Rather than talk about whether they have a right to handle my person and the Estate business empire like all their stupid celebrities and socialites like to pretend they do, the most important thing that these fools who think I my whole life needs to be turned into a tool to settling deals with traders want to talk about is stories they invented about how I am rebelling against the British Monarchy. The women and girls will show up and get involved with me at will, ensure I am always suffering indigestion that way and therefore know where to hurt me when I do not co-operate for they got beaten up by a group of guys and deserve the proceeds of all I have better than do because they paid a higher price – then there are the idiots that are always threatening me to ensure that since I had expected this nonsense, took steps to see that none of it is ever effective who are bigger than me obviously but did not think to have the energy to spend all night reading the Books to pass the exams as it were, still hanging around carrying on with the same behaviour of helping these scum feel comfortable on my finances all the time and have no plans to listen to anything anybody says to them because they are bigger but cannot actually tell anybody what their excuse for it is. Then we hear it’s the revenge of the Politicians of course which it should be since wrecking peoples finances to ensure spin doctors create an outcome where the people that such persons moved out of their lives can move back in while they are trying to chase or settle a career to make them weedy – so that now they have trouble controlling the whole thing if their lives depended on it we can see how sense their decision makes, I mean we all know that the fact you do not expect people to get into government buildings to make a mess of your life and get pleasure from watching you put it back together again is a burden in its own right to begin with. Then there are the men who just have to hang around my Books for a set  number of years and come off with a media publicity around it which means that they are always hurting me to ensure I am making my money with my own life and not theirs when it is actually not applicable and anything I do to defend myself is followed by popularity scum doing the same to me to show me what it feels like to be so disrespectful and we see that nonsense play out when they are disciplining me all the time as well without purpose, having no excuse for the way their lives have turned out; big and strong but not for studying and passing exams and I cannot work out where the whole rebellion against the Monarchy came into the picture anyway when the real issue is that the Media wants to make itself into the means by which they handle my property and flush my life down the loo and will have their fill of it too. We all know these goons at the Monarchy who spend all day wrecking my finances to ensure the Queen sees a reason to select somebody else like me who fits into a racial group they can get comfortable with have no deadline for their stupidities to end and we all know it’s the wickedness of celebrities and LGBT who tell lies all the time – neither service operative nor civilian and when it is stuck somewhere, all it wants to do with its stupidities is make a case of the lives of women for itself and then when you ask why it cannot use its own live so viciously it will ration your public image by deciding how much respect you deserve and seek exit for its insanity in that way – so it has always been a case of knowing what their nature is and how they are likely to do it – I am at a complete loss as per where rebellion against the Monarchy came into the picture, save lies being told when last Daddy said he has other kids to provide for financially and they decided I was the replacement; talking rubbish at me all the time as though this is their property and I do not know what the value of this empire is, hence unlikely for people to end up in suffering and pain whenever any aspect of it is affected by their problems. I have warned them enough times about those feel good self-improvement comments that have one added on every time I tell them off about it, considering I have Books here that I am trying to sell but it does not yet seem to them that their wickedness and deviousness and powers will not be able to contain the problems they will end up with at this early stage just yet. It’s all we see them do i.e. my products are necessary and they need to ensure I have a difficult existence full of problems because of it, while the politicians will complain after taking away my finances to help them with access to tax payer funds and a disposition that can ensure it is impossible to tell them how stupid they are when they obviously have more money and then we hear it is all my fault at a later date when they have not had the finances looking the way they found it yet as it were, so it wants to ask me stupid questions about LGBT because of this all the time. They do say I am dealing with the same problems that LGBT people are dealing with which is utter rubbish; I am not – what happens is that LGBT builds a version of me on media that gets around doing whatever it likes because they understand my leadership to solve their problems but do not wish to accord me any superiority for it and this is an example of the instances where it beats my imagination that people cannot understand how angry it would make me. They say I blame LGBT for my problems which is utter nonsense; I don’t – I mean it’s like they say it’s a problem with violence and war which does nothing to hide the fact they are very unforgiving people even though they were mainly responsible for their predicament most of the time – it gets involved with me because it knows it is disrespectful to do so, it gets to figure out a way of handling my possessions and a way to hurt me if I do not co-operate in that way and for every occasion where I have to deal with fools disciplining me to teach me the importance of other people’s money after wrecking mine it is as a result of LGBT involvement with my concerns, never mind stupid girls that deserve my financial wellbeing better than do because they have paid a higher price to keep society together. They do say it’s really all about Monarchic control but it is after all anyway; take climate issues for example, when I say I am at a loss as per people thinking I have no cause to be furious about these things – I had these large companies who brokered equities with me and said it’s not that they don’t want to spend money on climate matters but that it is not sustainable, so they knew my Estate Empire was popular at Global Industry and the Japanese who are the hall mark for integrating climate matters into economy and Industry were very fond of it – these goons since then took it and ripped it apart to create their own climate sustainability arrangement at the behest of their populist politicians – since then, many endangered species have been cut down all over the world uncontrollably while they show up on media to run global protests and this is just one of many; so when Politics is famous they are not and their celebrities are not, hence I never do anything about problems that may be associated with Politics being famous, as it is rather very important to ensure that was the case i.e. it is about Monarchic control and nobody here is going to try and wriggle out of the question. They say they do not like being criticised and that I enjoy criticising people but the truth of it is rather that for the last 6 years my Book sales have been getting worse because of their uninvited involvement with it and the mess they make on media to screw it up; the same thing said to the same group of people every day for that length of time without results, so they have their ways and have a problem with a process where you want to maintain your Church goer image while chasing you career in the most Bible friendly way because they think you are a walkover and fancy themselves bullies. They always bring it down to the fact I expect their behaviour to change with respect to my property but that the behaviour it tied to some clinical depression and never will but since I am not interested in how they make the murders and manslaughters happen, it becomes more a matter of how they are trying to hold themselves together – of which on one hand is their abusive insults while on the other it happens to me as well i.e. every time it does the reasons are the community croons and their incredibly stupid children making use of my personal space and building some very violent and insulting gossiping and lasciviousness over it, so it’s not something I pay attention to while I am working on anything but becomes an issue just when I want to take some rest and have my siester , which turns my Bed into the place where community croons can beat me down for changing something they were feeling sensations of comfort by and it is all because of their involvement that is setting up a posh Royal Prince to be hurt by the world, leaving the question of what it is exactly that is cracking them up as well save the involvement with my Books which is clearly their property the last time we checked as it were: I mean they understood everything I said but everything they say will have something to do with handling my public image and shutting down the aspect that allows me access by which to recover it, followed by threats and fingers on my bum and I think it is a stupidity that will be explained by them one way or another when it gets more serious than that. The part where I am said to interfere with their livelihoods is utter nonsense; it’s my mood that determines whether I sell my Books or get rejected these days and that is being controlled by idiots who are teaching me about civility and respect for other people’s money – so it is something that stupid liberal leadership does, whereby either they get what which way they get what they covet on time or not, you will be damaged as a person and that will make them money in its own right by highlighting the level of inequality there is in the world we live in and I believe I had made it clear before – either their way or mine, it is going to stop too. nobody knows why they are always messing up things I do to set myself up and find my way in the world as a good and dignifying person – nobody has an explanation for it that will actually suffice but we all know they do it because media decides what they think and hence my decision and position on the matter is very accurate; it’s never about the business or the profits, it’s always about the business image – never about the job or accomplishment, always about the preparation; nobody can explain why they are always wrecking it and we saw it before I took action anyway i.e. we want to make use of your personal life to make money and the aspect they are interested in is to do with my religion but they hate and want to destroy that religion and when they do will continue to expect me to come up with the good if they had a big mouth for it. They do say I never had it figured in the real environment but think I will with the violence, which is utter nonsense – they need to keep their hands to themselves and explain what they are trying to say to others properly otherwise involvement with me without caring what my interest are so anything they say a neither civilian nor service personnel can see their fingers millimetres off my Bum will end in a lesson they will never forget as well. they do not fit into my agenda; typically I would speak with a black person about intellectual property administration and then I would say I do not wish to act to change his life with respect to these kinds of matters, I will excuse myself on the basis that he may not appreciate such a personal change but not when he tells me I want a black face on my Business and not a black person – it does not work fitting it in with LGBT and every idiot that wants to teach me civility violently so as to distract me from my academics and finances and make profitable his illiterate stupidities on my Public image, nor can I fit in the bit about stupid women who deserve my earnings because they paid a higher price to make culture and society work; like when they say there are people who get the better of all I do which is utter nonsense, the milder version of their stupidities is when I do not want to spend my time blessing people with my religion so they can be rich making use of my personal space otherwise they will make me fart – the more intense one is the bit we see when their fellow media scum have set out a means by which they can flush my life down the loo if they wanted; it is bigger but not for spending the energy staying up all night to study or work and always wants its stupid popularity break like these all the time – don’t call me stupid it says and I want it off my Books and Public image while the ageist scum want to see what  can do when I borrow those stupid jobs as contact point I can hurt them to ensure they are listening to me until the Books get sold by. They do say I have done enough to prove academic proficiency with what I do which is utter nonsense – there is always a link between involvement from the Men and a process of being financially unsuccessful; what you have is always sweeter when stolen, their involvement is always interested in is being the man among men who spends more time with women because it is counterproductive to spend time with men, making a mess you have to clean up endlessly: so when it does come to the stage where it cannot explain itself and does everything with its fingers next to you bum, it is time you handled its culture and society and had its media and celebrities complaining as well – in which case it was always obvious that when you learn from somebody to boost your income, what you give to them is respect not plans that mean no part of their body feels good as you get more – don’t call me stupid they say and I am fed up seeing them around my Book sales and public image too. I understand it is said my position when I say they do not fit into my agenda is not as clear to people but it is rather simple; I am with a Client that has hired somebody to appear on a short film for a product – what I see is different from what he sees i.e. I only tend to see whether she or he is messing with problems associated with the Nations backyard so to speak and of course always act mostly to take steps in terms of the fact you never know when she will say that the way she was portrayed in the film was unacceptable and you would be better off settling out of Court etc – so it’s usually a process of talking with Clients in an environment where they know you are in control of all the evils you have always taken steps to ensure are publicly displayed so Politicians can stop wasting your finances talking rubbish about how you are the bad person instead. Of course I am not stuck engaging in one fight after another as claimed; what happens is that when I fight they complain because everything that sets me on the edge comes from the fact they build up gossips and make use of my personality and personal space all the time and some are seeking fame and fortune that I wouldn’t dare try to stop with it too; so I am trying to write an important sentence and they have started because they were enjoying it before I changed something bearing in mind I had a sofa and was lying it a couple of minutes earlier – so it sets me on the edge and every one of their stupid self-seeking nonsense becomes very intolerable from then on. I do not have an ongoing relationship with them as claimed; there is only one relationship with community croons and it involves ripping up anything that looks like security especially the one about how I fancy women that are older than I am because it prevents them bearing down on me sexually and making out its okay for people to think I am not distressed by it since the excuse is one of modernity and I have only one relationship with civil rights people and it’s all in ripping my finances, when the Politicians say it’s good and the LGBT and all, all I have to show is my sales record for last week in an ambient earning structure that relies on client discretion and not on sales drive for an intellectual property administration business that is always being targeted by them because they actually do have to a good fucking people. They say I am being made to pay for the sins of the Royal Family which is not a wonder they are suffering as well since it is obvious that should the Royal Family have engaged in slave trade, they would have done it by buying slaves from a white man that lived in Africa by that century. We see it all the time that they were equals of the Royal Family and people like me are below them but now elevated by the Royal Family to bring them low; until they request help from Americans and then China and then Russia and then alliances with Indians and want to know where my private parts are because they are connected all the time but we can see it end in a process where they are calling me from hell and I am answering my phone to tell them my finances picked up even though they did not want it to, especially when the whole thing is tidied up so well they are complaining about global inequality too; the reasons it happens by the way it should be noted, is that their  wealth may have come from somebody who sells groceries and these are powers associated with being connected and wanting to have fame when they do not have background that can facilitate it, for which I will be losing an entire Empire that they claim did not actually exist, at least not after they got about threatening and attacking everybody that expressed an interest in my work after previewing i.e. when it is tidied up to a point where they are no longer such a threat at the global stage, so I might run a business and do its numbers in peace too; the self-improvement seeking and stupid insulting lies that the disobedience produce will suffice they imagine – the millions of people who preview my Books and want it and are threatened and rounded up to a point where they cannot even give me a re-share or a like on social media, looking for trouble; I mean in a world where their stupid liberal leadership means the essence of Politics is to secure a way of taking over other people’s talents and personality especially when Royalty, it is obvious the money that scum who spend what they have fighting others have spent on their stupidities that facilitates their big mouth so far, considering the populism Political scumbags they serve are not fighting for their very survival on my account as we speak. It’s like when they say they are doing the things that would normally have made them very wealthy 2 decades ago but of course we all know they are doing it at a stage where somebody is able to make them pay for the effects of their stupidities like the conveniences they gain from their insults and what that is worth to them etc; so I have explained how it begins with people making use of my personality, right up to a stage where I am being disciplined for changing anything, especially when I am trying to write my Books and then their stupid children banging things at me from doors to anything that can make noise which makes me very distressed and makes them very amused etc; so that when it leads to that stage where I am always being disciplined with their fingers on my bum and it is such that my grades are suffering, I am unable to eat properly and having a difficult time at the jobs market, then more important things have happened besides counterproductive discipline and now they know what it feels like too, since last I managed their toilet and made famous that stupid culture and society, maintain it every day so they can argue with me as well as we are mates and they can justify their involvement, never mind the whole purpose of talk shows their American friends host being about berating me to the effect of ripping my Estate Business Empire and stealing the income margins all the time – now they cannot feel comfortable in their own homes too and are free to run the full range of their social and moral corruption if they so wished, its nothing to do with me being in danger like they presume.