Now they say I am really good at playing superiority games with others which I am not; what happens is that they are incredibly disingenuous, especially the Americans; one moment you had remotely looked like something that works against other peoples freedoms, the next its okay if yours is taken away for the benefit of the majority – what then happens of which is that the majority see peoples freedoms being taken away and the results fit into their miscalculation of what I am capable of as well after they had started blaming me for it. It feeds into this story of get yours done and abandon Trump, which is utter nonsense; what happens is a classic case of US exceptionalism – which is usually a product of the surprising places in which the US has economic and Political interests and we are not talking about trade either, we are talking about the one with some form of leadership responsibility and Political involvement – so Mr Trump is fundamentally interested in what I am doing and I have to work with it but keep an eye on how the former affects me; the case of those who claim I am playing superiority games is naturally the old tale of people consuming organised crime products and getting some corruption going on for them as well and by right should not be getting away with addressing me in order to keep me down like I have to tolerate from US Media all the time. So the other matter by the way side is the German one; always very simple but the manner people approach me leaves me talking it into serious complications instead – it was an old story of the usual stuff being that each time somebody does something great and unusual, we find the Germans have adopted a position in the entire world which means that the person has lots to lose and another can exploit every benefit associated with being more powerful and we see them play it out in each turn with their American and Middle East Friends: the bits about the insults and abuses are an old case where somebody has not taken up that stuff about boys gathering somewhere with incredibly unhealthy views about women and assuming they can handle the public image and property of anyone they wished and then made a case of himself breaking it to pieces as well, so they can talk rubbish about war all over the place and bring peoples lives to stop over their needs all the time if they wanted. The excuse is usually that it has much to do with financial services but the financial services one was the part where they do not work on the business empires that gets to their heads if you can be made to suffer processes of finding out their girlfriends have been deploying your public image to made advertisement for household products which has a global reach, while they are talking with Politicians about sacrificing your empire to create new market; it conjures up an image of them hanging around at the financial markets, putting everybody in boxes and they have some people to take care of Politicians' interests, others who do celebrities, others who do Royalty, hence you can see that when they mess with you and you may have thought it was not a good idea, they know where to hit as well, which will not affect me very much all together, hence we always see them keen to do something about me earning any money all of the time. They speak of kids being caught up in the throes of the oppressed while reality is more a case of how the abuses end up in a condition where they are not put down to memories any more, therefore they deserve everything they get. Now they tell me I make a mess of my life and claim I have done something about Politicians and it is utter rubbish too: I have not made a mess of my life grooming a collection of idiots for enemies as well because they are always doing something to rip up my finances and show up in public places hoping that I will become too old for school while having a qualification is the answer for any problems I have, too old for work while I need a job because I have no money and then when they say I am a bum it will actually make sense a grooming me for fascism and misogyny all the time, taking equities out of this Estate and failing to make the best of it because they are stupid everyday. So its an old case of start and wait for what I will do on the 5th of June as well. They say I do not really understand the issues with the Politicians which was rather a simple case of how to get out of the huge conundrum of somebody else starting this leadership where people do not allow you take advantage of them after you had failed to work on your business empire for some years but even so they can see that while they are coming up with little new tricks at Government Office, continued damage done to my work and finances will obviously mean more problems for them to deal with and I do get told this disposition will get me into trouble and it will not do any thing of that sort unless somebody really understands how many times these idiots strike my anus in any given 24 hours on grounds big brother wants to get along with Celebrities etc. the insults were their choices to make and I never had a say in being labelled the kid that gives respect kids do not give these days any more and we can see how far they take themselves and the way those who do not join them to attack and abuse me from treating me like a sex object looking for trouble it is complaining about but continuing still to being labelled a kid that gives respect that kids do not give these days any more – I mean I do not get angry every single day I return from work and walk past somebody who insinuates I get about taking up jobs the daddies should be doing and need to get on with it, stop complaining before it gets me into more trouble, simply because I was a bit tired; they take themselves thus far because they are the men who rule the roost and tend to earn 50% more than their female counterparts for doing the same work and I am not going to get into any stupid trouble for ending up in a situation where I have to defend myself physically from anybody in anyway whatsoever; in the end they need to keep off my Public image and stop clinging to it for a fame fix. I get the question all the time, to supply in a very simple way the answer for what I am really after and it has never been clearer; I feel I have not done enough for the Celebrities I have arrangements with and need to be a bit more involved – so sometimes its a case of the fact it is an arranged chaos that is necessary, other times we are involved in a form of society marriage where they stand with me to fight for some things that really matter such as global peace for instance. The problem being that another group who care about nothing have invited themselves and so I am always oscillating between the two points i.e. misogyny and fascism all the time; I am trying to send a message that they need to lay off my Public image and get a job, that they need to stay off my case. The Media ones are a special story; we find them provide this leadership that involves building a crowd around the way I react when I am attacked, especially the Americans but what they are most concerned about is the way people fancy them when they react to what I get up to in the same way as well and so there is this idea running around that I think everybody wants to play with me the same with people in the UK do which is not the case; as we can see, they live in republics but love to cling to my concerns knowing society goons will chase their bottoms for it and we are not talking about the one where they met me in person, we are talking about clinging to it on the internet – so it goes beyond the abusive and violent insults of the media ones encouraging outcomes where they are either beaten up or have the jobs taken from them whence they can set me out as somebody with things they want to have that they can control and set out with this disposition of right behaviour and asking the right person to have anything they want, that involves showing up here to cling to my Books and demand their own Army and so it adds up to a case where I make that society around them feel really queer in case I wish to sell it after as well.