Now they say they can see me and they can see everything I get up to which is utter nonsense; they can see me Dejavu and this is all they can see as it were. I mean, I am wondering the exact point at which it became other people’s civil rights to take advantage of me anyway – so there was no respect when I was nobody if ever such a time existed and then there was none when I became somebody which predisposed me to be used by others who had ideas for my achievements, just like we see them come up with norms that will suggest Politicians can allow them own people’s property if they cling to it and decide public matters on the basis of who talks loudest, to tell me I supply too much details about what I say as well: it’s an old story that makes people feel that these goons are not working hard enough for their money, so they can express all that nonsense about how difficult celebrity work is, which really has nothing to do with anything and then they will tell me I am caught up in an eternal fight when I am not, I am only caught up where I must look after an Estate public image and its income margins and when I do nothing about it end up cash strapped, while the media wants to decide when I do something about it all the time, which sets the stage for us to have a history between us time and time again. Mostly everything else is a matter of completely five modules for a degree in order to get a job but somebody else has employed you for 3 modules of your degree, it soon becomes the main preoccupation of anus striking scum to draw attention to the two modules that are not being used because you are vulnerable there and can be used for nothing in return by others if that happens and it’s the same way we see them show up to play with me all the time – it cannot do anything without making reference to my Royal Estate or seeking its income margins and public image; it complains about what it deserves and issues those big mouthed threats in terms of the Company when popular culture goons deploy my public image to make songs and I fall sick all the time trying to stop it having been they realised when scum like these play with me and make reference to my estate and to trying to be me all the time, all I really can do with what becomes of such a statement is tell people I did not approve of the popularity music while every time they make some they take the money without being questioned or stopped anyway – the result being the popular culture goons make the money and move into their company backyards to strike their anus all the time as well, so they can show up here with more insults concerning the power of their money but will not be caught dead getting involved if they have bought a Book with all that stupid money they have and then there is the bit about the Royal Office that means cracked up out of my league is so scared he strikes my bum and blows off his big mouth about a war all the time, knowing very well that I can always come up with a plan to get him out of that job and secure some rest for having to listen to the evils of his society while he makes use of me without respect for me in return for the benefits I have given him and shoots off his insults concerning secret societies he belongs with strange power that will probably prevent me from finding him more work for that job he never really pays attention to since I have got an anus as it were. They speak of the fighting bit I am geared up for all the time while reality is more a case of making use of my work on account they are stuck and need me, need my Books, so yes it is difficult when you see a 60 year old who has not accomplished anything meaningful in this world and it hits them really hard in the mind but it is not my problem, I mean should I support such persons or not, the question they need answer is how difficult it is to afford a copy of the Books, instead of showing up here to make use of the presence of God around me to feel good about life without believing God and talking nonsense about peaceful modernism as opposed to violent religious blasphemy. They are stuck, need me, need my help, after years of not working on business empires and jobs that get to their heads to a point where they are deploying it to fight others – they drive their cars on my public image and on my income margins because they want it so much and make reference to it all the time, such that I cannot simply just write a Book and get a loan for it and so we always find that it is the younger ones and their threats of violence and abusive insults that says it will take anything it likes who kick it off all together, since their case is usually only resolved when we find them complaining about what they really deserve like they are now when stuck and need me and need my Books but want to use me to boost their income without giving some respect back or paying for it, just like the media ones who cannot let me decide by myself if I want to pay attention to the Estate and its income margins or not, cannot let me decide by myself when I want to do so and cannot stop complaining as well; we all see they can always have a go and learn lessons about what happens with the processes of the success of insults as well and they are so worried about that money that gets to their heads that while they wouldn’t change their position as my Books cost an arm and a leg, that they will not take the plunge but will show up here to make trouble for me every day looking for weak points no matter what they have. We hear I mess with peoples companies as well, while reality is rather that they will not work on the job if taking advantage of a structure which exists through broker with other companies such that I have done some work over years without payment and it is possible that anything I wrote in my writing career would either be rewarded if people bought it to give me some money or rewarded because they just wanted to see what I had to say, they will not get out of it, they want to dish out punishment associated with being stuck and finding out they have not been working on the jobs that gets to their heads for years and it is the depression associated with the fact they could have done it differently which decided if they are going to crash out of business soon but they will not be caught dead buying my Books, it is their fucking human rights to make use of me – it shows up to play with me like that all the time and then complain about the problems like it is able to find things it wants to steal here on account it is handling a weakling, apparently, we see them all over my Estate income margins because their stupidities have been telling themselves that they are Royalty at heart too, driving around those insolent saloon cars to make statements on it that was their own to make. They cannot see anything here, only dejavu, then blow off that big mouth when I make sense of adding more work to their work – which is fast becoming a good solution to a problem, especially when it creates some cracked up out of my league characters as well. I have to get out of bed every day to watch them seek my income margins to a point where I cannot finance a project, watch them pass around those insults and issue those threats and make money pretending to be me for a while, watch them play with me instead of get a copy of the writers Book and the stupidities are issuing threats especially when they realise it is becoming a sensible strategy to make them work harder, considering these are activities described in their jobs as it were, especially the striking my anus bits, which is how this gets bad and intolerable i.e. they cannot keep their hands to themselves and it is becoming a big problem blowing off that big moth about war when we all know it’s just going to work harder and harder. They speak of how nothing will bother me but we all know its clinging to my income and issuing threats at me for not doing their own properly that we are talking about here – so their main problem is obviously that I think they need more items in their job description as well or the clarification of the ones that already exist in it; when we started out years ago they said my disadvantage was that their money will not run out because there was enough of it for many lifetimes over and if they spent time fighting me they could keep me down for years and years for the rest of my life; now they are desperate and the shareholders are desperate and they cannot stop telling lies, still we see that this is a matter of an abject level of disrespect, which was originally something they chose to do with their own times but now want to do it with my own time; as I mentioned before, the peace and tranquillity of modernism as opposed to religion and its blasphemy but the only environment it wants to create for clenching deals is concerned with everything scared thing around here and the presence of God anywhere they can find it; we even hear it would have been fine if I was not responding to what the Community croons that never stop picking on me wanted, while we know that even in terms of this argument, they will not let me decide when I run my Business and yet when I told them to go off and work on their own and let me be at the start of the recession, the money did get to their heads to a point where I was informed of their power and what it was capable of, especially the fact their cash will never run out. Soon enough I get told I talk too much, which usually leaves me baffled since it goes right back to the days when I was really introverted and the Politicians had to detach me from it and rehabilitate me into another existence so as to assume my personality and become glorious and even criminals from prison were enlisted because the laws they made in parliament put them there while there were other uses to be derived, now they say I talk too much and it’s not clear which ones they want anyway; it still brings up the same old issue i.e. it will show up to play with me like that dangerously and abusively all the time and so the play replaces the Book sales and then even that will contribute to its power, the media and celebrity ones especially like to tell me I am being bullied but we all know they were useless people, such that while we wait for somebody else to take those jobs from them because of it, now they have invented insults to do with swallowing it right down your throat and into your tummy and down your belly and there is a bad smell, we can see there is an escalation in their problem and we will be hearing them complain about what they deserve next, I was only speaking of it in terms of the claim I talk too much and my point of view. The other part about stress associated with me is an old story of whether I can or will be courageous enough to tell rich people to shove off getting out of bed to have a slice of my literary empire and then claim it’s a job stifling my income, which of course I am, right down to the story of the custom I will lose and the complain they will be seen bellowing over what they deserve for it as well – it’s a matter of the amount of time one has left when the idiots who do not get any favours from what I say but show up here to make me say it all the time have left me after their stupid perverted rejection and pillaging my property to extract an income they have not worked for, which then runs into millions, telling me insulting stories about it and excuses that suggest it is all my fault in the process – they always say the residue of what I have already been forced to share will ensure they do not fall apart and stay in business and then their money will count as an advantage but so is everybody aware it will never give me a breathing space too and I have to do something about it thereof sooner or later; we can all see it is the amount of time I have left to get things done after this sort of gimmick from people who make it their job to pillage my property and extract an income from the margins of my Empire instead of working for their own, the amount of time I have left when their insanity has eventually accorded me an official rejection like we see them give to the frugal.