I don’t think the finance Industry is a bad thing – if I were Prime Minister, the last thing I would want to do is tell people to make a wish and go into the City to get rich then sit back and expect regulations to sort things out when people rummage all around it but this is largely the biggest preoccupation of Politicians who feel it is the spot where they are to express the best of their own vanities and vice. People always say I am wrong but it was always easy to say if you see your friend go wrong give us a shout in an Industry where everybody is on their own at all times until this became the lifestyle of the Politicians combined with the need to rip up my literary empire and locate customers to get rich from in the city because they cannot run stupid socialist small businesses without doing so and keeping me out of employment so that they can keep it up, which has also resulted in this need I have to ensure their playfulness leads to job losses until we hear about it too. So that when we make mention of tax payers getting value for money considering the millions spent in expenses to keep them for weeks at a time talking nonsense about regulations they already know will never work. They make these regulations like the rest of us are stupid and there is some big boss out there who decides what code of conduct for finance Industry traders should be which has no basis on reality – so it is obvious those who are in the Industry because they figured out a talent for working in an environment that is safe from thieves and robbers cannot tell us about anything they spot because of them. The part where it was a difficult issue being a simple case of fat boy cannot stop eating and he knows he is sick but will not get medical help if they can get into the finance industry as well where he can access all the money he wants and eat as much as he likes – so those who are there because it is a job requiring certain conditions to fulfil cannot tell us anything because of the Politicians; it has always been this simple unless people are doing things they don’t want to do and as for those goons with opinions about me using my own to do it and how the only way I can get involved if when I use my own to do it blah blah blah – if I am doing these things while they are making those noises I am sure their investors will want to know about too so we can see what their own looks like so I suppose if they have got it they will when they make those noises put a name to their faces and make them in public as well, otherwise they can let me carry on, doing it with my possessions or not after all the last time we checked it was for their own good and then they can ask me again why their playfulness must result in job losses for them before I am satisfied this is over as well. It is never important what their opinion of me is whether or not they control all the media and Politicians and civil rights idiots who are really good at personality and career piracy in the world; they need to get off my books as well. These things are supposed to meet in the middle according to the prognosis of the freedom they talk nonsense about when they speak of those who dare of challenge them being forced to use their possessions to make a better country for them to get rich with – in my mind what it means is that it is what I am good at even though in theirs they are teaching me a lesson so the corrupt people and they and myself are supposed to meet somewhere if we do what we do properly – the market is supposed to have its security, profits and then a means of firing those who are not doing a good job when they spend too much time trying to make money they have not worked for and therefore made none at all. So again the only downfall of their own freedom prognosis is that the Politicians will collect for idiots anything they want in order to create trappings of power which takes us right back to where I started i.e. they need to get off my Tyranny books as well – after all it can always escalate into a process where I attack the freedom itself so that I can make the finance industry into what I want and become peoples personal Gods and then there will be an end to Politicians doing that so they can do my stuff for me at the end, show they are the biggest fuck in the world and tell me when I mention their need to handle things that are too big for them I am predisposed to doing that in the first place of which the attitude as we can see never ever improves.  Like their American friends talking about how I have been crippled and will be taught a lot more lessons yet which is utter rubbish; the reality is rather that they are not yet finished running around the world to recover economic territories that were exclusively that of the world’s biggest democracy, they are talking about handling me when that will lead to even bigger problems than that yet as it were. So that the reality becomes one about how people will do business with the Chinese if they have to anyway but insolent American idiots want a US economic alliance with China knowing how extreme their Country is in the first place while I am supposed to be suffocated in the middle – so that the question becomes those insults about what is on my mind when they have not had their own minds worked out yet and considering which this is publicly obvious too. I mean in China economic growth is Mr A who set up product exchange system in his neighbourhood being replicated in every single household and all of them paying their fees to the guy who works for the government and tells them what to do if they must keep it and that is what is happening there –so when somebody turns up with a product we are expected to tell them to go away because we are democratic people and so that if that is not what we are supposed do then the government will get involved and decide when they do come around with a product and how we are supposed to behave as a result – so the last time I checked this air was free and they do need to fuck off especially the Americans. I mean the complaint is that communists are becoming more capitalist but at the same time while they are trying to push them out of capitalist economic territory, they are making economic alliances with the communists and telling others have to behave when they see Chinese and Russians – so it does get on the nerve and if they wind me up I will take up that their job and finish it for them.

It is never actually true I am susceptible to sexual violation and or abuse – I mean sex is my worst nightmare because I am an Arch Prince of course but having said that they are media trolls and big business trolls and finance Industry trolls but the ones that talk nonsense about handling me the most are the advertisement and fashion trolls, they even claim I am the troll as well and have tales with their community idiots that they fight me to keep and continue to provoke me with still thereafter furnish them – however we are talking about their God in the white house and his cronies too and the fact this air was free and they need to go away; clinging to the damage they can do to my books to create me zero sales for everything I say that as much as tickles them is the assumption they will reduce this matter to a clash and win at the same time – their God in the White House needs to clear that space and yes considering what I cannot back up I am sure these relatives of tyrants especially when white want some of mine as well and then we will find out as it were, otherwise I can back up anything I do and say and they are not hurting enough yet so far the assumption we will ever get to discuss how they will clear that space for their part as it were; it was always a matter of mathematical calculation that if the White House stiles my book sales and I want them off it I will attract the attention of bully tyrants all over Africa and the Middle East long with their relatives, so this is just an update of what they are already fully aware of and what is hurting them will soon end up on a website again as it were very soon.