It is impossible for me to envisage how people are making sense of what they want to do to discuss American economic vandalism that tends to pay off for them so they can dominate the world at this point – it has always been clear war on terror is not as wholly a European Problem the way it is an American one i.e. The Americans fundamentally love to be hated by a religious group that may even be violent because it draw public and even global attention to their nature in order for them to make out their activities constitute freedom and democracy – so that if some people have been rich as a result of being aligned with European History and culture, Americans are as stupid as the idea every one of them wants to be a billionaire using European History and Culture as the way out of an economic downturn.

As for the story about how much I have contributed to this problem however the reality is always that these nasty Europeans have had it all covered and can deploy my public life as much as they want, become fans of my Royal Estate and Empire in order to ensure the way they run their businesses of deviance is used to replace it at market and then while they handle my public life as though that is how they were born or raised, they tell these racial lies and make these racial accusations I am supposed to answer to all the time because they come from a bigger ethnic group and should be able to dominate me in that way; I need them off my books and off the Royal Estate empire and will ensure that happens as well starting from this sense they cannot be free from the consequences of being louts since the most insecure place for me to be has continued to be my office having been I am keeping that their stuff as it were and it has never been a problem either since it will start with black people and reach a point where if I tell them not to do a thing to my person or possessions and they don’t get to do it, they will not be doing it my way and then the peace and quiet I cultivate to do my job will be deployed by their stupid women for the self improvement and academic development of their foolish children as well as their beauty sleep. Apparently being homosexuals and having all these loutish pass times has not made them immune but they roar on as it were.

They do say I don’t even pay attention to how much my books put people in danger but I wouldn’t know for my part since it’s a matter of other peoples civil and criminal disobedience and the powerful sense that other people’s lives revolve around them and their needs most of the time. So it is never their business if I don’t want organised criminals to deploy my public work or public life to their own ends but they will handle the books and have a go at the issues and problems for the sake for it claiming it is freedom. So their Politicians are insulting all the time because that is their nature hence they deploy my public life, while they are disobedient in a civil and criminal fashion and so at the moment I have a problem but before then it was important to assume that not only is my time in this world meant to be spent on racial accusations while they handle my public life to their own ends but that they are supposed to look as though they were Politically masochistic by provoking me to a point of a titanic fight that goes down in history whether or not they lose and each time they are confronted with it we face a story about how the City isn’t a place where people care when they are in need of being cared for in a condition where they abuse it. So that when they claimed I whipped myself into a hysterical state so that people can manipulate my emotions and become enemies, it is really difficult to keep hold of my temper in a condition where people want to send a message that says the City is immoral but are in need of being cared for in a condition where they abuse it at my expense.

I had set out an understanding I will begin to chase a cause of action that means they end up in conditions where each time I tell them not to do things with my person or possessions they do not get to do it and when they don’t get to do it they don’t get to do it my way and not their way – so they always have the alternative of choosing the other option of staying away from my public life.

They say I pry into their business of course which is utter rubbish – what happens is that the process of not being published on TV being an issue because people are persecuting and abusing and bullying a Christian Prince to get rich and famous has gone from telling me to make my life available to them so they can be where they want to be with their stupid existence, to building a whole atmosphere of my market so that racists can do what they like with it – so we are to find out soon if they deploy my public life and right down to personal life in that way because they were the ones that were born like that and of course I am still to locate whom exactly this person that will secure them their privileges of injustice actually is so far. It’s nothing complicated, just a simple process of being able to enjoy your life the way it is with your parents and your siblings and your wife and your kids in the condition you have a certain public face and notoriety – these idiots appear on media all the time and were not raised that way and should not be deploying it and so the need to stifle my finances because it is a career while they do it for them has become the basis on which this issue of how they will not be doing it when I don’t want them to and they will not be doing it my way as well when they don’t is developing fast – I mean it’s not that we do not see them on media everyday but still they feel they cannot do anything unless they deploy my own public life or touch it before they do anything or handle it for their own ends.

They do speak of how I have reached this point because those who should kill and or get rid of me in some way before I destroy everything about their republican sentiments have refused to do so but of course the reality is that it has always been my view that such things are a process of fools picking up tools they have no idea what it is used for or how it is used to get off and talk nonsense in public all the time so that when made to face facts and the source of all their problems comes to light start to talk nonsense about violence which is one of the biggest benefits of their laziness in the first place. For me however it’s a case of it looking as though making that culture they claim they entrust me with while like as ever the tyranny of Monarchy I have come to prevent them from making money with it which is derogatory and they know so and have already made money from it but have no plans to move on is showing signs of expiration, so that this then becomes the kind of conversations we get to have in order to secure something else. I am just making an assessment anyway, the state of affairs itself is not running into expiration; when we ask what the exact crime those they issue their accusation against have committed to deserve this revolution and republic sentiments and they face their laziness being the source of all their problems and start to issue violent threats which then expresses the facts around what the laziness was about i.e. they were saving their energy for some activity concerned with power and the need to be cared for in a condition where they abuse those who do while living in a world where people don’t care because money is more important and so on.

They do say I have in a couple of hours discredited everything world leaders have said and done about a claimed new cold war but of course we never were in the brink of a cold war everything remaining the same i.e. on the ground reality is that Russia recently changed its time zone and we all know that also would mean change in working practices which indicates a Country trying to stir its economy out of the way of capitalists and the west – so we expect their President will talk tough and if the situation in Russia is allowed to develop like the Germany one did there might be another case of Hitler and so on but having said that a President is always going to talk tough over uncharted territory and a need to protect existing interests. So all things remaining the same and American provocation being withdrawn we are not in the brink of a cold war but if American Provocation continues then we are. It’s the same old case of Americans assuming terrorism is the problem of all when we all know it is something they do to ensure religious groups are hating Americans in a violent way because freedom is not freedom unless that is happening and I have never been of the opinion war on terror is everybody’s concern either. They do speak of what I do to provoke Americans which is utter nonsense; there are Americans that recognise my leadership and I am secure about what HM thinks of my work too, so there is no problems here at home either – however there is this issue with some Americans and the sense this Office is a phantom and they live their lives through it when it is real and there is a person inside of it so we are past the respect bit as that is a function of what they recognise or maybe don’t, we are now in a place of what happens or does not. I never said all Americans hate me, there are those I work with and those are the people who recognise my leadership and I do what I do to make comfortable – it’s the others from the democrat side mostly who have the above mentioned view of me and it will never do. We do hear that these Americans I speak of are the biggest financial problem I face but of course that isn’t true as their interference is the biggest financial problem I face; what happens with the governors of the British Isles like the Jersey Islands or the Falklands – that their interference means people back up onto what they know and cannot try new things which also means I cannot sell my books and they have won a victory against oppression – the existence of nobody here constitutes a financial problem and they themselves have already made money by their derogatory abuses and we are where we are now because it is not enough and they want power too.

They do speak of how we behave as though the fact they are democrats implies that they have no connection with the Natural environment but of course that is just another derogatory and abusive accusation anyway bearing in mind the nature of their popular culture connections with the Natural environment and what they use it for as well especially in terms of other peoples personal and family life but if we broaden the realities about their involvement with Natural environment we always end up with people who are ever paranoid about others who want to destroy it until they get to destroy it themselves so that the so called invaders do not have it in the end and give it some months and find out why it happened and the truth will be that they were modern. So that if their corruptions of involvement will not lead them to a point where large old tree is felled and large old house is felled as well scenario things will never ever improve and they will continue to do these things of which when finished we always see them doing evil fashion of those who consult the devil for money all of the time as well – I mean large tree felled and large house felled is an extreme end, so large tree felled and large house of businesses empty haven for organised criminals is more realistic.