Usually the whole business of minding who makes money with a public image should not be an issue – I went into the City and somebody made a song out of it which saw 2 million pounds transferred into their accounts; it’s when you drop out of University for being chased about by fools and find out the media that set you up for it is manned by people telling lies that you write Books off the television, then you realise they do it and use the money to make contact with you to seek domination and power because it is largely something they cannot tolerate and that something has to be done about it too. I am not at a war with them; just the similarity with terrorists that are usually people they treated in such ways back at school i.e. the infidel state of mind brought about by insulting women that are already complaining about not being able to control the violent men they come across as if that was their part of society all together, telling lies, issuing accusations and claiming I am getting into trouble because they are such a better people than I am that they are doing the right thing. All together they have a formulae for getting rich and its more about putting their faces on sky scrapers using another person’s public image but for now it’s all nasty stuff that will soften me up, meaning they do not have the background that supports fame, so industry people manufacture some for them – when they make the money showing up on my public image with it, it is done from songs that were all about abusing me because I have my hands full with public matters and they can get away with doing so for a set period of time until they get used to it; all I am saying is that they have detached me from the tourism economy croons that want to set their whole communities on my public image to get rich and are now threatening me with claims I shut down their fame and I want total silence from them concerning this Office and my Books or the war with famous people will begin pretty soon; they say they have been taking advantage of me all along and I had done nothing but we all know the only thing they have been taking advantage of is insults concerning which one was the one I paid for, so as to get involved because a terrorist attack happened in Manchester, which they can always say to the 22 that got killed or keep it firmly shut. The female ones always say they are trying to show that besides having a piece of my Estate as well to bring about equality the rest of the world can share just as their bad behaviour makes business sense because when they rip up the lives of successful people wealth inequality scum will buy into it too but we all know they said the same thing about Church issues and have bailed since leaving me with the mess, so its sort of these kinds of things happening while the goons who claim I shut down their fame are unleashing community croons on me to make me make bad smells and so on and its how they have been doing it better over the last 12 years so far. They claim their behaviour is excused because most of my actions are mediocre whereas I am stuck with them over an Intellectual Property Administration business, the live property equity broker side with the Companies at the Emporium of which is a long way off, stuck with them and looking at my aims to wonder if I will ever attain them everyday, this they find amusing because it is expected of me and when I mention it is therefore really cheap: I mean makes sense of total silence from them concerning this Office and the Books. Its not a problem for me as such, its all stupid people; the racist ones are stupid at fame and fortune issues, this is the version exhibited by popularity and lifestyle goons, while the media ones play around with important things until service personnel get hurt by the enemy who are using out own means to do it, then tell you to be silent to cover their tracks as well on a regular basis and even when the bad things have happened will keep doing it.

I mean it’s a simple question of the fact they carry a Camera for instance when doing their jobs while somebody else drives a military Tank when doing their jobs – so question is what brings about the level of disrespect we see from them for the others; we all know soldiers earn about the same as Politicians which should provide them a clue as to the effect of their behaviour but it never works. Same as when they complain they want recompense for some treatment they have suffered at the hands of service personnel that actually does not involve any real touching as such and they always want recompense for everything, except when they introduce themselves as insane people whose insanity can be cured if they were suddenly rich, otherwise others will have no right to a semblance of normalcy - they want recompense for the fact they have had a hard time and now hate any young people that become more successful than they are but in order to have rights, I must be like them and then when there is a queue, they will be at the start of it, on and on and on with no thought for the fact it would be difficult to achieve with somebody that is a Christian and have always dreamed of building a mansion he can share with homeless Children instead. So their rights always look like these and I am likely to get into trouble tackling them at it whereas we all know they hate my guts because of what I did to them some 7 years ago, since then of which I have grown younger and stupid.

So eventually they love this talk of me being a scared cat all the time, which is the same old case about the nature of bullies, while they are at it to make a statement to a people they believe you belong to and are busy all the while trying to avoid being very badly punished for a behaviour, making those statements about who is likely to and whether such persons are losing something thereof endlessly. I have no problems with these matters, it applies with respect to a collection of very stupid people who sit about making out when they bully me and suckle me they become like me and I like them to create equality that helps them stand up somewhere to get international aid and that is just my race only. All together the same fools that have gone from a handful of nuisances to real menaces and love to show up at peoples livelihoods and later claim they were unaware I was being affected by their stupid behaviour while we all know it happens right down to the story of how I sleep which when mentioned will show I am no Royalty otherwise people wouldn’t have access to my sleeping behaviour and make a mess of it copy what I am not anymore in order to feel the part of important and famous idiots that they are supposed to become; all I can say is that it is the really selfish type of Royalty and is going to do them again as it were. 

I am aware I am being painted in bad light on a regular basis, there isn’t a person that wouldn’t be aware of such a thing if they were a victim of it. The reality however is that those who do it, feel they need to teach me how to live and how to exist which does not make any sense whatsoever – to me they are just a handful of big jesters with a community behind them and do not take too kindly to a process where people become uninterested in their gimmicks and antics, which is usually because nothing is ever serious as far as they are concerned, it is always a big joke. What they have learned so far, the part that has gotten them hating my guts, is that clinging to people with those media pressure and popularity movements of theirs is not a good thing; you know, when I am unable to look out of my Office window to the Brick wall next door and still retain a sensation of reality and normalcy, when I am so uncomfortable in my home because of the pressure they are putting on me for the wrong reasons, that I cannot taste my own food – so I have handled their case as well and made my point clear of what I feel and think concerning socially and morally corrupt people who take their ego which point it takes over their lives was never going to be predictable, so seriously that they feel they need to teach their mates how to exist every single time and now that they are uncomfortable and unsettled as well, have become quite keen on important things like settling down and having a family but are also convinced it will not end without a fight with that big mouth, so in my view just sets to see what I am going to do next and of course when I have built a public image and a livelihood from the whole process what they will do after is peel me off it generally. It’s the old question you see i.e. what do clever people look like? We all the illusion is that they look like popularity mongers in suits on media but they do not, they look like this and love to seek out dilapidated neighbourhoods to live in and get things done, which like in my case involves writing Books; so that trouble makers can say they are successful with a lot of money to show for it which is precisely the point i.e. do they want a Book or not, rather than set about teaching me nonsense all the time. It feeds into this other case of Financial world troubles, which is entirely predictable: I mean nobody knows why some people simply must get everything that must be done, accomplished by means of some stupid, filthy industrial espionage anyway but it is the reason they speak of the powers of Russia and find me sack their own right through to the South Americas and speak of the powers of the US to see some friction begin to emerge between me and Liberal America. I am just clearing up something about being informed that I have been painted in bad light yet again but feel I need to be more forth coming this time – there is no aspect of their insanity and stupidity which controls of life and if that story winds me up as well, there will be an overdrive version of this case where I grab that stupid culture and society and make it famous for them, so they can take something seriously for a change in their stupid lives, when they find it impossible to feel comfortable in their own homes as well; it is what they are complaining about at the moment by the way and need not ask where I learned it, that is a guess since they do not teach such things at Church anyway.

Hence eventually they say I am scared stiff which is utter nonsense too; I am scared stiff if it is okay to use their lives to get scared stiff by; it means nobody is pretending their jobs and livelihoods and concerns are the only places decisions are being made which affect the lives of criminals around here anymore and of course it is rather far less busier with their need to push me into criminal activities or just provoke me until I react in ways that will make Politicians act on their behalf, so as to rehabilitate me and catalogue my character for use by those that are more deserving; hence apparently the idea of making cowardice into a habit did come to me but now I have to be so careful it does not take over my life as well. As for my methods being self destructive; that was an old story about the fact each time something important constitutes a worry for society and culture goons I get some peace but since a collection of other goons on media decided to set their position as one that offers them publicity to ruin my life with it, they have not been able to accomplish the gain of seeing me suffer to make them feel comfortable or bullying me into doing what they want but there has been a lot of suffering inflicted on them instead, hence it is counterproductive alright.

It’s an old story and Mr Obama the former US President now knows he is a genius and can spend most of his time talking about his own problems or talking about his problems in terms of his own life now. Otherwise we all know that the part where these guys lay popularity culture pipelines on people’s lives when expressly told not to, to help stupid women sell music CDs abusing those who hands are full of government business and hence unlikely to fight back is when they are not being criminals and as far as expecting them to me citizens is concerned is the best we will ever get. Mostly though it is the community croons whose whole lives are developed around taking away people’s security – personal and hired, natural and private that is best indication of whether there is criminal activity being protected and those who have acted in the community in such ways as depletes its income are being punished. It seems that when you do these things first Politicians have an itch to handle your income, I have no idea what they expect me to assist them with at this stage, especially when my Books get to parliament to have the sales encumbered anyway.

Now there is that talk of me being happy to support every war that flies by but we all know its rich coming from individuals that think one should not stand up for oneself when being bullied because it just makes bad people get everywhere and gives others a false sense of security – soon enough we find they were bigger and stronger but you had become batting bag because their bottom hurts and it goes on and on round and round like pure madness inventing its own problems to ensure that even when you keep the bad people at bay they are still out of control because of the strong people. So, it goes without saying nobody here is really interested in what they think as they are not in charge. As for the bit where I look like I can do anything about anything when I cannot; that was an old story where they say we think Russians have no right to conduct their affairs but what we see instead is a process of supporting anything people do to ensure that others build a whole life and have it taken from them, plus the running of a structure that supports people being excluded from a sense of belonging in the Country even when there is awareness that there are those who appoint themselves to do it anyway acting as gangs and packs in the neighbourhoods, so that it becomes official that people do not know where their toilet is located. The general idea of course is that size determines what we do in such situations especially if time and again we attended school in a certain way and even though it is still a tyranny we have to attend it another way to make space in our lives for the big power and dependent. That size determines what we do when these sorts of government export their own instability to other Countries and do the same things there leaving people with conflict, thus the outcome where there is a sense that the thing that they own which really gets to their heads needs to be taken from them and the cost of it needs to be considered thereof and the media goons need understand their opinions are not invited as such as they are not in charge here as it were. They do say its what happens when I allow state provided security get completely out of hand, which is utter nonsense; what is happening is that since we are mates and I am always therefore being addressed by Celebrities they are not going anywhere with any fame and the natural tailback of course are that service personnel might become confused concerning the idea they were part of the team from time to time talking nonsense about respect they were not getting and the follow up consequences especially when they behave in ways that risks peoples lives in a dangerous job. They like to claim there are no more international communities in the world suggesting everything I have said here has fallen on deaf ears as such i.e. always one huge big endless responsibility after another with them – you must not stand up for yourself because it causes the bad people to get out of hand, when we have to deal with it you are our punching bag and we want the ego of it being said that we did, so you are screwed anyway, on and on and on without end; needs to be made to understand what happens when people have something to lose and those who want to take advantage of them have a habit of operating unopposed starting from home and family is war and that their opinion was never required as they are not in charge of anything, especially as the way out for their insanity now is to get about taking extremism careers away from extremists and then we will find them report some real news for the first time in their stupid lives when you had gotten killed.

I am told I am good at meddling of course which I am not; what happens is that the Politicians start off a story and run it for a while and unless the end is one where they clip my finances they will never be happy people, we see them do the same to the Armed services as well even while there is a lot of Armed services work to do; so while I set out a message that while they are somebody else is grabbing their career as well as a position where unemployed armed forces people can secure a way of getting things that are left undone resolved and possibly make some money in the process, I am said to be meddling as they have since ended up with two hung parliaments so far. I do get asked what it is I want exactly when I come up with all these things I say but it’s a simple case of stupid men putting pressure on my tummy and anus because they want to see what happens when my body goes up against gangs and neighbourhood trouble makers which will make them feel protected on account I did resist a process of them using my work and public life to make money. So it has reached that stage where I am a disgrace to the black race of course while they are always slippery – talk about popular culture and the damages it does and you find them talk about violence and murder while they cling to aspects of property and personal life you do not want to see them hang about with and its pretty much the same with everything else, after which they say I would not speak of what I say where it really mattered, while complaining about losing money and their big problem was the way my religion detaches them from those they have gotten used to dominating. The American ones especially have built up this process of clinging to my Books because they are being insulted by an Arch Prince whose existence insults them just like that everyday and there is no sense that violence will lead to more of it in their stupid minds until that foolish civil disobedience becomes another person’s personal problem. So, far I have led them down the path where they end up with an investment that causes them losses but I see they are still prepared to follow me around with their girls and boys when I attend an academic institution again, which I intend to end very badly for them as a whole all together. I mean even if I were to sit around thinking about how to respond to being insulted by abusive uneducated and uncivil violent fools like these damaging my academics and finances all the time, its impossible to decide how to respond to such stupidities. So, for now I am making a life for myself in those really bad neighbourhoods where they think they can do whatever they like and there is a market place around, up to them to decide if they want to leave me alone and keep off now. I am said to be completely unable to understand what the UK is like and what the UK is comprised of naturally when Politicians and Media are being full of themselves but it’s the same case where those who have not experienced resistance from siblings and parents do not know where to give way to other people and when I am cracked they are cracked up out of my league as well; as for the case where I antagonise commonwealth citizens – that was an old story where it wrecks the academic work so I end up in the same part of society and face increasing hate because they wish to get rich quickly at my expense and the part that will really bake the bacon of course is that it is all done because I am good looking, not the type of person they think the possibility of having sex with is a reality; so I have had the academic work wrecked for that and it will not let me be, so I need to ensure people end up in lists after lists of people who have to complain about me, so I might waste their time as well.


I understand what happens with the well-meaning public every day is that people try to support me with my Books but it’s never enough and it’s difficult to tell what is going on– the matter however itself not being a complicated one as such, just one people are not aware of i.e. Americans and American led goons, showing up all over it to help some really silly people get financially comfortable in order to lessen the burdens of their leadership without losing the love of a deviant and wanton crowd; so we find that they spend all their time working some form of narcissism after another on me until they had found out what people were doing with me was more a matter of relationship Parents have with their Children and not a matter of narcissism that will ensure I smell like my loo because I had Books to sell and somebody wanted to do something about my behaviour on account they would read my Books even when it meant nothing to them and then will it be obvious that they were operating outside of what I was doing all together and cannot hide their insulting behaviour any further; so it seems that once I had begun to run this off such as to ensure that they had lost enough money to make me famous, then only will this matter improve. It feeds into the other story that I rewrote my Books which nervousness has gotten Liberal America fools and Politicians spending my Books on mentally ill service operatives that serve their interest having realised there were health benefits that older people especially has acknowledged with respect to my writing, to brag in public places as stupidly as possible but the fact of it is that I thought it would have worked better if I broke the Book into the equity version and the literature version but I have found it better to work the equity on the internet and make the Book available as a complete version. It’s the Politicians that prefer to set out ideas that these people are okay but they are narcissists who set their sights on peoples bodies and body parts and will burn the world basically to get their hands on it and do what they want to with it – I have tolerated it ranging from the Politicians claiming I had grabbed a personality Politicians should be enjoying for making laws that affect the lives of criminals to Politicians ripping up my finances and academic work to incite crowds into abusing me in the neighbourhoods – we are now at the stage where they must decide if walking into a Church makes me less of a candidate for homosexual advances among other abuses of narcissism that is linked to them getting their pleasure irrespective of what I thought, destroying everything here that also adds up to a product that they want regardless of whether or not they like it the way they make stupid people rich by abusing me to build a market that will never fail, the crucial difference being that I am not hurting anybody or seeking privileges of injustice from Politicians when I had done so with no future plans in mind to stop doing it unless I copied their trade secretes in a situation that gave me an idiots an advantage and exhibited myself at Popularity and media for it.

The other story about how I am disrespectful and it has never really been resolved has nothing to do with disrespect on my part in anyway whatsoever; the truth of it is that these goons really love to handle me and teach me lessons even when I am twice their age, having ignored it long enough without finding them spend their time doing something else instead, I have decided to move it on, as none actually knows why they believe they have the right to handle me or teach me lesson or tell me how to exist in order to make cultural sense; it does come to the part where I get to an area of Town and when I return there, find there were people waiting to tech me lessons because the last time I got there, I affected peoples lives with a religion just by walking down the streets, since mine was their main concern in the first place, hence this is what needs to stop as they have had too much fun so far, never paid the fees at University and have not been paying the Bills presently. They do always say I would not say this where it mattered and that they see me in public get scared of everything all the time; what really happens is that I take from them the incentive for their violent activity so that if I did beat them up it will be very bad indeed, however which I rather always prefer to walk away and yes they do say its me bragging and I suppose it is but when they start again we will likely end up with another case of those that can beat up lapping it and those that cannot hurting themselves all the time.

The main reason these matters occur is due to women, for those that are asking; they always show up to ally themselves to me because of where they have taken themselves in terms of their personal decisions, normally which I should not allow because of a tendency to inundate my concerns with violent problems and then abandon me when I needed somebody to stand by my side in a fight but if there is enough distance they do have the right to exist – hence its never really a matter of mystery whom the persons responsible for their plight really are in the first place. What I said to court myself a case of me being disrespectful is that they spend time wrecking peoples lives once they got their eyes on the body parts and the beautiful looks and the personalities because they are narcissists who would do anything to satisfy their stupid desire, handling people who are really a handful and then realising they had not worked out how to pay their bills, return with a sense of entitlement and civil rights will get it figured out at the expense of those who dared to achieve what they have never tasted. The Celebrity culture itself was originally so abusive that young people could not pass the exams at school in the first place now the need to tackle me for pushing back has made it institutionally abusive with all those stupid people they help make rich running rings all over it, my point being that I have had enough of them and need some space, refusing to comply will mean I start to pay attention to those communities they build up with ideas on what to do to me bearing in mind when society starts to have a go at their own as well, it’s not that they cannot fight back, it’s just that when they involve me it’s never enough and this condition is not yet bad enough as we speak.

As for the matter of how I got lost in all these all together, I am not lost in anyway whatsoever; what happens is that there is culture and society evil, hence while I spend time tackling some of it with the help of what I know, I am also caught up with the inventiveness of those who told us all that they were civilised, better people who could behave differently – this is the real me, in which world all these nonsense were entirely expected by a Church person and once I had settled my livelihood and gotten on course to find a spouse I will get back to handle and living with it a 100% again. As for the gits who claim I bother women – the most recent case was a matter of goons with ideas about starting their own religion picking on people in a neighbourhood and all they will be doing in a relationship with me is share a bad probably and my Public image is something I am deluded about whilst we all know what I do is about the Government of the UK, if people mess with it my security is gone, if people mess with it my finances bottoms out and so I have no idea why they do, especially if they are complaining about consequences whenever I think that State provided security cannot tell what to protect here anymore.  




 The part where I always set out to do things the Queen should be thinking about has gone on for long enough for me to raise my own issues about it at this stage; the reality of course I should clear up, is that I do not do what my Boss does because I am not my boss, whether or not I am so good at what I do whenever I do what I do to the point where my boss relies on me for some really important things and since I am not my boss, no matter how important I become it is impossible for me to make sense of a process where I get around doing what my boss does. I do not believe this matter to be a major crisis either, its all a manhood issue by a collection of fools that are so arrogant that they believe their ego and manhood is a worthy use of other peoples time and what’s more, think that if you were to take their manhood away from them and kill them, when they kill you as well that will make things go back to the way they were and of course until such a thing happens they will not quit thinking they want to wreck you finances and torture you into protest about it until they have formed a social argument which decimates everything in society and law that prevents them from having anything they want. I have only mentioned it because they say it a lot and I need to furnish them and those that listen to and vote for it when it gets into political activity with alternative arguments in case they want to indulge themselves in that too, what’s more even if I did what my boss does I believe I have got some people who would have had an opinion exactly where I want them to be anyway. There is no such thing as picking on my own allies and supporters – I know of a certain sect of those that are loyal to me in society and culture which is specific and linked to the Priesthood aspects of my Royal Estate and things they do because they really do not like republicans who think that what others think about most of the time is what to do to make the Country comfortable for them and try not to provoke them in order to keep a peace, whereas what most people are thinking is the question of who the hell they think they are to be doing those things they do with peoples person and property in order to talk nonsense not only about a new country but how people want to run the country to suit their needs and so if people are not the enemies which include family low lives in royal circles and ambassadors with access to peoples government provided security that they can mess around with or Tory party goons that have access to peoples government provided security as well, then I suggest they stop acting like they were. The issue of Scottish Nationalism is another story in itself, with respect to that; we had a country with London as the Capital and then it began to grow beyond its boundaries and could no longer control what its relations with its allies looked like and decided on devolution and some idiots in Scotland wanted a new country out of that – this is actually half the story by the way and is enough as it is to exasperate anybody into anger as it stands but it gets worse because what we really have in Scotland is a process where a collection of idiots have driven their sense that whenever they feel as though something is their own they need to check their size and if it is enough for them to take it from the owner that is what they must do, have made this particular way in which they live into a National issue, hence I have no idea whom they assume will be willing to sit down with them and have arrangements in good faith should there be some stupid yes vote for independence in Scotland anyway when everybody thinks the territorial boundaries of the UK have been drawn up enough times for it to stop as it is. Again its a manhood thing and provided they do not continue to mess with my stuff and set off Intellectual property vulnerabilities that lead to a process where I take that their stupid manhood for fun since some of us as so busy we have not got the time for their stupidities where their intrusive financial destruction and torture that comes with financial lack which they claim is power to propel a process where people want to see them do government work without pay as well, then talk nonsense about how I mess with fate, there is every likelihood of girls I will groom and arm with machines so they can keep their dirty mouths where it belongs and their female culture idiots can take it up and do it as well; however the part where I get around by a Church that is run by the State and regularly do their stuff and shut down aspects of their lives which mean that if I do not do a certain thing that can be used to abuse me people will die, is the best - the bees knees, the Many mansions in The House of God in Heaven, especially when I do their morals and shut it down for them as well at the same time and then they can have so much sex with anybody they like thereafter too. In the end the big problem it appears is that they want to see how I defend myself in the face of violence and of course I do not mind since what really needs to be cleared up is that of how I have business with their women and it therefore means they and their stupidities in every form have access to me and all I own, apparently their women here would have included The Queen too. So the assumption is that I am waiting for some army to come to my defence and because of that it seems an impossible understanding for them they need to stay off my public work and the royal property and the books, not that it will not stop since it really needs to and stop my way either which does not include that of their idiots forcing themselves on me and talking nonsense about freedom and security of women either as it were, so it continues to get worse; all those lies and involvement based corruptions and the idea I cannot protect myself from being bullied by fools because they want to detach me from my friends and use me for an end when they would not dare lay hands on me, led by stupid black men as it were; maybe its all just naked opportunism but it is getting worse anyway - for them and their white friends and really stupid children and women my friends is a situation that will not be accepted, never knew I that I required their opinion anyway, so its an old matter of how to live with the lower classes as it were because you will certainly put up with the violence for nothing on grounds what it really means is that they hate the Monarchy and what you do with your own choice indicates that you never listen - none who does not play their part to maintain the violent lower class society atmosphere will find the right to exist anywhere else, this is a fact and I am not doing any badly myself.


It’s much like the story of what The Royals think about me being really far from a bloated view of myself which I have – the reality of which is rather that for my part it is a matter of when The Royal feel I am refusing to accept when I do the wrong, that it is wrong – hence the prognosis of my results being unquestionable but my methods a problem as it usually goes in such occasions, none of which I am actually doing of course, only a matter of lies they love to tell all the time but for them a matter of when people set out others and attack them until it reaches the highest level of government as a social commotion and then the International community and International Media too, only to say that it was a mix up and that it was the fault of the victims who failed to live their lives in public so that they might be able to avoid attacking who are excited and happy because good things are happening in their lives and not because bad things are in other people’s lives, then there is something wrong with them but as for the violent and heavy burdens bit however, the realities of their insults are that they will always pay for it, not immediately maybe but they will never escape recompense as far as the feelings of that particular abuse and attack goes in itself. I am only saying that when you live in a Country in which people set others out to attack until it is a commotion at the highest levels of government and International community only to claim it was a mix up and they thought their victims were excited due to bad things happening in other people’s lives and not good things happening in their lives and you are running such a Country comfortably in prosperity, holding down a Monarchy and Royal Office, then you are very, very, very good at what you do which people always must be in order to get anywhere near the Monarchy. 

They do speak of my lack of respect for leaders of course while every fool that is older than me clearly can do whatever they like with me and all I own and later complain about their fucking presidents. It is not an emotive issue nor is it true I am ruining my good reputation – the reality is that it only ever works and I am referring to just about anything when these revolutionist idiots are in charge as far as they are concerned, so you do not find it insulting at all, only the results speak for itself in the sense that every single one of their involvement damages anything pertaining to finances and they become living embodiments of all that encourages organised crime, I simply need them to stay away from me and the story of a Monarchy that will not get out of their lives so they can have a republic has never been a good enough excuse for their wickedness around here – if there is a republic they will invent another and we all know that, like feminism and celebrity which is usually the point where One ends up with something to keep busy with; because of course there is a sense that it is what people such as myself exist for, as such the need for a condition where the price for being made to stop it which they fear so much becoming other persons obsession too. It has never actually been a problem for me, only a simple case of the fact their activities mean that what they do to affect themselves and others is made to eat up what I do to affect others and myself which of course amounts to a society that is not being nice to them specifically over money destroying itself until the blackmail pays off due to public statements they make all the time issuing accusations and attacking people and rousing the criminal crowd; so the onus falls to those who know better considering they are renowned for being irresponsible to let them rip up every book written, every public speech, every hospitality and every office and then not do that to them as well so as to ensure the Country does not crumble but the other option is to handle them as well for your part instead. So they are always putting one provocation on top of the other and then another and then another and that is their nature; hence the imagination moves to what price they pay if they are made to stop it and how that means they have to re-organise their lives (rearrange their lives is a more popular phrase if you prefer) and so on etc: it is usually the only way to deal with the statements they make about how you would not have said it where it mattered because it would have gotten you into trouble if you did but is an old story of taking a stand on my possessions to rearrange their lives for the future according to their needs with a sense of absolute impunity - hence the reality they cannot leave people alone and what others do not want done to person or possession more often than not becomes their main preoccupation. They do become very used to those statements they make in the form of stupid people that lead the clever which is what Monarchy they say is but simple common sense eludes them all the time in that if they were prepared to live in a society where a certain area was inhabited by people who could hurt them and beat them up, would that area of society have been the one on which they chose to build a career and family life? When done they want another persons personal life and seek revolution as a result thereof - by the way of which I was called up to service at the Monarchy at age 22 and neither they nor their parents before them have ever been which creates this massive mystery as to how they could possibly be cleverer than I am bearing in mind more so they cannot be seen anywhere else but around my book sales and studies due to their stupidities and the problems it creates them; so this is how they normally seek out their revolution, more so as they do not know how to handle the area of society inhabited by those that can beat them up which then means we need to be equals.

They do say the problem about me is that I tend to know everything which is difficult to justify since their insults are such that I can be detached from my own temperaments so that it might be given to those that are actually important and rich on account others are trying to make their way in the world, so that the part about being accused to attaining things I have not achieved will always end the way the one interfering with aesthetics that belongs to others ended not in me being possessed by media devils but in the demise of western power and the part about using my faith without going along with the rules of which did end with enough pain to cause a respect to exist, so it will probably end with the solving of the problem of racism permanently.


So they say I am coming out which is utter rubbish; there is only me living in peoples hell holes to have to deal with a condition where they regularly turn out to make a case for being superior to me and it does not have to become a problem if certain red lines as respected such as being able to go into a place I have rented to work on my books without peoples stupid women and fathers chasing my private parts. The other side of the story is that claimed need for me to explain where I stand on social justice when we all know they think Politics allows them to sit in circles and bring others naked to be placed in the Middle and abused, so whenever they locate people that would look good for it the results must always end with a complain on social justice; their stupid goons with culture and media always have a need for American power and putting a certain British through the hell they have endured in their stupid lives but that is not an issue either, the problem is that they have their own version of what my books are and it is a problem that has to be settled as it tends to express the sense that the books exist so they can handle me like I am a piece of meat: they say they have wrecked everything here but are still after my personal life not because they are not aware they have created a human rights problem but because doing it to a single individual for the greater good is a sacrifice worth making which they can give to the frugal as it were; its not a horror story here unless its heir horror lives we are talking about instead especially applicable to their Politicians; the current US President faces a very simple choice - is he going to go along with what every goon tells him to do about my books and make excuses about some revenge that needs to be taken on evil British for it committing intellectual property crimes against me or is he going to live apart from me? He says he is the most powerful man in the world and yet every appearance on media seems to suggest I need to make a compromise when we know that if he cannot secure business interests with the White House then he cannot mess with my earnings. They do say I offer people property equity and am in no position to complain but that is because they also think every goon who deploys equity to make customers feel good about a product to meet sales targets and get rich is an entrepreneur. I understand it is said all I do is not sustainable but of course the real issue is the media as everybody that harms me gets hurt and their wickedness which beats the imagination all the time has a media to express its stupidity over what happened and when they have the recovery and the advertisement and the attention and the publicity and fame follow it seems their civil and criminal disobedience is unstoppable; in their defence they say I harm the Politicians but its rather difficult to locate if that was before or after they started this; the bit where everything is to be done on the basis of stupid evil poor people taking advantage of the privileges of the guy who dares to challenge their evils because he is Royalty and so on and of course the reason it all seems I cannot make sustained progress is Industry idiots playing giving and taking money with them in the hope they will call a bluff and make profits at my expense and there is not a planet where that gets to happen only Politicians tinkering on what they must do to decide which patch of the world is mine and which is theirs which will lead to the gathering of enough information on my part to handle their own business empire in the same way too; it is clearly a fabulous use of my time as it were and they say it happens because they have got money to waste it with and the money will be the only thing they have, this is a promise. 

It’s nothing unusual; they love to claim I am detached from government business whereas what really happens is that each time an issue arises, ¾ will magically vanish before it has been handled and then we will find it pop up in Europe or China or the US where a Politician might have been Pillaging my Empire to get rich quick and so we find that I am trying to get my Books sold to raise my income considering their own is guaranteed and they show up with frustration of a business that serves me and not them because I own it to blab a case where I cannot be controlled and therefore my life is a tissue of scandals even though I think I am important, indicating the violent bits with a big mouth; it does nothing but set off a perpetual state of enquiry over what I am doing with myself so somebody else can steal it, everyday and happens over that stupid second sources of income problem they have created for themselves. The insults and abuses that were channelled at the Parents has now given rise to a sense that the only way to deal with financial problems is to target specific persons, the insults and abuses that target these specific persons has now led to a phobia of work and they think I am not referring to the processes of addressing me so community croons can chase my anus and penis and make them feel clean enough to go places when I ask them to shut down the insults and stop addressing me.

Now they say I am bating racism and I couldn’t get my head around it anyway, I just know that I am wrong in all I do and Nelson Mandela or Elvis Presley is right in all they did because they were terribly important and it concerned me by and large mostly, therefore being told how to exist needlessly and constantly by self-seeking idiots chasing money and being right in their own views around my property all the time; the complaint here therefore amounting to what they deserve not being as they would have liked it but the method of changing their lot is still as stupid and still as evil as it was when they were told there is no interest here being courted for it more so. The threats continue and will likely more so until the outcome of it is one where the blacks and attacking the whites and the whites are attacking the blacks while I had come up with a plan to beat down violent lasciviousness they believe to be some form of abusive funny form of domination while I am trying to study, write and chase a career. It was the same arrangement being imposed on people during the period that preceded racial segregation in the US, pretty much the same during apartheid in South Africa. Then we hear them bellow that stupid war at me when they are aware ways in which I can prevent being beaten down in my bed through the violent lasciviousness thing could add up to a process where they are done hurting each other and find out what I think about that stupid civil and criminal disobedience breaching the peace every day. As for the story of me thinking everybody else is stupid however, they actually are; I mean the gestures to the left and the right if they are talking about economic issues or public policy for example has meaning and it wants to play with me all the time, to an effect where I have dropped out of University, ended up feeling very angry about it while they have never really stopped having fun doing so and extending it to National and International Media: I am not saying it is any less the challenges associated with running an Intellectual Property Administration business that if you stopped them screwing around with Nissan then they screw around with you and make songs out of your life and public image and all you can do is chase them up and tell them you did not approve while each time they do they get rich, the money will then help them to mobilise at Industry and find ways of getting rich people to blame you for problems due to fear of getting hurt by those who are not apparently as weak as I am; so it becomes important to emphasise while they claim I think everybody else is stupid as if that was actually wrong, that they need to stop playing with me and get themselves a Book. Apparently, I do intimate them to the fact that they have gotten which ones they needed since last I allowed them screw around with my life as much as they could and they need let me secure ways of paying my Bills and return to my Church concerns where I am really as happy as they are now - they always say it will never happen and assume it was not meant to be a foregone conclusion that I will sack their own on my way too.


I am told that I believe myself to be capable of doing anything because I had detached myself from all the control mechanisms at the Monarchy which does not support the daily abuses fostered here by Industrial espionage Muslim nepotism twats either in the first place – however it is very rich coming from a bunch of idiots who decide on such existential threats as me being an Arch Prince whose whole life is laid out for the world and if they wanted could decide on the kind of crowd that takes advantage of the fact there is only one of me in the world to bring poor people up to speed and ensure that I looked exactly the way they wanted for the rest of my life with a big mouth; they are getting away with it while suggesting I have detached myself from Monarchic control mechanisms. In any case the core matter is that I am sore all over due to the way that Americans facilitate the nepotism of their Industrial espionage, such that they can now spy on me and ensure they were real Men and I was sore all over, which can be used to direct my thoughts and decide how I behaved and they say they are using my position and the way I respond to this to decide what HM thinks about me. The more serious part is likely then to be when what I do with ethnic minorities, plays into Industrial relations where their behaviour overseas is a constant threat and people must go out and trade never the less while this threats continue – and the outcome will be one that does not involve Politicians because it compromises the position of Politicians while the entire purpose of what is done was to ensure they hung around at one area and the trouble makers they claim are Celebrities did on the other, so that they might become the murderous tyrants of the future, to put a stop to their practical jokes.

I. Uno I

Now it is said that I will continue to get attacked until such a time as I responded the way people wanted me to when bad things happened to black people and I understand entirely but bad things happen to good people all the time while they on the other hand are a parasite. What really happens with these people is that their existence is so evil its purpose only makes sense when people are better off by destroying everything that appears to be a good thing around them – this mean the people they claim are racists hang around somewhere and when they show up to suggest others had destroyed their interests or financial prospects, somebody will point to the one they destroyed as well, what we face is a condition in which they are starting to build their own on the left and on the Media as well and I don’t think that is a problem either, it is just being done in a condition where they have become quite accustomed to hurting me and are planning to exclude me from any security that has been developed from it too – the outcome are realities such as seeing them fight the Police because they do not want the Police to protect me from them and scenarios where an Office commits a crime and they got killed generally meant that something had to be done about the Police force. The output in real terms of this business where there are people the Police will never protect from them is that I had settled a way to secure my interests from Industry trouble makers, City centre repression and quasi neighbourhood criminals without aid from vested interests and sponsors, so they really enjoy ripping up my career to make money while pointing to the last person that damaged their financial interests who was about their size. It cannot make me do anything and I am certain it understands what I mean when I say I have endured enough and had enough of its stupidities.

They claim that the Police is concentrating more on them than it is on Police work and I have never seen a time when Armed Forces operatives preferred to get tangled up in Civilian business for my part either – so I have to assume people can see it makes sense if I said there was corruption which was running rife, such that it applied in terms of work that Police Offers should do, hence the reasons we see them get involved with civilian concerns. I do get told that what I have said recently indicated I had an agenda and yes I do – it has become a sermon of recent time and again, week after week, every day, that they needed to stop hurting me and needed to stop handling my Books; I mean they say I smell because white people who solve this problem by attacking them were working for me which facilitated the various forms of abuse that will help churn my tummy and get together relevant socially developed spiritual powers that can make people rich to beat me down until I suffered schizophrenia, then ensure every single public appearance is associated with a need to be me while it gets imagination up my bum to violate me without requiring physical contact, blabbing about making me respond when bad things happen to its stupidities. The reason they target me have always been the same story about people who have gotten services from my work and wish to read something I had written – so I developed it this way because there was an economic crisis and the willingness of some people to give people free things towards progressive economy was the most effective way to recover but as we can see, the gits will take and take, they will cash into this until there was nothing left justifiable in their view by the fact they have got penises. So I do have an agenda, as it will not stop hurting me and this is likely to develop into an outcome whereby I had a personal problem with everything that allowed them perform their concerns in relative safety and I was backed by State provided security; where we find them blab about trouble if the bottom chasing issues happen but the bottom chasing issues will always happen when they cannot stop hurting me and State provided security thinks they needed to stop playing with me.

Some people have said I am unable to tell who my friends and enemies are and it is utter nonsense; what happens is that it is always a constant battle here to protect my Assets and I have never seen stupidities like it in my life – involvement with a fashion model means what I did was available to all fashion models because people had an ego and were in an intense search for privileged and exclusive lifestyle, involvement with a company meant my property was available to all over companies for exactly the same type of reason and the battle to secure my assets and just ensure people are walking into a structure when they get involved with the Bookshop tended to mean that when all had been said and done, the finances had evaporated. Then there is the part where they claim my literary empire exists only in my head while they were trying to get rich with it at the same time, feeding into their social attitude that involves breaching my patents and expecting me to keep the secrets while they made penis riches. The big one being what happened years before at University as they constantly showed up to chase money on my public image once the business of deciding what my personality can be used to help people achieve at popular culture was taken to a whole new level and when I dropped out, it was their biggest achievement in the whole world. What happens of recent is that I am not afraid of them partly because there are people like them who get involved with me all the time, especially the ones I don’t trust who basically think when I had started telling them how to exist, it would have meant that war was coming, hence I avoid anything which looks like that by any means obviously. I don’t understand why their most prized pursuit has become a business of making me feel vulnerable either but I don’t think they will ever achieve such a thing as well – we see that businesses get set up and when those businesses operate in a way which harms the community, there are fat cats in those businesses and other people whose interests are damaged when the community is harmed, who will think that the person making such policies needed to pay for it, what then happens is that they engage in a systematic process of tying the hands of such individuals behind the back and ensure Communities degenerate into extreme crime and poverty where wealth in being exchanged, so that it might be possible to make themselves popular through it like the spawn of the devil and then they set about tackling people because they believe themselves to have bought products from those companies and therefore contributed to the wealth of those who own it – I have been through hell with establishments run by utter idiots who then set about the usual processes of pillaging peoples earnings and livelihoods to make them comfortable, instead of driving them back to the customer base and what is now clear is that their stupidities are a product of Political leadership which is the reason there will be no end to ill feelings when it is being discussed – what matters being that they had stopped handling my Bookshop and stopped hurting me as soon as possible.

I really am of the opinion that should defending my position lead to an outcome where they were driven off me and into poverty and obscurity, which will also encumber their mobility, I will have performed a Public service.

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Of course it is never complicated - always as simple as the fact that very little of the incredibly wicked and destructive financially well off lower classes we get to hear on media who destroy everybody and steal enough from them when done to to provide only for themselves and name it economic recovery and social equality and Politics but what is most interesting is now detailed their description of others especially those that are more privileged than they are such as myself - those they refer to as Elites: They never mention their own unless they are doing so at the expense of 'kids' like me who are insolent enough to dare to take away their power by pointing to it (about which such insolence do mean I will soon have my wealth inequality programme developed on a fame and celebrity basis for me). So the whole prognosis of their conversations on public places is not about their wickedness and the fact they have all they have by pillaging others that are less financially fortunate like they are and need to keep them that way but a process of passages of my books read without buying them setting the stage for those who want to get on stock markets and media to punish those that have offended them with oppression and those who respond to it who have something to say about the plight of women, deviance and the activities of the Elites and this is what is the real problem and makes their media something that must be removed otherwise it will never stop. The main point of attrition between me and them especially the American ones is a very violent and incredibly intrusive and insolent manner by which they will tell me what to do with respect to Elites who feel that violent things happening in their lives and businesses should be imputed into mine on account there are people who view them as the great and the good and this is the only thing that creates the sense there will be trouble if media is taken away from them or their part of media is removed officially.

The story about the UK pretending to be a democracy is well understood but is not based on fact – we don’t pretend to be a democracy here in the UK we are simply not one – we are a constitutional Monarchy and so it comes down to the fact every mans home is his Castle and that means he is practically a demi-god there and his wife a domestic goddess; only that some people such as myself have a talent for leadership and I am therefore allowed to followed by all those credence we hear all the time about people wanting my house or to have my babies and so on. So the real issue with the Americans is that of the fact their Country is a place where every stupid girls whose idea of getting through their time in the world involves some powerful idiot collecting peoples career and money for her especially when they are younger go travel to in order to be successful – they love to turn up in public places all the time looking like they should have been homosexual but if they are able to press flesh with the British that might change and the world will be grateful for it, thus the reasons I do their own as well right down to the pornographic Industry, there is nothing there to get away with so the story of getting away with it being some mystery that people need to explore or copy does not apply. The story about how there are so many ways of interpreting my work does not apply: an example is a process where people can sit at home in peace and develop a nice little game they sell on the Internet to get rich while mine right up to every public appearance is pillaged by them because media idiots want it that way - so its a simple case of if they do not do mine I do not do their own. Hence in context of these many ways of interpreting my work meaning an encroachment on peoples civil rights and some examples put forward as the fact those who have lost the most percentage of their income are poorer children, its the same old story where I have to fight people off property I do not want them to deploy for work when they are trying to earn a living and so on but these guys are simply the kind of people to whom work is poison hence they can always do that - when percentage of income is depleted a fool gets on media to target me on their behalf and if they are not handled as well it really can go on for eternity.

I do get told of the Popular culture Stars I destroy in a simple sense but that was an old story where it is all Lower Class stuff and their power comes from Politics but they would rather make songs about my Life instead or make songs on what the Royal Office does and when they do its not a case of saying I am British Royalty and they have done it because they are British or like some say, that we all get through living by borrowing from each other, what it does is tell me its just a song and I need to understand that there is nothing I can do about it. Girls aloud did the same with a system where security service operatives work for Americans on a Private basis likely after retirement to a stage where the current or ex security service operatives were put at risk and then some of them robbed it in my face by attending boot camps on TV to make it undoubtedly clear to me I was cut out of that picture and it got to a stage where the service operatives were put at risk and they realised their band could no longer function but some still after that are making me see myself by their new found solo careers and making me see myself being exhibited by somebody else on gloassy magazines at the Super markets everyday, among other career paths they have Chosen and then there is Adele as well whom I would not dare go against unless I were mad enough. Eventually it all comes to this stage where I need to make it clear to people that they have to make these pop songs on themselves and their lower class existence and their political power, if they need anything from me its just a click away and while they are there buy a Book.