Some Political goons like to tell me that the far right is imitating me over the matter of the phrase "preserving our jobs", which they suppose is a matter of grave concern for me but in actual fact is not.

The truth is that when they sit down in Unions and pressure groups to talk about job preservation it is all glossy and respectful and when an Arch prince talks about it from his office and in his own world they become insolent, claiming far right are responsible which makes no sense whatsoever.

All I am trying to do is make sure we don't have to put up with the kind of economic crisis that we have in the last few years, take condone insults from Politicians as if my liberalisms and tolerance exist for them. It is not too much to ask demanding a process where there is institutionalised operation of a Government mechanism by which economic crisis or not, peoples pensions will be protected and preserved physically and tangibly penny for penny. 

 I do not actually give a toss whether or not somebody's job is being preserved.


I just need a country where Her Majesty the Queen's subjects wake up on the day to arrange a care plan for their children when they are young, to get to a job that they can keep until retirement. It is not too much to ask. Not people getting on public media to imitate me in order to fix their problem by some way which expresses admiration for me but never transforms into sale of my books because it is instead feeding something they were preserving on Public television when they seized their chance upon appearing on it, which involves a condition where they are making more money. 

I am talking about preserving Jobs and Pensions from my Academia and an intellectual point of view, they talk about preserving their interests from their Political point of view which they feel is more respectable than what I am doing; quite fine, it is the insults, especially the ones where far right groups are said to be imitating me, that gets to me.

It is not up to me, people are just not buying my work hence creating the enemy an alternative argument which suggests I did the wrong thing and they for being so wicked did the right things. I personally intend to dig people for this wickedness as well-especially so they can fight better.

It does not bother me so much because I am aware that whenever people locate something they must steal from me at all cost they tell me they want the Monarchy out of office and I say the things I say in the wrong places I say them to draw them out for a fight. I have been clear about how I feel about the music industry and the commercials industry and the media and have warned them about my books my market place and copyright infringement of my work which seems to have become their obsession sometimes doing it because they are determined to make me a pop star to please themselves.


This is what it is about: I am fed up with stories they do not understand that this is what it is about, while telling me I will get beaten up all the time. First I was forced to do things I had done to grow up most of which I cannot even remember all over again while their MPs got pleasure watching and thereafter it was a case of open it up again each time I have done those things which in view of fights that make no sense and mean nothing and should not therefore be taking place which those kind of things I do create for people, I am forced to do it all over again otherwise somebody will get hurt because they have something which belongs to me and can make an argument over it in public places and now its my books and earnings as well all together-infringing my copyright like a habit and boasting about the evils they are prepared to do with their cash. This is what it is, a fight-let them fight and I want to draw them out for it. 

They understand perfectly it is about time they told those lies they tell about people to get to get rich with somebody's property in society which they never will with mine and only will with those who give them and agree to do violence for them as well. In what world exactly would they have had more money than I do? Apparently they work hard for it and therefore know: you see it is important to do those things that will make them feel like they have been laid on an operating table and cut open my surgeons without anaesthetics as well.

The Evils I underestimate they will do with their cash, that they bloody worked for apparently.