Now they say I pick on Celebrities while I am complaining about them which makes no sense whatsoever; I mean it weighs on the mind getting into violence with these goons as we can see they bully because they are cracked already, so doing it will mean they were no longer able to get on with their lives but now we can see that we are where we are on account attending University is followed closely by how they respond to the involvement based insults of their fans, to do something from the point where they claimed my essays and academic work is something I do to put out reasons for their actions while everybody knows the only real reason for it is that they fancy themselves bullies and believe they should handle my life and property whenever they so wish while somebody makes me behave because they were terribly important. So we see this case emerge where there are people with jobs and careers on one hand while they are on the other over media and society and celebrity culture and popular culture, finding ways of making sure they were making money from what I had worked for the whole time, then we see them get on the Radio to arrange music tracks in  a way which means that people can use my public image to make and sell music CDs, and it means that those who tell them to stop complaining about the complexities of looking after me can then have their tracks played as a way of deciding where they start to seek their daily market breakthroughs from, followed closely by advising people on how to handle me with respect to how they wish to feel about life and then telling me I have no market power while we can see I have not yet started classifying all these nonsense as a form of damage for my part as well, simple case being that I am going to destroy all of it and when I do I suppose we will find them willing to listen to what others are saying to them for a change. I do get told on one hand lies the question of how I got myself stuck with the Celebrities while on the other lies the question of making it simple whenever I talk about what I want: in terms of the first which I do not get involved with them at all – what rather happens as we see is that my patents would be respected if they were famous, leaving me to wonder what sorts of stupidities I am supposed to categorise such nonsense as in the first place – we see that they can deploy my public image for whatever they wanted and there was nothing I could do about it, save the bit where I have let go of my finances so they can get rich first in order to make a case out of myself setting out those stupid insults as something really cool at their expense, while they have entered a phase in which they always want to convince me that they were famous. It translates into the other part of their story where we hear its always a period of celebrity loving before Royal bashing of Celebrities after; what really happens of which is that they take advantage of the bits where Royalty is conscious of elitism because it provokes some people, then also the bit where the fact one knows what one wants is not to say that one can protect oneself better than a professional soldier, thus is the general sense that you must respect other peoples jobs and they will never stop making a case out of themselves blabbing about the evils of elitism of how the Royals should be raised and soon the big problems we find starts when they have begun to find it is impossible for them to get famous and important without using me: their public transport allies are at the heart of this nonsense where they raise families and teach children to note that I fart and it is how I wreck people’s health and damage careers, leaving a whole world of discrimination for me out there that their had something you do not have anymore because it belongs to others cracked up out of my league celebrity to play around with and yet it is assumed I cannot stop my tummy falling on me by making them move their stupid selves out of it all together as it were, not withstanding of which rather than complain about them the moral of the story after a decade since I dropped out of University over their practical jokes is that given the right tools and proper measures they can be seen deploying their know better than the owners stupidities to make fame and fortune with their own lives. Its much the same as this story of Americans hating the British while reality is that nobody wants to be vulnerable to career piracy just as the Americans are the only ones telling people to work out what they must do about it and stand aside from their career for the USA – the same as we see the House of Commons wants to get rid of the House of Lords that is actually full of appointees from their own parties with vested Interests and charitable causes that benefit the public, who just happen to annoy them so much by toeing the party line on the laws they go to the shop floor of parliament to make using their insanity, never mind the hereditary Peers and their interests at the Monarchy that is. They now have more money than I do and know how cool their insults are, I do not remember complaining about Celebrities when I know I will make utter carnage if I got of handling it; they do not love to get cracked as we can see, just love to be very, very nasty especially in Public places where they can jeopardise people who have a bad day just as we can see their Public transport idiots never stop making trouble while building publicity for others over it until there is gun and knife crime on the streets; they respond so well whenever the profits have been clipped and I am starting to think they will give me a breathing space when doing it is amusing for me and the situation is serious for them all together, I am giving it thought as it were and do not think the thought process will last - only want them off my Books and never to show up around my public image, to stop pretending to be me as they are a waste of time for anything I do around here - I am certain it is not too much to ask. As for the Politicians; they now say they do not like their jobs anymore but it is in the same manner I have got Depression and psychosis too - they can do my Depression and psychosis if they want to take the question of whether they wrote my Books to a whole new level as well (have been wondering for sometime now to add to it all, if my social media profile always needs to be cleared of toxicity because U am the one with the criminal record and poor neighbourhood behaviour in the first place, wondering who is playing these games with them). There is this talk of how I will do nothing about racism of course which is nothing unusual; always something important while it is not yet pointed out that it has showed up with a Tribalism it does not have Money to afford to ask its mates to do something about racism lest it destroys everything important it gets its stupid hands on and so we find the racists are not never different from them and that they want preferential treatment as equally as they want to get their hands on important matters to deepen the discrimination by each time it is taken from them; all I am saying for what their insults are worth is that the racism gets worse when the Bills are not getting paid and they need to deploy their own lives to make fame and fortune. They say it is plain mendacity for me to tell people they need to deploy their own lives to make fame and fortune but an example is this fact that The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen that starred Sian Connery was a bad film, leaving us wondering which films their grinding away celebrity culture on others lives ended up in was actually a good one for a change – whereby when they deploy my life to make films I drop out of University as a result. They claim that some are allowed to run off popular culture on me while others are not whereas they are all a waste of time to engage with save the ones I have given opportunity to make their popular culture on such things as criminals they met or are related to, which outcome is usually that young people find the means to get on with academic work and they are able to pay their Bills but sometimes deploy the means to make popular music that is about the involvement corruption goons who complain later since they have always thought it easy to look after Royalty and make money on the public image that emerges thereof, for my part of which they now have more money than I do, so I might make a case out of how cool those insults of theirs really are - so I am not spending time with them instead of Royals as such: similarly I am told that most of my insanity is propelled by the love of money which it is not, what looks that way comes when I feel as though I want it all at once on account an idiot has been setting up shop all over me while keeping the secret from everybody else and its the one where he has a car and puts words in my mouth as much as he does thoughts it my head to make a big case of any time I paid over myself for anything, showing off the car and so on and then there will come that time when he has done another one to jump on my public image by and it is more about what I would do if I had the car or somebody gave away one or I won one in a lottery or something like that and then the result will be that I cannot complete my academic work lest I have a car of my own, on account the fact I do not have a car is his interest that ensures he is able to use his car as an investment - so we find these are very stupid individuals and will never perform such nonsense on their own lives all together anyway i.e. money madness that is a matter of my behaviour is when I want it all at once and it looks like somebody's possession is the same thing as what happens at Church, the Car is as important as God is and this was their investment acumen for idiots who cannot let others be.