I am now said to be of a habit of needing to provide for myself like I am a Royal bastard; it is utter nonsense of course as the reality is that I drop out of University because some stupid men need to handle me on account they have done everything right about raising their own children but cannot still be proud like my parents are proud of me and so it gets worse the more successful I get in the sense that I am sore all over, hardly feel well in any 24 hours and other peoples lives are affected. However, which it all still comes down to the very small ones like a not following me around at the Universities and keeping away from my Books. What they are confident I am not aware is happening is the things they gather up their children to blab about at home all day concerning my person and how it will mean that they develop another of those stupid communities with ideas about what to do to me and set about working out their sex lives on my public image while their children showed up here to do me favours collecting some generation gap wealth from my work, after making sure it exists in a condition of social conversations which means rules do not apply to ownership or how it is used, while complaining about damage to culture and society already as we speak. So I do get told that I never pay attention to the good bit if I am only concerned with the bad but the good bits will be the huge big massive responsibility civil rights that gets you so tired you do not have the time to work on matters that should support you in paying the bills, then they will remember later that they have spent all their time on it and do not have time to pay their bills too, so since you are the one with a thinking mind, they need to ensure they can work bullying that is so clever people cannot stop them until they got what they wanted on you. The rest will be goons claiming I am a fake especially the Americans, whose ideas about what people get up to when people are fake has to be responded to with violence, yet, you know those parts of town you had set foot in with consequential results being that you smelled and have no wish to go there, thus it will gather itself into a cluster and hunt down the rest of your life as well, never mind the fact it then becomes impossible to just say goodbye to modern living and carry on with the rest of your life thereafter.

I do get told I pick up these problems and assume I will be able to solve them but I pick up nothing, since last I got a Book written I have continued to contend with these goons and their ideas about their financial needs if they can get some Royalty wrapped round a little finger fostered by a stupid media and celebrity culture while they complain about the damage I have done to it as well. The Industry ones are about needing my assets to win contract with and showing up to sweet talk a crowd that will go out a sale army and sell their products on my public image, the fashion ones are about the fact they are incredibly twisted characters who are stuck up with violent people and wish to spend my whole public life on themselves which will allow them deploy their money for the purpose of getting me to fight those enemies, the Celebrities are about earning the income I should have been earning, the Media are about running their jobs off on Publicity I have built for my Books because of the good feeling they will get, the popular culture ones are about people getting into a fight on their behalf by deploying the way I defend myself which also allows them to do me a favour of spending any property in my possession to harm those who might have spent it in order to get back at their family members that decided to get off fighting for popular culture gits – the list goes on endlessly: my point being that its useless to get off a Royal Office and get involved with it thinking that it is a problem you can solve but since last I got a Book written, they had invited themselves into my concerns and their Politicians especially the Americans cannot stop supporting the means by which they run off the lies that help them make it a bullying that is so clever it cannot be stopped until they had gotten what they wanted – its all insults and abuses asking me to get off my case and get through my existence hating them, which I do not have time for but these insults and abuses and the fact they cannot keep their hands to themselves which constitutes the reasons I am sore all over all the time and also the reasons their culture and society lies in tatters for it  on account of their stupid hands getting up my bum every time they are frustrated about not being able to stupidly show up here and ensure all I have is not ruled by rules on how it is used and then win a fight over it as well – they can never keep their hands off other peoples children and like to think I am a character that will never do them harm, so I had since become their toy or sorts.

I am told I never deploy my own life or culture to do what I do while reality is more a matter of the fact that they spend decades of my time and lots of government funds, the stage at which government funds is spent to help them out with their problems being the point at which their stupidities were in need of money an self confidence at my expense all the time, they spend it to ensure I look like I am climbing ropes, learning something about money from somebody else, which makes me a subject for civil rights practical jokes, they spend it seeking a case where I had no money and the prospect of getting a job did not exist, so I had to get into business whereby I will make money by grovelling, claiming its about my personality of how rich their stupidities think they can become if they were able to handle it – all the while the expectation is that I will walk away from all the destruction caused and become more concerned with the financial issues looking forward while their unfathomable stupidities got worse at my expense as if were we related to each other or something of that sort. So we find the activities I have engaged myself in the last 13 months have cut them off from these things and they have in turn built up publicity which suggest they were experiencing difficult financial times while living in Celebrity mansions they have no idea how their stupidities bought, and they needed to put together a team of other educated scum like themselves to resolve the problem, while it complains which it simply cannot keep itself out of other people’s concerns irrespective of damage or distress caused, using, feeding, insulting abusing, running away from work. It feeds into this case that I think I am their equal when it is a matter of show business portfolio running around the City looking for work that needs my Company Assets until I failed my exams and then once I had become a character they can hurt and wish to attack all of the time – it never minds its business and is always trying to convince me it is famous while every involvement grinds my whole world and career to stop and yet I have ended up with a bad reputation when I have never myself invented a stupid thing to insert into their lives and career like they do mine as well, an expression that I can gather up some money and ensure it helps me live out an existence that means I could never mind my business because I consider myself to be incredibly important; so we find that these goons who claim I am dealing with wealth inequality issues that was fabricated in the heads as if rich people stole the money are likely to be the characters they employed to sort out difficult celebrity products trading times, when I had decided I wanted to limit it and provide myself some breathing space. I do get told it’s a matter of double standards where some celebrities are excluded and others are not from my concerns; reality of course is that in the world of people tackling public matters like for instance bullying and the outcome was that 95% of what they knew about how to handle it had been shared, 80% of the victims of bullying were no longer victims of bullying, time to spend time making people happy and just running a business of good will or going into the city to find work as a Celebrity, there are those that get along with me but that said, there is nothing happening here which diminishes the extent of the stupidities of the ones that are manufactured into fame by trouble making industry twerps who cannot keep their imagination off my private parts either. the part where they say I am a dangerous person is all very well, its just me making sure they understood that there was not enough money in the world to facilitate that nonsense of showing up here to tear down my whole life, career and Books and turn out somewhere with badly behaved security guards who protect them while they grab my so called best made plans for the future and then do some talk to the hand routines at me when I complained about it – this is not their lives, I do not write their Books and the business of belonging on the left while I belonged on the right whereby if they were powerful enough they could have both is utter nonsense – there are no similarities between what happens when I step outside of my door and when I am indoors and what happens with their stupid lives like that they have made out and if we got into a fight they would lose everything – so for a start I do not understand why their celebrity portfolio needs the assets of a legal operative until he fails his exams and this is what they are complaining about; presently it’s the living on benefits bits while they claim what I have said is largely some false hope to try and make people feel confident where they had no hope. There is no wealth inequality, the money that their industry goons who get rich to make trouble for others deploy to manufacture them into fame has run out and I need to take measures of my own as well having become a character they think they can hurt and want to attack and bully all the time with a big mouth. The truth of it is that the goons who make money at Industry to spend making them famous and making stupid people rich, that allows spying on me to abuse me and tell me I will never earn a living until they had gotten rich on my bac first of all have now run out of money and since I am aware that I made a contribution to the process of that happening, I have taken steps to ensure the gimmick about becoming a character they like to bully had no place in reality; safe to say they need give me my space whatever perversions they find amusing and the next time they follow me around at the academic institutions for whatever reasons while their foolish lecturers made statements about my personality speaking for itself and then building a crowd of bullies when they started churning my tummy and I had started losing the appetite until I had dropped out, I am certainly going to give them the trouble they seek, as it will ensure they found it amusing thereafter and generally started to think once I had dropped out the label of bum did fit me well enough. Obviously we see that if they got near the National finances, the Country will burn itself or it will run down to poverty and then burn itself thereafter – the positive for me is that each time they issue the insulting threats over their money problems we get to find out whether or not they will not be getting a job to resolve it when I become their ‘Ex’ first and then shut down access to that stupid popular culture in the process.

I do get told that the part of these matters which I have chosen to avoid is the fact I am a Church going person that does not get along well with the Homosexuals and the Popular culture all together which is utter nonsense – I am not trying to avoid it, we all know they spend most of their time drawing attention to it endlessly, will never stop getting off in the City blabbing how much respect we are to give to their millionaires who conduct tribalism raids to get to the top and then ruin us all to look after their bums when they face a simple test. I for my part do get told I never do violent things about these matters irrespective of what I said of it; but the violent things is an old story where I have gone from a character they were concerned about to one that is concerned about them and what has changed is that they had built a community of goons with ideas about what to do to me and showed up to run me down over it all the time – so it will likely lead to another case where I set a stage for those who want to get between me and those stupid communities they build up no matter how much they complain of what I do when I show I do not fancy it and then it will likely be that those who can beat up will never stop glorifying themselves while those who cannot will never stop hurting themselves and because it will play out at Celebrity culture, we get to find out how they propose that this will never stop that way. I have allowed it get completely out of hand because there are people who just need to control me all the time when they have not yet worked out how to control themselves; so these goons are said to be nice people and I am said to be an enemy for freedom already while the truth is that these people hate work while if you gave them a living wage they will kill you because they really wanted to be rich and famous on your back; hence we have appeared in need of a process where those who continue to peddle this nonsense end up having them somewhere near the family finances and the career, so that when told that what is going on will never stop as long as there is life which brings hope, they will tend to peddle more of such nonsense around their own lives and tell their own tales most of their time instead.

I am said to be in denial of what is happening to me all the time while what is really happening is every fool that looks like a failed attempt at being a shop manager getting their hands up my Bum and wanting to live there, claiming it is linked to their stupid case of selling things successfully; it does not necessarily mean they are white in fact the Muslims are now in the service of stupid Liberal America idiots all together, the part where this method of being successful seeps into the civil service to brew an expression of the role their stupid Politicians are playing in the matter, which means that when they picked up their phones I could not get a job, will be the part where they got to find out what I am made of as well – there is no such thing as a false sense I have that I am protected at the highest level either; the distortion these idiots create is that what the Government knows is that I am looking for work while selling some Books I had written and that the Books have not been doing well because of these kinds of activities on their part, what they want to make out of my anxiety for passing my day on benefits is that I have described myself as a CEO which means that I must be making a lot of money from my acumen and if I am not, then somebody else deserves it but the part where I should have been making that money but chose to lazy around and live off some sweet Universal Credit will make me homeless with their big mouth. Talk of the Media is an entirely different story; the great old case of how they run off their media jobs on publicity I build for my Books talking nonsense of a good feeling they simply have to have when they are not sharing their salary with me and can see such activities damage the sales all together, which is all my fault for writing a Book their stupidities needed to read – their popularity goons being the same old case of wanting to peddle faith and personal life and public image as usual, about which it has become impossible to take good care of the career and academic work due to the security systems I had created for my career to prevent such things; old case of either they were very stupid people or were convinced the same push comes to shove public control issues that they could invent any stupid thing of their choice and build a crowd community with ideas about what to do to me, which they can show up here to run me down with all the time.

Now they say I have no respect for media people which does not make any sense if I am unable to complete the academic work because they are working with those who want to peddle faith, personal life and public image and are therefore always working to dismantle the security that prevents people from doing that each time I am at work or I am in an academic institution; so when I say that it is either they were very stupid individuals who thought they could invent any stupid thing and insert it into my life and career for whatever pleasure they got doing so and have to say so every day, there is good possibility that I am actually dealing with the real persons all together and that these are very stupid people. I mean when it began far back in 2003, it was a case of some female journalists being friendly and soon I was tackled by the male colleagues while the female colleagues that got along with those male colleagues invited themselves into my concerns; so the question if I am in the wrong here is still that of how many people in this world have their friends decided for them by their male colleagues – then there is the other part that cannot really be answered, whereby involvement with me was a danger to the career until they built us the history of insults that they play around with all over the place presently, all I have done being to understand that if involvement with me is a threat to career then there must have been a bigger threat that got the women seeking me out in the first place. They do brag about their gimmicks being something of how I irritate them and how they want to get me into trouble with local hoodlums – which I am already very well aware of and do what I do so I do not get them into trouble with extremists i.e. usually, the bigger they are is the stupider they got, when angry it matters and when others are displeased it does not, such that when angry they are convinced they deserve other peoples entire life’s work and resources to deal with the source of their anger or what provokes them – so when they tangle me up with it, its usually better to be a better person by adopting a position in which it was clear I do not want the extremists murdering anybody on my behest but so equally am I intolerant of their Celebrity and Popular culture and am no custodian of their foolish fame and fortune for it either; if they have seem me suffer financial distress over half a decade because they need to run off their stupid media jobs on publicity I build for my Books, blabbing about a good feeling they cannot resist and must always have like a drug, are not sharing the salary for it either, it beggars the question of where they keep their brains and we all know the Celebrity ones are afraid of work and cannot tell whom they suppose will be doing the work if a living wage was not good enough for them should somebody had given them one as a gift in the first place, always the need to be famous and to live in a mansion will do. They always claim it’s the money that gets to their heads of which I have none, while reality is that if I completed the academic work in 2008, I got myself an applicable job by 2010, we are talking about 2019 at this stage and that makes 8 years of earning between £20,000 and £25,000 – what then would have been my savings and what would I have had to spend if I had some Books to sell; not difficult for people who are appreciative of those whose property they had deployed to boost their income to see as such then obviously. I mean I do get told the case of somebody deploying my work to make money is me messing around with Royal property which I am not  really – what happens is that I write a Book which means I put myself out there, so when they see those things I do, they pick up and get off boosting their incomes, then return with abusive insults that will keep it going – same as the question of what it is exactly I do not like about Celebrities being that each time I spend assets to build community relations and settle with a people I wish to identify with, avoid a bad crowd during trading processes, the Celebrity will get their media gits making advertisement and building them Publicity that makes out they owned it and it will exist to make them famous, then the Book sales will be stifled and families that trusted my work over their financial base that decides how they gather funds to pay their way and put something away for the kids will be jeopardised; this is the biggest problem of all, the rest is circumstantial, like when they explain what they have done as something done because they were very important, as stupidly as possible - then they dig it further claiming that the US President is sacking everything while the truth is that what I am dealing with here reminds the President of what he put up with when he was younger and the fact the situation that emerged between me and the Democrats is something that the Democrats have always done.