I am now said to be a very nasty character and the problem is that most people do not actually believe it. It’s difficult to settle exactly what people who spend time on such things do with their lives all together but we know that this is the reason they must tell tales of violent aspects of me that need to be explored which I am not aware of, make a mess of everything here and pass exams in school before I do, to tell me what will create the biggest problem for me would be if I followed up their nepotism with unbearable description of their stupid selves as a bunch of educated idiots. Either way, if people are in need of facts, the reality is such matters as dropping out of University again and again, whenever women make statements aimed at showing people that they are a big deal and that they actually find that when they had taken their abusive insolence to such an extent it can be amusing for them, especially when it has been financially rewarding as well, just as it makes sense if writing about it here were to get a negative response from them and I handled them again so that there might be a need to write another one.

Their Politicians claim I am a main player in all the wealth and social inequality issues that are happening in the Country which is utter nonsense – the truth is that they are; they turn up here to pick up property that they have seen people try to forge a Partnership with me for, make a mess of it right down to the academic work and career over a period of years, sustainably every day and then for the ones they think are very valuable, industrial espionage sells it up to a bunch of idiots with money and a habit, in return for the peanuts that they got. We all know apart from their stupid selves, that the rich people they talk about all the time are just Mr A and Mr B and Mr C etc, who got together and told themselves they had some resources between them and if they pulled it together they would make a lot of money – some of them have been right and some have been wrong, these gits however would be the Clowns that get jobs as CEO, to spend my resources and everything people do to forge a relationship with me for the financial benefits, right down to the tummy churning issues through which they work to convince me I need money and must play along if I want to change such a situation and built me a Community of very vile nasty scum who get their imagination up my bum just to introduce themselves to me and find it all very amusing, while they wrecked the career and employed criminals in my neighbourhood to tell me that the general bottom chasing their pubescent idiots perform on the streets is how business is done while their stupidities do not have their bottom chased in order for people to do business in the first place. It’s been that way for the last decade and a half; every time the toxic idiots along with their Media fools and Celebrities are asked to sell a product, they must get some Celebrity gits onto my Public image and build me another one that concerns me getting into a fight with gangs or something like that or concerns people feeling that they were my equals or better than me, in order for there to be an encouragement that gets people buying products, should I get off my corner and listen to the lies they tell on Media about how much of it was my fault, make statements on how they too are able to run around like mad men, looking for equities that facilities sales, instead of building communities that get imagination up my bum, spy on me and ensure I am sore all over and smell like what I ate on grounds their stupidities were using mine, like a question mark on the viability of humanity itself, the fucking idiots they are, I would end up telling them where the job their stupidities have actually paid attention to for the last decade was actually located, which does nothing to improve my Bookshop balance sheet.

So they do say they needed something definitive on what to watch out for if this matter were to go away and yes it has always been as simple as the fact the property that Industry people show up here to bother me for does not belong to them, I don’t write their Books at this Office, they need to keep away from my Books, stop following me around and kill those stupid National and International Media Comments they cannot have enough of making at my expense. The Media however is full of idiots who say that since the Public hears their side before mine, they will always have power over me and we know what happens is that it starts beating me down around 5.00am every day and by 7.00am it had done it at least 5 times and I have to beat myself to the loo while it spends the entire day on its stupidities, claiming they will never stop which I don’t think they will either but so have I warned them I am preparing for an attack on those stupid careers as well – I mean there has to be a sustainable way to antagonise everything that has a job and career on media until I got my own practical joke satisfaction too, they simple need continue hang around this place blowing off that big mouth on my Book shop for the financial benefits of their civil disobedience and it will come to me eventually. We have not even started talking about the stupid women on whom this nonsense hinges all together – the whites want to be part of this nonsense while showing up here to decide which problems I ought to take care of, the blacks want to force the Royal Family to get involved with more superior black people and ditch me, so the next time I attend Buckingham Palace to get left feeling like I had no exit, the business of running around at Industry making a mess of the wealthy peoples shares they had in big Companies will become something a lot more serious than their insolent stupidities are complaining about presently.

The sole reason for this to happen is because around 2011 and to be noted it is still going on everyday up till present date, these goons were seen expressing something of the idea they would love to oppress me but there is no prospect of that happening, save the opportunity that I did not have any money and have since been seen expressing their stupidities all over my health and wellbeing as much as they are seen making a mess of my Bookshop for it, the entire time, relying on me not to do a thing about it until they achieved what they set out to gain which was the feeling they were superior to me. I do get asked why they do it but we know it’s the same story they tell on who was superior and who was not – save according to History the best Prime Minister we have had in the UK has been Winston Churchill who was half City slicker, half Society guy kind of person and same as the other Guy who invented the Air jet which their jet set stupidities cannot keep the self away from today. So we find this feeds into the other story where people ask who is right and who is wrong concerning which there is no right and wrong, it’s all my property and such a thing would have existed when for a start, they were talking from their own rights; what happens is that while they engaged with this nonsense I was busy telling them off and they were busy expressing how profitable their civil and criminal disobedience may likely become at my expense. Hence I have been told that I needed to make it a personal responsibility and yes I am aware of that but it should be noted that such responsibility will involve the fact I have built this structure that causes them to run around popular culture and Celebrity culture, gathering money from Industry trouble makers in order to oppress me and now I must keep an eye on their stupidities slipping into Politics and affecting National treasury; should I take it personally, I will end up being one of those characters which when provoked, makes a contribution to their stupid wealth and social inequality issues that they will complain about for generations.

They do claim my problem is mainly created by traders who will never let me be as long as they have private security industry services at their disposal, can corrupt my State provided security over industrial espionage and Media to fool around with but it’s an old story about the idiots somehow being insolently familiar enough to get the imagination up the most intimate parts of your body time and again, to find out what they were discipling you for actually concerns a matter in which you were right and they were wrong until it became counterproductive and socially unsound like we see them allow other perform with their cracked up out of my league body types – so it reaches that stage where it starts to wreck my career because it did threaten me at some point, that I messed with them and will not be able to sell a thing on this planet if they had a say in it – so the Muslim gits just have this added features whereby they were completely unable to hide their insulting nepotism. It wants to fool around with an Arch Prince in order to play up the high risk and high reward gimmicks and does not plan to be nice about it – they say we Royals set ourselves out in a way that constitutes a stumbling block for others while reality is that other people are beyond the boundaries they can push and if it does not make them better off when something is being done at the expense of leaders, doing it was always a matter of creating such public problems as according to history, their stupidities have not had the means to control the consequences. I do get told I must refrain from pointing out I am broke but I don’t have to; it was a well calculated plan to break up a Hermitage and broker the Equities with Industry people during a recession – what these fools have become most interested in is how they will gain something they have never had by making a mess of my financial wellbeing – so we all know there is Publicly available and documented evidence they have been doing this every day for the last 16 years, hence it’s impossible to understand what they are complaining about when I describe myself as broke, besides which be this the case, I would not have been the first individual on the planet to live in an existence where my finances did not match the amount of work that I did, so it’s still on face value, difficult to understand why they are always complaining about it – they have however pointed out like most of the perceptions they create around my concerns are more important than the fact that what I do with my time is the Books I write on grounds what they did with their time got to their stupid heads, that it serves another opportunity for their idiocy to try and fulfil the heart’s desire and dream of accomplishing some sort of wealth and social equality; goes without saying the next time we hear the bloody idiots complain about me, it will likely be the finale.

They do love that bragging all the time, that I speak as though there is much that I can do; about which I believe it’s quite simple for people to understand that when they show up here it ought to be on grounds of what I spend most of my time on as well, if what they spend their time on got to their heads that much and it should be that way before their families find out why I ended up in prison for their part in the matter. Like I have been told I have already cut myself a terrible reputation while I have not done any such thing – this business of smelling of what you ate is not normalcy it is the kind of mess that culture and society idiots along with Celebrities who are both very nasty people can make of the way you organise career and personal life and it’s all profitable due to the  parts of your career where you have done your best work, they hate my guts and are always abusive towards me, which I don’t have to respond to as it were. It’s usually a matter of what people spend most of their time on and how responding to such nonsense will create more personal problems; the Politicians and white boy types never care about Public matters because they preferred being homosexual while Black culture is the complete reserve of such things, so you already know that it would be useful in a way to attack them but it never really makes sense to do so, except these goons will shove up to shove because of their ideas on how uncomfortable they are with respect to what you should be doing and I am sure that they can attack culture and society trouble makers along with Celebrities who make a mess of my life and career all the time, without shoving me. The shoving has never been an unusual issue either; the Media will make contributions to wrecking University study because I am not responding to Street insults, should I respond a little their bottom hurts and I get addressed like a child in terms of the fact they were annoyed and I will eb taught a lesson – the Politicians will simply stop me from pushing back until I dropped out of University, then hang around shoving me until a decision to attack culture and society trouble makers was made issuing threats with a big mouth, about which I am sure they can attack people without shoving me in the first place. What I did to annoy these goons is mainly to do with me being set out as a child on whom they may exact revenge for the reasons they were not as financially successful as their age mates, to which I responded by wanting to handle the culture and society all the time, so we may all smell of what we ate everywhere we went – it’s all falling apart because of a bunch of idiots who have a Media exposure which meant the Public heard their side of the story before mine was heard and no other situation is the reason for all this nonsense, to make matter worse which it is not actually the part that pays their salaries either. I am said to be hated by the culture and society people naturally and it’s an old tale as it were, of their interest in Crime and Criminal activity and how they find it impossible to perform those activities without handling me; same case where there isn’t a similarity between the strict Teacher and the Female Armed Robber the last time they checked but we know one is a Teacher and the other an Armed Robber because of the wicked activities that they have had an opportunity to experiment with – claiming constantly as insultingly as possible that I am the kid on whom their future depends as though enough had not yet died over their collective insults and stupidities.

They say the reasons the Men hate me is justified and it is utter nonsense; it has now reached a point of crisis the perceptions they build around me becoming an all-consuming thing as if they were alien to it; ranging from the size of women’s bottoms and breasts, right down to the size of my bottom and breasts as the wanton need to push off these insults across the sexes gets completely out of hand more so and then it develops into one of me having a body type that can deal with bullying while they would be cracked if there was a slight pinch hence I will be doing it for everybody as it’s what the crowd wants, eventually culminating on building me a public image which says I am good in bed and it’s what the crowd wants while the reasons it started in the first place was the Books I had written, garnished now with financially well of psychopaths talking nonsense at me about the extent of my powers. So, I had to get down to the Public responsibilities bits and ensured they understood very clearly that I have had enough of them; it was meant to be a deterrence and they do like to brag that it had not worked. They boast endlessly that I am talking about problems I could never solve while this is a matter of very nasty society goons and very nasty fools who fancy themselves famous people, where the business of smelling of what you ate was a skill they possessed as separate from most human beings, cannot stop getting involved with my concerns, showing up on my Public image and handling my Bookshop – they have been warned enough times by the way about churning my tummy and issuing threats for the smell caused, blabbing nonsense about the wars that will break out if I tried anything when we know that as far as the war goes they have been at it for long enough. The whole thing has never been a crisis – just built on being caught up with the dirty aspects of their personal decisions, especially when they take Class A drugs with the money gained from buying equipment and venues that help them gather the public to extract from my personal life and public image, the nature of their Celebrity jobs that involves sitting in an Office to gather a Crowd and entitle themselves to the best work others had done for the career and some of the abusive behaviour that comes with the whole thing being counterproductive even for those who idolise them, they are now fighting tooth and nail to keep it naturally, lest they be driven to suicide but before they had to fight me so hard to keep the personal life and personality I had cultivated in a Hermitage as a security which helps them avoid committing suicide, they were engaged in ripping up University studies and a Bookshop where I had written a Book which happened to have supported them on such matters, to ensure that such a support was guaranteed – I too believe that shutting it down, being that keeping from my Books and not following me around any further was the part they found difficult, will on account that it improves the prospects of people getting killed or killing themselves be just as unnecessary.