So I do get asked what it is I wanted but of course everybody knows its the fact that while they wreck my schedule so I am unable to keep a day Job, I still need to do my regular prayers without having to catch up with anybody else's schedule and would like it if they had stopped damaging the Book sales for it; the worst case is not when I have cash flow difficulties, its when getting stuck with them makes me money I pay my way in the world with. We understand they say they play with me and I come through all heavy with state security; reality of course is that its not play, its punishment for damaging profitability of organised crime products. It is as though I am stuck with this problem and there is no way out but the Middle Class is not really made up of people who want to show up on media and travel overseas to find some poor people in the third world – ripping up my finances because I want what they are doing but refuse to cooperate with them and they are determined to see if I can exist without looking for trouble, while we know others are struggling to exist and have to negotiate their very existence with men and the lower classes using their bodies. They know that people do more damage helping Royalty so nobody really understands why they show up to cling to my finances and insist the way we see them do but we are now certain I will continue to get worse and worse and want to see them keep their distance from my Public image. It does appear each time I assess their activities concerning how they have pillaged and robbed to make money and are now blabbing about somebody blocking them from their homes in order to grab peoples personal lives for superiority, that they have done it before and the victim had hammered them seriously for it, so I need introduce myself as their new problem. The success of my methods they say are questionable but I find nothing questionable about it; we are talking about people who show up in Public places to exhibit unbecoming behaviour such as making wise words out of what I do to look after my Bookshop in order to look good on the internet – the primary assumption naturally is that they do have somebody out there who sorts out their finances for them and hence nothing to worry about but it becomes a case of Brokers not buying my Books because another is borrowing my Public image to make magazines and take pictures and make music and make films with half the time, while the other half the time they claim I am a fantasist who thinks he is an Arch Prince, then get off to make statements about people playing with me while I respond with state security heavy handedness at the same time – so they do claim its all people power and the power of the crowd and it is free and democratic and amusing and is set to get better when they see what I will do with their own without getting beaten up as well. The rest of the time its all Media goons talking rubbish like how I will get into trouble if I post things such as these and yet when they see it in the Trains they cannot do anything, so I suppose this is just a few sentences and I expect them to come up with more nonsense as the day progresses so that I might have something written which my audience can take seriously – mostly however if we took the middle class for instance the story would be that they want to appear on media and make fame and get involved with some poor people from the third world while reality is that some are offering the lower classes sex just in order to exist while the media messes with peoples lives and homes and families directly; so I created myself a Court, that gradually over a period of years became their main concern and the outcome was that they were no longer able to bully me with Live Aid and now I am certainly going to get increasingly worse. They keep bragging about some need to punish everybody that has been part of the successes of the Current United States President all the time and like to think somebody else is terribly worried about it which is not exactly the case; I am not worried about the fact that if a White Man who is 6 foot tall and weighs 300 pounds stood in front of a black Man who is Six foot tall and weighs 300 pounds, that he really does believe that what he says about being superior is either based on fact or that such a black person is bothered about it – its the people stuck in the middle the whole time ; we buy class A drugs from these guys and we cannot actually tell why we buy it, we allow their women abuse us to make fame and fortune talking rubbish at local communities and social media for it the whole time and we cannot tell why we allow them do it, so its pure convenience to blame it all on Mr Trump while Obama spent 8 years of US Electorate time on White House based separatism, now completely convinced that every repercussions associated with it has more to do with kids who have things that bigger men should take from them, so these idiots can make use of me by insulting me which rather replaces the respect I should get and set off the kind of a state of affairs they will not be complaining about in future as it were; having said so, we can see Mr Trump has not taken up a disposition that says white people are to appear on one side and black people on the other and that there is preference for one and not for the other, therefore what he says is not segregation, beyond segregation of which it probably means something entirely different. Its nothing unusual, I mean take for instance the abuses and harassment; what we find goes beyond idiots talking rubbish at others as though they know what they are talking about and then using an advantage Obama gave them to cling to peoples income and continue a very abusively disobedient form of insolence that is supposed to make them financially better off, it becomes a case of the fact they never let you be for the times that you are not being attacked by them until they had ensured you were full of hot air – so your hot air once they are done and can let you be will no longer be a matter of normal people and Law enforcement and criminal activity which is what they think your life is all about with a big mouth, it will become a case of what families and friends and those who are willing to help you with any difficulties have to tolerate, thus it is very vile stuff and they never run out of an accusation or a reason to show up and do it. I for my part am not changing my position; its all very well that each time I set out a process of handling them so I might sort out some security and get a life, politicians will show up and make a mess of it all and leave me with endless social issues blabbing about glories associated with handling violent issues and then being able to pick up their lives after with petty crime criminal history behind them to show for their big mouth for the most part but not withstanding of which none gets to peddle my public image and none gets to peddle my faith and none gets to peddle my personal life, if their disobedience wants to see what will become of it, we can always have an institution of civil rule that will ensure they are not moving into my right hand and have to chase their stupid lives lest somebody else had taken it up for them - see what becomes of the evil and satanism and wickedness in that way, find out if media will still save the day when it becomes my main preoccupation at this Office (I see the Girls all the time on social Media, wants to make money off my Public image, puts up a disposition that says I need 'kiss its big fat arse' - leaves me thinking it probably did very well in school and needs somebody who will determine what it is going to spend its time on next as it were and we can always see it is hopeless as it is not like my case where I need the Academic work because of the advanced tools available through it, to let me do what I am doing more proficiently, we are talking about idiots taking a need to make use of me by insulting me, way too far for their own good. What we certainly do not need contrary to what the Politicians who tell all the lies and make all the trouble suggest, is answers to the big questions - what we need as we can see the type of leadership they want to provide is far more practical jokes than we are getting presently). So they do complain that they feel as though they have lost a part of themselves and a part of their lives over the course of my activities but it is an old story when people get off clinging to somebody that is stronger than they are, to peddle a faith and a personal life and a public image when the owner of it does not want such things to be done and so if they had 15 years to sort out their Mortgage and Pension, spending 9 on me does not help their cause but the best option is not in their view, that they need to waste their time somewhere else, move on and just leave me alone. I mean I imagine they are frustrated but so do I wonder what they suppose my game is as well, save a process of tying them down somewhere to get wasted and do nothing useful with their lives when my Books and academic work and Church activity is such a concern of theirs that I am no longer able to concentrate on anything at this Office because I am sore all over? I hear they say I am stupid but I do not have stupid Genes the last time I checked anyway, so it must have something to do with violent bits which comes because they decided to behave towards me in ways that can only court punishment i.e. deploying my Public image to make fame and fortune and clinging to my Book sales to leave me with financial complications for it, while blabbing that I am the problem they have got on account I cannot even say something on social media which pertains to my public image since they are borrowing it and thus what they are doing needs to be stuck and rigid without reason as well, especially the sales aspect, a how stupid it can get being allowed to play out a process where they are never allowed to escape from the consequences of the way they live and spend their time, more so at other peoples expense. I do get told talking about not stupid genes is scary but its an old story about when we show up at University and it appears we are really diverse but we are simple three groups of people - one group are good at the school stuff, the other are good at having fun and others like me are good at handling the cultural and public matters - speaking of which it goes beyond just a case of my Books and academics and Church activities becoming other peoples primary concern, to one in which all those times I have not been responding to their stupidities adds up to the times I was living like a woman and need to give it up, so checking up we find those times to be the times I was busy with a project - so it is a people who are stupid beyond measure and at least I can put my name to the fact they deserve everything they get from me as well (as for the bits about striking me, it does seem that they will end up learning a lesson that they will never forget before that stops and we are not talking about punishing me for eternity over what became of the civil rights money loving violence that targets me because I have lots of stuff, attend Church and can be made to keep my promise of what I said I was going to do by attending Church so others can screw with me to make money; we are talking about the fact they say what I see them do with popular culture and celebrity culture is the most work they will ever do for money on my account since the last time I decided to give credence to their activities because it was important to prevent economic separatism and ensure they were paying their fair share of the taxes just in case it had to be spent on rehabilitation centres and prisons - which I did because normally because should not know anything about the inside of a super car unless they have their own, except if Companies broker equities with an Arch Prince they can by abusing me to make their way in the world. It does seem that when it comes to the striking me habits that they have got with money on their minds and a big mouth to show for it, we will find them writhe in pain before it it stops). They always say I make people stupid and that most of the things they do happens to have been my creation which is utter nonsense as we all know these guys are very good at clinging to things that will never belong to them, things they can never have and I do not mean as per dreams they can never attain which will cause people I work with to become very uncomfortable, I mean realities like a criminal history and a supposition that it is famous as well but does not like itself anymore and wants to be me for instance; every 24 hours sees another outcome where I have gone ahead with being me and the idiots will have something to catch up with and then there will be personality disorders which are used as excuses for their crimes; as it stands, they say its the way I talk which causes them to behave like they do but it is not, it is the fact they have no other way of recovering their careers on being stuck with me, besides which if they withdrew their ego will be hurt - so the community croons have made them sexually frustrated already and they have set me out as the point at which sexual frustration gets alleviated, while the community croons want to feel as though they rule the roost, so I have no rest unless I am having sex and have had enough of them as well - if it is not here for a Book, it is here to look for trouble and trouble it will get. Its as they say I have no respect for the media while the media goons will say I am blabbing to look good and will get into trouble easily but its an old story about how much trouble you get into when you have a problem with corner shop top shelves and the media fools that put those stupid celebrities on it all over your public image plus the idiots who wreck your book sales to improve the importunity to treble their income by having a talk show of their own - I for my part have made myself clear that I have had quite enough of it and it is not too much to ask when I say they need clear my public image space and stay away from my Books and yes they always say I would have made progress by being so clear naturally whereas I have mentioned many times, that if I had written an academic Books, getting in touch with Universities will be where I would have tried to sell it, if I wrote a novel, getting in touch with media would have been how I would try to sell it but have I written neither and cannot dispatch anything from this office when I am all over the media or the media is all over me for it. I have come to a stage where I have really had enough of it and so have the Politicians said there is enough of me too but they have been there from the first day 8 years ago since I wrote my Books and Journalists decided to build demagogues they can play with all over it and there has been a new one for everyday since then, they saw it all, it saw when it became a global commotion, they were there all the way and its enough of me they have had not idiots who are full of themselves on media explaining why they do such things. Its not that I have little respect for journalists but if I said that I speak like I do because I am a Legal studies student and there is no way a Journalist will appear on TV without being qualified, they would not have shared the sentiment and every means of making use of me and my work in ways that replace respect for what I do with harassment would continue and we are not talking about endless accusations about women either - that pertained to the Hospitality of the Journalists all together, which is quite different from that of small business owners and shop assistants the last time we checked and has never been abused by me in anyway as well: I have had enough of them and it needs to show up around my concerns for a Book, not to show how its salary can damage my Business after it has expressed all it wanted to express about its irresponsibility and lack of commitment by making use of my work and the Books without paying for, showing it needs it but reading it churns the tummy, before it ends with a clash (its the same gimmick there has always been; it could easily have been a celebrity doing celebrity on my public image but it is not, it is a celebrity taking money out of my business through my public image by doing celebrity stuff and then we hear that what they are trying to do is assist me survive all the time, knowing I am not planning to pay for publicity as well if I can let them run it through while I make my own statements about how what they are doing is not the way I live or something I approve for publicity. The reality is that I exist in a half priest environment and while they complain about loss of frontiers this is the nonsense I have to put up with all the time, never mind inserting their own case into a work Court of female journalists when the systems that help them push women out of top jobs in the Country now hate me so intense at the same time and then it will tell lies and make excuses and continue to dig deeper and deeper each time I tell it off. In the end if they do not have this wickedness, I will be punished for the rest of my life and yet if they have it I will feel weighed down upon when I am praying in my bedroom followed on with stories of my personality being a product of sleeping with peoples wives which soon become life threatening when that goon that smokes weed starts to think it is his civil rights to get involved with or make statements about me, all because goons who are full of themselves have jobs on media and now their whole lives depend on it, will not have it in peace, so every information I put to culture and society is displayed on media as stolen career that I was keeping secret - as I said, until it ends in a clash).