they approach me with was never enough and yet the problem itself comes whenever they think that they are important, such as a process of walking to work making me smell like my loo because every fool in a car wants to show me they have the upper hand and make me deals on the road as they drive along, then we hear their media idiots ask those questions endlessly as per whether I know why they do it, while everybody else can see its not just a matter of not wanting to spend time with their own mates as it is a matter of being able to oppress people they think they are better than all the time as though it were the air they breathed. The point with these idiots like we see there is one for today is that they think I am stuck somewhere coming up with an explanation for their behaviour towards me, which they follow up like racists by explaining away everything that bothers them on anything I have that they want, while for their part they also think their personal lives are so secret nobody sees them laugh at their victims with their families when they get home; so I am wondering if with that big mouth, it is not the bits about Politicians helping them get ahead of their mates at Industry I am going to rip up next to ensure they had become serious minded fools expressing their stupidities all over media like they normally are. This matter has come to the surface because years of my Mood determining whether I can sell Books I have published which patents they have no respect for has now resulted in an outcome where they claim I have damaged retail business in the UK; so its one of those matters about which the whites will do what white peoples do including racist antics, the blacks will do what black peoples do including slavery and then they will both savage others to get their exit and then meet somewhere to groove at Industry – I am not saying I do not do the same things apart from the very difficult endless responsibility building for others by being an irresponsible scum who does everything including racism and gang land behaviour for money but its about those things I do with respect to having friends and allies and people who care about me at work and daily concerns, that causes me to behave as though I am actually an adult as it were but we can see they do not understand this is what I will waste next to ensure that they started taking seriously and found ways of playing up their stupid practical jokes with their own mates i.e. I have damaged retail business and I am wondering if it was before or after. We have not even yet started talking about black boys following me to shops and then word getting round later that people rob shops after I have visited them, the fucking idiots have a damaged retail business while they are still clinging to my Books talking nonsense about friends of friends as well for good measure; the same behaviour applied to my academic work and had to do with their barely criminal existence following me around and then it wanted to damage the academics so I might take revenge while it has government connections to take further revenge on the revenge by and continue its domination for the rest of its life and I am wondering if that big mouth is yapping all over the place because of it on account that they are talking about getting ahead of me which they did by themselves and not the help of tax payer funds hence those stupid threats are a function of the fact I have prepared them ripe and ready for the kicking in the first place by putting out detailed information about their activities to facilitate a behaviour towards them at Industry in the first place, therefore able to determine when and how and why they should be screwing around with me the way we see them do, based on fact – you know, friends of friends and I will sit down and watch them play their stupid games with this literary empire and make it smaller and smaller the whole time without any consequences that will help preserve my livelihood too as it were. The point is that these are very stupid people and their activities really are very painful, especially when their involvement and its methods make me sick to the stomach and then they perform those discriminative routine that involves what is passing down my throat to my tummy and makes a bad smell when it hits the bottom and right up to their Politicians who have not yet seen that there is nothing stopping people working towards getting rid of a major parliamentary party at this stage of their stupidities and cannot therefore keep the fingers off peoples bums after years of grooming others for distant sexual assaults their stupid women can practice blabbing about me having a problem with Common people just getting on while we all know they say that one moment and the next gang up on those who just look as though they have something to lose that others can therefore gain, their children taught to finger peoples bums as we all know the one that does their case is when you handle them in a way that ensures they had run out of time as well by the way – each time I try to find out what it means of which I get the information its just business as it were. So that we can see that they have taken their organised irresponsibility right up to the very edge and nothing is out of bounds these days for them including the practice of either full or quasi racism  and the business of meeting each other at Industry to ensure they wrecked peoples lives and finances and lost nothing for their part is always done by looking at my bum to ensure I smell like my loo everywhere I go. As I had mentioned before, there is still prevalent sense that there is a reason for their behaviour and that their personal lives are so secret nobody can hear them laugh at the effects, while mine is so open that they are always in it, we hear that story of me stopping the fame that was my fame and that stupid big mouth which started off asking politicians to set me up for sexual assaults they can perform to feel good about life is now blabbing consequences that I will suffer. So it is still the business of Politicians spending tax payer funds to facilitate none whites who engage in all the ill of none white society to build up irresponsibility that helps to win elections and therefore access to public funds, likewise the whites on racism and domination of others, about which they meet at Industry and bring it all in, bring it together and create community with a stage that must be respected by those who wish to avoid getting into further trouble, I have no idea if they realise it is what I am going to tear up to make them go away like that today's bit big mouth wagging in Public places all the time. The cyber bullying issue really set this matter apart; usually it is understood social media owners keep an eye on those who have promising profiles in case they might have to sell a service to such people to make money that helps maintain the system itself all together – those who perform the cyber bullying always want people to be confused about this and they are mainly the celebrities and Journalists who now want the rest of us to do something about cyber bullying when it affects them, especially when the person targeting them takes advantage of their history to come up with a plan that ensures the social media officiators can do nothing about him or her. The most prominent of this processes used by celebrities and journalists to make peoples social media concerns toxic of course is the psychological loopholes in social media; where you have 100 persons on your profile who think what you say or do matters and they spend their time making out that you think you are famous but are not and this then brews into a series of practical jokes that can allow somebody else completely wreck everything you are doing to take over your fame and do such damage in the process that it is impossible for you to act and then when they realise you keep recovering, the whole business of thinking you are famous because people are interested in your social media when you are not really famous, then means they can run off the practical jokes that rip up all you are doing to make them money and fame and much as they wish as per they have now placed you in an existence where rules do not apply and you are a freak which means they will get cultural support for whatever they do as well. The point is that the only way to get Celebrities and Media jobbies to understand is to push them into such a difficult corner as they would wish they never experienced, so they might understand the way that making peoples lives toxic really works i.e. in my case they have criminal record or bad history with people or have enemies, so when they make my life toxic with social issues and somebody shows up to cling to what I am doing or make people cease to respond on account that I am said to have had a criminal record, I simply shut down because I do not have a criminal record and have no way of telling them that like the Celebrities I have a past I am trying to move away from and If I lied about this, it would be a slippery slope indeed, which is how people are made to kill themselves on social media for instance and precisely why Celebrities and Media and always complaining about me in equal measure; mine began with media fools who need news to report getting Celebrities to make fame on my public image knowing their insanity was called show business in its own right - now I cannot sell my Books because my Mood is unacceptable according to the retail community and I need to buy some advertisement to add to all that attention I get from them and the lack of respect for my patents as though they are about to get the job done for me all together as it were.