Hence they regularly want to hear what my position on homosexuality at Church really is and I cannot make out why people want that ever so regularly anyway – not my opinion, that has led to many things, some of which cannot be mentioned all together these days, I mean homosexuality in Church – whereby we all know that homosexuality existed long before the Bible was written and even the Apostles made mention of it but it has now suddenly become so terribly important that the debates never cease of why it should operate in Church all together. Nobody knows really of any other reason why anybody would want to make a public choice and behaviour that is not approved in an institution into something that is operable in it save it were violent or being used as a tool for violence in the real world but then again it has always been the case that when we Christians think about getting involved with the world and about earning money and paying our way like everybody else in an honest manner, about loving all even though who hate us, about being nice to people and loving people around us the way that we love ourselves, the general interpretation is usually that this amounts to what the Church is, which is not really true – I am certain if people knew what the Church is, they would never want to make any homosexuality near it; in the end it’s a matter of sins and restitution and after years of getting on media to deplete peoples respect in public places as a processed means of seeking an exit for the stupid way in which you have lived out your existence and to seek it as abusively enough as to make a violent issue out of it and attack those you seek it from thereafter, it is hardly progressive to seek to make homosexuality operable at Church thereafter – we all know this is the language the Church is speaking with them but the interpretation they have offered for it in Public and on Media is generally that it wants to use the language of conversion to keep them off homosexuality and make them celibate by force, whereas they are completely comfortable with their homosexual relationships as a whole. I do not think it to be a personal problem, it’s just reality that it does not build a house of bricks to put mud in certain areas whether or not it was a stronger component than the bricks itself, a House of Bricks is a House of Bricks not part mud and I do hope the homosexual community takes this into account and assess their actions in a more publicly accountable way, since we are aware it does nothing else save cause servants of evil to get on Media and tell the rest of us that we think their master the devil is unaware of how we live but he actually is, facilitating that narcissist happiness by which sales is possible, to create the idea that they are good people while they are not and the ageists have found one of the best opportunities for smirking down on anything good and moral and upstanding in public places as a result – taking stock, I am not blaming them for it either, as these people do have their ways but they have to see that their disposition is linked to the one where I am not allowed to live in neighbourhoods due to the fact my Faith which is not half sinful and half pure puts some light in their eyes, which then progresses as a means of media organised bullying as a team work with community croons that do not seem to realise that somebody three times the age of another who has not had any meaningful relationship with a human being because of its twisted nature, bearing down on others sexually all day long, is something the victims will find distressing – it had since progressed to a game of keeping me out of employment while stifling my book sales with media lies and corruption of involvement over the religion I appear to have practiced in their personal lives. Hence in the end they say they want me to recognise and pay attention to what people find provocative and I would want to reiterate for that purpose, that there is no way on this planet or beyond it, by which that public image of mine they see will belong to somebody else – all of the gimmick is nothing but a big joke. They love to blab of how my behaviour is inviting of war all the time which shows the extent of their stupidity as we all know when war breaks out, absolutely everybody will have a relative that has been killed by somebody else, so we can find out what they and their Politics and stupid media is made of all together too – it will come to absolutely everybody and those who want blood will have their fill of it – otherwise they do need to keep the filthy mouths firmly shut; they do say it refers to my people too which is utter nonsense, when my people say such things it refers to the war they create and how they claim religion is behind it – they have always had tow lives in which one about those things that ensure they have no respect for others while the other is about showing up here to make a mess among many other places we find them. They say I mention such things but will no sooner had gone about provoking the white race but we all know that is not what I do – my activities are more of a whiff of those stupid threats and an outcome where I want a conversation about the things parents warned them about, then teachers and sibling too etc and will borrow that Country until it is done, cut up the culture and society until we have the conversation, so they can fuck somewhere else and look for their own mates to play with apparently it takes up their time and breaks their hearts too and we are not referring to the respect bit, that was burned, we are not talking about the fact they have fear for nothing in their stupid lives.  It’s usually mostly a gimmick associated with that defining me for fun and building it up hopefully to some form of rebellion, and linked to the twisted bully happiness by which sales is possible, otherwise I would pay more attention as such. They do say it does not mean I can actually act on what I have said which is utter nonsense, we are talking about societies, right down to clique of friends in local pubs, and more twist that will see if I cannot – we see it all the time as behaviour that means they want a republic, incredibly stupid and assumes people should spare a whole lifetime for it, as if that will prevent outcomes where their careers are taken off them anyway. We see it all of the time; every time in Public it’s a behaviour associated with showing up at the Pubs to wreck something important and find out what life is all about, their Politicians tell me I should complain because I have got more etc – so if it has been there before me, I have to show some regard for the fact there is a reason it still exists, otherwise it is a gimmick and I am wondering if those stupid threats head my way again because it’s something more; I mean sometimes you wonder why they end up in government buildings and then remember your democracy has some disadvantages you have to live with but the threats are a gimmick I assume.

We hear the story about how they know who and what I am and that they have tried my case on the trains countless times to no effect and there is nothing I can do etc but a few weeks after my job had stopped, we found that about 7 persons had been killed on  the tram networks because the driver will not slow down and it’s the story that they believe is set to continue as well driving those stupid insults and threats towards outcomes where there will be a war between me and Public transport operatives and nobody will be in doubt of the fact that there is one too. we see them get off from those society where they were main evil and wife was second evil because if she was main evil alongside, the sex wouldn’t make sense, hence the children are smaller evils after that and somebody else who has not been sharing their lives in a way that makes them superior has been stealing their place in the world. Completely convinced not only do people want to have a conversation with them and their mates from Africa and Caribbean where everything they say and do is about stupidities messing up peoples tummy and belting etc and show up here to get involved with me all the time when I am not asking, to show up a lot more when I had dropped out of University, which does imply AI was actually dragged out of it to sit down and react to their stupidities, otherwise they would be showing up at the institution to play with me all the time too, coming from a background where they are comfortable with taking the law into their hands thing and assuming along with it that this will be some teenager character that they can get into a fight with and beat up in ways which will show that they have the capacity to kill a person with that big mouth. Their Politicians claiming I need their help and have been getting their help after while what we are dealing with are very stupid and useless people whom if not spending time making sure I am a target for racial abuse, are getting comfortable at my expense then abusing me and telling me I have more and when I want to make something of that violent lasciviousness by asking them what its purpose is assuming I am in one of those moods where I feel like calling them out for a fight, they will say their kids are not doing well at school because the Government is not supporting – by far the one that brings about the most problems being that the government keeps an eye on my activities via CCTV or even GPS and they are now seen all over it corrupting my state provided security as though Politicians and celebrated fools who are like them are not regularly seen getting about all over the place – obviously a matter of American democrats who think the rest of the world is oblivious to the fact that the global paedophile network of theirs really got out of hand during the Clinton Administration, which was the same period Men were being framed for abuse at random and there were miscarriages of justice everywhere as well – hence they are good at this sort of stuff, getting whole communities to bear down on my tummy so an idiot at the trains getting involved with me over his insults and civil right equality can make me smell to set me up for a fight that will prove something to his stupidities and have all become quite comfortable with that assumption that they can do whatever they like if Asians stick with them because Republicans are not necessarily a viable option, whereby my activities are random and I need their help. Like when they say there are reasons it happens when there is only one besides the fact when I tell them I am not homosexual it becomes their main preoccupation before there is enough hatred to tell stories about train incidents that is i.e. the fact they are bullies and of course really stupid people to that effect too, where it’s about either being exposed to racism or having your work and property make them comfortable while they pass around insults and threats. It has almost become a mantra for them to tell me I am not in control when everybody knows it’s about being provoked into criticising civil rights idiots, this will then result is you depending on one source of income that requires you to please people such as a business and then they will show up all over it to express the fact they were not prepared for a republican president in the US for instance, to add to the fact that they will not reject your products until the point at which you break through will be the one where they can change behaviour when products hit market in order to cause it to lose all credibility, seeming like insults read off a dictionary for idiots and because I was a dictionary happens to mean is clever too; they are set to lose this pretty soon on my account as well; it’s that old tale of narcissist happiness by which sales are possible setting off both the idea they are nice people when they are not as well as the sensation that those they have hurt should not take revenge – I only want to cease having to tolerate seeing them around my Books, the choice is their own.

So they do say it is an amazing fact that I know all these things when I am not actually qualified, besides provoking people by getting involved with them when they are more educated – for the first issue of which I am a level three qualified legal executive and its one of those qualifications whereby like the Engineer will design and build the plane the technician which is usually qualified at HNC will screw on the knots and bolts etc – so in my case the Barrister is at the Court and the Case argument while I do most of the filing and note taking etc. As for people who are more qualified issue; firstly of which I have dropped out of University as a result of their incessant involvement, the last thing I want to do is get involved even more with all that rubbish where dumb students have passed exams and Politicians say I am so wise my fathers are ashamed and show up here to rip up talent in order to help them get on a Public image and count pennies until they make millions, gone completely wild – it is the reason we see fools from secret societies all over Europe turn up to seek homosexuality in Church and want my response thereof this morning for it too; about which they will say I can see they have some power that needs respecting but we all know when it is done with its insults and abuses and knowing where peoples anus and penis is, we will find that its problem over a missing persona that is to do with being a journalist or celebrity is to do with its own victims with that big mouth; so I always say there is no means on this planet and beyond it whereby that public image of mine will be theirs and if they are that bothered about a missing fame persona and think I have it, can come round and get it too; it is the content of their twisted and evil nature you see, where I know that responsibilities I abdicate are usually a function of the bits of my life people use to fight me because there are no other ways of fighting back when they start their trouble, meaning it is those who enjoy bugging and exasperating me that suffer as a result the most of all i.e. they are journalists and celebrities and their whole lives are about showing up on public pl;aces to give signals to community croons to beat me down in my own bed, then cordon my Books and face me off on Media over a missing persona that is concerned with those that are actually famous – so I ahve to fill them in about the fact these people fight me with my own strengths and I abdicate the responsibility of doing anything about it because idiots like them will likely suffer the most – so they can come and get some too if they want.

So they can always resort to punishing me by my Royal duties as usual; it is how they perform their own, bearing in mind these days people cannot do that to me anymore because it has become impossible to either pass exams or sit down in my Office to write my Books which I sell by day and do the accounting for the takings by evening like every other business works; celebrities and journalists and politicians will have no means of stopping me from humiliating them like that over money as well and this is just the beginning. I mean it’s usually when I set up a statement and follow it up and build it to a point where my people can carry on with their day as normal and when it is not attacked and broken to pieces while people bear down on my tummy as well, what happens is that they get after the phenomenon that is my Books taking up its own cause and doing its own thing to get its own part done and its usually completely unexpected celebrity character most of the time, so it does seem that unless I take it personally and start to handle their lives in the same way, they will not likely move their banter somewhere else in this life or the next i.e. this is the beginning, we are set to see me humiliate them over financial issues in the same ways as well. In the end, none of these would have been having if the wealthy sections of the lower class and the middle class were not so obsessed with making people crawl and lick their boots all day long – they have their own class and it is full of enough problems to go round but we seldom see them spend time on that, if it isn’t botching my Book sales because of their parents opinion whenever they show their faces in Public places all the time for instance; it’s the one that feeds into the train incidents the most i.e. train incidents helped by parents whose opinion of their dumb Children when they show up on media helps the children botch my Books without reason. They do say my behaviour is leading to outcomes where people do not like my people as a whole and I don’t mind; I have had enough of them and do not want them fancying my people anymore, had enough problems, had enough, really. So it does mean that this will lead to job losses and I wonder which part of explaining that the Civil service should be full of sane people sorting the insanity of the Public not insanity of public sorting insanity of Public, which means I allow people who have access to my work to get about what they wish and there are some that share some of my behaviour and activities and persona with celebrities and fashion models I have selected for the Court as well on the global stage – which part of the fact any misdeed will likely result in them facing absolutely carnage as a result of my activities as well, they do fail to understand. It’s the one where I get to a Company and soon positions of power will change hands and if I really love them I must go before the very person that employed me is gotten rid of, then they show up to lecture me about people handling Women the wrong way after they do nothing about the predatory behaviour which facilitates sales. They do say they wanted to know if I should be spared assuming I am not a threat to freedom and democracy and we have American idiots appointing themselves to roles like that but in this case I work by primary governance and intend to see what their involvement will make of them too as we are mates all together. I am however not a threat to freedom and democracy and it’s not a matter of being patronising, it’s a matter of cooking chicken the right way if you want a chicken meal not making up ideas about what you are doing when you have cooked it all wrong since it does not tend to bring about a headway forward should it have been assumed that you had made a mistake; you have a job for life and it is hereditary, the more you tell people how to exist is the more you jeopardise it and the only way you can do it successfully is to beat them down over a bigger problem that will emerge should they be allowed to do as they please, which problem will not chew you up as well all together it is assumed – besides which when you wish to bankroll something, in such a condition you will likely prefer asking some Multinational that is drilling for oil instead of the people and the year that this will lead to outcomes where your people are educated and competitive are counted in scores of decades too; they always speak of the Magna Cater but that was just the bit to do with when Leaders are more interested in serving the will of foreign powers than they are in that of the local people. So they do say I spend a lot of time attacking local people, which is counterproductive; firstly of which I rather spend more time making them solve their problems without having a piece of the Country first but other times its about trader saying he is Royalty and not bluffing in anyway, which is an affront since we all know he will only spend that money employing criminals in peoples neighbourhoods and families while having a certain opinion about Women – then there are the others that go along with it for a penny as well, who never understand it’s about costs and benefits about making payment for what you use, about the fact each University graduate cost the parent the price of a House, before they tell me I was the beeline unassuming person that ripped up the stock markets.

I mean every person from birth to graduate costs on average £350.000; which is money the parent could have saved up and spent on buying him or her a House, teach them how to manage and rent it, teach them how to get on property ladder and do some stock market sales – so the government has to consider its own costs and benefits too. then they say we talk like that but cannot compete with China and everybody knows the one reason for it is the Americans having an opinion which once had has been had and is usually always right most of the time; so our one size does not fit all education system with a jobs market of I can see you have qualification but I have never heard of it and wish to hear what it can do with respect to this job does not do anything for the one size fits all education while I can see your qualification but wish to see what I can expect from it as well jobs market they have over there – I mean I for instance it is regularly conceived, am not an educated person. Then we hear the British created one size fits all education and are now saving themselves from it whereas the reality is that even in the 20th century there were still government minders going into homes to pick out kids and advice them on career paths, where people who wanted to study medicine will put on a Police Uniform to see how it goes and never look back after etc – the two Countries that created one size fits all education for the world are the Germans and the Americans and the German one has a flavour to it where their idea of group fun is to factorise Women by their breasts and bums etc, then want to walk around feeling like a decent person after. Hence they say I throw my life away whereas it’s the journalists and celebrities and Politicians humiliating me at financial matters, which I got complacent about sometime earlier and now need to put an end to – reasons I have Journalists and Celebrities and fashion models at Court being people pick my work and help them to it on a regular occurrence and it helps me keep an eye on the Civil service – obviously Blair was the clever one who decided the NHS was good for employing migrants and since then of which it has gone to hell basically. It does then come through to financial market issues, which are an old story i.e. the case where if a thief comes to your house he will be heading to the safe first and so if there is no governmental extremism around it, they will definitely do the extremism for us like they are at present. I for my part am in a place where the pouring all security into the pensions sector works really well, so that when people take a retirement we become completely obsessed with the one they actually did work for and those who want to stay off that cycle keep working until it is counterproductive, while I had a long time ago built a reputation for exhibiting anal sex stuff that I have learned from Court of Journalists which people are now asking why those who taught me the whole thing are complaining about it all together anyway, bearing in mind I do it at the Monarchy too. I mean I then have to go on to do the War and peace issues as per a matter of responsibility but I am keeping the anal sex anyway. Hence I don’t attack general population and wreck peoples Royal Estates as claimed; they just need to solve their problems without having a piece of the Country first.