I understand what happens with the well-meaning public every day is that people try to support me with my Books but it’s never enough and it’s difficult to tell what is going on– the matter however itself not being a complicated one as such, just one people are not aware of i.e. Americans and American led goons, showing up all over it to help some really silly people get financially comfortable in order to lessen the burdens of their leadership without losing the love of a deviant and wanton crowd; so we find that they spend all their time working some form of narcissism after another on me until they had found out what people were doing with me was more a matter of relationship Parents have with their Children and not a matter of narcissism that will ensure I smell like my loo because I had Books to sell and somebody wanted to do something about my behaviour on account they would read my Books even when it meant nothing to them and then will it be obvious that they were operating outside of what I was doing all together and cannot hide their insulting behaviour any further; so it seems that once I had begun to run this off such as to ensure that they had lost enough money to make me famous, then only will this matter improve. It feeds into the other story that I rewrote my Books which nervousness has gotten Liberal America fools and Politicians spending my Books on mentally ill service operatives that serve their interest having realised there were health benefits that older people especially has acknowledged with respect to my writing, to brag in public places as stupidly as possible but the fact of it is that I thought it would have worked better if I broke the Book into the equity version and the literature version but I have found it better to work the equity on the internet and make the Book available as a complete version. It’s the Politicians that prefer to set out ideas that these people are okay but they are narcissists who set their sights on peoples bodies and body parts and will burn the world basically to get their hands on it and do what they want to with it – I have tolerated it ranging from the Politicians claiming I had grabbed a personality Politicians should be enjoying for making laws that affect the lives of criminals to Politicians ripping up my finances and academic work to incite crowds into abusing me in the neighbourhoods – we are now at the stage where they must decide if walking into a Church makes me less of a candidate for homosexual advances among other abuses of narcissism that is linked to them getting their pleasure irrespective of what I thought, destroying everything here that also adds up to a product that they want regardless of whether or not they like it the way they make stupid people rich by abusing me to build a market that will never fail, the crucial difference being that I am not hurting anybody or seeking privileges of injustice from Politicians when I had done so with no future plans in mind to stop doing it unless I copied their trade secretes in a situation that gave me an idiots an advantage and exhibited myself at Popularity and media for it.

The other story about how I am disrespectful and it has never really been resolved has nothing to do with disrespect on my part in anyway whatsoever; the truth of it is that these goons really love to handle me and teach me lessons even when I am twice their age, having ignored it long enough without finding them spend their time doing something else instead, I have decided to move it on, as none actually knows why they believe they have the right to handle me or teach me lesson or tell me how to exist in order to make cultural sense; it does come to the part where I get to an area of Town and when I return there, find there were people waiting to tech me lessons because the last time I got there, I affected peoples lives with a religion just by walking down the streets, since mine was their main concern in the first place, hence this is what needs to stop as they have had too much fun so far, never paid the fees at University and have not been paying the Bills presently. They do always say I would not say this where it mattered and that they see me in public get scared of everything all the time; what really happens is that I take from them the incentive for their violent activity so that if I did beat them up it will be very bad indeed, however which I rather always prefer to walk away and yes they do say its me bragging and I suppose it is but when they start again we will likely end up with another case of those that can beat up lapping it and those that cannot hurting themselves all the time.

The main reason these matters occur is due to women, for those that are asking; they always show up to ally themselves to me because of where they have taken themselves in terms of their personal decisions, normally which I should not allow because of a tendency to inundate my concerns with violent problems and then abandon me when I needed somebody to stand by my side in a fight but if there is enough distance they do have the right to exist – hence its never really a matter of mystery whom the persons responsible for their plight really are in the first place. What I said to court myself a case of me being disrespectful is that they spend time wrecking peoples lives once they got their eyes on the body parts and the beautiful looks and the personalities because they are narcissists who would do anything to satisfy their stupid desire, handling people who are really a handful and then realising they had not worked out how to pay their bills, return with a sense of entitlement and civil rights will get it figured out at the expense of those who dared to achieve what they have never tasted. The Celebrity culture itself was originally so abusive that young people could not pass the exams at school in the first place now the need to tackle me for pushing back has made it institutionally abusive with all those stupid people they help make rich running rings all over it, my point being that I have had enough of them and need some space, refusing to comply will mean I start to pay attention to those communities they build up with ideas on what to do to me bearing in mind when society starts to have a go at their own as well, it’s not that they cannot fight back, it’s just that when they involve me it’s never enough and this condition is not yet bad enough as we speak.

As for the matter of how I got lost in all these all together, I am not lost in anyway whatsoever; what happens is that there is culture and society evil, hence while I spend time tackling some of it with the help of what I know, I am also caught up with the inventiveness of those who told us all that they were civilised, better people who could behave differently – this is the real me, in which world all these nonsense were entirely expected by a Church person and once I had settled my livelihood and gotten on course to find a spouse I will get back to handle and living with it a 100% again. As for the gits who claim I bother women – the most recent case was a matter of goons with ideas about starting their own religion picking on people in a neighbourhood and all they will be doing in a relationship with me is share a bad probably and my Public image is something I am deluded about whilst we all know what I do is about the Government of the UK, if people mess with it my security is gone, if people mess with it my finances bottoms out and so I have no idea why they do, especially if they are complaining about consequences whenever I think that State provided security cannot tell what to protect here anymore.  




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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Sunday, July 20, 2014, In : State Affairs 

It is not true I get round and round in circles making no progress while others have the money and power to manipulate me with – the reality is that they think they are in charge and are not first of all and then also the fact the Monarchy does not allow anybody help me out with anything and to add to that we have all these goons at home and overseas who will not let anybody help me out with anything too – so I have everything I need to sit down and concentrate and do what I am doing and ...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Thursday, July 3, 2014, In : Secret Societies and social entrapment 

Of course it is never news that MPs are shooting really violent and mortal threats at me – I mean Tony Blair has never once told people he expected some random murderer to kill the Christian whose life he wanted to consume like an item to make his oratory, he would rather speak of games I play about which people should take note and put my life to use to ensure Cherrie and the rest of his stupid family are safe and secure when I turn it on him as well. It goes the same for them – not that...

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Of course it is never complicated - always as simple as the fact that very little of the incredibly wicked and destructive financially well off lower classes we get to hear on media who destroy everybody and steal enough from them when done to to provide only for themselves and name it economic recovery and social equality and Politics but what is most interesting is now detailed their description of others especially those that are more privileged than they are such as myself - those they refer to as Elites: They never mention their own unless they are doing so at the expense of 'kids' like me who are insolent enough to dare to take away their power by pointing to it (about which such insolence do mean I will soon have my wealth inequality programme developed on a fame and celebrity basis for me). So the whole prognosis of their conversations on public places is not about their wickedness and the fact they have all they have by pillaging others that are less financially fortunate like they are and need to keep them that way but a process of passages of my books read without buying them setting the stage for those who want to get on stock markets and media to punish those that have offended them with oppression and those who respond to it who have something to say about the plight of women, deviance and the activities of the Elites and this is what is the real problem and makes their media something that must be removed otherwise it will never stop. The main point of attrition between me and them especially the American ones is a very violent and incredibly intrusive and insolent manner by which they will tell me what to do with respect to Elites who feel that violent things happening in their lives and businesses should be imputed into mine on account there are people who view them as the great and the good and this is the only thing that creates the sense there will be trouble if media is taken away from them or their part of media is removed officially.

The story about the UK pretending to be a democracy is well understood but is not based on fact – we don’t pretend to be a democracy here in the UK we are simply not one – we are a constitutional Monarchy and so it comes down to the fact every mans home is his Castle and that means he is practically a demi-god there and his wife a domestic goddess; only that some people such as myself have a talent for leadership and I am therefore allowed to followed by all those credence we hear all the time about people wanting my house or to have my babies and so on. So the real issue with the Americans is that of the fact their Country is a place where every stupid girls whose idea of getting through their time in the world involves some powerful idiot collecting peoples career and money for her especially when they are younger go travel to in order to be successful – they love to turn up in public places all the time looking like they should have been homosexual but if they are able to press flesh with the British that might change and the world will be grateful for it, thus the reasons I do their own as well right down to the pornographic Industry, there is nothing there to get away with so the story of getting away with it being some mystery that people need to explore or copy does not apply. The story about how there are so many ways of interpreting my work does not apply: an example is a process where people can sit at home in peace and develop a nice little game they sell on the Internet to get rich while mine right up to every public appearance is pillaged by them because media idiots want it that way - so its a simple case of if they do not do mine I do not do their own. Hence in context of these many ways of interpreting my work meaning an encroachment on peoples civil rights and some examples put forward as the fact those who have lost the most percentage of their income are poorer children, its the same old story where I have to fight people off property I do not want them to deploy for work when they are trying to earn a living and so on but these guys are simply the kind of people to whom work is poison hence they can always do that - when percentage of income is depleted a fool gets on media to target me on their behalf and if they are not handled as well it really can go on for eternity.

I do get told of the Popular culture Stars I destroy in a simple sense but that was an old story where it is all Lower Class stuff and their power comes from Politics but they would rather make songs about my Life instead or make songs on what the Royal Office does and when they do its not a case of saying I am British Royalty and they have done it because they are British or like some say, that we all get through living by borrowing from each other, what it does is tell me its just a song and I need to understand that there is nothing I can do about it. Girls aloud did the same with a system where security service operatives work for Americans on a Private basis likely after retirement to a stage where the current or ex security service operatives were put at risk and then some of them robbed it in my face by attending boot camps on TV to make it undoubtedly clear to me I was cut out of that picture and it got to a stage where the service operatives were put at risk and they realised their band could no longer function but some still after that are making me see myself by their new found solo careers and making me see myself being exhibited by somebody else on gloassy magazines at the Super markets everyday, among other career paths they have Chosen and then there is Adele as well whom I would not dare go against unless I were mad enough. Eventually it all comes to this stage where I need to make it clear to people that they have to make these pop songs on themselves and their lower class existence and their political power, if they need anything from me its just a click away and while they are there buy a Book.