So I am aware that Politicians constantly boast about how they wish to wreck my whole life and spend everything I have on themselves, it is not an emotive issue around here but then again, it does not trouble me so much as a whole since it is obvious that everything they have created as a character I ought to wear the way I wear my clothes are lies, clear that they never stop lying, especially when they stifle my Bookshop and the activities of those who respond to what I am doing with it by encouraging the bullying which their mentally disturbed local goons may engage in on account they spend their time making such claims even when they know these abuses are usually relentless and if somebody decided to perform a tit for tart act, there would be far reaching consequences than just the filthy corruption laced with pathological lies that even they were complaining about all together. I understand what they are doing with Brexit concerns British Nationalism but then again its an old story about doing your best at Public work, to be faced with foolish women unleashed by Politicians who think they should wee on you and build a completely different publicity regarding what you are doing, especially the parts that claim you spend your time antagonising and attacking women – so I am not of the opinion they have thought through properly their version of British Nationalism in this matter either; its like when they say I love to play around with everything which is the way I get a release from the fact every time I had done anything and ended up with a situation that meant getting my services at home was difficult on account of that stupid corner at their offices that gets a reaction from me that their stupidities found exhilarating, I will ensure it was also covered in fun, the same way that being a writer has ended me up with a reputation for living like women as stupidly as they can get. So I can always begin my own discourse about the way Politicians should be seen, which will be dangerous too, it is not something I have to worry about, although it is a cause for concern that I was told I had committed a crime against them for pushing back and now we are simply spending our time observing how far they are willing to go if I had refused to respond or push back and it knows no limits, right up to this stage where it wants to confiscate my entire existence; so for everything we hear them say and do, the reality will still always be that they are telling lies the way it has always been. The part where they say it’s a matter of US influence on the other hand was a story naturally as we know that stopping Americans from having money usually brings about the sense we underestimate how much Americans hate the British but now we see it will not work for its economy because like the threat of Russians, generally thinks it is part of the Common wealth all together, so it regularly interferes, takes what it wants and tells its Political idiots here, who are more interested in what happens overseas than they are in local matters, to blab nonsense at me about unhappy Americans taking me out if I am not placed on a leash. The idea they fight for my freedoms and to keep me safe is what makes it all the more dangerous i.e. what happens when you have had enough of them; my bottom hurts and the academic work and finances lay in tatters before they even got their first black president elected, now they are part of the Royal Family and the reason for it is that they were junkies trying to get rich, such that we know it will cause a lot of anger when it does the usual stupidities of getting somewhere to tell me I have learned not to mess with compliance whenever they had needs, now that they are successful and I did not get anywhere, like we regularly see their stupidities do; so there is an arrangement for Russians and there is one for the Americans although the one for the Americans does not look like it yet. They always say that I never deploy what belongs to me to get anything done, naturally so after 15 years of vandalism and insults from people who want to be my parents having been they have actually been doing anything with what does not belong to me all together that is and that there is an issue with the fact I must get everything done instantly – reality of course is that if I had an arrangement with female journalists for instance, I would have declared it as a Court and whatever I did with them would have been displayed on a website but these goons never read the blogs or books before they built me a reputation naturally, same as the bits about me wanting things to be done instantly which is not really the case – what happens is that they make reference to a Royal commission all the time and the reasons they spend my personal life and public image on themselves is because they were more worthy than I am, the outcome being that I have ended up as a character their children want to attack means I plan to crush their media and celebrity culture on the matter as well. The part where they claim Monarchy interferes with Parliament having no link to reality as such, we all know what happens is that they can never let the mentally disturbed local goons get on without thinking about getting the hands up peoples bottoms and will never stop setting a stage everywhere whereby this can happen frenziedly – such that the lies that appear to be most convenient relates to whether or not I am writing some Books or have a right to see they were not following me around when they saw me at academic institutions, so these are the lies they think adds up to reality that will confiscate wealth from others and hand it to them whenever they show up at Parliament. Their Celebrities love the threats but we all know it’s a matter of the neighbourhoods where they gather up to make their way by putting aside money for popular culture which can be used to deter people from damaging their careers being spent on me and used to threaten me as a matter of the idea they were more successful, showing it had a lot to do with a place they think they have at the Monarchy – the delusion being that I am meant to get along with everybody at the Monarchy otherwise I am not a part of it as such; reality which is rather that those who threaten me and out it in me would not necessarily be surprised if they got a return for what they put in and of course we all know they love to threaten me but the last time we checked, we saw all these political gits from all over, show up to make statements about getting into a fight because it was not fanciable for their celebrities and media and fashion to spend peoples personal life and public image on themselves, followed around by society gits that will do violence for them, darting off insults all over the place and churning the tummy, we saw them threaten me for standing my ground, we also saw them do nothing about it as the trouble makers for the monarchy a British influence – they did nothing knowing how much these sort of behaviour would have affected up-coming British National events, so I would fancy they stopped threatening me and stopped fighting my battles as I am unlikely to do anything about the people to hurt to claim they were fighting my battles so the hurting bottoms bits might become a National issue in its wake and we know there is nothing they can do about me as well. We now know there is talk of huge pressure on those who are charged with my security – the matter of which comes in two parts; one being that I will certainly disturb those who ensure I cannot have my peace and quiet in this world where I spend most of my time considering what people mean when they say they had lost an opportunity to handle me as a child and then during my job hunting processes and have settled up on building a life I should have been living from my Public image, which ends up in the hands of Media and stupid Celebrities, to tell me I could never recover it, never mind threatening me with violence and telling lies over it for their convenience and fun, to churn my tummy all day, the other being that I am suddenly faced with the fact somebody had set out to ensure matters of my security were perverted for the purpose of providing well of villains with a sense of security and convenience, to show up in Public places and seek to control my finances because they are unable to manage the problem, so it will always mean that I find things I wish to disturb and distort as well, such as Celebrity. The blacks I suppose want some sort of convention on how a process where they addressed me had stopped, since they appear to want one that will confirm how stupid they really are on seeing it gets me dropping out of University but the part where they label me their brother still means people can take whatever they wanted around here, as my life now exists in a condition where rules do not apply if those rules existed or not – such that it is only when the racism is a threat to their stupidities and the complicity they bandy around with it to show they are purely evil and would do anything for money, that we have anything that remotely looks like normalcy around here, otherwise everything is a mess as the purpose of racism is the bad cultures of Britain that force me to comply with their needs and their own version of wickedness exist to do me favours and get Liberal America to show the true extent of its insanity.