Welcome to my Office – mainly for Royal State Business but also Property deployed to facilitate the Estate Celebrity Court is Administrated here to facilitate necessary Royal Civil rights Admin. I have done it this was not just because there are some who enjoy taking property and job roles out of my Estate using Popularity Publicity which is really designed for profitable laziness. The newer versions of these behaviour have been born not only of evil and persecution of moral people but also of a process of setting out demonisation of those considered most worthy of work so as to ensure a means of escape regarding work place leadership quip is possible or as they put it, those who have the body type to withstand work place bullying which may also be handed in as tool for extremism when such a time had arrived.

(Please excuse my language on some occasion – it would have been inconclusive and disingenuous that while I am involved in controlling the abusive activities of the Famous and my Books are so rudimentary to speak in another form and term bearing in mind what Civil rights based, organised and petty criminalities become when their main support systems have been taken away from them.)

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.







 HH The Arch Prince and Actors Public, The Arch Prince's life on the Big Screen, Film and Media appearance Coven, HH the Arch Prince's Person and Personality Renaissance, Actors Personality Character roles and cultures written out in Functional Aesthetics, Celebrated Services for the Democratic World at HH Royal Order and Renaissance

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 The Brotherhood  is Administrative Equity brokered at Trust between the Arch Prince and Film Producers in Hollywood USA . 

Main Focus here at the Office is Equities brokered with Male Actors, for the consummation of Diplomatic security or  relevant creativity.

 I am told there is huge uncertainty surrounding my activities. There are no uncertainties, it has been a 20-year career mess and the 6 years from 2016 have been the most remarkable of the lot. I feel free to talk about it at this stage because I believe myself to have done most of what was required to account for the way my time had been spent since the University fiasco. So what it seems we will account for next is the perverted interest in my career with their society men stupidities overseeing the famous idiots to the left and their badly raised twats to the right or it has become a sermon at this stage, that it needed to consider the conditions in which a publisher placed patents on my Books which created a stage for me to work, cease to interfere with it so that it does not get to provoke me by interfering with my fans and audience, to which effect the business of living on unemployment support would end for me and their problems would go away. The facts on the ground being that it does rather expect me to go on the offensive and conduct some sort of campaign to say that this was not its career and it should not get involved with it the way they currently are, whilst its famous idiots say that the business of sticking to what I am doing on the ground whenever they provide me unwanted publicity, especially with respect to the financial mess here being of their doing growing into something that I had to factor in whenever I needed to clear up unwanted publicity, is not something they can comply with. So they have instead stuck to the business of an entitlement to involve themselves with my career over the premise that I was not significant enough for the consequences to apply to them, especially the famous who had taken it to another stage that felt like an advanced version of showing up at the public transport system to request I vacate my seat to make them comfortable because they were receiving 6 figure salaries and therefore incredibly important, involving a process of trashing my finances to make me serve them with what I learned from the private security industry. They do claim it was an involvement with the armed services which caused most of their interest in me – I suppose then they were referring to everything all the way to the perverted interest they got from Washington, claiming I interfered with their careers as well, which does leave me rather bemused as the only group of people who did that were criminals who told Police about me when getting arrested and the Celebrities to collected information about me from criminals to form public opinion that will make me serve them by protecting them; so they have no way to deal with the blow back of their insults and the way they hang about in public places with unsavoury information about me, running me down with popularity gimmicks on Media, that they could easily refrain from doing when I am working and could stay away from my Books for as well, perhaps when they do, I will fear their threats. The facts about the involvement with the armed services is that it was tidy until they decided the men wanted to play with me, so it was no longer public office support for people to went to places, considered threats to the public, divided tasks among themselves and approached those threats according to the training, their interest in it is more a matter of what we have seen Celebrities do with my time in the private security industry as well, where somebody who meets me for the first time in a public place, had access to lasciviousness that will get me doing something brave in another idiots interest, ripping up my career publicity and running me down for the benefits of my not ripping up their own as well with a big mouth. The details of it are the work I did to support armed services, a rich trading idiot who never stopped running me down because he had enough money to pay for several lifetimes back to back and could spend enough money for a lifetime to ensure my existence was a misery which meant there was nothing I could do about an unusual interest in me unless I got involved with an exercise to find out how much of the stupid money they have really got, there is the one about their need to have what I am having and there is the one where their alliance with their famous idiots gets to ensure that my public control work was not effective even though it was done thoroughly, not even the part where its effectiveness got the trouble makers complaining about me which was music to my ears, was left to its efficacy after which I get attacked by them because they wanted to feel safer – it will not yet make sense of its need to shoot off the big mouth at me especially when they had gone on to create their own public security workers, who had to make use of the support from my Office as well and will not be convinced otherwise, that its stupidities have not been fighting my wars. I have never been free of this nonsense for as far back as I can remember and now the idiots are sharing my personal space with hoodlums and criminals to get their way – find myself at the backyard of Industry to prevent people picking up my career after the University mess and when finished I am caught up with trading idiots who claimed I was running a Bookshop on the shadow their international businesses had created, finished with that and looking worse for wear, the Celebrities started as well – same process of insults upon insults on Media that worked a crowd which knew something unsavoury about me, finished off with a discourteous, disrespectful and unprofessional method of getting involved with my career, while keeping their earnings for the purpose of an ego and a need to bully others, before it issues the threats at me as well – I mean it has not yet developed into a case of picking up every reason for its unusual interest in me, ranging from a need to say they stepped outside of their door and had a bed to sleep on inside, so they were going to decide if their existence was on the left and mine on the right or vice versa, through to the fact I do not write their Books in this place and they cannot deal with the blow back of their abdominal discomfort insults, hence I did not have to fear them, turning it into a little yarn of violence to see how cracked they can get to make sense of my perspective as well. This is how they claim they did what they did because my career caused them tummy issues, so it was better for me to live on unemployment support than for people who felt my career caused them tummy issues, to stay away from it – then there is the part where their personal and social lives got to decide how I existed, when it leads to outcomes in which I failed at my work well enough to have to explain myself to the Head of State, if I had interests coming from one community that was male and from another that was female and acted in a way which took sides due to the pressures of social issues, it will have to show that if I responded to its abuses, my actions were not discriminatory, as much as it will also have to show the stupid community that spends all its time running off gimmicks about my private parts, was not a threat – I will not be doing it lest the racist followed me around, their stupidities would have to as it were, especially for those who get into the act of blabbing about the way I needed to respect its communist interests. They do claim they were interested in cash not hot air but we know that everybody’s cash is found is building the savings at an early age to mitigate emerging issues during advanced age, in my case there have not been much liquid cash, so when I am dealing with parent narcissism and the co-operation with it from Political parties, people take it upon themselves to do their own damage too. It has been a 20 year mess but the 6 years from 2016 to 2022, really have been a product of gimmicks associated with what fun men can have with my career whenever they see me pursue something with a sense of urgency, it is new and it now needs to show some regard for the way a publisher puts patents on my Books and builds some publicity in a writing community to let me get to work, which must be maintained long enough for me to pay my Bills too, or the time and resources here will be accounted for painfully as well. They do claim this always happens to people in the art but not really, just their practical jokes catching up with my earning margins which really should happen if I mostly handled their gimmicks from a cold hard Office, so what we have had is now something that will tempt me into picking up the points that will help me resolve the way that my down time has been thrust into my income margins itself for gimmicks people wanted to indulge their ego by, perhaps facts on the way they did it to get what I am having too or the way they did it to punish me further for an inability to handle the blow back of their abdominal discomfort abuses and insults but it should help me avoid positions they have taken up due to their ignorance, as it can only degrade me further into something of being a certified low life that fights women at the market place if I happened to stoop any lower.


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The idea that my work is perfectly fine with most members of the British Establishment and Middle classes is not a picture I am trying to paint. The most popular of the complaints they make is that I seek lesser responsibilities while I need greater benefits but the real problem continues to remain that of talking my talk on public media to steal my income and because I seldom speak about it, set out to steal my income by walking my walk as well - they do nothing but, to stifle my income and wind me up and it is the extra step taken to stir sexual desires by violent seduction and financial bullying, in order to find out what to do to detach me from sexual happiness that stir the revenge all together. I am now waiting for the exceptionally rich ones who have been at my expense to throw the fame and squander of my income money around and open their big popular culture mouth and then cross my lines as well. Of course there is no shred of Truth attached to the claim I work hard to make Actors Happy which makes them feel guilty about what they do, I am looking after my Property Equity which directors and Film makers deploy for reasons we both understand in each and every occasion. The main point of contention involves those who run businesses concerned with deviance that brews somewhere at the point where the Royal class enjoys the finer offerings of life and because they have that influence with the ones that work for the Middle and the ones that work for the lower classes, there simply has to be some strange controversy about me with which to run a violent scandal everyday because they are trying to be famous with their media and celebrity fools and it tends to happen of course considering their complains brings it to the attention, at every single point at which I settle up on my own concerns and do not care about their world anymore and there must be a big one at least everyday but on a good day there can be several. The two big ones on record so far are that of how I get a bit of rest people should note when I have acted to compensate for making use of the possessions of HM to do whatever I like which it seems they do not wish to stand and have a debate on with their type right across the social spectrum and the other most Isolated of the rest is people talking about how those who want to rule the waves can get to certain resorts to have the best outing of their lives as an entertainment for a surfing holiday service for example because they can play it up to which ever side they like claiming I am responsible because I dig up British History when I cannot look after it.

I am told we hurt ourselves with these issues which is not really the case – I am a Hermit and people may play about with apostacy at my expense as there is no chance that a problem would emerge until they claim the fact I have lost the ability to organise my life was a shame that should grow into a sub culture – the rest was more a matter of getting into a marital relationship, to divide chores between a partner which social side sets the stage for some people who wanted to play up narcissistic circus love by which they loved problems, again those who messed with it have always claimed the consequences would only have applied if I were significant enough. I am informed about this sense that there was nothing I could do concerning the famous but it is the same gimmick from a decade and a half ago, where it was a race to see if their famous stupidities could see my Books before I published them on account they wanted to be me at any cost - this is not that which I am vulnerable to, since I regularly give them the Books before it is written, they now have to resort to direct corrupt security violence maintained by criminals who take advantage of the way they got to run my life with the social activities that invite the hand of the law into peoples lives, to order my steps and also the direct property destruction which substitutes effective patent breach to get their famous stupidities showing up on Media to lip flap about it, making sense to the public and it is about to become more than the problem they have been complaining about, the factor being the idiots with money who kept paying for it at my expense to lip flap at Industrial conferences, their earnings are paramount here as far as their stupidities were concerned and my life revolves around them, never mind the Government Office twats who think I am now taking permission from their own insanity to be a living breathing person, complaining about the deadly activities that emerge from their own gimmicks endlessly as well, like it was a responsibility for other people.

The star sign reading issues comes to play a lot here, where they say that Libras like me were door mats socially and could not stand up for themselves in anyway – I personally do not think it the end of the world when people read my star signs in such a manner, it is a product of where they are coming from however, there is a problem with the way that people who decided to do stupid things around here, wanted to make use of it. The full story is there for the other half before this door mat half i.e. being the door mat considering the process of door mat with a social life and public image in a world as evil as their own is a phenomenon that has not been explained, must be a product of having screwed them over properly hence at the door mat stage, deciding to take a break – the story before I screwed them properly was that people always tended to suggest that others were stopping them from getting involved with a Libra because other people wanted them to be bad people, it did not cause me any problems as such until these gits got involved, so they were the second half of the story thus above described. There is no problem here whatsoever, just a bunch of famous idiots ripping up my career everyday for 6 years because they intend to destroy it, in a bid to make me do something that served them with what I learned from the private security industry, so that is 6 years of daily damage because famous twats were entitled, it needs to stop running it off on me during working Hours and stop changing agenda for my Bookshop, yap, yap, yap, the popularity yap, I sleep like this, I eat like that, I piss like this and shit like that, in the most public places imaginable and then some activities were done to prevent me accessing my own public image thereafter with a big mouth, need not be run off at me when I am at work and changing agenda for my Books when their famous stupidities were clearly more important all these while, will tend to stop very badly. The outcome is that the residual state of affairs was one in which they ensured my public control activities were not effective and showed up here complaining while running my life with the social activities of private part exploring criminal twats  – first time around, they could never let people be as it was important for extremists to attack others on account they were famous, then I did better and hell broke lose, now we are doing the third idea, it needs to stop running it off on me and stay away from my Books or the next time it changes agenda for my Books, I will pick up those gimmicks where it says I go about looking for free things and screw its famous idiocy with it properly, whilst the idiots with money who send out criminals to run me down as they lived in neighbourhoods where they got to spend my personal and social lives on their stupid selves to have what I am having, will end up on borrowed time. The Politicians do ask about how we got off making sure it does not happen again, which is rather the small matter of their need to explore my civic duties and say that a certain fortitude would allow me do brave things and keep a face for it at the end, so they spent it on themselves and wrecked my finances to make me get another one in order to prove I was brave enough to deserve my career – in my case it has now been so bad that they were father figures who got to decide how everybody stood up for themselves when attacked, now the fact they did not like my Books will evolve into outcomes where the Books encouraged extremism, which is utter rubbish as it will only progress into a result where it got to stop handling me all together. At the bottom line, it’s a matter of creative equity broker that I did meaning that people picked up my career and product publicity to play with me, make a mess and make their own money, so I guess that must be the girl whose idea of showing she was out of my league involved getting boyfriend and brother to attack me violently, expressing herself, therefore we have not started when we have ended up with a history over it and its perverted interest in my Bookshop had not moved on. Intellectual property administration would rather have meant people showed up here to pick up my assets and make their own fashion and show business products, if I am abused long enough and intensely enough running my life with the social activities of criminals, I would abandon the assets they would keep it but it would add up to a process of keeping assets that legitimate clients had deployed hence the public access, like a bunch of scum with money who deserved 100% of the physical violence and yet it was only a Bookshop where products cost and arm and a leg to say the least, last time we checked, so it will need to stop changing agenda for the Bookshop, to get its branded idiots shooting off the big mouth at me to make the most of my patent and income margins as such. The Celebrity bits will be the way it all turned out to create a sense that the matter was terribly complicated; as they needed to gather up money they can deploy to pay people that will do violent things on their behalf while deciding I can only keep my career when I had shown myself to be brave enough for it, then it makes such a mess of my career I end up living on Government support, sets about a series of gimmicks that suggest it tried to help me but I am a lost cause, whilst it was all as simple as a process where it ceased running its gimmicks at me and stayed away from my Books if it had no interest in getting a copy. It becomes clear that if I shut them out, the wealth and social inequality issues will grow exponentially, in this sense I agree with the doormat analogy. I am told there was risk of being alienated from my own people which is utter nonsense as these are a bunch of trouble makers – it embarks on this gimmicks to get white people thinking all black people look the way it looked and acted, to tirelessly, reality is rather that the same left hand side and right hand side gimmicks we see in the UK is the way African societies work, their big mouth about superiority is only going to progress from insults that suggest somebody is set to get into trouble with the Police over my concerns about which they will be the one to do something that got the Police involved and I way well screw them over in the process too all together, into an outcome where we had residual problems in the UK and then we picked up exactly the same kinds of problems from overseas.



 It is usually said I have no way of defending myself from them which is not the whole truth of course since I had made it clear I am whole sale into the selling of my books as I had finished most of preparation last year but they are still doing that routine where they have seen 200 pages of a 300 page book on a web preview and when I ask what they will do now they have seen good stuff they decide they will keep it and make out the reason to be that they have so much money I wouldn’t mind and it can only continue until I own their own as well and then what I have done so far will start to look like a picnic all together

 There is no truth to that claim I am a victim of internet abuse; what happens most of the time is that they wait for me to build up a history and then set off to deploy it to their own ends and so I have to deal with market damage and property damage but because every one of their actions are followed up with violence that will make me see why I should allow them do whatever they like I suffer the health effects – it does not actually mean they are taking advantage of me as such and of course the one that will take a stand one day is the one I will make an example of as well so we can find out how much the social networking site owners will protect them from me instead. I have never thought it an issue – they will say they know all about me right down to my personal life but then again there are socialist idiots buying shares in other peoples company who want their community croons all over my anus and penis and so on because that is how their narcissistic happiness that makes advertisement and popular culture fame and fortune works, so they have these idiots they have started to describe as socialites, the history I have with those as well, so seem to have an issue about being successful by making sure others had failed and regularly cannot leave people alone if they appear on tabloids and glossy magazines to talk nonsense instead about how the fact they are famous and rich is other peoples fault for paying attention to or talking about them but then again I suppose the warnings here are very clear as it were: so that when they are done telling fortunes of celebrities and abusing them with that great intensely intimate sense of insult that answers all their problems in life, they set me out and make their own publicity for me, get rejected by celebrities and now have their new celebrities for the future; people like Kim Kardashian, people like Taylor Swift and my personal favourite Justin Bieber but generally the new name for these kinds of individuals, the history I have with them as well is 'socialite' who clearly cannot keep their stupid hands and their curators their stupid pens and cameras off other peoples public work, royal estate and possessions, now my personal life is in trouble all the together they say with a big mouth; so do I think they are vulnerable? Of course not; these individuals want my personal life and like to take pictures of themselves on my property equity and extract millions from the perks of my office for two reasons and one of those is that if they are women they are having their orgies with rackety middle range fat cats to assume when you issue a warning you are referring to back stage media which is why they seem to have this need to show up naked in public all the time seeking other peoples personal lives that can give anything and the other is that there is nothing I can do about them yet - so it is possible that I could be bluffing. I mean we do hear they are breaking down a British Empire of course and it will never be clear how that means when people are prevented from peddling other people religiously sacred positions and Royal Renaissance they can involve their stupidities and damage finances and get married on the fact they are single and yet that part was always started either by their need especially the Americans to be taught sex by a preacher boy which I am notorious already for the things I do when people provoke me in that way especially around finding girlfriends and wives at my expense, never mind the fact I have women Loyal to me who regularly ask their husbands to fuck them like I would, so it is still impossible to work out what it is exactly they want from me as well although I am stuck on finding out too - after all we all know it cannot be any more than that old issue of girls enjoying the kind of feeling they should not be denied before their time in the world is spent and that it is never a new prognosis: we hear them speak of their Neo-Liberalists achievements and powers which is supposed to have gone beyond the celebration of pushing others into corners from where they can no longer recover, for the fun of what they claim is an association with culture and society and we all know they have achieved no such thing and that it would take me only a few second to build myself up to a point of pushing them into a brick wall as well, especially if I chose popular culture celebrity awards and the shows and meetings they do that fosters those as the tool I need on the matter - speaking of which they are still hard it, hard at the old question of how much money is enough money to become more important than a Royal Prince and put him in a place where he is complaining others are deploying his possessions to get rich with when that is not actually true - so it is a fair advice to remind that we all try to live in a world that is tolerable for everybody as it were and for their need to turn up in public to destroy my personality to a point where they are damaging career and public life does mean I have had enough of them around here and will not tolerate any neo-liberalist powers and achievements as well.



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