Now, one of the most popular claims that idiots with money to throw around that they cannot account for like to get backstage media to throw in my direction is that of how I always miss the point of the facts and make a mess of things I am asked to do. The truth on the other hand has more to do with the fact they cannot just go from idiots with media based corruptions of involvement by which they barge into my life to steal whatever they want and keep access open, then make it permanent on media as well, so that they can secure fame and fortune for their boys and girls and dispatch their stupid wives to get round to ensure I can do nothing to defend myself – with endless alternative meanings to whatever I say or do, since everybody must have wives these days, to telling me what to do. It is a long distance to travel to look for trouble and there has been no improvements to the situation yet; what they are doing for improvements is trade and violence so that when it goes badly wrong it becomes really personal as well.

To which they say I speak like that but at the end of the day interfere with people business notoriously. When in actual fact, what I have done is a simple case of setting out issues in public which will ensure that since they have always wanted to be so insolent as what they have done to me, which has also created the result of making me cash strapped because I am incapable of violence and has now progressed to stories they tell about their victories and how they will determine how much money I have and has now stopped somewhere at personality competition with me over who gets to play my role in the world, they should have no enemies whatsoever in order to get by because these things I set out will always get to mean that Politicians can make them play the lap dog role for fun and more so especially when they misbehave – the more the mention it, the more the Politicians have their vanities stirred.


What they were supposed to do is realise the need to respect my property and my office and the need to get off my earnings, what they were supposed to realise is that they have created an economic crisis stealing money of which no body has a means of putting together government structures to recover and therefore it is time for them to move on with that and let people recover, what they have decided to do instead is things such as when I write books with sardonic humour, they get up and damage my work to create their own financial industry sardonic humour as well and this was the last time I checked of course before they tell me about how I should be doing my job. I mean I am now in a personality competition with them not withstanding of which the financial industry fascists that cannot exist if they have enemies will have meant the one they have won, not the one I have beaten out of them again.

So that I miss the points of the facts of what I am supposed to do and make a mess of things has heard its warnings here; I will tolerate no further of such rubbish from any stupid clown; certainly not their kind that owe me yet. Obviously in the first place the more the validity of what I own or say is questioned by them does not make it better anyway, bearing in mind the outcome is that I always say and do things that makes no sense which UK Politicians and others in alllegiance use against them when they fail to behave.