There are these claims swirling around that the UK Government borrowing rate before the coalition government came into office to put it under control was a matter of the economic crisis. This is something I wish to clarify and wholly dispute as well  because what really happened was that the Labour Government thought it was perfectly alright for the government to be borrowing over £400 million everyday over claims of an economic crisis to meet the needs of an acquired taste, what really happened was that they had decided to set the government up as competition with Industries as the primary source of Jobs in the Country using Money collected as taxes from Individuals and the same Industries in what was actually a mixed and primarily capitalist economy and the result was government spending money on endless ventures such that whilst in an ideal world when an economic crisis hits, it is employees and industries that suffer and bear the brunt and not the government, the situation with them at the helm was the reverse and of course they were so high at it that when the economic crisis did hit, they sat there doing nothing – any movement was geared towards giving money to Banks instead. Bringing home to roost thus the other side of the matter which is that having been that we are now years into the recovery process, if the economic crisis did affect the government to such an extent, suggesting that even money belonging to government was not safe at Financial Institutions, there is no clear answer to the question of why we are still taking so long to attain full recovery, bearing in mind that the government has global reach. What I am saying is that the economic crisis was in this case a financial crash and it is not true that everything can be blamed on it thereof; the way a financial crash works is that people like to play games and gambles with Industry money and stock market money and the outcome is that the system is maintained by a steady flow of a certain group of people that cannot chase up insignificant money they lose because the risks outweigh the benefits and or do not notice that they are losing that money and or are aware that they are losing the money but there is nothing they can do about it – this was to ensure that the stock market and financial Industry casino were sustained whatever happens; hence for there to be a problem, these particular group of people will either run out of money or will find ways of chasing up their money and recovering it – according to how deep the financial crash was, what happened was the former and not the latter; so for people to say that Government borrowing rates was a function of the economic crisis is wrong, what happened was that the Politicians involved were playing around, they thought it was a big party until it blew up.