I hear the reason people hit my property all the time is that I am weak and in need of support which is one way to look at it but there is another way, which says I am doing very well dealing with the quantity of people that get involved with my concerns but have no plans to support me financially and the question is always as such why they do it of which the reason has always been that old story of the answer to being rich being a process of staying small, clean and preserved while you have plans for business and lumber somebody else with the start up risks – they have not stopped it in 8 years running since it really took off and continue to follow me around for it everywhere I go i.e. when they want to deal with rejection they get involved with me and make a public statement out of not supporting me financially and we all know they are always dealing with rejection for obvious reasons. The other part being their Politicians asking the questions and it’s about what could possibly come off Intellectual Property Administration save the oppression of poor people but there are no poor people that are worthy of oppression here unless I have to deal with stupid men and homosexuals – we all think I would be preferred if I was clean and crisp guy that does not do all these fighting but everybody knows I am the one that is so clean people are making music and film about it in the first place – so I.P Admin means that even One pound shops can have a manner that stretches along the High street and is bigger than their bedrooms and somebody has to help with administration of that from a Royal Office, so people don’t just get to tell me what I am to clean up or how. I mean it’s the one where men and homosexuals get involved when I meet a woman with a young child playing with me by telling me the kid is a real pain and you have no idea where it started – they get involved and do their own and I am left debilitated in the mind and unable to get out of bed and live a life, while they chase my finances and Book sales and tell me I have a problem with acceptance all together as well, so there is really none that is worthy of oppression here. I know they do say I have lost everything which is utter nonsense; I know that doing Intellectual Property administration from a Royal Office means that I am the only one on the entire planet that has this kind of job – the problem here is that people assume that added to  the damages they have done to my empire, there is no way I will be offended if they got involved with it, so the only one that works for them is not the one where we find out if I am timid when it comes to mentioning only I have this job on the planet but the one where it is determined whether I will be offended when people handle it or not.

It’s that part about interfering and not supporting me financially giving way to being seen doing my job and taking pictures where they appear to be me while appealing to those who do is a condition where they know them better than do and are therefore simply better and irresistible people than I am; so because they think it is ever so amusing the effect it has, you get to a state of hatred for every one of their outlook in life; from the one where they are black and like to get along with white people to whites getting along with whites and whites getting along with blacks and blacks getting along with whites and same for those that do not belong in the two colour extreme end of races etc as diverse as they come – the very existence of their outlook starts to provoke you because it simply does nothing else but. I do not therefore build peace and quiet in my Office and look after my personal life to suit the conveniences they might want to seek. They do claim I had made it bad for me all together that the way I have handled it means nobody is clear as to whether I am being abused and attacked by celebrities on account they enjoy doing religious people but of course it’s never a matter of whether or not that was clear as it is a matter of the behaviour of those who want such certainty – it is not to suit their convenience either. They ask why I think celebrities are bad on one hand and then on the other what it is exactly I feel I can do about it but they are persons and I hear they speak the language I speak as well, mature and decent enough to understand why people don’t want them doing things to property, so I have already made it clear the person who told them they were famous must have been just as insane; it’s like high profile trolls that are above the law and make you so angry you cannot breathe every single day on account they have needs and think the effect of their actions is amusing when it is not at all in the slightest.

We see them mention it all of the time; something about getting into my personal space because I am scared of my own shadow and they can get any conveniences they seek and then when I put aside the perverted part of them which means when they have a conversation with you five minutes you feel like your world has stopped and that the relationship will not last and try to appeal to the part where they are mature enough to know what is decent letting them in on realties about how famous they are not being what decides whether or not they are homeless, that is when they do things to your property you have expressly told them not to, told me all the problems black people create is my fault and that they have rights to my finances every time it affects them and put up a celebrity that tells you he or she never had a say to front it; it is ever so amusing until it stops being so.

Now they say I am trapped and stuck and its is funny all together but I have no idea what that is meant to achieve anyway; we all know when it is their turn to complain they have no idea what they do to provoke religious people but when they are hard at it, it gets scary when you hear them talk about what they think of religion and those who take part. So it is not clear what I mean yet and they do tell me I pretend I don’t get involved with celebrities when they know I am talking about their cultural wickedness that murders people who wouldn’t budge when they have needs turning up here while their Politicians claim it is money that causes it and now they have the money there is a bigger problem and they are trapping and stucking; people’s ideas and lives and career has already been done otherwise life isn’t worth living.  It’s not a crisis as such for me, there are these other group of people that come to the store where I work to play with the security guard in the morning, which I never got to mention – it’s the ones where dealing with them means really getting involved with their concerns and digging deep, otherwise they will get involve with mine and refuse to  support me financially as well on account they are dealing with rejection – however it does seem that letting them run around making trouble can be a good thing, so One has to make alliances with women, where they get to tell me sometimes that they know what is right and what is wrong but are tempted by celebrity culture and I have to tell them I don’t want to know otherwise I will start to seek out where those their jobs are for my case as well. It’s nothing about harming the poor – just the reality that if you tried to end the sense of one law for poor and another for celebrities, the very people that will join the celebrities and continue the robberies they orchestrate in the communities Nationwide will be people such as civil service workers and public transport operators – so you tend to let them complain that when I have placed myself is a point at which draconian rules apply, such as parking permits and moving to the left at my expense will open up a better future where they can do whatever they liked. They do say I am always seen playing around and wasting all I have but of course chasing men about is not what my life looks like, it is something I do because they are always seen in public places pretending I will not be offended if they had handled this Empire that they have already harmed in so many ways; I understand people will worry about what that will mean for them but it does not mean anything, they have not actually damaged it, what they do is get seen in public whipping peoples off my market place and then assuming I will not be offended when they handle the Empire. So the part about poorer people is the one where hard sales idiots and pyramid scam sales goons will say they are my friends and chase me around a provocative perversion but then there are others that tell me I think too much and that it is affecting everybody and neither are actually my friends as such. In the case of these idiots the violent Politics does come full circle and they now live in a world where they wear three piece suits and feel afraid like a Royal Prince that will exist if their media allows it those stupid insults and the big mouth along with it; it comes full circle and they will always continue to behave as though somebody has to tell them he has burdens of leadership to deal with and deserves some respect and privilege for it considering the evil that comes from such disposition and attitude is ever a friend of that stupid media and celebrity culture of theirs as well – they have wrecked the finances with those insults and it’s been 15 years of trophy victory and I will dish one for them that is just right too. Now they do say that I have no respect for journalists but it has never been a respect thing, it has always been a process of reasoning with people over a behaviour of going off to my business premises to whip off customers everyday - I would never have developed the gall for that sort of behaviour but Male journalists and their pecular female friends find it amusing - its like that story they say of me not getting angry at the Military and Police like everybody else but is a matter of what they believe people are saying to them e.g. that your fighting abilities might as well have been the treachery of the enemy is not to say you can then travel overseas to a poor country to share your media money with desperate people you can threaten others with and return to find somebody you can abuse and damage in order to do heroic things at the expense of a coward you were afraid of but are not anymore - it does not get discussed because what is crooked cannot be made straight, however the question does come up at a unique point such as this; they do speak of my own being a mystery of course but it is an old story of a fighting ability I had but never a vanity, of which the vanity is a matter of crucial importance where National security is concerned and hence the case of how they have taken my stuff and done it has become their sub culture and colloquialism when they do not even know what it means.