Now it is said that I am a victim of American Politics but I am victim of no such thing; there are three parts of this story and one is of money mad idiots from perverse economies making me run my whole life over and over again in order to build the controversies that they can make high market with – the other is American Politicians having a need to put up money and leverage they can play up majority population gimmicks by in order to control the incomes of organised criminals and the most important is a group of idiots who have invented ideas about how I should be used rather than read what I have written which then goes on all day, feeding into what American Politicians get up to, so we find that some of them have now liaise with American Politicians to build up their own leverage and play it over and over and over.

It became serious when the reasons they do it began to apply as something which the Public should be aware of, having been set out as a character who will suffer so that most people didn’t, somebody on whom they can apply lawless activity and then explain to the authorities it did not matter as the needs of the many were greater – so we find that it becomes impossible to carry on my concerns without having to deal with accusations about having done something which interferes with the finances of powerful people; the powerful people who created the recession and told our governments that their business was to make money if the economy had to recover and the business of the Government was to ensure that they did and this means that although these gits have not really achieved anything they can say has put them in a position which makes them superior to me, they are still able to run off abuses which set them out as people who are entitled to a share of such money while I have more difficulty making sure rich people did not use my products without paying for them, meaning I am unable to move from one business to another while they destroy my earnings if I have to deal with too many of them, all feeds into their tribalism raid gits who never get involved with people’s business the legitimate way, running off their own insults to express the fact they enjoy nothing better than churning peoples tummy by working on people when they are given a job to do and culminates in insults about what their alternative lifestyle communities think is the best form of respect I ought to show to City centre idiots and their millionaires. The reasons they do it naturally being that they constantly dream of a condition where their financial wellbeing was developed on a case of another person’s bad behaviour towards people who have money to spare, whom their stupidities were familiar with.

So they do tell me I have not got a chance for success going up against them and it is utter nonsense too – I have been clearing out the consequences of their stupidities at this Bookshop long enough for them to know I am fed up with what they believe to be a threat to me while it is simply a case of their stupidities clinging to my income to make me into something like they are, hence generally it is usually a massive fun gimmick about how to have fun and get rich worked at other people’s expense, as provocatively as possible, hopefully if you did anything drastic, their communities that are built to get imagination up your bum originally due to your selfishness will kick into action and work it for revenge. I don’t think that it is a crisis either, I have now got the men stuck with the difficult aspects of Armed forces work because of the way their stupidities rip up everything that allows me carry on my concerns in safety but I have not yet sorted out something for the women, which I need to work on as well. They make statements that my own people hate me all the time but this is not relevant to me as such; the reality is that the only thing which concerns me about black people is when their civil rights is about their women feeling comfortable with my finances while they supervised, the rest of the time we cannot tell if they are the ones glorifying racism with the stupid big ethnic minority family that they lead with me as a part of it – I am sure they understand what a person is saying if such a person were to say he had endured enough of them; it’s difficult to see how a person can be happy with a community that follows him around to make a mess of his career and once they had destroyed University studies and got him fighting for his life over his Bookshop, decided they wanted an ethnic minority family with them in charge and him as a member, which is not quite as stupid naturally and we know they can never build such things without the support they get from racists going on and on and on about it as such.

I don’t think that the whole matter of being a victim of American Politics is an issue; we can see that a certain group of people have taken up 9 years of my time to work out if they needed to gather up money to draw up leverage and build a coward that they can play up majority population gimmicks by in order to control my finances over organised crime activities and as long as they think that fooling around at my expense will never come through to them with consequences, they will likely continue and so am I aware I have issued the warning that should I find I have less time to make my finances comfortable for my pension, I will plan my life on their stupid wallets for it too. The part the Celebrities have played largely involved a process of making out that any arrangement with my Publishers really added up to a condition in which their own fame was being built and have always continued to maintain there was nothing wrong with it. They speak of the trouble brewing at the Monarchy naturally and that I have had a close shave which is utter nonsense as what happens is that they go to the Monarchy to offer up my work and property to the Queen as a means of securing a power that can allow them do whatever they liked with me – what the Queen thinks when this happens because the requirement for my Office is so tight, is that people are informing the Monarch of what I am getting up to, while what they think is that they had secured the backing of a high power in order to handle me, so the outcome is usually that The Queen would say they had the go ahead and all hell will break lose and the Celebrities who cannot resist will get involved and they will say that anything The Queen did say about my position never mattered, right up to the point where they are informed that it did and in a world where they have to get down on their heads and loop the loop to create entertainment, they cannot stomach it and hang around issuing threats because it makes them smell too. The rest of it is a matter of what happens when I create circumstances in which I had offered their work to the Queen to secure a higher power in order to handle them as well, merely to show there is nothing they can do about me; the fall out we are dealing with now is that they saw me do some work in the private security industry and their insults took a wholly new dimension for it over ideas on what I should do as an Arch Prince to protect their stupidities because they were more important and have never stopped running it off on media while denying it makes me angry enough to churn their tummy for every public issue I must respond to as well – for my part the security work was a good job and I need to consolidate everything that I had done with it, as we can now see it play out in terms of having had one of their own elected into the American oval Office, such that having a little Interest in China generally meant they got off their headstrong Japanese and German Economies to take over and clung to my concerns in order to bleed me dry because they thought it will help them gain power and control; the outcome being that we are ending up with a world where the USA and the UK call the shots, while China get an input in order to control them – hence I am not done with what I did with security work yet which is the reasons I seldom talk about it.

They do claim there is no way I am making progress financially which is utter nonsense as we know Celebrities have made such a mess of economic processes in order to be counted among those who own the local wealth they have not destroyed, that retail banking now needs more radical leadership – so we have Russian Bullying to suggest we want to run their Country, we have American financial gimmicks with majority population and market corruption and we have Oil money muslims who pick up assets I had brokered with Companies and run it off until they can do it as well on the internet – all feeding into the activities of the other fools with ideas about the respect rich people deserve, which was not significant in the first three years since I got published but in 2012 had settled up on the fact that all methods of wrecking my career had failed, so it needed to resort to physical damage of my Books for gratification and in 2016, I decided to put out the games and run the Bookshop properly, hoping the Public will get involved with them for what they are doing and with me for what I am doing but in 2019, it became obvious they were physically doing damage to my Books which added up to criminal activities making a mess of my financial success they claim becomes impossible with their stupidities around and I had warned them I will not tolerate it into 2020 and beyond, which is how we ended up where we are. It does go without saying that if it continues its abusive activities towards my Bookshop, I will begin to explore the indications here that if I slept on their case, I would come up with idea to make their existence incredibly difficult. For the time being the more hands on method is to draw up a lesser warning about the fact that theories of Royalty and Celebrities and Industry people being the same now need to be dismissed as we are not in anyway, only the Celebrities have similarities with Royalty but the crucial difference changes everything since it means that Royalty engages in Public work and civil service while Celebrities don’t – we see it does come down to such reality as the fact you want them out of your right hand side as much as their stupidities picking up your property to build the sense they were your families, wants you out of their own, talking nonsense about bad things that will happen over a culture while it continues to explore how profitable it’s insulting madness may get on the wallet of their victims to such an extent even when they are half the size of people they torment their big mouth can beat up all the time blabbing nonsense with a culture and society all day long while being scared of what it has to do to explore everything it needs to get a sense of, if its whole stupid life is about handling me. The problem is that when you don’t want to bother them and therefore do not move into their right hand, it meant that you had lost yours and this was due to Industrial power, until such a time as I for instance cannot stand it anymore, so I have begun to ask their Industrial leadership to keep the eyes on the shop floor and not my body and ask their minions to keep their imagination off my bottom and anus for it.

The Politicians have pointed out that I never talk about my sex life as such while it is one of the main problems people raise but it is utter nonsense as what happens is that they show up here with enough life changing insults to make me look like I had drawn up my personality from having anal sex due to the extent to which I had become a disturbed person from it – we can see that if I found a way to manage it, their civil and criminal disobedience over the matter will get completely out of hand, such that it is not in the interest of the Church for people to be homosexual, so I will have to work something out. The other thing people speak of frequently is that I am incapable of having fun which is not really the case as well. My idea of what fun is was said to be dangerous so I had stopped and all hell had broken lose since i.e. run a Hermitage full of female friends who spent time claiming their spare time was deployed having anal sex with me, while people were able to pick up equities to chase money and look after the bodies which allowed them to look after my interests; we see this is completely detached and separate from their existence save when the bloody idiots are making out I am a secretive gold mine and their stupidities were conquerors, especially when German or black American who are most insultingly notorious of them all. So, the abuses continue now that we have stopped our idea of what fun is to us for way too long as it were, no doubt I will be getting back to it soon. The way I operate works rather well i.e. stuffing culture and society goons with what I know, so they carried it about like PR, so it seems that the big challenge is to ensure they got to pay for products they handled when I broker Asset and Equity with Clients, therefore the only thing wrong with this place really is the involvement of Celebrities.

So they do claim I am having fun and it is difficult to understand considering the challenges that I face which people wouldn’t think I found incredibly disturbing and provocative but it really is, as it tended to mean we had said and done everything at this point – such as the fact that if I ran off a discourse which meant that I made a statement about the fact neither they nor myself contributes to the upkeep of violent people, criminals and gangs, I would end up clinging to their incomes to boost my ego, added to the destruction of their foolish academic pursuits and finances the way they have destroyed mine and I will make a global stage renowned reputation for myself on grounds that people thought I was famous, by being an entitled twat at their expense – it does need to keep its insults where peoples appreciate it and stop having a go at me to adopt this nonsense that suggests it wants to see what the finale for this nonsense will actually look like, point being, I am not facing any stupid challenges and they do need show up when they want to read something I had written and not when they want to hang around on a stupid media formulating and putting up life changing, finance destroying practical jokes at my expense with a big mouth. The truth of it being that I have never seen a human being that was a happy person when such a human being spent time with them – it just does not happen that involvement with them allows people to be happy, the problem being that Industry fools never really get it. Some people have said that I too love to cling to it and make it go on and on but I don’t; a bunch of idiots show up here to round up my concerns and set out the idea they are nice people, nice people about which 3 years of my time goes by in a flash simply because they are interested in my Bookshop, just like that and it’s getting worse; it’s impossible to tell what really tickles the fools who perform such nonsense all together – they are not nice people and I have never seen a human being whom having gotten involved with them ended up as a happy person. Feel relaxed and get persecuted until your personality becomes the main preoccupation of mentally ill people, do something about exposure to extremism and they pillage the academic work, finances and career, just so they might get into a position to offer talented Armed Forces personnel opportunity for homosexuality and make a mess of State ceremony and all they do with it is popular culture where they lose their minds and remember whom they first got into a habit of harming in order to develop feeling good sensations, at which stage my entire personality had become something they had built a crowd to frown upon, claiming it is sexual and makes people sell; we are now at a stage where they are out of their depth again, the consequences of a new collection of personal decisions as it were and its already a new era.

They now claim that I am constantly at war with them and its utter nonsense too as what really happens is that I have spent half a decade so far, just telling them off practical jokes on the service processes of my Bookshop, followed by stupidities where the women expected me to get into a fight with bad people in order for them to feel comfortable. They always brag that since this is being done by Americans I have not got a chance while reality is the same tale concerning the Americans; one will show up to tell you about the bad things that happen because of which battles you have refused to wage, the other will then make sense of it in the sense that if you beat it up for this sort of thing where you are telling people off making a mess of your finances and career every day for more than five years, it will then come home to you – all picked up by a handful of dead beat ageist idiots with imagination getting up my bum, a need to exasperate me and cling to my books and a search for such results as meant that the Industry leadership didn’t keep the eyes of my body, while their stupidities and that of their children didn’t keep the imagination off my anus; so we find at all times that I will have to invent a way to hurting them to make them listen or stop, otherwise I will need to find out and copy from somebody who had achieved a process where he or she had stopped them inflicting pain and suffering whenever they had a job to do or money to chase and no such thing as me being at war with them, which would have involved setting out a stage which meant that an Arch Prince thought Middle Class idiots always wanted to steal from his Hermitage and therefore needed to take steps which ensured that the sense it was sacrilege to keep the middle class from the upper class and or allow them make my rules to tell me if I can describe them as a handful of idiots needed to stop a sense of that world of insults and salesmen they live in, where they brought people in from overseas to wreck my University studies and are now hanging around with the criminal friends they had made to build communities that get imagination up my bum on claims I should be getting into a fight to make women comfortable. In the end I have been told I would have done something about it if I could but so far I am done with the men who are now stuck with the difficult aspects of Armed Forces work, I need to complete what I am doing with the women as such too; I had spent some time ignoring them as a method of solving a problem because I did set up the Bookshop and write the Books in such a way that I was not vulnerable to them in terms of career but eventually we find the process of physical damage to my Books on account other forms of abusive repressive stupidities that make them look healthy and beautiful to seek out and acquire more money began in 2012 – so I had decided to tackle it by diplomatic means of working on my Bookshop while they spent their time on it which gave the Public a clear choice  but they then set about a history built for me which suggested my Bookshop only just existed in 2019, by which time I had completed work and was ready to trade, so I had to get through hell to handle Social Media employees who thought taking advantage of me would make them into dot com millionaires, while they took advantage of the situation to build another processes of hurting me to chase money and jobs by claiming the idiots who are responsible for claims I am always untidy i.e. they are a mentally disturbed version of the guy who drives the Truck which supplies supermarkets and have been given a range over me through CCTV fools and American National security scum, to claim what they do to get imagination up my bum all day long, make me too tired to look after my living area which is ironically a home that belongs to one of their ageist fools that was very happy to co-operate in the first place, is racism, while their foolish eyes were firmly fixed on my Public image the entire time. so it does go without saying first of all that this nonsense is producing an outcome where people can say what an Arch Prince does or says was done in obscurity, so people can seek fame from it if they had access to Media and that they do not yet look like they are fed up losing loved ones over it in my view – it goes without saying most of these stupidities really do not add up to anything important as I am not vulnerable to society gits, culture goons and local hoodlums, the reason this is becoming a problem being that another group of idiots who have access to Media are rather busy handling me for fat cats, celebrities and industry gits and it would not have been the first time their stupidities had organised a career in order to harm me either, especially now that another group of goons at the Monarchy had taken interest in their stupidities for it as well – It goes without saying there is yet no outright processes where I make sense of everything that do with themselves hurting me, perversion of service processes of my Bookshop being the main point of their stupid ambitions and of course the ever increasing insults which are thrown around where I have done the best work for my career, nothing to indicate they are dealing with a condition in which I waged war on them and hence it would be nice if their idiocy stopped making my rules by suggesting they did it because I described them as stupid people, which in fact they really are. We know how serious it can get when their idiocy later hangs around somewhere to claim that I am the one mocking people for a living and that it was all just a bit for fun that people may take part in at will. After 8 years of fun persecution we have ended up with public instances where the coveting of my person and work, processes of being chased around as a character that can be used to make them popularity and fame, has given way to processes of handing my work to high powers whereby they will obtain permission to handle me and the mess made here has indicated that they were victims of racism and discrimination. It clearly never shows as far as they are concerned, especially in terms of ending up in a condition where I got into the fight of my life because 80% of my career prospects were either being chased by or were likely to mean I got involved with fools who set up arrangements to hurt people, claiming they had set out a Business and could not stop standing near Office block windows blabbing violent lasciviousness on how young people will greater talents should be handled – it never shows liberals are paedophiles especially if giving up a Royal Estate can be used to create wealth and social equality to justify their actions, so I cannot be a victim of paedophilia as an adult and don’t understand why they are complaining about a determination that whatever victim I am supposed to be will be as it were. It’s an old story where if I said Liberals are always paedophiles and this is what brings about the clash with people who are younger than them turning out to be Conservatives and Republicans; so this is an activity that does not stop as long as they believe they will lose nothing if they got a response from the victims, where in my case my Office would make a nice opportunity to create wealth and social equality all together – saying it tended to mean the media had seen a reason to abandon their support for fat cats, industry trouble makers and Celebrities but I don’t think I need their support either – needs keep its stupidities off my Books and stop peppering Public image with comments as not doing so will be their undoing all together. They do claim what is happening is owning to the fact I am a coward and its utter rubbish too as they are simply looking for another situation in which those who can beat up will not stop bragging and those who cannot will not stop hurting themselves – mostly like their insolent public transport twats and local fools, it’s all speculation. They do claim people like me make trouble for myself and blame others for it which is utter nonsense; the one problem is another Bookshop day wasted after 5 years of telling them off daily and besides the business of going off to take something from somebody’s GCSE qualification activities to boost their income margins in their world of salesmen and insults, while they had at least 5 times the qualification and like to assume the victims would never have noticed. They then say that what they are trying to say is that their business is so far reaching its possible I am passing insults at them while trying to make money at their expense and I remember doing that before I even got to the part where I had to stop fat cats, industry goons and Celebrities getting me to hurtle down a rabbit hole and show up somewhere at the backyard of Industry watching people do my career, I did it because it was about making sure rich people paid for my products to make use of it since if they didn’t, I could not shut down a failing business and had to remain in it and rot, I remember doing it and writing blogs which must mean we are talking about it again because rich and stupid and resurrected the whole thing, looking for a response. I remember doing it as it was quite clear that I didn’t like the reputation for wanting to run a business on the shadow casted by big businesses being built for me by these idiots (considering it freed them from involvement with big businesses without understanding the crisis points and social issues) and the talk of such activities being justified because I am a poor person had never stopped indicating either that they were aware every fool in their world of salesmen and insults will be off tackling me to make sense of such statements, in order for us to become proper enemies – it has just perverted my patents and breached my Public image to rebuild the prospects of me trying to make money on shadow casted by big businesses again and hopefully it is now strong enough to stop me making the next response to it the finale as well. I mean when people repeatedly do things that harm you, it did indicate they were stupid but so have my rules been made for me to suggest describing people as bloody idiots was the source of these activities all together. I remember doing it as I did not like having found their insults had produced a result where 70% of my career activities led me into contact with scum that had set up arrangement for hurting people, to claim they had built businesses.

They have even suggested the main problem is the self-care issues with me which it utter nonsense, much the same as the story I saw on the internet sometime about somebody making a diagnosis that the cause of Tummy Ulcer is a bacteria – such that whilst it is clear bacteria cases Tummy ulcer, the diagnosis that the degree of stress the patient experiences to a point where the chemical balance in their tummy is so badly altered that such bacteria are able to develop inside of the person was less important. I am not doing self-care when they cling to my income margins, steal my toiletry when they are paid to clean my home and build up obfuscation from my diet which facilitates society built spiritual power that can make their stupidities rich – it is now up to them to do the self-care which everybody now wants. Personally I think that along with their silly women copying all I did to repeat where the money is a gold digging abuses, it is about to develop into an outcome where they got to save everything that protects them from the sell issues because of what I got up to.