So now they say I know they are right but am so full of myself and set in my own ways I will run through to disaster, but I do not know any such thing and have no idea why liberal idiots like to assume they know what I am thinking when they are the ones who complain the most of how much my thought pattern physically hurts. They are not right in anyway – I mean women are the ones who run business in a manner that involves setting p co-operatives to get to the heart of problems, while their insults means I have to explain the contents of my Books to make a living from it because they believe their stupid selves to be important and it is all adding up as they do appear to put up a behaviour which suggests they are oblivious to the kind of trouble they are cooking for themselves as well – what happens with the Political scene is that all to do with social divisions usually have the worst of the bad activities happen among ignorant people and anybody with some responsibility has to do everything in their power to ensure one group of people do not consider themselves to be superior to the other, we all know this, except the Liberals who upstage people and while they at it human being die and that becomes a price paid for a collective future which cannot be resolved, only for the same idiots to show up and have conversations about the finances of those who had responsibility to do something around the area in the first place. The point is that they are a group of people who are hell bent on one behaviour only and this is a behaviour which involves destroying everything other people’s own, ending up with something similar themselves and becoming violent enough to ensure others do not destroy their own as well and they do like to say I behave like a bastard which does not make sense to me since it is what my Dad instilled in me that I beat them down with all of the time but even so we can see what the context of this insult is; they are not right in anyway, there is just a small brain in the head asking them to look for trouble all the time too – my mums bit by the way will be the one where I tend to have a need to sell that stupid culture and society as well all together; something that comes to me because she never builds publicity to seek redress for anything, what she does is organise women committee and sit about deciding it wants to be safe from heart disease at the expense of some men and then when it tells people to play with her, they will really feel like it – it is the one that gets them seeking the help of Politicians on my account right to the highest levels of government.

So we will hear them say they want me to leave them alone when they believe that they wish to end their behaviour at their own time and not when it is most convenient for me that they did put an end to it but it never really makes sense when it comes from people who go from normal women to girls that want to beat me up for instance and get themselves stuck with the sex and fear issues, return with big boyfriends to churn my tummy and wreck the academics and finances, then want to be left alone thereafter. We can never make out what their problem is with women; we all know what they do is set out women have the right to achieve nothing and then we find them talk nonsense that makes no sense about how women who are comfortable staying at home and becoming home makers are separate from the ones who want a career and both are separate from the ones that want both things and in the end its still boils down to the old case of the fact each time they say they want to concentrate on what they are doing, women with grab the opportunity as well, hence these behaviour and the fact that others do not deserve it because they make up stupid reasons as they go along with a foolish Media and Popular culture that irresponsible people have jobs by to play with becomes the way we live. My case being that it has always been a wholly different lifestyle choice to try and find out what the lives of women is like and we cannot work out exactly why some people simply cannot let them be, so it will wreck my property over its stupidities with that irresponsible media that lets it makes something of himself in public until I build a public image on the matter and find it less and less possible to tolerate their insults thereafter too; nobody knows why they like to think they can tell what I am thinking anyway, when the reality is that if I got about telling people all these nonsense are a factor of their need to destroy what other people have, end up with something similar and become violent enough to ensure people do not destroy their own as well, there is definitely going to be a reaction – the newest case happens to be the ex- US President who wants to rip up my life to make black women look beautiful enough to be appreciated and cannot stop complaining about his own predicament while at it as well and they say there are things I would not dare say where it mattered with a big mouth. They always have to decide what becomes of the finances and academics of those who attend Church, then discover they want to be left alone later on, stopping the vandalism and abuses at a time that suits them and of course we all know that the way to stop the brother tag that lets them get away with it at my expense is to rip up the popularity and Celebrity culture that facilitates it, while the next time these stupid girls followed me around at an academic institution with those social corruption and its sexual nonsense there is definitely going to be trouble for their whole communities for it too.

They speak of how the amount of money people take from my work while my race is poor sets the stage for the trouble I am getting into but we all know that every nonsense that brings that about was created by my race in the first place, blabbing nonsense about how I will be made to share what I have whether I liked it or not; so do I believe I have made it clear they need to stop showing up around my Books unless they wrote it but the need to label me their brother so when I am done talking about the evils of male prerogative they will still be more than entitled to what I have worked for anyway – the assumption the whole time being that when the business of getting somebody to give money to those who claim to have messed with my work leads to outcomes where people do not wish to pay for it because another person got paid for it in another instance, it will not be serious enough an outcome to put them straight at it were. It still comes down to the hatred for women and the issues that have emerged since Men invited themselves into my Work Court; all the nonsense I have had to put up with are happening in terms of having settled what we were doing at the Court and set out a life for myself, so it goes without saying that their stupidities and any comments that say I am not Royalty or do not have an Empire is the stage reason for the problems we are dealing with on both sides. The racism bit will be the one where people set up business and assign their various children to specific roles, only for these goons to have a problem with it and a hatred for women, all for the purpose of setting out popular culture canopies of abuse and narcissism where somebody can be made to suffer to build an environment that encourages people to part with money and now they want people to get off the bigger issues of them leading people into believes that are the wrong types of believes while tabling their stupid money and making foolish statements about what they are successful enough to do to other human beings with consequences for it, to get off chasing people who are not engaged in mainstream living, then tell me money people take from a business empire that is attached to a Royal Estate both of which exist in the head of owner only while the owners race is poor is the reason their stupidities have got public divisions that are getting increasingly worse. I hear the Politicians are at the heart of this behaviour naturally and that nothing I have said has gotten me out of any problems but I do not see that I am in any problems as such; the Politicians have a tendency to think that when somebody has not raised publicity for an abusive behaviour to seek redress for it, then Politics becomes a world where they can do whatever they like; the sort of stupid decisions we are talking about, involves setting out foolish women to extract money from my public image by paying them for abuses and insults and since this is not real economy and we can see it will make the treasury poorer and create a future where very vulnerable people depend on very ruthless people, it is an issue I have to handle with a sense that I do have a conscience but the question is whether I give myself to it and do not take care of my own needs and hence it’s a matter of balance; we can see that a time will come when it will break through and there will be me on one side and the politicians on the other, my Books and the Literary Empire office in the Middle and their Media fools alongside the Celebrities waiting to engage in another despicable act and then I will have to ask the person who has the most bloody guts to have a go first. We all know that when it comes to abuses and smelling like your loo all the time, all those stupidities only stop when one thing and one thing only happens.

I do not believe they have enough lies that apart from stealing my work and organising crowds of people to tackle me because they want to be important and need to own my history and the excuses to cover up the fact these matters arise because they consider themselves to be the men who should have been treated like an Arch Prince instead of me, apparently which their answer to the problem is to get me into harm’s way, much like we hear them claim I am a trouble makers which I am not, just an issue of seeing them pay attention to company procedures if they have jobs that have gotten to their heads and laying off my case; like we also hear them claim that I speak of dropping out of University like a government operative should while what really happens is that I am really a National treasure character who has a special existential environment, nothing wrong with talking about dropping out of University when I went them to acquire some tools for anything the government wants me to co-operate with, on their account.