The popular claim of recent is that I have shown how profitable it can be to take my problems out on others and make a living from it but it is hard to say how they reached this conclusion when they have not read my Books and spend all day making sure people do not read it because the Men do not like it; what is actually clear then being that the years of practical jokes that have now facilitated a process where they are shutting down my business with media practical jokes and society bullying will be brushed under the Carpet while I will wait somewhere for a stage at which they informed me they would like to control my finances – this much we know is the likely conclusion of this matter as far as their stupidities were concerned. The problem I face is not one associated with not being able to handle them, it is one associated with settling myself a rigid process for handling them while I own a very flexible Hermitage and Bookshop to run – otherwise it would have been easy to simply say that this problem with the way they wreck my business and tell tales of how I disrupt their own and while I prove that I have done no such thing, cling to my income margins to get rich by being stupid at my expense and when I have spent time telling easy profitable lies on media in order to continue, generally means that bearing in mind I don’t keep their share of Celebrity money, their need to make it being such a problem for me is beginning to grow into an issue that requires a physical response. It is still the same problem of spending time to build a working relationship with others, only to find that a Celebrity had built you a publicity that decided you were to get into a fight with others to make them comfortable, and got crowds to buy the products that were being sold on the narcissism of it in order to feel good about themselves and find out if they could get rich by avoiding employment which actually has absolutely no reason to happen but shows up where I have done the best work for my career to destroy everything according to the sense of entitlement associated with the stupidities of idiots who actually do not have a clear sense of what is right and wrong and therefore need to be stopped urgently. Saying that their money had long become a problem for me and they need keep their mouth shut if they have not read my Books, would be rigid, saying that every enterprise that continues to behave as though Celebrities lived on foodbanks at my expense must recognise this Hermitage is about to get a level of security which meant their ventures and enterprises will be treated to the same disrespect, would be the flexibility that matches what I am doing.

They do claim it is something I cannot back up but we know that it is possible to say that each time poorly, terribly, bad taste mistress Liberal USA blows off a big mouth at me to cling to my income margins, it is also possible to say that they will one day have to place a reckoning date alongside too. That said, having Obama put them up to this nonsense where their inability to keep their eyes on their shop floor and imagination off my Bum, set to run on a global stage as a sign of the superiority accorded to the fact most of them studied science at school and Mr Trump is now said to be racist when he is not, we had come full circle on the matter. They do say I am fooling around claiming Mr Trump is not racist but he is not – if we look at two spectrums where one side is to do with white families coming up with mad plans to kill black people who walk down their neighbourhoods and then get off to the Court rooms to tell tales that do not add up, which is where Mr Trump has ended up, and we got to match it with Obama setting off these criminal drug dealing scum who keep the good behaviour for wife and kids at home and want to make money by being rude, once they were done selling drugs to racists groups, we can see that according to the way their Politics works, no singular person is supportive of criminal or racist activity but what they have agreed on is that they had refused to do what really matters i.e. Obama sets off these organised crime goons and their abusive behaviour that works the drugs market on poor Americans living in the suburbs with mental illness to live with but when Trump took up the Office after him, he dismissed the idea that African Americans being excluded from the Housing market fundamentally was a bad thing – the fall out becomes that of the Media showing up to entitle themselves to me and everything I do, which gets this response whereby if I am not interfering with their salaries, I am done with their insults and that of their Celebrities and they need keep their comments off my personal life and public image.

The conviction I see these people express is that most of these issues are a big problem for me but they are not – I can say what I have said above but when it does come to it, the real problem here are the issues being developed from a process where people got involved with my Bookshop for reasons other than buying Books and because I wake up to the nausea associated with this behaviour when I say the same disrespect will be shown towards their pride and joys as well, it is quite possible that I am bluffing. They do claim my Books wound people and I don’t really care if it slaughters people as such either – if they had a problem with it, it was my Book and they had to take out a Law suit. The rest of it is to do with goons claiming they will crush me while most of these activities carry on as per me being groomed into a character people harmed to ensure they made money without doing work and their celebrities got into limousines to spend time passing insults at people who are clearly their mates – they are aware I am a Hermit and will sit down in a Hermitage to recognise the wickedness being worked on me when all they needed to do with the service processes of my Book shop was to read what I had written but they will go on to say still that crushing me was on the cards etc.

Now it is said that women think of me as the most badly behaved thing in the world but I wouldn’t know anyway – I know they are responsible for every vandalism that happens here; I know they are responsible for career and academic work destruction here, I know they are the reason I am still single at 40 and so on; it’s a gimmick that enhances the public profile of verbosity associated with female Political treachery. It is nothing unusual as such but I am not involved with them in the applicable area which meant it came to me like a nasty surprise every single day i.e. when you are involved with women Politically, female Political treachery and its stings are never unusual but if you are not, it’s a process of going into people’s concerns to look for a whole heap of trouble and because there is this sense they can rely on me to do nothing about it, the rest of the female population think I am okay with it, the resulting sensibility in public being that the general female population supports it while they were rather asking questions of what happens when you punish other men for your problems, personal relationships and the pain of Childbirth, such that it shows up on your doorstep and became a public concern.

I for my part have no wish to deplete the number of reasons we see them show up in public places to complain about me every day and they do say that when I mention these sorts of things, the other opportunistic men get completely out of hand, which is as I mentioned earlier i.e. if I said that the need for celebrity to make money and institutions that work with them to make money at my expense, has become such a big problem in this place that it warrants a response, it will leave me with a rigid structure which does not match the way I run my Bookshop but saying that every fool with an institution or enterprise that regularly shows up here to pretend Celebrities lived on foodbanks at my expense, needs to accept we are getting to the stage where their pride and joy will be handled via the same abusive and insulting processes as well, then I have something that matches the way I run my Bookshop. They do claim what I say does not deter them from making comments that affect my clients badly but it’s an old tale of a group of gits with strange ideas that say when they had spent 5 years of my time running off a history of insults at my expense, it meant that they had altered the Bookshop all together, what we have ended up with recently being a process of seeking answers to the question of when they think I should start running it properly and paying bills in this place properly now that it is availed to their stupidities for control processes.

It goes without saying; will never stop punishing them for these activities. We see the way it appears to be a game for them at the markets all the time – they rely on me to do nothing about the destruction of my property to make products worth hundreds of thousands sell-able in uncertain markets, exactly the way they created the recession, they rely on me because my talents are nearly the same as theirs but while I had some respect for their long term investments, my short term investments were to be regarded a little more than a dung heap. So I could say and write something which set out a different statement that suggested those who were only concerned with going to the market to trade had any support I could give which will help them detach from those who went there to make trouble or I could say that if my short term investments are not seen in the same way they regard their almighty long term investments, it will no longer suffice to say that they can rely on me to do nothing about the damage if they were concerned that our talents were nearly equal but that space and respect was not necessary. The other behaviour which is just as annoying is the claim that I had been warned about all these but chose to suggest that it is not as bad as it could be - the more this process of telling me how to exist continued was an increased propensity of the idea I will get physically attacked if I did nothing to cover their backsides while they made money will lose its humour appeal. The list of woes for this nonsense is an long as my arm - ranging from women turning up to set out an arrangement with me to ensure they were able to report the news without being abused, through to this business of them wrecking that arrangement to set out a message of me being discriminating with respect to who gets support to avoid being abused while reporting the news, to these threats concerning what will happen if I continued to fail at meeting expectations their stupidities have, that I will cover their backsides while they made money. The same as the Political context in which these activities occur which relates with their Politicians - whereby I will keep an eye on my civil living, try to avoid somebody starting a fight with me so he might get elected into Public Office later and make statements about where he had the right to get corrupt due to my disrespect, among various other issues big and small alike - the Labour Party shows up to take over and the exact point where my inability to accept they were my boss in my heart of hearts meant the expenses system was abused will never be understood as a Political sensibility, the stage at which I must work hard to avoid suggesting that I am relying on Politicians to do nothing that abuses their Offices in order for me to get on, as it would mean I told them what to do when I am nobody will never be properly explained, then the part where nothing I did to avoid looking like my whole life depended on telling them how not to be corrupt was ever good enough to move them on being something that will never get a proper answer. What has become clear is that I have had enough of them and will never stop punishing all these behaviour, especially the media and famous twats telling me how to exist all day. This is only rivalled by claims the way I talk is the means to career destruction while the way I talk is associated with being social on account I had a Bookshop to maintain - whilst they get social all the time without being restricted, we have seen how far their practical jokes have developed; this nonsense shows up in places like Asia all the time and people will simply be hounded and at some stage rounded up and attacked to prevent them accessing that part of their lives that other people envied every again, so I believe that we have now reached a point where they got to understand what this process where I think I should not be giving into their stupidities fits when it comes to their behaviour towards my Books operating on the two premises of either they got a Law suit because they did not like my Book or stayed away from it, ceasing all insults and practical jokes channelled at me and my public image, lest I ended up getting one on their account instead - nothing to do with the way I talk in anyway whatsoever.