It is mostly and largely about things I should get done with money but do not, which then shows off the truth or fuels speculation on the fact that I have not got it. I can only say that the only way out would be a process whereby I borrow and thereafter which I will then have to have it replaced, which is really difficult.

The usual prognosis being that people always omit the part that matters all the time i.e. they say I do not let anybody get into HM The Queen's favours but they would be doing that by themselves if they were allowing my Books to get sold. So when they find ways of hopping past this to get what they want which is really painful for me, they tell me to do things on my private funds little of which I have left to show it is not so bad when it affects their show and reputation, overseas especially. So all I can say is that I will need to borrow and then thereafter replace what I have borrowed which is really tough.

Personally I find it difficult to figure out how they hope to achieve the goals they have set out by attacking my book sales because they are rich businesses and were actually supposed to broke equities with me to make their businesses work, so that I can and which will enable me to do my job in the Office of the Queens IP Author which has nothing to do with them. 
I am saying I am in total and absolute control and they can even see that their fame freaks are frustrated, for which no body knows how they hoped to win a fight with their sexual games and cultural violence (gained from their underground world where I also make their cultures and societies famous to keep them hysterical-bearing in mind those stupid insolent threats, in case it might need to be plundered, while they continue to attack me and make me uncomfortable to extricate the manners in which they need to fight for what they need-then make up lies and pass them around in media and on media all the time about how the service I get from women on the left who serve me in kind is what I have passed off as making their cultures famous to make them hysterical and this is not the first time they would be attacking me because of my Christian faith to get a good feeling about things but before then it is about wrecking my career and thinking their grown up hooliganism had better applied at my Office and its tools and equipments and thereafter which applies on my earnings, the result of which is a process where I live in the same level as they do in society so they can claim its purpose is to ensure they can follow me everywhere I go first before I am allowed to make a living ) then corporate greed thereafter, when I serve Businesses with my personal life and this is how they have access to my equities and securities. So its all happening in my personal life; Banks, Media, Manufacturing, Industry and Commerce etc. I know everything; what is corrupt and what is not, what is destructive and what is not, what is wasteful and what is not. 

No body knows when they intend to win this silly fight of theirs of making sure I have nothing while effects are created all over public places I am the source of all the wealth they need. So that when I say something about it anything I would have said will because of my authority be established so they can keep money they steal from me and from others to themselves and never share it, then set off to acquire more and more and more with it; bearing in mind they are ahead on this game as it stands. So their fame freaks buffeting me and seducing me will never help anybody, it will never pay off and I will never set them free either.

They say there is a lot of racism around whereas in actual fact the truth is that people are poor, lazy and frustrated all at the same time and some others still are lazy and greedy all at the same time. So they want to find somebody they can steal things from preferably kill such persons as well because they are witnesses, then escape the hand of the Law thereafter. The usual argument of course is racism but how does anybody get to put a hand on it when blacks and none whites do it as well? What do people do when they argue on football pitches while they are at it, resign from a job? On one hand is the white racists that are so insolent and intrusive everybody tends to have had a brush with at some point in their lives which then scars them, this is what the none whites then regard as a process where people are marked and that therefore means the end of them on the other are the Gangs that fight their corner and do not know what they do is bad bearing in mind they also have the most insolent women in the world at their service who will not keep their foul tongue where it belongs so somebody does not end up putting it away for them. How does anybody get to say that both racism and gangs are bad at the same time-it is really difficult, especially when the prognosis is that the State will provide so that we can get together and spend our own property to become tyrants? Meanwhile that will be happening as businesses and their media idiots think that when they play around with other peoples offices they get on media to pretend that it is a usual occurrence that having done such things, the persons earnings should end up as their own, then get violent and play evil destructive bloody minded rubbish because they know where people's businesses and in my case book sales are. 

It is said when I that it is difficult talking about racism and gangs as a bad thing all at the same time, I play into the hands of trouble makers. This is not true; I believe I am rather clear about the fact that it is all about evil and waste and destruction of other peoples lives by destroying their lives and picking up other peoples own to waste and move onto the next person. For every time they tell others to do something about gangs and racism, the result is always a condition where all people do ends up at the hands of these gangs and racists who can then chose self improvements from it and continue to hurt people as such, while they will never make something good out of their lives because they are busy holding down the person they are using in such ways, playing a game of strength to find out if he or she can keep up with their lies which are meant to instigate violence while they get famous, in my case of which every time I do they become hysterical hence we have a problem because they wish to start a fight with me, loose it which is such a good use of my time, then make sure rules are changed to ensure the fight continues until they win, usually of which they intend to cheat to do so which is such a good use of my days on the earth. If I am finished of course then they will move onto another person and continue the same things, exchange such a persons life with theirs, waste it and move on to the next.These are all things racists and gangs do in order to maintain their superiority but theirs is done by creating an effect that has no origin in reality.

The main problem of course is that those of them that consider themselves to be powerful always like to go for things like claiming themselves to be Sons and daughters of Kings and Queens, which they then stir all kind of trouble and violent instability by using somebody else's Office on Media and Advertisement Industries to fulfil such desires getting rich and never give it up especially when they have got an excuse to spin, while the rest simply cannot stop doing their business which is usually a load of rubbish that makes no sense and is really stupid but they expect to get rich doing on my property and on my earnings and as it stands mostly being that they have support from Americans, the American Government will say or do nothing, only talk even more rubbish about how people did not crawl and beg when it had its twin towers blown up and wanted to bomb Iraq to pieces for it.