Now it is said that I am a fighter and will fight at any cost to any effect. The truth is that of what people do each time they have access to a crowd, which fundamentally involves getting some terribly behaved people to build a cocoon around me to facilitate the business of generally getting around hurting me over their needs and problems without interference from the authorities and this means that the foolish things people who never amount to much get up to depends on me while the good bits about how much I have to offer but the small levels of security I have to protect it with becomes their main concern with me as well; this stupidity never seems to lessen with Politicians and Media along with Celebrities and I do not think that it makes me a fighter either, what is clear is that they are about to shut it down soon enough my way of shutting down or their own will do.

They do claim that if it were not so bad a public conditions when I was given a Royal Commission, I would never have gotten one but what we are really talking about is that cocoon they want that allows them do whatever they like with other people; such that we find each time I establish a relationship with people their stupidities go from claiming they own me to take it over, it should be noted naturally that the one they love most which then dominates everything around here is what women do with me over threats of sexual predation and then set about destroying it if they cannot have it to try and get rich fast by, as stupidly as possible and then we end up dealing with stories on my treatment of women by the way side, garnished with their need to show they have been working on the business of their boys from the neighbourhood bursting unto my public image to make it their own and then protect them from me as stupidly as possible, while their disobedience about not showing up near my Books and putting an end to the business of following me around continues unabated. To which end they then say that they will get whatever they want from my Books, just as much as I have warned them it is about to end over a fight with the media too.

The third part of it would be that even as I say and do these things I am still handling the interests of society people and have decimated a large part of their convenience economies – which I have, as we can see I have dropped out of University because the above two conditions persist, now getting about responding to their stupidities everyday while the business of claiming I am one of their kids on whom their stupid future depends had already led to some trouble and I am not to be offended about the botched academic work that will prevent me from shutting down access to the personality they wish to make use of – we see them raise their foolish children to be other peoples little daddies as well and if those children met somebody who conditioned them into looking like the label of bitch fits well, I get bullied and if they are not I am in trouble with a big mouth they have got, so I decimated it alright, bearing in mind what happened was that they complained about me on account damaging the academic work by following me around and chasing my bum at University meant I waited for them at the jobs market as well – they complained and their children picked up pornographic activity, so I stopped and then it got worse. We then find that their business is to put themselves in this position where a world of their media gits loving the idea of wrecking peoples lives generally means that they are the ones who want people to think they were interested in academic work and career while they were interested in popularity, so their position sets out as one which exists to pick people when people are already down; each time that people try to show them what this feels like, the result is that there is serious harm or death and their case showing up at the legal system to find out how it works, which I have not got the time for as well. The outcome is then this story of problems I have that threatens to engulf everybody while there are no such problems and what happens is that of another group of gits shoving me in the deep end and issuing threats for the smell caused by the abdominal discomfort caused, once the business of surrounding me with hoodlums and criminals then building publicity for me on media to claim my life has now passed to Celebrities and Media idiots was finished. I have warned them and those big brother and daddy stupidities that assumes the right to handle me, the neighbourhood life changing insults which mean when I twist them into a difficult situation as well, it becomes an issue everybody ought to take part in as I had dared not provoked their stupidities, warned them it is about to stop over a fight with the Media.

I do also get told that I am some free ride specialist while reality is first of all that I am an obsession which does not leave me feeling comfortable all the time and yet following my social media profile which is just a click away is too much if they are planning to be more important than I am like a question on the survival of humanity if people are this stupid – the other being that I set up a business in a way which ensured the system made people money and they could buy the products, so what the bloody idiots do with a need to have a lifestyle I envied while they ensured I was unable to acquire it as if they will get away with property damage like that forever is show up to extract the money from the system and pretend I never heard it said that there is no such thing as a free lunch, then inform me if I described them as a fucking idiots they are chasing my bum to make me spend money on advertisement when I don’t know what I am advertising anymore, it would get me into a difficult situation, with that big mouth they have.

The position these idiots have adopted apparently is one where I am always facing threats of industry fools investing my equities without buying my Books and my livelihood can never be prepared well enough to ensure it is set above the stage at which civil rights practical jokes operate and they are the ones complaining all the time, in which case it is easy to see why I will not tolerate the threats. It feeds into the stories they wish to tell of how less I know of Fashion while I want to get my hands all over it, while what happens is that I am a Royal Hermitage at a Prayer Hermitage with a Fashion Models’ Coven which is not difficult for any person who has a slight amount of respect for others to understand, thus whilst our relationship is something they do not like and complain about endlessly, they get involved uninvited and with the help of media and they make their own, then claim what I say does not make their Fashion work easier while I never intended that it should in the first place bearing in mind the only relationship they have with me is one of testing their superiority and then walking away with anything they had handled if I did anything unusual because I felt uncomfortable about it.

It does feed into this case that runs and run endlessly about the British getting away with bad behaviour on the diplomatic arena which is utter nonsense when considering that before the economic crisis Europeans had a better diplomatic arrangement with Africans, South Americans and Asians than we British did but now we have a competitive if not better relations with these parts of the world through hard work – they have done nothing with their time save pick up business with the USA and run off incredibly pervasive stories which then becomes very ironic when the US thinks British always get the job done, so they know whom to support first whenever things go wrong, which has just become a disposition that is stronger than it has ever been. What they then do each time this fact becomes obvious is go from a case of European Businesses Understand these matters very well but the Politicians never do, save the somewhat willing French and with that they wish to ensure the US was not using the UK to dominate Europe while we cannot even understand how that became far more important than such realities we have to deal with as the fact that if we want economic recovery we will have to rally other people from other parts of the world, the result of which is Cultures and Societies getting along with each other and the last time we had this sort of outcome from looking after economy on the global front, we ended up with 2 World Wars, whereby if we do not want two world wars we need to come up with alternatives. Same as the other story their local goons and popularity gits love so much about teaching me lessons, which they have gotten quite accustomed to because they have not been getting a response from me. I have tried to set out some inescapable facts that draw disparity between my existence and their own which means they do not need to get on with their lives only when they handle or get involved with me i.e. facts like when they build their new found fame and fortune on nonsense about making me show respect to my parents when they know nothing about my parents and although they extract money from my public image being this insulting I do nothing about it nor do I end up with my own case on getting famous forcing them to get stuck at home loving their parents which they hate so much as well but it never seems to work as a means that allows them see nobody here is confused about the fact my financial complications are entirely due to their stupidities doing damage to it and so it is becoming a matter of the fact when they have done it for years, they do not necessarily need to get about opening avoiding the question of decency, a matter of how they suppose I have been paying off the invoices and running my own existence, to such an extent I am a character they can bully and wish to hurt all the time, therefore need to show they want to teach me lessons with the big mouth that they have got and this is one of the issues that will constitute a massive problem for their Celebrity culture once I have cleared out all these nonsense and it had not stopped – I would like them to keep off my Books and stop following me around as I always say and I would really fancy they did shut down those stupid media comments about my person and my concerns – I am not in any way as afraid of them as they have made out, they are a bunch of goons who think we are all in a mindset that says they belonged in powerful gangs while we are not and their big brother insults have not yet learned there is no link between their pathological fear of work making them rich and a process where I am sore all over and will not until the increased abuses developed from a stage where they got to give me a reason to a point where they got to give me a closure for it too. They do point out it’s something about hating what women do on our behalf while reality is that women are usually frustrated that their idea of being famous is deciding that their ability to acquire eternal access to fame should depend on those who have fame for s short period of time in their lives because these kinds of persons are likely to work at it the hardest and we find these parasitic nonsense carry on like that and become ever increasingly violent and abusive with media every day. I am not the type that does not have eternal access to fame either, just the one that is likely to get around through the ages carving out a path for what he wants to get up to and they continue to develop those fantasies about my bum as insultingly as possible until I got them into a position where they were thinking a certain stuff should not be allowed to hit the vein, and then only then will the situation had improved.