Now they say that I may try as I can but will never be allowed to do what I am doing but it is never an emotive issue, it simply becomes a lot more serious when they have to claim that keeping Celebrities and Politicians off your finances was the property of the White race and then it gets a lot worse when they are asked to prove their point thereafter. For my part however, this need to get outside of their rights and cling to me to pass around insults has come to a head and I am about to make a case out of their own as well which I can refer to whenever things like these happen and make them sick to the stomach because I have gone too far as well. We all know it is nothing but a collection of practical jokers with criminals and trouble makers they knew before they ended up on Television mostly with somebody else's reputation and now wish to ensure I am fighting those off so they might have a more privileged life after ending up there or I will lay my whole life at their feet while they pick up a fight they can never win on my behalf. It goes way beyond the need to tell me that I do domestic services that wives are supposed to perform to look after husbands career better than their wives as replacement for respect I should get when they involve themselves with my concerns, then sit about just the way we see their ruffian behaviour show up at the local shops, to tell me that I do not actually create any effects from what I have said, while I have no need to, if it works for me as well i.e. being abused by big brother that wants to tell me how to exist so he can get around with Celebrities and Royalty gets warned about the provocation all of the time but there is really no prove, so that when it kicks off it will happen as though there was no auspice. We see it all the time where it has gone off to build a global campaign concerning me and how I need do something about selfish girls as a requirement for releasing my Books from the practical jokes they want to play with it all the time; the first time I took notice of their stupidities was when my ability to handle culture while I studied was used to a point that I dropped out and then happen to clean up for years on end after which they now claim makes me behave while all it does is make me go public with the fact they are idiots who always want to move right because they believe they know something about culture while reality is that nobody can in any Country on this earth sit by any culture to pass exams in school while they do what they like and that I would like to talk with them about how I ended up with a public image that looks like celebrity one while I am not famous, just as much as I will not tolerate their foolish popular culture and celebrity madness being built up on it – in the same way I want to kick up a gear the issues around their claim that the Monarchy uses me to usurp parliamentary power when we have not seen their Politicians do the job at any point over the last 8 years at least;what they do instead is throw money at media and celebrities, pillage peoples lives to make them a play thing for idiots that want to be famous and then run a campaign of wealth inequality to win elections because that always resonates with the crowd; I have never thought it a problem if I can make queer that society and peddle it for resources if they wind me up to end up with an unbreakable overseas relations just as it is good to keep records on these goons since they always damage themselves and blame others by making sure it becomes impossible to do anything with respect to making money, in way that goes as God intended, then we find them in neighbourhoods full of homosexuality and corruptibility and filth and madness and a need to persecute women and religious organisations rather than take responsibility, much the same way they invade peoples space and beat up those who smell bad because of it and yet you cannot even mention something in folklore about idiots that are always creating problems for themselves that they blame others for and cannot even make a comedy show out of the ridiculousness of it all. We hear I give all these power to women and then find I am not better off and it is an example of how they show up around my concerns, then tell me to destroy anything that adds up to a process of keeping records I can point them to as a sign they are not paying me to keep the secrets which preserve their stupid media reputations; the power given to women bit of which is a typical example of how the criteria for me to move my Book sale business out of the range of their stupid practical jokes is to do something about selfish women who exist. Then we hear that I am taking the issue with the Celebrities and Politicians way too far all together while reality is rather more a case of the fact that we never cease to deal with news about women getting killed because mothers and wives have been giving these goons the little stuff as well – so I really need to take this thing seriously enough and personally enough to ensure they stopped getting on media to talk rubbish at me everyday: we can see it is the basis on which they talk nonsense about their tyranny and links to communists all the time – the bit where they whacked an Arch Prince who got something else coming for messing with them and complain about when he wants to have a fill of their own as well and because they are always provoking people to do things that will ensure Politicians have more power are seen talking nonsense about how they were expecting the British Government to do it for me, while we all know Nazism was itself based on wealth distribution and racism is itself a form of lottery for them, even so of which the need that the Celebrities and media goons have to handle property that belongs to ethnic minorities and tease them because they are not majority population is now in my case especially completely out of hand all together. They always say I did boast about being able to handle these matters comfortably and I never did boast about what I could do anyway; its an old story when we hear somebody claim I sleep with their wives to bring home that sense he has no trouble killing people and has rooms in his house that members of the family can go into so he might do things that brings about money – so its when he does push it. Its the reasons these things happen like banking systems taking money off people who still have jobs no matter how bad economic conditions are, such as Media and Politicians and then enlisting their help to boost profits by forcing others to pick up loans get trapped and work for them, so that those who have savings might earn and interest and so this is why they love to cling to my Books all the time – they speak of how I am not necessarily innocent in the matter because they are aware I will take their media and their fashion and their celebrity culture and popular culture from them too but still get out of bed everyday to seen an incentive in passing those insults that will make them rich, such as my Books beings stifled by liberalist stupidities in government Office while they get on media to tell me I can release it if I did something about selfish women that exist. Its personal stuff not to give in bearing in mind what I have lost making it clear nobody here is running a business empire under the shadows of the empires they have not worked on since 2007 even though I contributed to the processes that cause them to be so distracted all together, now they want me to get trapped in a loan cycle by which I work for their profits as well which will never happen and it seems the biggest problem is the media and when I add it to the rest it will be a case of making broadcasting corporations control their staff too. The financial system should be as successful as the number of people with jobs in an area and not as successful as the number of people Politicians and Media have forced into working for their profits – we saw the same with British Leyland and asking others for what they have makes these idiots inferior and a Company that big vanished without a relic trace while we continue to assume we do not have a real problem in this Country all together. Even when I explain why I do not fancy people moving into my right hand to play up those lip stick and fake tan freedom that is closely associated with their various forms of violent discrimination – explained the fact it plays into people being rehabilitated out of introverted characters, so that Politicians can assume peoples lives while they end up with criminal records all together, explained the fact it involved goons pretending they control the city and abusing people all over the place especially when they gang up as motorists, explained the fact that it allows people to extract homosexual sensations from others they have not gained consent from while changing what happens with religion claiming its about living in a world of consenting Adults, they still have no purpose for their media jobs save making sure the people who abuse me as I walk down the streets are no longer afraid that I have some serious backup as well and that they would be jeopardising friends and family doing so – just as we see that emergency services people waded into the whole story of me being a siren because I always have Police around neighbourhoods I live in, that needs to co-operate with the stabbers and the shooters, so they might stop cleaning up a mess, the part where we are about to find out what they intend to do about the Celebrities or whether this will stop processes where they have to clean up mess all together.So they say I have failed in all I did anyway, which is utter nonsense; now we know why Politicians are always marking out talented people as people who know so much about things they grab the kinds of success that older people should be having, which media is always too obsessed with ripping up peoples finances to aid them with, expecting some returns at the other end. We now know why celebrities like to mark out religious people as people who go on and on and on about things that will never change so they end up in a situation where if somebody went to the toilet they would understand what was happening there – so there is a certain kind of very abusive and violent insults that gets people into this particular state of mind, which I have now caused them to carry alongside their fame career, which means that they understand anyway. So it feeds into the story that I am doing my career all wrong but apart from the fact that these things are just as much an incredible amount of dependency on others as I have become to them, I cannot do my career any better than putting information aside to run a Bookshop with; thus the society people who pick up to play games with media are following up another example similar to the things we see when Politicians and their aides create their own University drop out to build up somebody they will use as a Character that is too old for school while still trying, in order to ensure that when they speak of knife crimes in school which is pretty serious, the children involved lose nothing – they are angry but it is after and not before I dropped out of University on account they want to peddle my personality to get rich. I mean I do get asked about it but I do not hate society at all; I leave my career lying around for years and years and years and nobody takes it from me, so its impossible to hate society – however the least I can do is respond to the criminals that tease me all the time for a reaction and so we find the media where people cannot mind their own business are having their fill of it; hence it all adds up in the sense that they are angry all the time and it seems that nothing I do will be left the way I developed it but it was after and not before I dropped out of University (I do get told I never approach an issue physically but the physical bits never really work - what happens is that they put up weighing scales and decide that the shortfall will be recovered at the expense of Manpower, so when others had spent a fortune to train professionals they end up without any mobility whatsoever, hence if things like inflation is to be prevented by those who do not own the businesses, they need to be in a position where they are paid for it, so they might fancy the way it depends on them too).